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The college was supposed to match up freshmen with similar interests for roommates at the dorm. I thought they goofed when they paired Tom and me. Tom liked to swim and hike. He was at ease with himself and his muscular well tanned body. He would watch TV in the lounge barefoot, no shirt, wearing faded and torn Levi's. In our room, he was usually stripped to his white jockey shorts. I liked running and biking and was uptight about my strong but slight body. I was always fully dressed but secretly envied his casualness.

On Saturday after the first week of classes, we went to dinner together and he kidded me about being too uptight and I should loosen up. Back at the dorm he started teasing me and soon we were wrestling on the floor. He held me down looked me in the eye and said "I dare you. Best 2 out of 3 falls - loser is winner's slave until midnight! OK?" My heart jumped! Scared but excited I gulped "OK!"
Tom kicked off his shoes and socks, stripped off his shirt. Uptight me didn't do anything. As we struggled I felt his warm firm flesh. We were even at 2 falls. I sure didn't want to win this so I threw the last fall.

He held me tight against the floor, "SLAVE, get me a coke from the vending room".

I got up and started to leave. "Slave, take off your shoes and socks first! I am going to loosen you up!" I kicked off my shoes and took off my socks. Tom smiled "Give me those socks. We can use them later". He stripped my shirt off. "Now you're ready!"

I walked down the hall, my bare feet feeling the cold floor. Passing the TV lounge some guys glanced then went back to the TV. Down the concrete stairs to the vending room. Some guys were in the room, all they said was "Hi, Ken". It dawned on me that nobody cared!

When I gave Tom his coke he drank it slowly and said "Slave, follow me!" we went to the grass outside the dorm. Both of us stripped to Levi's and tossed a Frisbee for an hour. Working up a good sweat.

When we got back to the room, Tom said drop those Levi's. I stood stripped to my white Jockey shorts. Tom had me hold my hands in front of me. He got some clothesline from his drawer and tied them together. The ropes excited me. "Slave, up against the corner of the bunk bed. The sturdy oak corner post was about seven feet high. He pulled my arms over my head, tying them to the post. He saw my erection swell and smiled. "Looks like I got your interest!" he said as he traced his fingernail over my chest, around my armpits, circled my tits and stopped at my navel. He tied my feet tightly to the post leaving me helpless with a rock hard cock. He traced his nail all over my body, the excitement overpowered me and I struggled vainly to get away from his exciting touch. I started moaning, he shoved one of my socks into my mouth, I thought we would need this. I heard him leave and the door slam. I wondered what was up. I struggled to get loose. I heard the door open and felt a cold shock on my nipple. He took the ice cube repeated the slow torturous and heavenly spiral over my body. He blindfolded me and began to alternate intense tickling at my nipples, armpits. The touch changed from finger nail, ice cube, needle, feather and back sometimes hard sometime barely touching me. Pulling down my shorts he would go to the head of my cock, my ass. The uncertainty of where, when, with what and how hard the next touch would be made the touch when it occurred overwhelmingly intense.

I felt Tom untie my feet then my arms. "Slave, Kneel!" I knelt down, I heard him drop his pants, "Slave, lick my cock!" he commanded and pulled my head by my hair so his stiff rod pressed into my face. I mumbled into the sock. He laughed and pulled it out. "Forgot about it! Now lick". I licked his hard cock then he said now jerk me off. I jerked his wet dripping cock until he shot cum into my face.

We continued like this three hours, he worked me over while tied helpless to the post for about an hour then I licked and jerked him off. I was bursting because I got no release. The last time he tied me to the post and started working my cock very slowly - stopping and pinching the head hard when I started to cum. He kept this up for an hour then pulled off my blindfold and gag. “Next lesson, if you want something you have to ask! Don’t be afraid! What do you want right now?” asked Tom.

“I want to cum!”

“So? Say exactly what you want from me!”

“Tom, jerk me off and let me cum. My balls are bursting”

“What’s in it for me?”

“We could jerk each other off together at the same time. The idea turns me on. Do you like it?”

“Interesting, could be fun. Give me more details?”

I try to picture a good scene. “You strip naked. When you untie my arms, keep me tied to the post with a rope around my chest I’ll take the ends of the rope around my chest and tie the ends around your back so we are roped together chests touching facing each other. We jerk each other off real slow until you say ‘Go’ then we speed up but we watch each other and try to both cum at the same time.”

“Never thought my shy quiet roomy had such evil thoughts! Let’s give it a try!” Tom smiled as he untied my hands, put the rope around my chest just under my arms and tied it tight. He stripped off his Levis and shorts and looked me in the eyes, “This is really wild!” I grabbed the ends of the rope. He pushed his chest against mine and I tied the rope behind his back binding us tightly together so that our faces almost touched and I could feel his breath against my cheek. Both our cocks were really hard, I felt my cock slide against his then push through his coarse pubic hair and slide up against his muscular abdomen. I felt Tom grab my cock and start a slow massage. I reached between us threading my arms through his, grabbed Tom’s warm hard cock and began rubbing it slowly. Tom kept me on edge always exciting me to the limit, making me breathe hard and fast, sweating, struggling against his naked body but never letting me get to the point of release. He was an expert at control and it seemed my torture could go on all night. I worked hard to excite Tom, make him want release. His breath came faster and faster, his sweaty body pushed against me. Slow but hard I continued. “Go” he screamed. I jerked him faster bringing him closer and closer. He stroked my cock in frenzy, staring into my eyes and laughing. I matched his frenzy and my laughter joined his. I exploded first, spurting again and again relieving the pressure Tom’s hours of torture had built up in me. He exploded on my third shot. I shot a couple more times after he finished.

Drained, I hung over his shoulders and untied the rope around his chest and he untied me from the post. He collapsed on the old rug in the middle of our room. Too exhausted to climb to my top bunk, I turned off the light and dropped down next to him.

“Shit, Ken. You are one hot dude when you let yourself go! That was the greatest time I ever had with a guy! I lucked out getting a guy like you who enjoys rope bondage so much for a roommate. We are really going to have fun this year with your wild ideas. I got some pretty good ideas, too. About ways to torment your helpless body that I can’t wait to try” whispered Tom.

“Yeah, that was great. You are a hot dude yourself and I really enjoyed you. But I guess I sort of scared myself when I let the things I usually keep hidden loose. I feel I am just a weird, sexually perverted kid.”

“Every barely eighteen guy is weird and sexually perverted. He just wants sex in any and all ways: female, male, animal, sex toys, whatever. Most guys just hide it and feel miserable like you have been doing. Forget about labels, if it feels good, you enjoy it, and it doesn’t hurt anybody, it’s OK. End of story. Now let’s get some sleep, Goodnight Slaveboy”

It felt good, felt exciting, him calling me Slaveboy. “I guess you’re right and it sure felt good tonight. Goodnight.. “ I hesitated like at the top of a high dive before the exciting plunge into a new exciting adventure. Then I plunged and by two simple words made myself his slave. “Goodnight, Master.”

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that was great, please carry on!

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best story by far i have ever ever read, 100/ 10.
please carry on, bring up the fact that he is a shy boy and doesnt do this stuff often and this story will be amazing. thankyou! :D

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I don't think he's going to finish this will someone please do so itsba great start and would love to hear more

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this was fantastic


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I woke up having to pee. I noticed Tom lying next to me and remembered I was now his slave. I got up and took a piss in the sink. When I finished, Tom had gotten up. He looked over my naked body with a sly self-satisfied smile on his face and an erection beginning on his cock. “God Damn, Ken, you’re my honest to god very own naked slaveboy! Kiss my ass!”

“Yeah this is going to be great. I can’t wait to get started!”

Tom frowned, turned on a loud heavy metal song, went to his special drawer and took out a slender flexible wooden rod, swished it a couple times trough the air, “This will do. Bend over and grab your ankles, Hurry up!”

“Jesus, Tom. I didn’t know we started yet!”

“Quit mouthing Off, Slaveboy!”


“Here are my rules: A blow doesn’t count if you yell. First time you break a rule is one stroke, second is two, etc. When given an order, obey immediately! Address me as “YES, Master, Sir! when we are alone and “Yes, Tom” if others are around. Don’t speak unless I ask you to. Understood?”

“Yes, Master, Sir!”

“That’s better. You count the strokes saying “One – Thank you Master, Sir! If you lose count we start over. For not obeying an order – 1 stroke!”

Tom wound up and stung me hard across my butt. “Yeooww” I screamed.

“OK, let’s start over, For not obeying an order – 1 stroke!”

Tom wound up and stung me even harder across my butt. I controlled the pain. “One – Thank you Master, Sir! “

“For not addressing your master correctly – 1 stroke!”

Tom laid another stroke hard across my butt. I controlled the pain. “One – Thank you Master, Sir! “

“For not addressing your master correctly a second time – 2 strokes!”

Tom laid two more painful strokes across my butt. “One – Thank you Master, Sir! … Two – Thank you Master, Sir!” I controlled the pain enough to answer but I couldn’t stop the tears. I also could stop the excitement from the pain as felt my cock start to harden.

“For not addressing your master correctly a third time – 3 strokes!”

I caught myself before I yelled “No fair!” Tom laid two more painful strokes across my butt. “One – Thank you Master, Sir! … Two – Thank you Master, Sir!”

He watched my cock it hardened. “Are you enjoying the pain I am giving you, Slaveboy?”

“No, Master, Sir! ….Yes, Master, Sir”

“Which is it suffering or enjoying?”

“Both at the same time, I guess. It really turns me on! Master, Sir!”

“We’re a matched set, it really turns me on to inflict pain on you and watch you suffer!” He laid on another stinging stroke.

“Two – Thank you Master, Sir!” I immediately knew I miscounted.

“OK, we’ll start over” Tom laid three more painful strokes across my sore butt. “One – Thank you Master, Sir! … Two – Thank you Master, Sir! … Three – Thank you Master, Sir!”

“Kneel Slaveboy! What did I command you to do?”

“Kiss your ass, Master, Sir!”

“Walk on your knees to my backside and give it a juicy wet kiss!”

“Yes, Master, Sir!” I looked at his erection pointing at a high angle. I inched my way on my knees, put my lips against his ass and gave it a wet slobbering kiss. The humiliation was so stimulating it caused me to start dripping pre-cum.

“Looks like we’re both pretty hot! Let’s do some dice-dare exercises to work off the steam.

“Yes, Master, Sir!” I answered wondering what Tom had planned.

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keep going......

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We will do sets of 25 push-ups, 40 sit-ups, and 15 pull-ups. We will face each other and do the reps together to encourage each other. The first one that can’t do the reps is the loser and tosses a die to determine his penalty:
1 - Loser sucks winner cock
2 - Two strokes with cane on loser’s ass
3 - Loser jerks off winner
4 - Four strokes with cane on loser’s ass
5 - Loser tied to post – slowly teased to climax
6 - 69 both suck each other’s cock

We started with push-ups and did them quickly. For the sit-ups, we interlaced our feet to help keep our feet down and because it felt good. We stood face to face under the chin-up bar we had installed between the closets. We usually did chin-ups together, face to face, but never did them nude. We looked down at our naked sweaty slippery bodies and erect cocks and hesitated. “This is gonna be wild, let’s go for it, Slaveboy” Tom called.

“Yes, Master, Sir! Wild” We grabbed hold of the bar from opposite sides and our sweat slippery chests slid against each other. Our erect cocks poked and rubbed into each other.

Tom looked in my eyes and smiled, “Really awesome!”

When we reached fifteen, I smiled back, “Real turn-on Master, Sir!”

We finished four sets and both were going strong except Tom was struggling a little on the pull-ups. On the fifth set, on the 14th pull-up, I quickly slid past Tom’s sweaty body while he slowly struggled to complete it. I finished the 15th and dropped down to the floor and watched him try to complete the rep. At last he dropped down,

“You win, Slaveboy!” Tom grabbed the die and threw it. It came up a “4”. Neither of us liked it. Tom did not like me having a chance to get revenge for the caning he just gave me and I would rather have had him jerk or suck me off.

I grabbed the same cane he had used. Tom bent over and grabbed his ankles. “Permission to proceed, Master, Sir!”

“Go ahead! I know the rules, I count, if I scream or lose count you start over. By the way, you won fare and square, I have no hard feelings. Let’s get this over.”
I wound up and laid a hesitant stroke across Tom’s butt. He controlled the pain. “One – Thank you Slaveboy! “ The next was placed better and harder and I enjoyed the feeling when the cane hit. “Two – Thank you Slaveboy!“ “Three – Thank you Slaveboy! Now you’re getting the idea.“ I took my time to make the most of my last chance. I felt my cock harden, this was turning me on! I let go with a powerful stinging stroke. Tom hesitated. I hoped he would scream and so I could start over but he controlled his pain. “…Four, Thank you Slaveboy! You have potential as a Top.”

“Ken, the guys are going to start wondering what we are up to. I don’t think we can keep it a secret that we are into bondage and you are my slave and I am your master for the rest of the year. What do you think?”

“I guess we don’t have any choice but to come out clean with them. There is nothing they can do, it’s up to us what we do, not them. But by coming out, they will soon lose interest. Master, Sir!”

“Hurry up, get dressed. Breakfast is almost over. Most of the guys will be there now because they sleep late, so this is the best time to come out” Tom got dressed and tossed me a pair of ratty cut-off Levis shorts and an old torn t-shirt. I pulled them on and didn’t bother to ask about underwear or shoes, I knew the answer, slaves don’t deserve them. We ran to the dining hall to get there in time for breakfast.

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great please continue!!!

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This has been a great story please please continue!

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“Hurry up, get dressed. Breakfast is almost over. Most of the guys will be there now because they sleep late, so this is the best time to come out” Tom got dressed and tossed me a pair of ratty cut-off Levis shorts and an old torn t-shirt. I pulled them on and didn’t bother to ask about underwear or shoes, I knew the answer, slaves don’t deserve them. We ran to the dining hall to beat the clock.

We made it just in time, got big breakfasts pancakes, sausage, eggs because we really had worked up appetites. We headed for the table where the guys from our floor were eating and sat down.

“Hi guys” we said.

“What up with you two? Uptight Ken going barefoot and shirtless? Loud music in your room last night?”

“I thought I heard someone scream when there was a break in the music.”

Tom explained, “We were messing around and found out both of us have been seriously into bondage fantasy since 6th grade. I’m into being dominant or master and Ken is into being submissive or slave. I had a great experience tying Ken up and teasing him for a few hours and he loved it too. We agreed to go for it and he will be my slave for the rest of the year.”

“I really enjoyed being tied up tightly and being under the power of someone I like and trust. This had been my dream and now it is real, I am Tom’s slave for the rest of the year”, I admitted.

“This is a joke. I can’t believe you guys are both gay.”

“This isn’t a joke. We feel our only choice is to come out about the bondage otherwise you guys would be guessing and the secrecy would prevent you from being our friends. Once we are out, you can all adjust to having a master/slave on the floor. We aren’t gay, maybe bi. All of you jerk off. So what’s wrong if Ken jerks me off instead of me doing it myself? It’s more fun and doesn't hurt anybody.” Tom answered.

