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PM Dares

Posted Yesterday at 05:35 PM by Golden_Throw

PM me PEE OUTSIDE and I will pee outside

PM me DRINK PEE and I will drink my pee

PM me GOLDEN SHOWER and I will give myself a golden shower

PM me EAT SHIT and I will take a bite of shit and swallow it

PM me STREAK and I will take 100 steps naked outside

PM me NAKED OUTSIDE and I will strip outside

PM me NAKED AND AFRAID and I will walk at 500 steps from my house, leave my clothes there and run back (Except me to...
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2 - 2 points

Posted 12-08-2017 at 08:41 PM by Golden_Throw

Oh boy, I haven't updated this in while have I? If you have an idea for a quick punishment, post it in the comments. So,that challenge I made myself.

The first one I did was "Masturbate in a park" There is a long park where I live that's about a mile by 300 feet. Very long. So, I was walking home when I saw some bushes I could hide behind. Only problem was that there were some teenagers that might see me. I would estimate them to be about 17 and the other 18. So I get down behind...
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100 kinky and/or sexual words.

Posted 12-08-2017 at 09:12 AM by IceMaiden (IceMaiden's Blog of Awesome)

This was given to me by Sain for the 100 thread:

Write a blog post containing 100 different words that are sexual and/or kinky in some way. Have your wand on your clit on the low setting while doing this.

I tried to list only ones that I have tried, felt or want to try myself.

1: Submission
2: Surrender
3: Submissive
4: Slave
5: Dominance
6: Dominant
7: Master
8: Sir
9: Daddy dom
10: Cowgirl
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What makes my slaves

Posted 12-07-2017 at 03:43 PM by Cassandra

Inspired by Clever_one's recent blog entry, I'd like to talk a bit what I expect from my slaves.

First of all: a tiny bit of manners. I am lacking manners myself, but if you just PM me and directly request to be my slave, maybe even without a hello, line breaks, punctuation, you are just not fit to be my slave. At least, not yet.

Second: I love literate people. You don't have to read any tiny bit I have written, but you have to be willing to read. I don't want to be anyone's...
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Posted 12-05-2017 at 08:21 PM by CrimsonKitten
Updated 12-05-2017 at 08:37 PM by CrimsonKitten

I have a few PM tasks sitting in my inbox at this time, I had a loss in my family so I took a few days, and unplugged from the internet, but am slowly coming back.. I will do and report later this week after completing whats in my inbox..

So far, I have:

*STIMULATE with gel on nipples and clit (along with a custom task I'll be trying, but will post later..

*2 days of STAYING WET(2 separate PM's)


*PASTE 15...
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Keeping up with a promise

Posted 12-04-2017 at 01:45 PM by Cassandra
Updated 12-04-2017 at 02:12 PM by Cassandra

Originally Posted by Cassandra
For everyone who at least added a number once in this thread, I will provide extra PM dares related to deepthroats
So my deepthroat loser thread caused by ChubbyShySissy just closed. I ended up with 96,679 to do in total and only a fraction of them completed, plus a few specials. I still have to go through all the bets involved, some won, some lost, and update my signature. Thanks to everyone who participated.

As a small reward, I hereby grant these new PM dares to anyone...
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gD and its aspects

Posted 12-02-2017 at 12:50 AM by Tryingmybest (Dark recesses of Mind)
Updated 12-02-2017 at 12:54 AM by Tryingmybest

If you would have asked me two years ago whether you will join gD forum or not.. I would have said no, without even a second thought. But here I am

I am still discovering perks of gD, so I don't know how the algorithm of random users finding my blog works. But hey, if you happen to be gD official, I just wanna say thank you, this portal is safe and fun. And thank you for all the hard work that goes behind in making it so. You guys rock!

I am Alex and I am extremely...
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