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Rules and Report for the first "Day" since i've returned to GD

Posted 04-22-2017 at 10:33 AM by CrimsonKitten
Updated 04-23-2017 at 07:08 AM by CrimsonKitten

thread for anyone to reference

my rules for the day...

• i must be plugged for a minimum of 2 hours today(this could be added to as long as the time is up before 10/11pm)
•i must edge a minimum of 20 times before being allowed to ask permission to cum, but these edges must be assigned. so my pm's were open all day to get tasks
• every 30 minutes i was to hold a vibe on my clit for 30 seconds, if i reach an edge, it counts towards my total count for the day, if not, its just to keep me dripping wet and teased.
• before using the restroom, i was to edge once. this applies to the whole day, and i must have a dildo, or vibe in my mouth as i use the restroom.
• as long as i'm home alone i am be collared and panty free.
•also, right above my pussy, i have written slut. Also, added by a task was, whore, bitch, cunt and sex toy.

i was edged a few times last night and not allowed to cum, and have not cum in a couple days.

i completed my morning edge before getting out of bed, this did not count towards my min. of 20 edges for the day.

i then posted on my thread, that today would be a "day" and i would love some tasks to be able to reach my 20 edges and possibly be able to cum today.

i was told to add the rule of edging before using the bathroom to my rules for the day, by OddJobber, but ontop this i was to go into the bathroom right then and edge once for them (Edge Count-1)

i was given a task by Lyb:

I want you to tie yourself on your belly with your ankles tied to your collar from behind so that you're choking lightly with your remote controlled vibrating egg in your pussy, and your biggest plug in your ass. While in that position, hands cuffed in your back you will edge 3 times using the remote.
Sir Lyb

i proceeded to find my cuffs, and attach them to my ankles, binding them together. i then layed down on my floor on my stomach, lubed up my plug and filled my ass, slid the vibrating egg into my pussy, and fed the cord between my legs and rested it on my back, as i slipped a scarf around the back of my collar, and down around the middle of the ankle cuffs and back up and tied the end around my left wrist. this pulled me into a hogtie. i wrapped a bit of the scarf around my right hand after picking up the remote to the vibe.
i turned the vibrator on and went through the settings until it was on high, instantly i was soaking wet. it took me about 10 mins to fully edge 3 times. i had to clench my legs to prevent myself from cumming and get myself off the edge each time. This actually made the pressure on my neck higher and was even more frustrating.
(Edge Count-4)

i unbound my right hand and decided i enjoyed this predicament and chose to stay bound that way with the vibe in my pussy and complete 4 more edges for another task(given by wewhoare) . 3 edges were to be done quickly without much break in between and one was to be done while watching Femdom porn. (normally would not watch female dominant porn, but this was a task) so i used my right hand to find a video quickly and then rebound my right hand, and watched the video as i edged 4 more times. (EC-8)

i released myself from my bondage and needed to use the restroom so i edged before hand with my used vibe in my mouth as well (EC-9)

another amazing GD user instructed me to edge myself by only humping a piece of furniture(preferably an armchair or couch)
i then found an arm chair in my living room and proceeded to lower myself onto the arm rest (still plugged, collared, and panty less(only in a tank top and bra) and rubbed my clit and pussy against the chair until i was able to edge. the curtains were open but i do not think anyone happened to see me(thank god) (EC-10)

i was told to add another rule to my day(KIK chat), every 30 mins i was to hold my vibe on my clit for 30 seconds, if i managed to edge, i could stop before the 30 seconds was up, and it counted as an edge towards my 20, if i couldn't edge that quickly then it was just more teasing to keep me horny and wet.
i completed this at 2 pm and edged at about the 22 second mark (EC-11)

my 2 hours of being plugged were up at this point, but i had been instructed to take 30 mins break from my ass being filled and edge as many times as I could and report back, and after the 30 minutes were up i was to re plug my ass for another hour.
i was able to complete 5 edges during this time by inserting the egg and having it on high and playing with my clit with my fingers. i also, tightened my collar during this half hour as well (including the one at 2 pm and 230 pm (30 second vibe instruction)

My edge count at this point was 16

because i edged 5 times in that 30 min break. i was to spank my ass 5 times with a belt and 5 times with a hair brush, along with writing bitch, whore, slut, sex toy and cunt on my tits and pussy and to leave them on for 5 hours.
i also was required to put 5 clamps on my tits for 5 minutes as well as holing an ice cube on my clit for 1 minute, but repeat that 5 times.

at 330 pm i managed to edge with the vibe on my clit in less than 20 seconds (EC-17)

i was instructed to stand on my left foot and use my right hand to edge, if my foot had to touch the ground, i had to switch feet and try again. i 'm actually quite good at balancing on one leg so this did not take me long at all. But i did do it in my kitchen with the blinds open to add to any embarrassment (EC-18)

shortly after i took a small break and made myself dinner (about an hour and a half in total) but then my best friend called and then showed up at my house and ended up spending the night.
So i was never able to reach 20 edges, or ask to cum.
This is the the first "Day" i was not able to cum at the end.
Thank you to everyone who gave me tasks and participated today!
i enjoyed all of them immensely and as frustrated and still horny as i am, i can't wait until i do this again next week.
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  1. Old Comment
    oddjobber's Avatar
    such a hot and detailed report. well done!! and its kind of sweet that after all that you didnt even get to cum. i would laugh but i also know how frustrating that can be...so i sympathize but still it gives me a chuckle

    again, great report and good work. i enjoyed the fact you also kept the windows open!
    Posted 04-23-2017 at 07:37 AM by oddjobber oddjobber is offline
  2. Old Comment
    CrimsonKitten's Avatar
    Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it☺️
    it was very frustrating but still fun.

    Originally Posted by oddjobber View Comment
    such a hot and detailed report. well done!! and its kind of sweet that after all that you didnt even get to cum. i would laugh but i also know how frustrating that can be...so i sympathize but still it gives me a chuckle

    again, great report and good work. i enjoyed the fact you also kept the windows open!
    Posted 04-23-2017 at 07:44 AM by CrimsonKitten CrimsonKitten is offline

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