“Weird – but I’m cool with it. What do you guys think?” The rest of the guys agreed.

“He’s your slave and must do as you say? Give him an order. Have him strip off his shirt!”

Tom commands, “Ken, strip off your shirt!”

“Yes, Tom” I answer as I take off my shirt.

“Get me some more syrup”, Tom orders.

“Yes, Tom”, I stand up hesitantly and go to the counter wearing only the ratty Levis cut-off shorts hoping nobody will hassle me. “Some syrup, please” I ask the girl behind the counter, Sharon, who is in my history class.
“Here it is. Sexy outfit! Didn’t know you had such a great body, Ken!”

“Thanks,” I blushed then felt daring and said “Is this like the country song ‘If I told you, you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?’“

“Perhaps, see you in class! Maybe we’ll get together after class to try that song out!” she smiled.

I returned to Tom with the syrup. “Definitely Bi” the guys joked.

“Ken, do you really get tied up hand and foot with ropes by Tom and teased as much as he likes?”

“Yes, I do. It’s great!” I replied.

“Far out! I know how we all could have some fun! In 6th grade a bunch of us used to play ‘Tickle Torture’. We tied the victim to a bed with the soles of his feet and armpits exposed and tickled him until the timer went off. Usually we gagged him with someone’s dirty sock to keep him quiet. After two or three hours, the victim was exhausted. Sometimes, wet his pants” suggested Chad.

“I’ll bring an electric Toothbrush” said Frank. All the guys were into this.

“I got some padded ankle and wrist cuffs we could use” volunteered Jason.

“I won’t ask why you got them. Bring them” said Tom. “Ken, As a slave, what is the first thing you must do when you enter our room?”

“Take off all my clothes, Tom”, I answered.

“So this will add a little spice, Ken will be stark naked when you tie him up. Every part of his body exposed to tickling. Sound interesting, Ken?”
“Tom, you know how ticklish I am, I will be struggling in agony for hours”, I said.

“Yeah, sounds great doesn’t it? But only for one hour, with this bunch of sadists the tickle torture will be extreme. Guys meet at our place at 8PM to start. Bring any devices you have that will add to our slaveboy’s agony.” Tom said.


Jason called, “Tom and Ken, a bunch of us are going to run to the beach. We’ll meet in the lobby in ten minutes. Want to come?”

Tom answered, “Sounds great for a hot day, we’ll be there!”

When we got to our room, I stripped off my clothes and hung them on a hook. I started to get my swim suit but Tom said he had one for me. He rummaged through his drawer and pulled out a tiny white thing. “This is my old tank suit from junior high, put it on.” I pulled the skimpy Speedo suit on. It might fit a junior high kid but was embarrassingly tight on a college freshman. I glanced in the mirror; I could see every contour of my cock and balls through it. Tom pulled on his suit and called let’s go.

When we got to the lobby, the guys laughed and called “Ken, where did you get that silly thing?”

“Tom gave it to me!” I answered.

“Tom’s a fiendish master, Ken. You will go through hell this year” they laughed. “Let’s go to the beach.”

I wondered why Tom set the timer on his watch as we started. The guys set a good pace covering the half mile to the beach in about three minutes. My feet hurt from running as I was not used to going barefoot but it was good to be outside and running with the guys.

As soon as we got to the beach Tom said “I forgot my towel in the room, Ken get it for me and don’t waste any time. It took us 3 minutes 14 seconds to run here, I’ll allow 45 seconds to go to our room and get my towel so you should be back in 7 minutes 13 seconds. For every second you are late you will do a push-up. Now, Go!”

“Yes, Tom!” I yelled as I started running. I ran full out grabbed Tom’s towel and headed back. It was hot and I was sweating buckets and my bare feet weren't used to the pounding. I suspected something was up when the guys had formed two lines and were cheering me on as I finished. Tom said my time was 7 minutes 28 seconds.

“What were you doing, you lazy bastard? You’re late. Give me 15 push-ups!”

“One-thank you Tom, Two, thank you Tom …. Fifteen, Thank you Tom!” The sun was baking me. I finished, happy my ordeal, was over and stood up.

Tom laughed and said “I forgot my sun tan lotion in the room, Ken get it for me and don’t be a lazy slug like you were last time!” The guys laughed, they knew the drill: Run and get tired, run slower more push-ups, so more tired and run slower, so more push-up and even slower and even more push-ups. It was no win for me but fun for those cheering me on. Since I was Tom’s slave I had no choice but to endure the hazing.

“Yes, Tom” I ran back to our room got the sun tan lotion. Stopped to get a drink at the water fountain and raced back to Tom with the guys at the finish cheering my hot weary body on.

“Eight minutes 9 seconds. What did you do take a nap? Give me 56 push-ups!”

“One-thank you, Tom - Two, thank you, Tom …” I was careful not to lose count, finally my sore arms got to “Fifty-Six, Thank you, Tom!” The sun, the heat, the barefoot running, the push-up punishments were taking it out of me and I now knew I had no idea of when Tom would decide my ordeal, was over. I slowly stood up.

Tom having great fun and showing off to the guys and sadistically toying with his new slaveboy “You lazy slug, you need some real encouragement. Get me that cane I used to beat your ass last night”.

The guys looked at my ass and saw some of the red welts not covered by my skimpy Speedo. The guys laughed, “Ken, take your time, we want to see you get your ass whipped!”

“Yes, Tom” I ran back to our room full speed got the cane. Didn’t stop to get a drink and raced back to Tom. The guys at the finish now telling me to take it easy.

“Seven minutes and 5 seconds” said Tom as he took the cane. “Good Boy! I knew you could do it if you really tried!”

Tom commanded “I forgot my sun glasses in the room, Ken, get them for me! This time I will give you a stroke with the cane on your bare ass for every ten seconds you are late.”

“Yes, Tom” I tried to run back to our room full speed fearing the cane but the heat, my exhaustion, and my thirst were slowing me down. I got the sun glasses. I had no choice but to get a drink at the fountain even if it cost a couple strokes. Not drinking would cost far more. The guys admired my guts as I dragged myself in and a few started cheering me on. It helped, I picked up speed.

“Seven minutes and 58 seconds. That’s four strokes on your ass.” He led me into the woods to a secluded place with the guys following.

I pulled the Speedo down to my ankles grabbed my ankles and waited for Tom to start. Tom laid four more painful strokes across my sore butt. I concentrated on counting and controlling the pain. I knew the rule: if I lost count or screamed, Tom would start over. “One – Thank you, Tom! … Two – Thank you, Tom! … Four – Thank you, Tom!”

It was the first time that the guys had seen someone caned and they were startled at the sharp crack of each blow. I heard some of the guys groan at each stroke. It soon dawned on the guys the important part pain and domination played in our master/slave relationship.

I stood up and pulled on my skimpy Speedo. Tom led me back to the beach, looked me in the eyes. I cringed as he again said “I forgot”. He made a long pause, smiled and continued “To tell you I like your grit! Jump in the water to cool off and enjoy yourself!” The guys cheered. I knew this ordeal was over as I ran into the water and swam out to the farthest raft.

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Oh, dude please write more.

jono mckenzie
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really, truely, the best story ever!

06-26-2009, 04:33 PM
please continue

i wish i was a slave boy for 4 people

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I felt good swimming to the raft. If would be great to be alone in the sun without people pointing and laughing at me in Tom’s tiny, tight Speedo. I climbed onto the raft and stood up looking at the opposite shore. I heard a girl’s voice, “The view’s even better from here. That tiny Speedo doesn’t hide anything. You’re really sexy. Hi, I’m Cindy.”

I looked down in the water and saw a girl with long blond hair and blue eyes looking back. “Hi, I’m Ken. I thought I was alone, but I’m glad you’re here.”

“Where did you get that tiny silly suit? It’s so tight I can see every contour of your cock and balls? Not that I’m complaining.”

I was getting embarrassed but my cock had its own mind and began to harden. “It’s my roommate’s junior high tank suit. He gave it to me and told me to wear it.”

“Don’t have a mind of your own? You do something that makes you look silly just because your roommate tells you. What are you, his slave?”

I hesitated. “Yeah, I am, I lost a dare. “

“Hmmm, that sounds interesting; you’ll have to tell me all about your being his slave for the day. I’m tired of looking at that silly Speedo though, take it off!”

I didn’t think it was up to me to explain that I was his slave for the rest of the year not just today. The idea of taking off the suit and being totally naked outside in the sunshine excited me but did I hear right? “What did you say?”

“I said take it off!” I looked at her questioningly. “Oh, help me up! “

I leaned down, grabbed her arm, and helped her up. Slowly the beautiful well toned body of a swimmer emerged, not the skinny model type, but the type I dream about. She was evenly tanned all over and was completely naked! “This is the raft for the nude beach or more politically correct ‘Clothing optional’ beach. So you can now take that damn silly thing off. I’ve got a waterproof waist pack for my stuff; you can put it in that”.

“…um, I always wondered what guys do at a nude beach when they get an erection?”

“They get a boner, so what? It’s natural for guys. If they don’t try to hide it, it turns a lot of girls on! “

I pulled off the tight Speedo. My cock celebrated its freedom by saluting Cindy. It sprung up pointing high and proud. “This feels great! Why is there nobody here?”

“Most people don’t come here until the afternoon. I like the morning because it’s the best time to get a tan and also I like it not being crowded. Turn around and let me appreciate your body.” I turned around slowly, when she saw the welts on my ass, she rubbed them soothingly. “That must have hurt, I really believe you are a slave, you’ll have to tell me all about the punishment. But first put some sun tan lotion on my back, then I’ll do yours. “

She turned over onto her stomach. I put lotion over her back, her legs, and her ass and slowly rubbed it in. “Wow, this is turning me on. You are really sexy!” She told me it was my turn. I lie down and felt her tenderly putting on the lotion, my back, my inner legs, and my ass. She knew every sensitive spot to linger on. She told me to tell her about being a slave. I told about the lost dare, being tied to the post and teased for hours, the hazing by being ordered to run back and get things from the room. The caning in front of the guys when I took too much time getting back. I explained that I liked Tom. Master/slave was an intense game we both enjoyed. Pain was a real turn on to us. He liked torturing me and I liked being tortured by him. She asked about how the guys on the floor were taking it and if they were ostracizing us. I told her that we were open with them and that they looked on our relationship as weird but cool. They were having a party tonight and they felt the party wouldn’t be the same without me (I neglected to mention the purpose of the party was to tickle torture me).

“Although, I can see that you are really turned on by me, I know guys get into bondage when they are young and for a lot of them it is always part of them. I think it is great that you two are exploring this aspect of your sexuality.” We lay next to each other and lightly held hands. “I’m getting hot. Let’s go for a swim.”

She dived into the water and I dived in after her. Diving nude was great. We swam to a string of buoys marking the swimming area. We hung on the ropes facing each other. We started kissing. I felt her feet touching mine, moving up my legs, then finding my rock hard cock and rubbing it slowly. The pleasure was intense, I kissed her harder. I put my head under water and kissed her tits. I started humping into her soft feet. She pulled back, “Easy big boy. Not yet. You need to cool down, let’s swim back to the raft and get some more sun.”

When we get back to the raft, Cindy lay on her back and asked me to put some suntan lotion on her. I slowly put it on her legs and feet, her abs. I move up to her tits and circle them teasingly as I rub it in. She asks me to kiss her and I do long and slow my naked body resting on her naked body. I rub the lotion over her crotch area. After a long time she says that it is my turn. I am to lie motionless on my back and she will rub in the lotion until I move. She slowly rubs the lotion into my legs, over my chest, my arms, plays with my nipples, takes a long time covering my balls, then move very slowly rubbing it into my cock. Always too slow to let me cum, always keeping me on the edge, me moaning in pleasure and struggling not to move so I can prolong this teasing torment. “Ken, you really need to cum, but this is only the first time we met. But I have an idea, I’m curious; I’ve never seen a guy jerk off. I’d like to watch you jerk off. It is win-win, I get to see a cute guy jerk off and you get to cum!” I jumped at the idea. I lay on my back and showed going slow, working just the tip, showed her my pre-cum and let her taste it. I kept getting faster and harder. She was surprised how hard I worked my cock and my powerful spasms as I shot my load. She bent down and kissed me, rubbed my softening cock and tasted my cum then put some on my lips to taste, “Thanks Ken, that was great to watch. I learned a lot. Maybe when we get to know each other better I can do it for you!” We lay next to each other absorbing the sun. After an hour she noticed that her friend Sharon had arrived at the beach and she wanted me to meet her. She put on her waist packed with her stuff and my Speedo inside and we dived into the water.

When we got to the beach, I saw that people we starting to arrive. Cindy led me over to her friend and introduced me. It was strange being introduced to a girl and both of us being entirely naked. Sharon was a brunette, shorter hair, but the same toned, athletic, tanned all-over body as Cindy. I was glad that I had just jerked off, my cock was full but not embarrassingly erect. Sharon noted the red welts on my butt; I explained that I was my roommate’s slave because I lost a dare, the hazing by running back to get things and the four strokes on my ass when I took too much time. She said that was really pushing limits and asked how long I would be Tom’s slave. I had to admit that I would be his slave for the rest of the year. Cindy looked at me questioningly. I said that she had assumed it was only for today, I didn’t say that.

We settled on Sharon’s beach blanket and she got some cokes and sandwiches from her cooler. We talked normal stuff about classes, professors, and music while completely nude and it was starting to feel normal. I saw Tom looking around and waved for him to join us. The girls kidded him about being over dressed and finally he stripped off his swimming suit. A huge boner flipped up. The girls laughed and explained it is normal for guys when they first go to the nude beach. Sharon said, “Tom, I can understand the marks on your slave’s ass, but how did you get them?”

“We do exercise reps in the morning with a dice dare penalty. I lost and the penalty was for Ken to give me four strokes on my ass with a cane. He really laid into me.”

After we finished lunch we played beach volleyball. We tried girls versus guys and discovered the girls were on the freshman team. They were a tough pair, after a few games we paired Tom & Sharon versus Cindy and me. I liked the feeling of being nude with my cock and balls swinging free. At first it felt funny put by the third game it felt real good.

We went swimming to cool off and sunned ourselves on the now crowded raft. Tom said, “It’s getting late. We have the get our room in shape. The guys will be coming by 8.”

“What up?” Sharon asked.

“When we came out about being master/slave, the guys on the floor were really into it. They wanted to have a tickle-torture session with Ken. I thought it would keep them on our side so I agreed to it” answered Tom.

“What’s that?”

“He will be tied naked and helpless to a bed and they can tickle him in any way they want for one hour. It will be intense”, said Tom.

Cindy laughed, “Ken, you should be in pre-law. You sure know how to give evasive answers: ‘The party wouldn’t be the same without me’. How do you feel about this torture?”

“I’m real ticklish so I am scared but sort of excited too. It will be agony and I hope I can handle it. “ I told her.

Tom said that I wouldn’t be able to have supper because I would just barf it up during the tickle-torture so would they like to go out with us for pizza afterward. They could even come a little before 9 and join the fun. The girls said it might be interesting; they would think it over and might come.

I could’ve killed Tom. It was bad enough going through hell in front of the guys but he has to make it worse by inviting these girls to my public humiliation. But, I’m his slave so there was nothing I could do. I bluffed , “Yeah, that would be great! Hope you can make it. Think about something special to tickle me with and the best places to tickle me “

“Good bluff Ken, I know you are scared shitless! But we may come up with a couple good ideas to torment that cute body of yours.” Cindy handed me my Speedo, “Sharon you’ve got to see this!” I pulled it on and all three of them laughed. Tom pulled his suit on and we ran back to the dorm.

06-30-2009, 01:47 PM
The Best Story I Have Ever Read On GetDare Good Job!!!!! This should be in the Best Of GetDare Fourms!

07-01-2009, 01:09 PM
Wow anostly I loved the babysitting one but I think that this one is better please please please continue!!!

07-03-2009, 09:47 AM
When we got to the room, Tom had me take off the Speedo, hang it on a hook by the door and put on the Levis cutoff shorts. He told me that three hooks were my wardrobe. I was to hang my clothes on the hooks when I entered the room. As a slave, my only clothes were a T-Shirt, cutoffs, and the Speedo. I was to wash them every night before I went to sleep so they would be dry the next morning. He told me to pack up all my stuff except school books and my laptop. He said I could sit in the chair by my desk when studying but otherwise, as a humble slave, I had to stand or sit on the floor.

I packed all my stuff into boxes and carried them to the storeroom. Without these possessions which had defined my identity, I truly felt I was a slave. We took off my top bunk and carried it to storage.

“Where will I sleep, Master, Sir?”

“You will sleep on the floor in the corner, Slaveboy. I will be generous and allow you to use two blankets when you sleep on the floor but these must be folded neatly and put in the corned during the day.”

We carried out my old dresser and a few other things I had. There was a lot more room now. We put the sturdy wooden bed in the center of the room. The strong sturdy hard wood head and foot rails would be perfect for the tickle-torture. He cleared off my desk; we will let the guys put the things they bring for your tickle-torture on your desk.

“Stand up straight, Slaveboy and listen to the rules for studying!” Standing before him naked emphasized the difference between us: I was the slave, he was the master. He told me that I was expected to get an “A” in every test, paper, and course. I would study two hours for every hour in class at my desk or in the library. I could use my laptop only for studying unless I asked permission. Any lapse and I would suffer the appropriate punishment: caning, flogging, exercising to exhaustion, humiliation.

“Yes, Master, Sir!” Out of nervousness, I touched my cock lightly.

“You are not allowed to pleasure yourself. First offense is one stroke across your ass. Get the cane and grab your ankles!”

I brought him the cane and grabbed my ankles. I felt a searing stroke hit my ass, “One, Thank You, Master, Sir!” I stood up, careful now where I placed my hands.

Tom told me to stand by the desk and thank our guests for the “presents” they bring me. At about quarter to eight, Jason arrived carrying a duffle bag. He looked at my naked body, “Like your outfit, Ken. Just right for our little party!”

Slowly Jason pulled items out of the bag and put them on my desk: Padded Ankle cuffs, Padded wrist cuffs, duct tape, long rawhide boot laces. Looking intently and questioningly at the rawhide laces and duct tape, I obeyed Tom and said “Thank you, sir!”

“Don’t worry about what the duct tape and the rawhide boot laces are for. You’ll find out soon enough!” Jason laughed.

Next came Chad, he pulled two silk-like black scarves out of his pocket. He then took off his shoes, pulled off his dirty socks and laid them next to one of the scarves. “These should be pretty good for a sock-gag if you scream too much. Don’t worry Ken; I washed them just last week, I think!”

I almost gagged at the thought of having those dirty foul smelling socks stuffed into my mouth, “Thank you, Sir! ”

More guys filed in and soon the desk was covered by feathers of all types and sizes. Brushes big and small, hard and soft. Sharp pointed sticks and pricks. A bucket of ice cubes. Frank’s electric toothbrush. Kyle did him one better, his electric toothbrush had feathers taped to the rotating brush.

Tom said it was time I started helping Jason with the restraints. Jason used a roll of duct tape to tape an ankle cuff to the foot rail of the bed. I taped the other ankle cuff to the other side with another roll of duct tape. “This way the cuffs don’t move so your feet can’t move. Sort of like being put into stocks. So now you know why I brought the duct tape, what were you thinking?” We moved to the head of the bed and fastened the wrist cuffs to the corner posts using a couple rounds of rope between the posts and the rings of the cuffs. “This is sort of like a pulley so I can stretch you real tight and you won’t thrash around and hurt yourself. Lie down and put your feet on the ankle cuffs.” I did and he fastened them very tight around my ankles. It felt real good to me and I felt my cock start to stir. He put the wrist cuffs on me snugly and pulled with all his strength to stretch me out. I tried to struggle but couldn’t move. The firm bondage was something new but something I could get to like. “How’s it feel?”

“I'm stretched so tight my arms are starting to hurt but overall it feels pretty good, you’re a pro! But I really am helpless!”

“Not quite, you can still wiggle and curl your feet and they are the best place to tickle you! “ He took the rawhide laces, wound them around my big toe, laced them through my other toes then tied them to the rail so my feet and toes were pulled back, the soles of my feet stretched out and vulnerable, and no chance of evasive motion was possible. “Now you are helpless! You’ve got a little while before we start. So just think about what is going to happen to you. That should turn you on!”

I looked around, the room was now full of guys from the floor excited and shouting about fiendish ways they imagined I could be tickled and teased. Obviously torturing a powerless victim is a rite of passage for most teen guys. The tight bondage, my fear, and the high level of testosterone of the excited guys in the room excited me. I stared in helpless horror as my cock sprouted into a rock hard boner. They teased and laughed louder. I wished the tickling would start. Nothing could be worse than waiting in embarrassed helpless for the first touch.

07-03-2009, 10:06 AM
Please Continue!

07-03-2009, 06:03 PM
Ya, please write more!

07-05-2009, 04:42 PM
this is such an awesome story i love how you write long posts and not short ones that only take 5 seconds to read. Keep up the good work!:D

07-07-2009, 08:57 AM
Jason asked who wanted to be ticklers. Six guys including Jason enthusiastically agreed, most of the guys just wanted to watch. He explained the first round would be two minutes each without tickling aids. The second round would be with tickling aids. The next round would be tickle teams of two for 6 minutes each, and a free for all until time is up.

Jason asks me “Ken, I will be doing a little test to see which areas of your defenseless body are the most ticklish to my expert touch. If the area is very sensitive, laugh real hard. If the spot is extremely sensitive yell ‘Please Stop, I can’t take it!’” He laughs, “Of course, I won’t stop and you are tied so you can’t move, you will have to take it! Ready?”

”Yeah, let’s get this over. The anticipation is driving me crazy!” His first touch startles me. He starts gently on my legs and arms saving other areas for later. His circling rapidly moving playful fingers soon have me laughing uncontrollably and moving trying to free myself. As he moves to my navel, armpits, nipples, skin between my balls and thighs, and finally the soles of my feet, I begin screaming for mercy and struggling violently, he thanks me for telling him which spots are most sensitive because now he’ll work on them until his time is up. When he stops I am covered by sweat from my exertions against the foot and ankle cuffs.

I have only a couple seconds break before Tom straddles me and start working my armpits. He leans over and whispers, “This is going great! The guys are really into you being tortured. They are going to back us all the way. Remember, it’s only an hour. You can handle it!”

“Glad you’re happy but an hour looks pretty long to me, Master, SIR!” Tom keeps me on the edge, laughing but only screaming a bit as he works my body over. I almost think he is taking it easy on me but that is hard to believe.

Chad loses barely a second as he takes over and starts tickling me from the top and works his way down. He straddles my waist, facing my head. My underarms and ribs are stretched tight below him. He slowly begins to tickle my underarms, sometimes gentle brushing up the insides of my arms, watching my reaction. My arms are high over my head and my underarms are completely open, I can't lower my arms even a little to try to protect them. From my underarms he goes down to my ribs, again he starts slowly and gently, gauging my response. Occasionally he gently digs the tips of his fingers into my sides, I scream when he does that. He feels my body moving between his legs at every touch, feeling my convulsions as he finds a really sensitive area and works on it. My cock gets harder; I want relief each time he touches my naked body but he’s only just started. After he finished exploring my upper torso, he turned around, still straddling my body, but facing my cock. I feel his bare legs along my chest and twitch as his feet and toes explore my underarms. My lower body seems isolated from the rest of me, all his attention is focused below. My lower torso is exposed, my stomach, insides of my legs, and my groin area. He tests my stomach, running his fingers along my sides and making circles around my naval. Starting near my balls he slowly runs the tips of his fingers to the outside of my hips, then up my sides. He tickles the area where my hip connects with my legs and the area on the outside of my butt. I really want my cock stroked but instead he teasingly tickles it and stops when my movements under him suggest that I am starting to cum. Now he begins to work on my feet. His first touch to the sole of my right foot sends an electric charge through my body. I pull against the restraints, but they hold. I try to curl and move my foot but the rawhide strips laced through my toes keep my foot immobile and fully vulnerable. I know more is to come, the best I can do is try to survive the ordeal, but I also want what is coming. I hate it, but want it.

Alex follows Chad and Frank follows Alex. Both keep me struggling and screaming.

Kyle had watched Chad carefully. He starts by straddling me with his feet in my armpits. His toes tickle my armpits while his fingers work the underside of my knees, I scream as loud as I can and struggle until my arms and legs ache. He shifts position. Now his feet are in my crotch. His fingers work the soles of my feet while his feet and toes rub and tickle my cock. I get very excited, he notices and backs off. He brings be to the edge a couple more times. I yell, “Let me cum! I’ve got to cum! I need relief!“ Kyle laughs and says he enjoys making me suffer through cum control, then takes me to the edge without relief once more before his time is up.

Chad took a black scarf from my desk. He used it to blindfold me wrapping it a couple time around my head then checking that I could not see around the edges. “What the hell is that for?” I asked.

“This blindfold will make the tickle torture more intense. You will not know which of these things will be used next and where the touch will land on your sensitive body. The uncertainty is mind blowing! Enjoy!”

I felt more vulnerable not being able to see who or what would touch me. This frightened and excited me. The first touch was on my left nipple. It felt like a stick – no a stiff feather. It made circles around the sensitive nipple for what seemed forever before switch to the other and then my armpit. I tried to move away from the touch, but my bondage made that impossible no matter how hard I tried. Suddenly the feather moved to my left sole and was joined by another softer feather on my right sole. I jerked when the feathers switched to my balls. I was in ecstatic agony when suddenly the feathers stopped.

Next time I knew it was a stick or very thin probe, maybe like a prick the dentist uses to check teeth. Again quickly nipples, armpits then to my bare feet with toes spread out by the rawhide laces. This was the sadist’s goal. The thin prick lingered on the extremely sensitive skin between my toes moving with agonizing slowness as it explored this horribly ticklish area. I screamed louder and louder. I couldn’t curl my toes or in any way diminish the agony.

I felt something very soft on my nipple and tried to indentify the instrument. As it moved quickly to my armpits and feet, I realized in was a soft camels hair paint brush used by artists. It didn’t linger, paused briefly on my balls, and then hesitated for a long time stroking the shaft of my cock. My tormentor noticed when I started to strain to cum and retreated to my feet. When the chance of me cuming was over, he moved instantly to the head of my cock stimulating my glans until pre-cum was pouring out but always too slow to allow me to cum.

I was begging for relief when I felt the ice on my abs which quickly moved to the soles of my feet. I felt many little fingers on the sole of my right foot and it was driving me crazy. What was it? It must be the pasta server, a large plastic spoon with wide teeth around the edges.

I heard a buzz, must be Frank with his electric toothbrush. It quickly visited my nipples, armpits, ribs, balls until it settle excruciatingly on the soles of my feet and the skin between my toes until time was up.

Another buzz could only mean Kyle’s toothbrush with the taped-on feathers. He tested it on my nipples. My strong convolutions and agonized screams showed the test to be a success. I knew where Kyle was headed. I felt the intense sensations on my balls, cock shaft, cock head as Kyle worked to keep me on the edge. The urge to cum became more and more powerful but suddenly he backed off at the last minute. I heard him laughing as he enjoyed his chance to use cum control as torture.

Kyle stopped but I knew what would follow would be worse: Team tickling, two guys working on me together and they will have six minutes to perfect their torture. “Ken, you really are yelling too much and I hate to hear you pleading for mercy. I am going to put a stop to your noise!” Chad said. I smelled his foul dirty sock for a instant before it was rudely stuffed into my mouth. I almost gagged from the foul thing but even that wasn’t possible. I felt him tie the sock gag in place with the other scarf.

Frank worked on my bare feet while Tom worked the rest of my body feverishly. I was completely vulnerable, I couldn’t see because of the blindfold. I couldn’t yell but was reduced to making unrecognizable muffled sounds through the sock-gag.

Alex knelt behind my head and worked my nipples and armpits. He dug his fingers in to my ribs. Jason worked on my balls and cock with various instruments keeping me almost on the edge but never going over.

Chad straddled my head and worked my exposed upper body while Kyle knelt with his feet in my balls and worked my sensitive soles with his fingers while tickling my balls and cock with his feet and toes. Kyle would take me almost to the edge but never went over. My balls were busting. I shouted “Sadistic bastard, Let me cum!” but only muffled sounds came out of the filthy sock-gag. To up the level, Chad started using both electric toothbrushes on my nipples, armpits, and ribs. Then he used the one with feathers on the head of my cock while Kyle was working the shaft of it with his toes.

At last Chad and Kyle’s time was up. I lay there panting, sweating, aching from my exertions knowing I would soon be exposed to all six of these sadistic guys working my over-sensitive exposed naked body together until the hour was up.

07-07-2009, 10:10 AM
Great post dude! Anostly best story ever made!:)

07-09-2009, 08:43 PM
Yore story is super and very well written. The only small amusement was that the seen on the beach was a little unrealistic.:clap:

07-10-2009, 11:38 PM
haha, really hot
keep it going ..

07-14-2009, 10:15 AM
Sharon and I got to Ken & Tom’s dorm about quarter to nine. We didn’t know the room but all we had to do was to follow the sound of laughing and yelling. We knew we were near when we smelled the strong scent of testosterone drenched sweat. The room was crowded and we had to force our way thru the yelling guys. They tried to stop us but I said Ken had invited us to join the fun. They were puzzled then I saw Tom tickling Ken’s ribs and armpit. I caught his eye and he waved us forward. “Cindy, came to torment, Ken?” I answered that we’ll watch for a while and then might join in then put a finger to my mouth to indicate not to let Ken know we were here. He nodded.

Ken was struggling with all his strength against the cuffs holding him down. He was blindfolded and gagged, utterly helpless, breathing in gasps and covered with glistening sweat. The eyes of his six tormentors burned with intensity and excitement. Two guys were stationed at Ken’s feet which were held motionless by cuffs and rawhide straps. He couldn’t curl or move his sensitive soles away from the electric toothbrush, feathers, or other instruments they used to tickle. Tom and another guy were at Ken’s sides working armpits, ribs, ass, underneath the knee. One guy knelt above Ken’s head and worked chest, nipples, abs, pubic hair, and head of his cock. The last guy knelt between the victims legs and worked his balls and shaft of his cock. The guys working Ken’s cock were cheered on by the crowd. Ken’s cock stood straight up and was rock hard. The game was to get Ken as excited as possible, take him to the very edge, then stop and frustrate him by not letting him cum. The crowd cheered and taunted the victim of this game. Sharon nodded to Tom and he motioned for the guy working on Ken’s balls to switch places with Sharon. He signaled the crowd to not let on. She took to the game with gusto using the toothbrush, feathers, and just her fingers with real talent. Tom had to signal her when to pause to prevent Ken getting relief.

I whispered to Tom, he agreed to signal me when there was only one minute to go then he signaled the guy straddling Ken’s head to switch with me. I worked the head of Ken’s cock with all the instruments; I loved his reaction to the electric toothbrush with feathers taped onto it. At Tom’s signal I would back off to the abs and nipples to deny Ken his relief. I really enjoyed teasing him in this way. I pulled out a short length of hemp twine. I sawed the soft twine covered with bristles gently back and forth along the groove below the head of Ken’s cock. The effect on the Ken was mind blowing. He writhed and struggled. Tom signaled and I eased off. After a couple more times, I wound the hemp cord around the cock’s base a few times and tied it tightly. The cock swelled even more, the veins stood out clearly. It became even more sensitive. Tom signaled me to ease off at shorter and shorter intervals then signaled one minute to go.

This time as Ken reached the edge I wetted my hands with the sweat from his chest and rubbed his cock quickly and vigorously. Just as the timer went off Ken began shooting his cum, over and over again. He strained against his bonds and shot his cum high into the air. The tormentors stopped. Tom removed the gag and gave Ken a drink from a water bottle. Ken said “That was an hour of hell but the end was heaven. I didn’t know that any of you guys were so good with handjobs.” I bent down and kissed him savoring the delicious scent of his exhausted body and he greeted me “Cindy glad you came to enjoy the fun. And you sure made the last minute great!”

Sharon and I removed the blindfold, the rawhide laces and the cuffs. Ken stood up and we wiped the sweat off with a towel. Ken called to the guys, “Thanks for coming but Tom and I have a pizza date with these girls so I need to get dressed. As the guys left they joked about Ken not taking too long to get dressed.

Ken’s only clothes hung on hooks. He put on his cut-offs and ratty T-shirt. The four of us walked to the pizza place. Ken was barefoot of course because he was Tom’s slave. I sort of liked going into a restaurant with a cute barefoot date, it was different and a little exciting. We had a good time, Sharon and I decided that although Ken and Tom were a little weird about bondage, they sure thought of interesting things to do. Definitely they would be FWBs (Friends with Benefits). Just as they brought us our pizza, a guy came in to pick up an order wearing only tight white briefs which were see-through because they were soaking wet (See " Special Dare (http://getdare.com/bbs/showpost.php?p=132756&postcount=15)” Story). Ken called to him, “Hang in there buddy. I know how tough it can be to lose a dare.”

Afterward, we went back to Tom and Ken’s room to listen to music. I liked that especially because Tom’s rule is that his slave Ken has to strip naked the minute he enters their room. The four of us lay on the rug listening to music. I really enjoyed playing with Ken’s naked body. It didn’t take long until we were all naked. Soon it was light out and we had to go back to our room to get ready for class.

07-14-2009, 10:31 AM
Great post dude!

07-21-2009, 10:34 AM
This is by far the best story I've read on this site.

07-21-2009, 10:40 AM
Tom and I run to the beach and back. He wears running shoes and I am of course barefoot. He feels we should do that every morning before our exercise to get in shape and for me to toughen up my feet. When we get back we both strip naked. We do sets of 25 push-ups, 40 sit-ups, and 15 pull-ups. We face each other and do the reps together to encourage each other. The first one that can’t do the reps is the loser and tosses a die to determine his penalty:
1 - Loser sucks winner cock
2 - Two strokes with cane on loser’s ass
3 - Loser jerks off winner
4 - Four strokes with cane on loser’s ass
5 – Loser tied and hung from chin-up bar – toes barely touching floor – slowly teased to climax
6 - 69 both suck each other’s cock

We started with push-ups and did them quickly. For the sit-ups, we interlaced our feet to help keep our feet down and because it felt good. We stood face to face under the chin-up bar we had installed between the closets. We grabbed hold of the chin-up bar from opposite sides and our sweat slippery chests slid against each other. Our erect cocks poked and rubbed into each other. I was exhausted from the tickle-torture last night. Soon my abs were aching and I couldn’t finish the sit-up reps on the fourth set.

I threw a “4” so I bent over while Tom got the cane. Tom laid four painful strokes across my sore butt. “One – Thank you Master, Sir! … Two – Thank you Master, Sir! … Three – Thank you Master, Sir! Four – Thank you Master, Sir!”

I stood up and we grabbed our towels and headed for the shower. A couple guys were in the shower already, they laughed when they saw the red marks on my ass. “Tom, you sure know how to handle your slave!”

The cafeteria is pretty crowded when we got to breakfast. I feel people staring at my bare feet and ratty clothes but ignore I them. I greet Sherri in the serving line, “See you in history!” We sit down with the guys from our floor and they kid me about last night.

Tom says “Ken. It’s time to go. I checked and there is no rule about wearing shoes so don’t let anyone BS you. Go for it!” I join the crowd of students trudging up the walks to class, the only one barefoot, the only one in cut-offs and a ratty t-shirt. Guys I know yell, “Forgot your shoes?” Girls say “Hi, Ken” then start to giggle.

I get to the history class and go to the back of the room. Sherri says, “Great outfit, Ken. Hmmm – looks like you might not have any underwear on. Are you going Commando?“

“That’s for me to know and you to guess.” I reply.

I am standing with my back to the wall. She gives me a hug. I flinch when I feel her hands slip into the back of my cut-offs and touch my bare ass. “Well I know now! Why did you flinch when I touched your ass? Are you a shy little boy?”

“No, I lost a dare to Tom and he got to cane me four times so my ass is pretty sore. I’ve got an hour between classes after history, let’s sit on the Green together and get some sun” I say. She agrees and we sit next to each other. She slips out of her flip-flops and rubs my bare feet with hers. I try not to show anything is happening but it feels real good.

After class we find a spot on the Green partially hidden by some bushes. She asks me to help her take off her top. I pull it off and she has a string bikini top that she fills to perfection with a bow in front just tempting me to pull the end and see the bikini fall off.

She says now your turn and pulls off my T-shirt. She pats my abs, “You’ve got a nice body, I really like to touch it!”

“I like you to touch me too. I also like your body!” We put our shirts down and lie on the grass gently touching each other, talking and kissing. The warm sun and lack of sleep last night makes me drowsy…

Sherri stands up, takes my hand and leads me into the thick bushes to a clearing where there is a large blanket on the ground. She lies down and I straddle her and lean down and give her a long hard deep kiss. I straighten up and stare at the tempting bow on the front of her string bikini. I lean down and pull the end with my teeth until the bow comes apart. I pull the untied bikini off her breasts with my teeth and sit up to admire the rounded tan soft perfect mounds of her breasts. I lean back down and taste her nipples with my tongue, circling them slowly and gently as Sherri encourages me in pleasure. I nibble them until she grabs my head and moves me forward until my nipple is by her mouth. She tastes, licks, and nibbles my nipples until my cock swells hard and my whole body down to the tips of my curled toes tingles with excitement. I need a break, I change position and pull off her shorts with my teeth and lean down to sniff the delicious smell of her. I bite her sexy lace panties, pull them down, and begin licking around her cunt. As she becomes more excited I work my tongue deeper and when her clit swells I suck her gently to climax. After she is satisfied, she straddles my head and begins tracing her soft hands over by chest and abs. She uses her nails to intensify my excitement. As I become more excited, she pinches and twists my nipples. I call to do it harder. I want the excitement and the pain only adds to it. I feel her reach her hand into my cuffoffs, rubbing, pinching, twisting the skin on my balls while telling me what a turn-on it is when guy goes Commando. She grabs my cock rubbing it slowly and gently and increasing the pressure and tempo until I begin to squirm when she switches back to slow and gentle. She smiles as she watches my pleasurable torment. Finally, she moves quicker and harder as I begin to squirm and suddenly my body tightens and spasms in pleasure and release…

I blink and look around. We are still lying together on our partially hidden spot but still in sight of others. I must have fallen asleep. But I still felt Sherri’s soft hand around my cock but also a sticky wetness. “God, I’m sorry! I didn’t get hardly any sleep last night and must have conked out. I must have had a wet dream, I’m so sorry.”

She pulls her wet sticky hand out of my cutoffs and holds it to my face. I lick my warm salty cum off her hand. “Thanks” she said. “We were holding each and in less the two minutes you were dead to the world. I was pissed off but you started mumbling my name and it seemed like you were having a lot of fun with me in your dream so I decided to have some fun with you while you were asleep. I couldn’t believe how much fun a cute sleeping boy can be. I played with your chest and abs then worked my way into you cutoffs. You didn’t have a wet dream, I played with your cock a long time then stroked you off until you shot your cum.“ She bent down and kissed me, “Ken, you are the first guy I jacked-off to climax. It was great! You better get to your next class and better wear your T-shirt out to cover that wet spot in your cutoffs.”

After dinner I went back to our room. Following Tom’s rule the minute I entered our room I stripped naked and hung my T-shirt and cutoffs on the hooks. I knew I was supposed to study until eleven but Tom wasn’t here to enforce his rule and I was still tired from not getting sleep last night. I spread my blankets in my sleeping corner on the floor and lay down for a quick nap. I awoke to a sharp snap sound and a searing pain in my ass. Tom was towering over me, “Stand up Slave!”

I jumped up, “Thank you, Master, Sir!” Tom asks me to repeat the rule about studying. “The slave is allowed four hours to study after dinner and while he is studying, the master must leave him alone. If the slave is caught not studying, the master may entertain himself with the slave for as long as he wants.”

“You are probably tired because you did not get enough exercise today. Besides I like it when your body is covered with sweat!” He gave me exercises to do but each with a twist to make it harder: Pushups with his bare foot pushing down on my naked ass, pull-ups while he holds my cock down so it stretches painfully as I reach the top of the pull-up, sit-ups where I have to kiss his ass as I complete each sit-up, running in place with weights tied to my balls. After an hour I was in agony and covered with sweat. He gave me a satisfied smile, had me kneel before him, pull down his zipper, take out his swollen cock, and begin to suck it. He pushed my head forward into his growing cock forcing it in farther and farther back until I was almost gagging. He was in no hurry. He enjoyed drawing out my humiliation. At last he erupted his cum into my mouth again and again as I tried desperately to swallow it all. “That was OK! I’m really glad I have a couple more hours to play with you…unless of course you want to study.”

I got his meaning, sat down at my desk naked, and started my reading for tomorrow’s classes. Tom sat down opposite me at our facing desks and began his math assignment. He smiled, “Ken, you are one lucky bastard! Your ass would have been whipped for four hours straight if I didn’t have to do this math for tomorrow.”

07-21-2009, 11:31 AM
Great more more more I yell!

07-27-2009, 12:49 PM
By the start of my third week as a slave we were doing sets of 40 push-ups, 60 sit-ups, and 20 pull-ups in addition to the run to the beach and back. As we pause before the fifth set we glance at our naked sweaty bodies in the mirror and admire our developing muscles and give each other an approving wink. I could not do more than 18 pull ups on this set so I got the die and threw for my Exercise Dice Dare punishment:
1 - Loser sucks winner cock
2 - Two strokes with cane on loser’s ass
3 - Loser jerks off winner
4 - Four strokes with cane on loser’s ass
5 – Loser tied and hung from chin-up bar – toes barely touching floor – slowly teased to climax
6 - 69 both suck each other’s cock

Neither of us had yet gotten the last penalty. We knew that sooner or later it would come up. We both wanted and dreaded it coming up as neither of us had ever done ‘69’. I threw and it landed on a “6” we both gulped and braved it out. Because our bare bodies rubbed against each other as we did are pull-ups facing each other using the same pull-up bar, our cocks both had strong erections. Since I had lost, I lay on the rug facing up. Tom towered over me then dropped into what was like a push-up position over me. I felt his cock touch my lips as he positioned himself, “This is gonna be wild, let’s go for it” he shouted as he lowered his slippery body onto mine pushing his cock into my mouth. The scent of his crotch was strong from our exercising but exciting. I hope he liked my scent just as much. His mouth opened to accept my cock. We started sucking each other gently. Tom, being on top set the pace and I followed. Slowly the pace increased in tempo and force; each of us sucking faster and harder. Now I understand the attraction of ‘69’, two guys working together, sensitive to the other’s state, working toward the goal of mutual ecstasy. Tom tried to slow down and draw out the pleasure but his resolve lasted only seconds before the crescendo of harder and faster resumed. Suddenly I felt Tom’s body tighten and automatically my body picked up the signal and we climaxed together, shooting over and over into each other’s mouths. I swallowed and savored his warm salty cum. He was about to spit my cum out but then I heard him swallow also. “I like your taste!” Tom said, “That was great but we’re probably late.” We jumped up and grabbed our towels and ran to the showers.

A guy who was leaving the showers called at us “I don’t know what you two perverts were up to, but from those boners and shit-eating grins it must have been great. “

07-27-2009, 01:06 PM
Wow that was great but your instaments seem to be getting littler! Weird..

07-28-2009, 10:30 AM
This story is amazing, I'm extremely impatient when waiting for the next installment and I was kind of let down by a "long" wait for a shot post.

07-31-2009, 06:35 AM
This story is amazing, I'm extremely impatient when waiting for the next installment and I was kind of let down by a "long" wait for a short post.

I have been busy preparing for a two week self-contained bicycle trip which is why the last posting was short. The bad news is that I won't be able to post for a couple weeks, the good news is that I will have plenty of time while pedaling deserted back roads to come up with some good ideas.


07-31-2009, 10:02 PM
I have been busy preparing for a two week self-contained bicycle trip which is why the last posting was short. The bad news is that I won't be able to post for a couple weeks, the good news is that I will have plenty of time while pedaling deserted back roads to come up with some good ideas.



08-11-2009, 03:14 PM
I always met Cindy at the nude beach raft on the days that I had only an early class in the morning. We lay next to each other naked enjoying the sun. Since it was early as usual we were the only ones at the beach and our hands explored each other’s bodies. I fingered her pussy and she stroked my cock and balls. She noticed I was distracted. “You’ve got a dreamy far-away expression that makes you look real sexy. What are you thinking about? Remember we agreed no secrets.”

“You know about Tom and I exercising and the one who loses throws a die to determine his punishment. This morning I lost and threw a ‘6’ so we had to do a ‘69’ and suck each other off to climax. I really liked it in a weird scary exciting forbidden way. ‘69’ was fun with Tom but I was thinking how great it would be with you!”

Cindy asked me about every detail and seemed definitely interested in the dare but hesitated. “That’s something that I’ll think about but I’ll really have to be turned on first. … Don’t look so sad. ‘69’ is definitely on our to-do list!”
We dived in, swam to the buoy, and swam back. She climbed onto the raft and sat on the low edge with her legs dangling into the water. I held onto her naked body while she rubbed my cock between her big and second toes and toyed with my balls with her other foot. Soon I was hard and then I could feel the tightening, then the release. I looked down and watched my white cloud spread through the water and dissipate. She leaned back on her elbows and I rested my face in her crotch. Starting slowly my tongue explored her pussy. Weeks of practice let me sense her need and pace myself expertly. At last she was wanted me to suck her gently then pleaded harder and faster as she climaxed over and over.

I had lunch with Tom and he ordered me to meet him after his last class. He said he wanted to buy a slave necklace at the local sex shop. I was confused, the college was in a pretty conservative town and I didn’t know of any sex shop. I hoped I would have to wear the slave necklace only in our room but knowing Tom I was sure I would have to wear the embarrassing thing all the time.

After his class, I walked with Tom to the downtown stores where we stopped in front of the True-Value hardware store. Tom laughed, “Pretty good cover. Most people don’t know all the bondage and sex toys they sell. Chains, ropes, nipple clips, cock rings, vibrators, almost anything you want. Tell the guy at the counter that you are looking for some chain.”

We enter; the old guy at the counter looks us over, stares at my bare feet, and shakes his head. I ask “We want to buy some chain.”

He calls to the back of the store, “Bill, help these guys with some chain.”
We follow Bill to the back of the store. He looks like a high school kid and has a couple cords tied around his wrists. We stand in front of the chain display and Tom tells him what we want.

The guy smiles, he is into this. “If you let me take off your slave’s t-shirt you can get a better idea of which chain looks best on him.” Tom nods and Bill with great pleasure slowly strips off my t-shirt. Bill has me stand before the rack with rolls of chains. He pulls out a small brass chain and drapes it around my neck. Tom shakes his head. Bill pulls out a steel chain with real heavy links.

“Looks great but not too practical, Slaveboy here will be wearing his collar 24/7.”

Bill thinks, “Twist link chain (http://www.berkeleypoint.com/products/cord/parts/twist_link_chain_c.jpg) would be great. It lies flat and is smooth so 24/7 would be fine.” He pulls out several sizes holds them around my neck and finally he and Tom decide on the ½ inch twist link steel chain. Bill holds the chain around my neck decides where it needs to be cut and cuts it with the chain cutter.

Bill hands me the 15 inch length of chain. “Let me show you some locks for the chain.” He leads us to the lock display and picks out some brass locks. I catch a glimpse of the old guy watching us enjoying the show.

Tom says, “Looks too fancy and would bounce around, any way to fasten the chain together so it looks like one piece?”

“You could use a connecting link. Let me get one" said Bill. He shows us one, it is like a link sliced lengthwise and fastened with a couple Phillips screws. He takes out his screwdriver, drapes the chain around my neck, and fastens it with the link. When finished he pats the chain smooth and traces his hands slowly down my chest, the bulge in his Levis shows Bill is really turned on by my bondage, fastening a chain slave collar around my neck, and touching my tanned naked skin.

“That looks good but is too easy for Slaveboy to take off” said Tom.
Bill thought a moment, “If you want it on permanently we can use some Quicksteel Epoxy Putty (http://www.dual-star.com/index2/Service/quiksteel_epoxy_putty.htm) . That stuff holds steel like it was welded. The only way to take off the slave collar would be to cut the chain!”

“Great, let’s do it!” said Tom.

Bill came back with the Quicksteel and led us into a dim storage room. “Lie down facing the floor so I can work on this and not get any on your skin.” He straddled my back then removed the link. He placed a old cloth on the back of my neck to protect my skin. He opened the epoxy and put some on inside of the link. He put the link together and screwed it tight. He put some epoxy on the heads of the screws filling the slots and making it impossible to remove the screws. He used another cloth to remove any excess epoxy. “It will take about a half hour for the stuff to harden so don’t move until I come back for you.”

We waited in the dim dirty room Tom sitting on a box and me on the hard dirty floor. It seemed like forever. Tom laughed, “This is wild – that kid has a real talent. “

Bill opened the door, turned on a light, and bent down to check out my collar. “The epoxy is set so it won’t get on you but it will take 24 hours to get hard as steel. Stand up and let me see your slave collar. Looks great especially on you! You guys must work out a lot. “ He handed me a list of the things he used with the prices. It came to less than $10 so Tom gave him a $10 tip.

I paid the old guy at the counter; he told me my collar looked great. “Bill’s a good kid, pretty clever too. He is into dares online so I thought he would enjoy helping you guys out.” I got my change and left the store with Tom walking down Main Street barefoot wearing only shorts and my new steel chain slave collar. It was a little humiliating as we passed people but also it made me feel excited.

The next day I went to classes sporting my steel chain necklace, I noticed a difference in what it meant to people. Most people looked at it as a type of jewelry; some liked it and some thought it looked stupid. A few could not take their eyes off the chain around my neck; these were into bondage and BDSM. To them it was a flashing neon sign screaming “Bondage Slave”. Straight looking guys made passes at me saying we should get together sometime as they gave my chain collar a little rattle. Matt who sits next to me in math asked if I wanted to go the TNG meeting Thursday. I asked what is was and he explained it stands for “The Next Generation” and is a Bondage, BDSM, and Kink group for guys and girls 18 to 30 and the presentation on Thursday will be “Rope Bondage”. I told him I would ask my roommate about going. Matt said, “What are you his slave or something?” then laughed “Yeah, I guess you must be, tell him he should come too and he might get some good ideas about ways to tie you up and torment you.”

I thought about Cindy, “I know some girls who are a little into kink, can I ask them too?” He said sure, just give him the names at the next math class so we can be put down a guests.

08-11-2009, 04:54 PM
Good. Not much action in this part though.

Now I just want to read the next part

08-11-2009, 07:21 PM
I love this story. It just keeps getting better and better. If you ever have any ideas for BDSM dares for me, i'd appreciate it. :o.

08-17-2009, 06:49 PM
The last half of the math class was a test. All the studying I did must have been working because I got a “B+” which is probably the best I ever did on a math test ever. However, my master’s standards were higher; I would be punished for any grade lower than an “A”.

I stripped naked as I entered our room hanging my shorts and t-shirt on the hooks. Tom was surfing the net in a bored way. I knew I was in trouble, when Tom was bored he liked nothing better than tormenting me. I told Tom about the “B+” and how hard I had worked and it really was the best ever had done on a math test.

Tom looked at me, smiled like he was savoring this, “Slaveboy, you did not get an ‘A’ so I must punish you. My regret is that this is the first time and I can only give you 1 stroke but with an attitude like yours because each time the strokes go up by 1, I’m sure you will soon be up to 10 or 20 strokes which will be a lot more fun for me.”

I mumble to myself, “Slavedriver” not thinking he would hear it.

“Did you call me a Slavedriver, Slaveboy? Of course I am, as your master I will drive you as hard as I can and I expect that you to appreciate it. The punishment will now be 2 strokes because of you insolence! Hang by your knees from the chin-up bar!”

“Sorry, Master, Sir. I appreciate you driving me to academic excellence.”

“3 strokes now smart-ass!” I grab the bar and pull my legs over the top, bend my knees over the bar, let go with my hands, and am hanging from the bar by my knees. Tom wrapped about four turns of rope tightly binding the ankle against the thigh of my left leg. He took the end and wove it through my toes then led it back and threaded it under the turns and pulled it very tight pulling back and stretching the sole of my foot. “This will keep your foot in position for the cane in case the dice comes up bastinado.” He repeated the tie on my right leg. I caught the look at his eyes, we were both enjoying this. He loved tying me up in creative ways and feeling me struggle. I enjoyed the sensual feeling of the tight ropes, the stretching of my limbs, and the strange feeling of security I felt from being completely controlled by my master. Tom had me hold my arms behind my head grabbing each elbow with the opposite hand. He wrapped my arms together tightly with rope winding it around my arms starting at my right elbow until he reached my left elbow. He blindfolds me with a black cloth. “Ken you amaze me. Every time I tie you up you get that humungous boner! I bet Cindy would love to play with that!” He explained the punishments based on the die throw:
1. Strokes by cane
2. Strokes by flogger
3. Bastinado by cane
4. Clothespins
5. Binder Clips (http://static.www.odcdn.com/pictures/us/od/sk/md/825182_sk_md.jpg)
6. Mix and match

Tom put the die into my tied hand and I threw it the best I could. “Good Throw but Slaveboy, you’ll have to trust me on this. See the idea of this torment is anticipation and uncertainty. You will not know what came up until you feel it for the first time and you will never know when or where the next pain will strike!” I felt him grab my hair and pull me up and back, then he let go. I felt like I was falling then realized I was swinging back and forth from my knees hanging on the chin-up bar. Finally the swinging stopped and I waited. I heard Tom play some music and I waited hanging upside down. I heard the whoosh of the cane but only the lightest tap on the sole of my left foot. “Just practicing, I want to do this right” laughed Tom. And I waited feeling the many different pains from my inverted bondage position.

Like a shot I feel a searing burning pain in my right nipple. It hurts and the pain grows. It takes all my determination not to scream, “One, Thank you, Master Sir” I say through my clenched teeth and I wait for the next jolt of pain. As the pain in my nipple grows, I figure it out. It must be the clothespin or clip. Probably, the clip, I don’t think a clothespin could hurt this much. And I wait, Tom was right the anticipation is the real torment. The next clip probably would be on my other nipple, my balls, my cock, all possibilities are bad. I could have thrown a “6-Mix and Match” and I will feel the cane sear the sole of my foot. I begin sweating from the suspense and I wait. I jerk as I the shock of the next clip on the placed on the stretched skin of my boner just below its head. “Two, Thank you, Master Sir” I manage despite the intense pain. The pain gets worse as I feel a pull on the clip, it hurts even more as the sensitive skin is stretched and my erect cock is stretched. I feel my whole body being pulled up. Just as the pain becomes unbearable, Tom lets go and I swing down and back and forth. Tom waits for my body to stop swinging then pulls the pin on my cock again, this time pulling a little bit harder and raising me a little higher before letting go. He repeats this over and over until I am in complete agony. Finally when my body stops swinging there is a pause.

An excruciating pain hits me as the last clip is put on the tip of my cock. I breathe deeply to control my pain and force out “Three… Thank…You… Master…Sir.” I sense by now Tom is in his full torment mode enjoying my suffering and struggles trying anything to make me plead for mercy and I am determined despite the pain to deny him this victory. I know what he is going to do and soon feel the painful tug on the clip attached to the head of my cock. The tug becomes harder and the pain almost unbearable as he pulls my body upward then he lets go and I swing back and forth. Each cycle he pulls me up harder and more painfully until he reaches the point where the clip slips off, he re-clips and I feel a fresh shock of pain but we both know he has reached the limit of this game.

My swinging stops, Tom tells me “You handled that pretty well; you can untie yourself any time you want.” I was puzzled then I understood as I felt the throbbing pain of the clips. My ordeal wasn’t over, Tom had left a way for me to escape this bondage and it was up to me to find that way. It wouldn’t be easy and wouldn’t be fast, and I would be in pain until I got my hands free and removed those infernal clips, but there was a way. Since I couldn’t see anything because of the blindfold, I had to use the limited movement of my hands to explore the ropes and find the secret.

To get loose I need to get my hands free. I can’t feel any knot with my left hand, with my right I can feel a knot but the end leads away from the knot. I pull on the end and feel the tug on my left foot, I move my foot around and it seems like a loose loop that is held because my foot is stretched back by the rope threaded through my toes. Using my other foot I try to work the rope off my toes. I struggle and finally get the rope off my little toe then it is easier to push it off toe by toe until I can extend my foot and the loose end drops off. The pain from the clips on my nipple and cock makes it hard to concentrate. Slowly I use my fingers to pull up the loose end, untie the knot on the loop, and then untie the knot holding the coil of rope binding my arms together. Now I only have to unwind the rope binding my arms. It is slow but I carefully make progress then suddenly I drop the loose end. Shit! I struggle and move my body around trying to get the end where my fingers can grab it. I am covered by sweat and my muscles ache from my contortions but at last my fingers grab the end and I very carefully continue unwinding until the coil get loose enough so I can pull my arms apart. I reach for my cock. It is only a plastic clothespin, OMG! What will the pain be like when “Binder Clips” comes up? I pull the clothespin off and feel an intense shock of pain followed by relief. I remove the other clothespins from my cock and nipple. Each one causes sharp pain followed by relief. I rip the blindfold off and stare at Tom watching me intently almost like cheering me on. I work on the ropes binding my thighs and ankles and get my legs free. I use my abs to pull up and grab the bar with my hands, remove my knees from the bar, drop my legs then release my hands and drop to the floor.

Tom throws me a towel to wipe the sweat off and pats me on the ass indicating he was proud of me. We have just enough time to make dinner so I put my cut-offs and T-shirt and we head to the dining hall. We are excitedly talking about every aspect my ordeal like it was a double black diamond ski run we just skied together. Neither of us are at all concerned about the visible rope marks on my legs and arms, they are like badges of honor.

While we were eating I told Tom about Matt’s invitation to the “TNG” meeting. I explained it stands for “The Next Generation” and is a Bondage, BDSM, and Kink group for guys and girls 18 to 30 and the presentation on Thursday will be “Rope Bondage”. Tom said, “Sounds great, Let Matt know we will be there.” I suggested inviting Cindy and Sharon and Tom liked the idea. He called Sharon on his cell and talked for awhile: “Yeah I know it sounds weird but we got to see what it’s like. Hi Cindy, yeah that would look cool. Sure, it’s OK with me and he’s my slave so what he thinks doesn’t matter! See you Thursday”. Tom puts his cell away “It’s on with the girls. They’re all excited about it and Cindy even has a special surprise for you.”

08-22-2009, 06:52 PM
ur amazing please carry on

08-28-2009, 10:24 AM
On Thursday, the girls were waiting outside when we got to their dorm. “Ken, you look great, you always know just what to wear!” Sharon laughed. The joke was that as my roommate Tom’s slave the only clothes I was allowed to wear was a ratty t-shirt, levis cut-offs with no underwear, barefoot, and a steel chain slave collar that could not be removed, this is the only thing I ever wore.

Cindy was holding something behind her back, she leaned forward and kissed me, “Close your eyes until I tell you to open them and I can give you your present.” I closed my eyes. I felt her soft hand on my neck and felt her grab my slave collar then I heard a snap. I felt something touch my chest then I felt a sharp jerk on my collar, “Open your eyes now, Slaveboy!” I looked at Cindy standing about 5 feet in front of me holding the end of a black leather dog leash. She gave the leash another jerk, “Let me check out how much you like my gift. I stepped toward her and she reached into my cut-offs and felt my growing boner. The leash attached to my slave collar controlled by a beautiful girl was a mind-blowing turn on.

I felt another jerk as the group headed for the TNG (The Next Generation - a Bondage, BDSM, and Kink group for guys and girls 18 to 30) meeting. I played with Cindy by holding back so she would have an excuse to jerk the leash. She responded with strong quick jerks through the leash to my steel chain slave collar. I didn’t care a bit about the smiles and comments of the kids we passed, I was in a wet-dream come true!

When we got to the TNG meeting, Cindy and I were the center of attention. A woman introduced herself to me, “I’m Mistress Victoria and will be giving the rope bondage demonstration tonight. I like the way you came dressed as a Slaveboy.”

“Yeah, thanks. It was more Tom and Cindy’s idea than mine. Meet Tom, he’s my roommate and master. This is Cindy, she’s my friend and my mistress for tonight. “

They exchange greetings. Mistress Victoria explains “I couldn’t help but notice your Slaveboy here has a great body. May I use him as the subject for my rope bondage demonstration tonight? Of course he would have to strip naked before the audience, is that OK?”

“I love looking at him when he is naked and I think most of the girls and guys here will really enjoy seeing him naked too. It’s fine with me” answers Cindy.

“It’s a great idea putting him up there by himself and making him strip naked while everybody else in the room has their clothes on. You’ve got my permission. I’m his master. He has to do what I say. Ken, you will be Mistress Victoria’s subject and will do everything she asks you to do!” ordered Tom.

“Yes, Master Sir” I reply and avoid Mistress Victoria’s eyes.

“What’s bothering you Slaveboy? Are you worried about stripping naked in front of the audience?” asked Mistress Victoria.

“Not exactly, Ma’am. Usually when someone ties me up I get an erection. I’m worried that when you start demonstrating rope bondage on me, I will sprout a humungous boner and I don’t want that to ruin your demo” I replied.

“I don’t think that would ruin my demo, I think you will be a big hit” says Mistress Victoria as she tousles my hair. “You’re kind of cute, it think I will enjoy this demo a lot. Cindy, when I say bring up my volunteer, you will lead Ken up by his leash, unclip him, strip off his T-shirt, then his shorts and leave him there standing naked in front of the group.”

“Sure will, I especially like the part of stripping him in public” agrees Cindy.

A lot of people talked to Cindy and me. They were drawn by the leash attached to my slave collar and told us we must come to their next play party and what kind of scenes we were into. Then the meeting started. It was mostly about coming events play parties and future programs.

A rug was rolled onto the speaker area before Mistress Victoria started talking, there were some eyebolts in the floor and some heavy pipes in the ceiling. She covered safety, types of rope to use, and other things then asked Cindy to bring up the volunteer for her demonstration. Cindy played her part giving me a real sharp jerk on the leash to get me to stand up get moving. She unclipped me and I looked at Mistress Victoria and she asked me to face the audience. “Cindy, remove your Slaveboy’s shirt!” She slowly eased off my shirt to the approval of the crowd. “Would you rather see the demo with Slaveboy here naked?” The Members yelled to take it all off. Cindy unbuttoned my Levis cut-offs and unzipped the zipper. She slowly pulled the cut-offs to the floor and I stepped out of them. Embarrassed I looked down at the floor.

Suddenly Cindy grabbed my hair and pulled my face up and planted a long deep kiss on my mouth and whispered, “You’ve got the best body of any guy here. Look them straight in the eye!” I scanned the crowd looking straight into their eyes and it made me feel good. Cindy smiled “See you later!” and went to sit with Tom and Sharon to watch the demo.

Victoria slowly traced her fingers down my chest to the base of my cock. “Great body! Do you work out?”

“My roommate, Tom, and I exercise about an hour every morning.”

Her hands moved over my tanned ass, “No tan lines either.”

“Cindy and I go to the nude beach a few times a week.”

“You mentioned to me that you might have a surprise for us during the bondage demo. Tell our audience what might happen“ordered Mistress Victoria.

I hadn’t expected this and it made me nervous and I didn’t think about what I was doing and because I was nervous I started playing with my cock while I struggled out my answer, “A lot of times when I get tied up I get an ... erection.”

“I liked the more descriptive term you used before better ‘sprout a humungous boner’. Probably if you keep playing with your cock like that you’ll get a boner real soon!” Victoria responded and the crowd roared with laughter. Startled when I realized what I had been doing, I dropped my cock and put my hands at my sides. My reaction caused a fresh round of laughter. I wished I could sink into the floor or run away but I just had to endure my embarrassment until the demo was over.

Victoria asked me to hold my hands in front of me and then tied them together with a rather sloppy knot. The feel of the rope binding my hands caused a slight stirring in my cock. She told me to try to pull loose. I pulled and struggled to free my hands but the rope only got tighter abound my wrists. She let me struggle for a few more minutes then showed the audience the deep red color of my hands cause by the restricted circulation because of the rope. “This shows how important it is to know your knots. Many common knots will become tighter as your sub struggles and can be dangerous to him. Tonight we will learn those knots with which you can safely tie up your sub.”

Mistress Victoria had me put my arms behind my back (http://www.ecstagony.com/eng/info/artbond/tips3.htm) and showed several ways to tie the arms. By the second knot my cock was saluting at full attention. She demonstrated a hobble (http://www.ecstagony.com/eng/info/artbond/tips4.htm#Hobbling) on my feet. She used a French Bowline (http://www.ecstagony.com/eng/info/artbond/knotsfrbow.htm) to attach ropes to my wrists then had me stand on a chair while she tied the other ends to the overhead pipes. When I got off the chair my toes barely touched the ground. She tied ropes to my ankles and then to the eyebolts in the floor to spread my legs apart leaving spread eagled and completely defenseless.

She explained that part of the fun of rope bondage is to make your subject look good with creative rope work as she wove a tight rope harness (http://www.milism.net/sqjhnetrope4bwg.jpg) over my upper body.
She grabbed my balls and pulled them down. She separated my balls and tied each into it's own little sack. She started with the lowest hanging testicle first and once it was firmly tied she moved to the other. Once both testicles were separately tied, she wrapped a rope above both causing them to be pushed down and stretched even more tightly. She stroked the tightly stretched skin over my balls and explained how the stretching made my balls exquisitely sensitive to her touch. I confirmed this by moaning and struggling helplessly to get away from her touching.

“I wonder what else I could tie?” she wondered as she traced her finger slowly along the length of one of the veins throbbing on the surface of my swollen engorged cock. The audience laughed because they knew what was next. “My last demo is the Braided Cock Tie. This is a fun way to tie up a cock. It is sort of like a Chinese finger trap made of cord. I start with two loops of cord, tying them to the base of his cock then braiding the four strands tightly up to the tip of hic cock.” Feeling her soft hands weave the cords over the sensitive skin of my cock was torment. I got so excited all I wanted to do was cum but she just slowly worked her bondage on my helpless cock.

When she was finished she said “Thank you for coming to my rope bondage demonstration. Refreshments will be served now. My cute Slaveboy will be hanging around during refreshments so you can check out his bondage up close.”

I concentrated that this would be over soon as I felt a dozen hands touching and feeling all over my body all at once. Most were really interested in the rope-work; some gay guys were especially into feeling the ball and cock bindings. Nevertheless, all those hands touching me in my most sensitive places were torment.

Suddenly Cindy stretched up and kissed me gently, “I’m really turned on, if you know what I mean. Tom and Sharon are going to a movie so after this we will have time to do it!”

I remembered when I told her about 69 she said it was on our to-do list when she was really turned on”. “That is just what I need, thinking about us doing 69 tonight will get me through this. You are great.”

As the group left, Cindy helped Victoria untie my cock and balls. It felt better when Cindy’s hands were the ones touching my cock and balls. Cindy asked if she could keep the cord from my balls because she would like to try tying my balls. Victoria agreed and asked Cindy if she wanted to leave the rope harness on me because it looked so good. Cindy said fine. They untied my arms and legs. Cindy helped me into my shorts and clipped her leash to my steel slave collar. She gave the leash a sharp jerk and I happily followed her to my dorm room barefoot and dressed only in shorts and a tight rope bondage harness. I knew my reward was waiting!

When we got to my room I stripped off my cut-offs because that’s the rule Tom has made. Cindy told me to lie on Tom’s bed; she told me Tom said it was OK to use it. She asked where Tom kept his ropes and I pointed to a bag hanging in the closet. “Having a guy completely under my power really turns me on I’m going to use the French Bowline I learned tonight to tie you spread-eagle to the bed.” After she tied the ropes around my wrists and ankles she tied them to the four corners of the bed. She pulled my legs as hard as she could so I was bound tightly and could barely move. She leaned over and kissed my mouth, licked my nipples and played with my cock using her tongue. I was glad that she had tied me down otherwise I could not have taken this pleasurable torment. I watched as she pulled out the cord Mistress Victoria had used to tie my balls and slowly followed tonight’s lesson. She pulled hard on my balls to stretch them down; she tied each ball separately, and finished by tying turns at the top of both balls so that the skin was stretched even tighter than before. She knelt between my legs, “Those look like two delicious red candy balls just waiting to be licked!” She started licking them softly at first, switching from one to another, my cock was a humungous boner throbbing for release. She adjusted her licking slowing down when the tensing of my abs threatened I would cum. I pleaded for her to stop and was glad she ignored me because it felt so good and the same time that it was unendurable. Her breathing became harder and faster, “Now, I’m really turned on. Now let’s do ‘69’, Loverboy!” She shifted around so that her head was by my cock and her cunt was hovering over my mouth. My tongue made a slow gentle circuit of the lips of her cunt. As she became wetter I went harder and faster savoring the taste and fragrance. Cindy was pacing her lips easing back when she felt my body tense. When I sensed her clitoris swell I started sucking it gently and she responded in kind. We kept at that plateau for what seemed forever before she pleaded for me to suck harder. Soon she was moaning in ecstasy and began matching my sucking, harder and harder, my whole body tensed and I exploded my cum into her mouth, I came again and again and she swallowed it all. Then we were both calm and she rested on top of me both of us sweating and breathing hard.

Must have dozed off, I was startled as I felt Cindy’s soft fingers on my balls loosening the cords and freeing my balls and immediately starting another boner to grow. I lay there smiling as she untied my ankles and wrists. “I love feeling you touch me I could lay here forever”, I smiled. She unwound the rope harness.

“OK getup lazy boy, it is my turn to rest on my back and you to be on top and do all the work!” I let her settle than supported myself by my arms and toes like doing a pushup above her. Slowly I lowered myself until we were barely touching then rubbed her body softly with my body. I pushed my hard cock firmly against her lips forcing its way in. It was greeted by her warm welcoming tongue. At the same time I forced my tongue into her opening. I pushed it as far as it would go. I was fucking her with my cock and my tongue at the same time in unison. As she became wetter, I began to suck her and she began to suck me. We paced ourselves, so we could draw out the pleasure. She moaned and moved as she climaxed and I had spasm after spasm as my cum shot into her mouth. While she held my cum, I switched around and kissed her deeply sharing the taste of my cum together.

After we rested I put on my cut-offs but couldn’t find my t-shirt. I walked with Cindy back to her place, she enjoyed hugging my naked torso with her soft arms and I enjoyed her hugging me on my bare skin too. Tom and Sharon were waiting at the dorm; Tom was twirling my ratty t-shirt around his finger. Tom laughed, “You left this at the bondage demo, but Cindy sure doesn’t seem to mind!”

08-28-2009, 01:09 PM
this story is one of the best ones that i have read on this sight please continue;)

08-28-2009, 02:29 PM
wow!! this is getting extremely gud!!

09-06-2009, 08:01 PM
Tom is really into cycling and wanted us to do a weekend trip. I jumped at the idea of spending a couple days with Tom cycling around the area. Believe or not, besides being master/slave we were good friends and enjoy doing things together. We spend a lot of time planning, finding a good route on back roads with little traffic. We fitted panniers on my bike because as Tom’s slave I would have to slepp all the gear which I really didn’t mind, by this time I was used to being his slave so it just seemed like the right way. We put a sleeping bag, a ground cloth, and some ropes in the pannier so we could set up a simple shelter to sleep in Saturday night. I didn’t ask why he packed only one sleeping bag but I hoped we would be sharing it. So that I could do a long ride, Tom carefully wrapped my metal pedals with cord to give a smooth surface for pedaling barefoot and lent me a pair of cycling shorts.

We ate some bagels and jelly we had saved for breakfast so we could start early. The weather was great, sunny and a tail wind. We made good time, by about 10AM we had covered 50 miles and were both starved. Tom spotted a roadside diner and signaled to turn in. There were no cars in the parking lot. The waitress/cook looked to be our age with blonde hair and a well shaped body hidden under a tight fitting starched white uniform. She said hi to Tom but when she saw me she pointed to the sign that said “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service”. We pleaded with her pointing out that we were the only ones in the place “Boss’s orders but I feel sorry for you guys and Barefoot Boy is kinda cute. Go to the side door and I will serve you in the back room. It is only open in the evening so nobody will see you if they come in.”

We parked our bikes by the side door, she opened the door for us, we sat at a table and ordered cheeseburgers with fries and chocolate malts. When she brought us our food Tom said “I’m Tom and this is my roommate Ken. We are freshmen at the university and are doing a hundred mile ride up to the park at Spring Lake.”

“Hi, I’m Jane. Wish I could go to the university but I’m stuck here earning money to help my mom. What’s the story with the shirtless barefoot boy, not that I’m complaining, I love to look at your body but what gives?”

We wolf down a couple bites of hamburger, a few fries, and gulp our malts, “Ken lost a dare and must be my slave for the rest of the year. He must do everything I order him to do. What are some special things you would want him to do after we finish lunch?”

“He’s really cute, I would like to see him strip naked!”

“What else? What would you like a cute naked guy to do?”

“I would like him to kiss me long and deep”

“What else? A secret fantasy?”

“I would like him to kneel and worship my feet.”

We finished and Tom said “Jane, for giving us hungry travelers such a delicious feast, I grant you three commands that Slaveboy must obey. Stand up Slaveboy!” I stood up in an open place between the tables.

Jane commanded in an uncertain tone, “Slaveboy strip off those shorts!” I looked her directly in the eyes and slowly slipped off my bike shorts.

Tom picked up the shorts and stuffed them in the back pocket of his jersey. “Jane, you may touch the merchandise! “ Hesitantly Jane cane up to me, touched my face and neck, traced her hands over my back and chest. She hesitated at my nipples. “Go for it; play with his nipples if you want. He is just your Slaveboy” encouraged Tom. Jane watched my swelling cock as she played with my nipples. She moved lower and fondled my penis which quickly became rock hard.

Jane stood before me our lips almost touching, “Slaveboy, Kiss me deep, hard, and long!” I held her gently, pulled her face to me until our lips touched. I pushed my tongue slowly into her mouth. I explored every crevasse going deeper and harder as we became more excited. I withdrew my tongue and let her tongue explore my mouth. My rock hard boner was pressing into her white uniform.

“That’s enough kids! Time for the last command!”

“Slaveboy, kneel before me, remove my shoes, and worship my feet!”

This was my fantasy come true! I knelt, kissed her ankles above her socks. I motioned for her to sit down and gently removed her shoes and socks. I cradled and rubbed her soft feet in my hands. I kissed the tops of her feet and licked the soles slowly. She began breathing harder and harder as I sucked gently at first each of her toes than repeated more forcefully. She told me to lie down then began rubbing my chest with her feet and toes. She let her feet explore downward and began rubbing my balls with her feet. Finally, while her left foot was massaging my balls she rubbed my boner between the big toe and second toe of her right foot. She rubbed me gently with these toes. As I got more excited she moved faster and harder until my abs tightened and I shot my cum into the air in four powerful bursts. Tom told me to get up and put her shoes back on as we had to get going. I thanked Jane and gave her another kiss. Tom kissed her also.

I expected Tom to give me back my shorts. He laughed, “I’ll give them back to you as soon as you pass me!” and he took off fast. I followed pedaling as hard as I could. I kept up with him but since I was carrying all our gear it was difficult. By the way, riding bare-assed is not that much fun. My balls got sort of squished on the seat and rubbed a lot. Standing helped and it was sort of weird feeling the wind on my cock and balls. Only a couple cars passed us. The drivers did a double-take and were laughing as they passed me. One pickup truck passed us than made a wheel spinning U-turn about a mile down the road to get a second look. Inside I saw two women in ranch clothes laughing their heads off and giving me the thumbs up sign.

After about 20 minutes, I managed to pass Tom. I don’t know whether it was because I was more determined than he was or he just took pity on me (Not very likely). We stopped and Tom threw the bike shorts to me which I pulled on, much easier riding now.

After another hour, the sky darkened and we heard thunder. Just as we saw the first lightening flash, Tom spotted an old abandoned barn up a long overgrown path. We found that the door to the barn was open; we pushed in our bikes and were in a large room with exposed wooden posts and rafters supporting the roof. We noticed another set of doors chained shut with what looked like a new chain which apparently led to another room. We didn’t care as there certainly was no one around now. Tom spread out our sleeping bag and we lay down watching the storm through the partially open door. It didn’t take long and we were both looking at the thick wooden posts and thinking about the night I lost the dare to Tom. I stood against a post facing the door so I could still watch the storm and Tom got the ropes from the pannier.

Tom tied my arms together and had me stand on a box. He threw the end of the rope over a peg sticking in the post and tied my arms over my head. When in removed the box I was hanging there with my toes barely touching the dirt floor. Tom pulled off my cycling shorts and gave my cock an affectionate pat. He tied my legs tightly to the post. “I haven’t teased you in quite a while; this will be fun!” He started slowly gently tracing his fingers over my body starting at my hands tied over my head. He lingered at sensitive spots like my armpits, nipples, belly button, cock, balls, the crack of my ass and the inside of my thighs were he traced lazy circles as I squirmed against the ropes in a vain attempt to get away from the overpoweringly intense touch of his fingers. My cock swelled more and more and got harder and harder and became ever more sensitive to his persistent fingers which had established a permanent siege of this the most vulnerable spot on my naked body.

“Please, Master, Sir, Stop! I can’t take any more!” I yelled.

Tom Stopped, “Anything you want, I don’t mind switching to something worse. How about tickling?” He warmed up using his fingers on my armpits, ribs, ass, and the skin at the base of my balls. Tom stopped while he re-tied my feet they no longer touched the floor but hung from the rope with the tender soles of my feet facing backward and fully exposed to his tormenting fingers. Since my feet no longer reached the floor, all my weight pulled heavily on my stretched arm. The insistent tickling of the soles of my feet drove me wild. I laughed until I was out of breath. I writhed and struggled until I was covered with sweat and my whole body ached from my exertions. I gasped for Tom to stop, but a big part of me just wanted the excitement of more and more extreme torture. Tom picked up a bit of straw in each and using these simple instruments prodded and stroked every sensitive part of my body redoubling the previous torture. I pulled against the ropes with all my strength until I was completely exhausted. In my exhausted state the torment merged into exquisite pleasure.

Tom stopped teasing me. “I need to take a crap. Stay here until I get back!” he kidded and headed out the back of the barn.

My body sagged in complete exhaustion from the ropes that bound my wrists and my abs heaved heavily in and out as I tried to recover my breath. I watched the storm through the opening in the door. I thought I heard a rumbling of thunder. “Oh Shit!” I yelled as I watched twenty motorcycles turn off the highway and speed up the overgrown path to the barn, the headlights shining through the rain. Alone, stark naked, with a raging boner, I waited in apprehension for this bunch of black leather clad bikers to discover me tied to a post.

jono mckenzie
09-16-2009, 10:13 AM
pleeeeeeeeease carry on.
i absolutely love this story so much!

09-19-2009, 06:39 AM
This is one of the two best stories I have ever read! Please continue I can't wait!

09-26-2009, 06:39 PM
The lead cycles stopped at the door, riders got off and slid open the double doors. The sound of the Harleys was deafening as they roared into the barn and parked. An eerie silence followed as the riders sat on their bikes and stared with disbelief at my helpless naked body tied to the post sporting a raging boner. The leader got off his bike and came up to me. He pinched my tits and twisted them hard until I gasped in pain but my cock grew harder and straighter. Tears flowed from my eyes as I endured the searing pain in my balls as he pulled, squeezed and twisted them. I struggled against the ropes with all my strength while he tormented me until I was covered with sweat and panting for air. “I’m Spike leader of the Hellfire Club from the Black Rose in the city. We’re into leather and heavy BDSM. I like your looks and from your cock I can see that pain really turns you on. This is going to be heaven for us and we’ll do everything in our power to make it hell for you but maybe that is really what you want. How old are you and how did you wind up tied to a post in our club’s barn?”

At first I couldn’t speak. Spike eased off twisting my balls a little until the pain was almost bearable and I could answer. “Eighteen, Sir. I’m Ken and am a student at the U. Tom, my master, and I were doing an overnight bicycle ride when the storm came up. We thought this was an abandoned barn and the door was open so we took shelter in here. It didn’t take long and we both wanted some bondage play because this was such a great place with the old oak posts and straw covered floor so Tom tied me up and teased me. He had to go out back to take a crap, which was good cause you guys are enough to scare the crap out of anyone, Sir!”

“Boys, play with Slaveboy until I figure what to do with him! Slaveboy, don’t worry about screaming, No one can here you here. Welcome to Hell! ” Each of the tops tried their favorite torture on my helpless body. Some stared into my eyes looking trying to inflict the maximum unendurable pain while they twisted and pulled my ever more sore balls. I tried to be stoically silent but by the third tormentor I was screaming in agony. A guy with a foot fetish discovered my vulnerable feet which Tom had carefully tied so the soles were helplessly open to painful abuse. He began whipping them and then forced the toes back painfully with one hand while searching for and probing excruciatingly painful pressure points with the fingers of his other hand. I felt my cock being rubbed painfully hard, as I tensed up, a searing pain surged from the tip of my cock as the guy painfully pinched it to deny me relief. He laughed as he started the cycle over. I felt someone bite my tit and hold it between his teeth then rub his tongue over its sensitive tip driving me wild with pain and sensual pleasure. A big bear dressed in a leather vest pushed his harry smelly armpit against my face, grabbed and twisted my hair and forced me to lick his unwashed odorous armpit. After I finished licking his other armpit, I felt an arm around my head, fingers pinched my nose closed, a hand covered my mouth. I couldn’t breathe. The ropes held me helpless against the post. I struggled with all my strength. I was completely at the mercy of this unseen stranger. It seemed to last forever and I felt myself weakening. The hand released its hold and I hung by my arms gasping for breath. The bottoms caressed or kissed me where ever they could: my armpits, my neck, my ears. Their gentle soothing touches encouraged me.

I looked up and saw a naked guy standing in front of me, “Hi Ken, How are you holding out?”

“Jason! Better than you’d expect. This heavy BDSM and pain really turns me on. Good to see a familiar face, what the hell are you doing here?”

“This is sort of my party. This is my initiation into the Hellfire Club. I hang around the Black Rose and finally I got invited to join. I was always tempted to tell you that I was into heavy bondage and leather but never got around to it. The initiation is tough. For 24 hrs I will be tormented in about every type of BDSM torture there is. There is no safe word so I have to endure whatever they do. There are monitors so anything dangerous is stopped. That’s what we came up here to the barn for. Damn bad luck you picked this place to get out of the storm. Don’t let their outfits scare you. Most of the guys are pretty decent although by definition the tops are sadists. But I know how much you enjoy pain and bondage.”

“Shit, that sounds great. I sure wish we could go through the initiation together. It would be a blast!”

“I’ll ask Spike, maybe he’ll go for it. It sure would be good not to have to go through the initiation alone.”

After another 15 minutes, the sadists torturing me stopped abruptly. Spike is standing in front of me and next to him is Tom in black leather pants and vest. “Jason told me you want to be initiated into the Hellfire Club. I talked to some of the other guys and they told me that you guys are slave and master and definitely would be a great for our club. Tom will be initiated as a top and will assist with all the tortures. You will be initiated as a bottom and go through all the different tortures we have for 24 hours. Do you agree?”

“Yeah, sure. The tougher the better!”

“Our tradition is that the first trial is a naked motorcycle ride. Usually this is from the Black Rose to our play barn but since we are here already I came up with a destination that I think everybody will enjoy. The storm has stopped so get behind me on my bike and we’ll get goings. Jason go on Paul’s bike.”
Jason and I slide the doors open. The motorcycles start up with a roar; we hop on, and speed out into the sunlight. The wind begins to sting on my naked body as we get up to speed. It feels awesome to swing through curves. Some motorists notice Jason and me and honk but nobody is going to mess with 20 motorcyclists.

Finally we slow down and go off onto an old stretch of road and stop at a building next to an old no longer used bridge spanning a deep gorge with a river far below. Spike motions for Jason and I to follow him. The rest of the black leather gang follows.

A guy at the gate says, “Are these the naked tandem bungee jumpers (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DVBLiZpSbs) you called about?” Jason and I look at each other, scared at first then burst in eager smiles. The crew explains how we will jump. Our legs will be fastened together and we will face each other. We must hold each other tightly so we don’t knock heads. The will set the tension so we will be dunked in the water after a 5 second fall, when we stop bouncing we will run up the trail from the river back to the bikes.

We stand on the platform looking at the river far below us. The crew fastens our legs together; the feel of the tight binding around our legs gives us both a boner. We stand with our naked bodies pressed together, hard cocks thrusting into each other’s abs. We hug each other tightly as the crew moves us to the edge of the platform and count down from 10. At zero we shuffle over the edge into nothingness. We are falling faster and faster; hugging our bodies tight together as we accelerate screaming to the rushing river below. Our heads break into the water and we bounce back halfway to the bridge. Falling and bouncing until the crew in the pickup boat catches us, detaches the bungee cord and takes us to the landing. Bursting with excitement, we run up the trail. At the top the Hellfire Club is lined up on both sides of the trail giving Jason and me high-5s as we run past.

As soon as we get back to the barn, Spike has Tom make Jason and I carry a heavy tarp out the back away from the barn to a spot of bare ground with a dip in it like a little saucer. We cover the ground with the tarp and fasten it down. Tom double-times us back to the barn and leads us through the double doors which are now unlocked. We enter a completely equipped BDSM dungeon. Tom tells us to pick up a dog cage and carry it down to the tarp. Tom orders us to set it down near the edge of the tarp. By now the entire club is gathered around. Spike gives Tom a whip and orders him to get us into the cage. Jason goes in first, a flick of the whip encourages him to hurry. I follow Jason through the opening but don’t get far. Tom tries to force me by a flick of the whip but I barely feel it. Spike grabs the whip and demonstrates to Tom by cracking the whip on my ass the proper use of a whip. The painful sting makes me force myself mostly in. Tom improves quickly, the sting of the whip gradually forces my legs and feet into the cage and Tom closes the cage door and locks it behind me.

10-07-2009, 07:47 AM
The story is cool, continue !!!!

Musty 21
10-10-2009, 06:12 PM
Amazing story, please go on.

10-13-2009, 11:42 AM
“Damn it Jason, your elbow is poking my chest and it hurts like hell!” He shifts around in the tight confined space of the dog cage. “Thanks, I guess that’s as good as we can do. Being stuffed in together in contorted positions is going to get painful. I guess that’s the idea.”

“That’s part of it but I think there will be something else and I’m dreading what it will be. By the way, your cock is poking my ass!” Jason whispered.

“Are you complaining or wanting enjoying it?” I replied.

“I sort of like it especially when you move around.”

I heard the bikers laughing as they watched us. Some reached through the bars and pinched or tickled us and roared as our bodies squirmed and slid over each other. I could see Spike and Tom at the front of the bikers. Spike said something to Tom and Tom went away. When he came back he was holding two enema bags. He had Tom give the bags to a couple bikers to hold, he told Tom to lube the nozzle and to insert it gently. Tom reached into the cage, grabbed Jason’s ass and positioned it closer to the bars, lubed the hole, and inserted the nozzle into Jason’s ass. My ass was on top so he could easily lube my hole and insert the nozzle. It sure felt weird but Tom was smiling like he enjoyed it. Spike told him to open the valves and let the enema flow into our asses. It took a few minutes for the fluid to drain and gave us a full warm feeling inside. “This is to clean your asses out so you won’t make a mess when we start anal play. After Tom takes the nozzles out, hold the shit in until we let you slaves out of the cage. You boys would sure be a stinking mess if either of you guys can’t hold it.” Spike smiled and the bikers roared with laughter.

After Tom removed the enema nozzles from our assholes, Spike whispered something to him. Tom smiled, stepped in front of the cage, unzipped his borrowed black leather pants, pulled out his cock and started pissing aiming directly at Jason who struggled to avoid that warm yellow stream. Spike yelled, “Don’t forget your own slaveboy, Tom!” Tom aimed his stream directly into my face and laughed as I tried to squirm my face away. I was relieved when his stream dwindled away until Spike shouted, “Let’s get rid of that beer we’ve been drinking and have some fun too!” Yelling and laughing the black leather clad bikers formed two lines, one in front for those who wanted to piss in our faces and another behind for those that liked pissing on our asses. The guys bet whose aim was best at our eyes, nose, mouth, asshole, or feet. A couple guys took turns so that a steady stream of urine sprayed my nose and mouth non-stop. Finally I could no longer hold my breath and had to gulp some air even though it meant gulping a lot of their urine too. After about 10 minutes we were completely drenched with that smelly sticky yellow fluid when the last biker dude finished emptying his bladder. Squirming around to avoid the piss made the full feeling from the enema much worse. The urge to let go and shit was barely resistible. There is nothing more humiliating and degrading then to be confined helpless in a cage and pissed on… or so I thought.

Spike called to Tom, “Sorry we interrupted you earlier before you had a change to take a crap. Bet you really need to take one by now.”

“You bet. Thanks for the break. I’ll be back in a couple minutes.” Tom replied.

“Not so Fast. Climb up onto the cage, drop your leather pants, and take a crap on the slaveboys!” The bikers roared in approval. Tom climbed onto the cage, let his leather pants drop. He wasn’t wearing underwear so he was ready quickly. He strained and quickly blasted a huge smelly fart. A grunt and I felt a hard wet glob slid down my back. More grunting and straining and I felt a softer mess hit my back, the mess kept coming sliding slowly down my back over my shoulder and onto Jason. The overpowering smell hit me at once. I heard Tom stand and pull up his black leather pants. “Spike asked anyone else who needed to take a crap to have at it. Only three guys took him up on this. The last guy was a big bear of a dude and must have dumped a couple gallons of really foul smelling shit on us. Spike warned us to hold our enemas or else.

At last Tom opened the door of the cage and I stiffly eased myself out followed be Jason. He ordered us to move the cage out of the way then to roll in the mixture of piss and shit covering the tarp. He had us do curls and pushups each time touching our noses to the shit on the tarp. Tom ordered me to lie down in the foul mess facing upward and had Jason squat directly over my face then ordered him to let it all out. Jason strained at little and a foul smelling geyser erupted out of his asshole into my face and mouth covering me completely with the mixture of shit and water from his enema. I stood up dripping shit and piss. Jason lay down and I squatted over his face, I hated to do this but Tom ordered me so I strained and let the enema go drenching Jason completely.

Spike told us to stand at attention. I looked at Jason, he was brown all over from shit and his hair was matted with the foul stuff. I could only guess that I looked just as bad maybe worse. To entertain us, you guys are going to put on a wrestling match. “Two out of three falls wins. Winner assists while Guido ball tortures the looser. Guido’s an expert at this so you really don’t want to lose!” Spike had Tom start us off. We grabbed each other and circled around to test each other for weakness. I got Jason by surprise forcing him down on the shit covered tarp. He grabbed my legs, I slipped and fell on top of him. We struggled in the shit and piss. After a long determined struggle, I thought I was about to pin Jason. Again the slippery shit and piss covering his body caused my hold to slip. In a second he reversed the leverage and had me pinned and held my face forced into the shit until Spike gave him the first fall.

Spike had us kneel at the edge of the tarp facing outward. The sun was strong and I felt the mess covering my body begin to dry and start to itch. “Good job guys, I want to give you a break before the next round. Tom I bet you are pretty horny after watching these guys, step up here and have your slaveboy suck you off!” The expression on Tom’s face showed as he stood before me unzipped and pulled out a limp cock showed that being blown by a shit and piss coated slave, even if it was me, was not one of his turn ons. We both knew that we (mostly I) would suffer terribly if he didn’t come. He grimaced and shoved his cock into my mouth in the center of my shit coated face. I was determined and used all the touches that I knew Tom liked. After a couple minutes I felt him harden as desire made him forget my despicable condition, he grabbed my shit caked hair and forced himself harder and faster into my mouth until he shot a mammoth load of cum down my throat which I gladly swallowed. Spike asked if anyone else wanted a blow job and four guys came up. These guys were really turned on by our shit and piss covered bodies, faces, and hair. They divided between Jason and me and immediately each pulled out a super hard cock, grabbed our matted hair and pulled us into them so their cocks pressed into our throat while they excitedly humped their way to climax.

Spike started us again, after wrestling back and forth for 15 minutes, I finally took the round. Unfortunately as Spike began the deciding round, Jason made a quick move, I slipped in the piss and shit, and lost in seconds. I dreaded my fate as a slight sinister looking dude came up to the side of the tarp. Jason led me to stand in front of Guido. “Pardon me if I don’t shake your hand but you really are gross. However, I’m sure we will remember each other after this afternoon.” He told Jason to take one end of a strong cord hanging from a tree branch overhead and the explained how to tie off my nuts so they could safely be pulled with great force. I sort of liked the feeling as Jason tied my balls securely to Guido’s satisfaction. Guido told me to turn around and had Jason tie my wrists together behind my back with a safe but very tight binding. He had Jason lead me to a place directly under the branch and forced me to lie down on my back in the piss and shit. Guido began pulling on the other end of the cord. I arched my back to minimize the painful pull on my balls, I pushed up high with my toes so I could arch high but the painful pull increased slowly and steadily. Once my toes slipped and my entire weight jerked my balls. I screamed in agony but quickly recovered my position, shoulders in the shit, back and legs arched and resting on painfully extended toes. Guido laughed as he played with the cord, pulling until I couldn’t stand the pain, then easing of just enough so when he pulled tight again the pain was even greater. Then he held me in the extended position and had Jason beat my tightly bound balls with chopsticks when I started getting accustomed to that pain, he gave Jason a little whip. I started drifting off still conscious but feeling remote from the pain until through clever variations Guido renewed the pain at a higher level. At last I felt the pull vanish, reclining in the shit and piss on my back, I panted heavily recovering from the struggles of my ordeal.

Tom had Jason and I stand in the center of the tarp while he sprayed the shit and piss off us with a powerful stream of cold water from a hose. We cleaned up the filthy cage and flushed the filthy mess from the tarp down the drain. He had Jason fetch a bucket of soapy water. Guys came up and used rags and their bare hands to rub every crevice of our bodies and our hair clean. This rubbing all over our bodies, our cock, balls, ass, and ass crack caused both of us to sprout humungous boners.

Tom led Jason and me to another area where two steel bondage stockades (http://getdare.com/bbs/attachment.php?attachmentid=623&stc=1&d=1255459312)were installed. Wrist cuffs were attached to a spreader bar. In the center of this bar was a vertical bar topped by a steel neck collar. Behind this were ankle cuffs attached to a spreader bar. Pea gravel covered the surface except for a padded platform centered between and behind the ankle cuffs. Tom ordered me to get down doggie-style on my knees and elbows and snapped the steel cuffs together over my wrists holding them firmly. He snapped the steel neck collar tightly over my neck and then snapped the ankle cuffs firmly over my legs. I was held completely helpless with my ass vulnerable to any assault. Tom repeated the process with Jason. The gravel under my knees and elbows slowly became increasingly painful, a very fiendish touch. Under the strong hot sun, kneeling on the painful gravel, and taunted by the jibes of the bikers, Jason and I awaited helplessly for what we knew was coming.

10-14-2009, 11:04 AM
great keep it coming!!!!!

10-20-2009, 11:06 AM
The bikers were having a great time drinking beer and watching us suffer held helpless in the bondage stockades (http://getdare.com/bbs/attachment.php?attachmentid=625&d=1255551229). The pea gravel covering the ground under the stockades was biting ever more painfully into our knees and elbows. The hot sun beat down on us and we would give anything for a drink of water but the bikers teased us offering us cold beer but holding the can just barely beyond the reach of our lips, sometimes slowly pouring the cold beer onto the ground in front of our thirsty eyes. Their eyes stared admiringly on our smooth, rounded, vulnerable asses. I saw a shirtless guy wearing black leather chaps give Jason a playful pat on the ass, another guy followed with a harder slap on my ass, quickly guys were spanking us non-stop as hard as they could. We soon learned that we had to resist the blows with our legs or our bodies would be driven painfully into steel our neck collars. Soon a contest started about who could spank hardest. They told us we were free to yell in pain as they spanked our ass and they would pick the winner by the loudest scream of pain. Two older dudes with hard calloused hands were the finalists. The bikers said they couldn’t decide which screams were the loudest so they kept the guys hitting us hard with agonizing blows over and over until they finally picked Joe as the winner of a blow job.

Joe stood in front of Jason, unzipped and took out his long swollen cock. Jason was horny and couldn’t wait to start sucking that cock. Someone put a cushion down and Joe knelt on it. He held his cock and positioned it just in front of Jason’s face. As Jason started to move his head forward, Joe drew back, so that when Jason strained with all his strength he could just lick the tip of Joe’s cock with his tongue. Joe was really into this cock teasing and his cock swelled harder and harder as he let Jason get at more of his cock then pulled away to frustrate Jason again. Pete, the guy who came in second, stood in front of me, unzipped, and knelt on a cushion holding his cock in front of me just beyond the reach of my lips. I am really not much into sucking cock but I was smart enough to go along with this game otherwise they would definitely think of something worse. After a couple minutes, I was into it. I liked the power my tongue had over Pete’s cock even though he thought he was in control. After a long time, Spike told the guys to finish up. Pete slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. The steel neck collar kept my head firmly in place. I took a deep breath as I let Pete’s cock slide into my throat. He started pumping harder and faster. I wanted him to cum so I could breathe. Harder and harder finally I feel something warm shoot down my throat. Again and again he shoots. Then he relaxes and pulls away and I finally gulp a breath.

Spike knew how important it was to keep a slave in good condition if you intended to have fun tormenting him for a very long time. He could see that Jason and I needed water. He whispered to Tom and Tom soon returned with a plastic dog bowl filled with water and held it under Jason’s face. He teased Jason by holding it just below the point where Jason’s lips and tongue could reach and the bikers howled at this little torment of the thirsty slave. After Jason had struggled to reach the water for a few minutes, Tom raised the bowl so he could touch the water. Jason greedily lapped the water fast as he could. Spike said, “Drink as much as you like but this is all the water I feel I can give to you pitiful slaves. Go ahead and finish it, I’m sure you don’t care if there is none left for your friend Slaveboy Ken.” I looked pleadingly at Jason. He understood but also knew he was extremely thirsty and was torn by indecision. He looked at me smiled then stopped lapping the water. Tom teased me holding the water beyond my reach until Spike said, “That’s enough; let the poor bastard have some!” I eagerly lapped the water. I didn’t care that I was being humiliated by having to drink like a dog, at least I was drinking. As I licked the bowl dry and I knew Jason was a true friend. I don’t know if I would have shared the water if the choice had been mine.

Spike looked at me, “You looked scarred shitless, Boy. I thought you would enjoy some ass play.”

“I’ve never been fucked in the ass before. I guess I am afraid it will hurt a lot the first time.” I answered.

“You’ve got a virgin ass, that’s hard to believe! What about it Tom?”

“We are bi and I liked fucking girls so I never fucked him in the ass. He never mentioned anything about it either so as far as I know his ass is virgin” Tom replied.

“Hey this is great! We are going to have an auction to see who gets to end your virginity! The guys, who want to bid, will check your ass first to see if they agree that you’ve got the tight asshole of a virgin. The good news is that you get to keep the money if you finish the initiation and the bad news is that the guy who wins the auction is sure going to get his money’s worth out of your ass!”

Tom brought a tray with latex gloves, condoms, and lube and put it behind the bondage stockades. Six bikers signaled to Spike that they were interested in bidding for my ass. The first guy, Big Sam, put on the gloves and lubed up his finger and my ass. As he pushed his finger into my hole I tensed up. “Easy Boy! Breathe deep! Don’t make this hard on yourself.” He eased up and I breathed deeply when he resumed I feel the pressure and his finger enter me. My toes curled into the gravel as I savored this new feeling. After a minute of playing with me he withdrew his finger, “Looks like you might get to like this, Slaveboy. Sure feels like a virgin ass.” The other guys tested and played with my a-hole and all agreed I was a virgin. One felt I was too tight to take his cock as my first fuck. Big Sam said, “But that’s the fun of fucking a virgin. Pushing until the slave feels real pain, backing off, relaxing him, and then pushing more. Finally you’re in and get the fuck of your life!” Spike started the bids at $25. It went $50, $100, $300, $500, $600, $650, $675 once, $675 twice, $675 to Big Sam.

Sam stepped in front of me stripped off his vest revealing his muscular hairy body. He unzipped and pulled out his long thick cock. He held my hair tightly, I began to lick the tip. “Slowly boy, relax, take your time, get to know this cock that will be penetrating your ass real well. “ As I sucked his cock it swelled even more, no way it would fit in my ass. “That’s what I like boy. I know what you are thinking but I guarantee this cock is going all the way in your ass. It’s up to you whether you relax and it will be as easy as it can be or you resist and make me force my way in, I like it either way, but you won’t! Take your time, easy; let’s enjoy each other until you’re ready.” After a long while he went behind me. He grabbed my shoulders and I felt his cock push my ass. He pushed slowly steadily, a little in then out when I moaned in pain. Ease off a little then push a little deeper. He leaned over kissed my back, “Easy, easy. Relax, relax into the pain!” A relentless forward movement, I became used to the pain but he would back off when he sensed it was too great. Finally he was in, it was easier now as he kept advancing. He began to thrust, harder and faster then slowed to recover. He wanted this to last a long time to get his money’s worth. As he was humping me in frenzy, I felt his hands on my nipples pinching both quickly real hard. By reflex I tightened my a-hole. He became even more excited and humped harder. “Good boy, that feels so good when you grab me tight with your sphincter like that!” He let go of my nipples. I played with him tightening my ass to excite him. I was enjoying this, in my excitement there was only pleasure, no pain. Finally Sam brought himself over the limit shooting over and over inside my ass. He hugged me tight, “That was $675 well spent.” The bikers were in line waiting to take their pleasure with Jason or me. Vulnerable to their lust and desire we were helpless tools for their satisfaction. Spike made sure we were well lubed.

After the line was gone, Spike motioned to Tom and told him to strip in front of me so he could get to know the pleasure his Slaveboy’s ass offered. When he was naked I sucked his cock until it was very hard and covered with swollen blood veins. I felt him push from behind, I relaxed to welcome his swollen cock in. He pushed all the way in. He humped me harder and faster. I grabbed him tight with my a-hole. He held my hips tight and he took his pleasure. After he finally came, shooting over and over he put his arms around my chest and hugged real tight. It felt so good. Then he withdrew.

Spike told Tom to release Jason. After the cuffs were released, Jason stood up stiffly and followed Tom to a guy with a bunch of ropes. Spike joked that he wanted us slaves to hang around while the bikers had a barbeque. Jason’s ankles were tied together with hemp rope then fastened to his thighs. His wristed tied behind his back and held in place by leading the rope end through his ass-crack and taking a couple turns around the base of his cock before being tied back to his wrists. The end of the rope from Jason’s ankles was clipped to a cable that ran to a pulley hanging from a tree branch. Jason was slowly winched up by his ankles until he was painfully suspended upside down. Tom released me, I slowly stood up, my ass was an agony of pain and limped behind Tom. He fastened padded black leather cuffs tightly around each of my ankles. He cuffed my wrists behind my back. He clipped cables attached to pulleys spread about six feet apart under the branch. Slowly I was winched inverted my whole weight painfully hung from my legs. As I was winched higher the V shape my legs formed became wider adding a painful stretch to the torment. Spike grabbed Jason’s head, pulled him back, let him go setting him swinging back and forth. As spike grabbed me and set me swinging, the bikers laughed and roared with approval.

11-30-2009, 08:42 AM
We were left alone for awhile, swinging upside down feeling the pain build slowly from the painful suspension. The bikers were busy eating and drinking beer but soon a few came over to play and torment us slaves. They began swinging us higher and higher. As usual the pain caused me to sprout a boner. A big guy shouted, "Look! This one's got a handle. Let's see how it works!" He grabbed my cock and squeezed it real hard then pulled me back until my body was almost horizontal and held me there for a long time as the pull on my cock became agony. Finally he laughed and let me go. The others took turns playing this tortuous game with helpless me. Someone pulled off his leather belt and started beating Jason and me with it, at first they took it easy whipping our backs and asses. Unfortunately for Jason his bondage exposed the soles of his feet to the strikes of the belt. He screamed each time the belt hit the sensitive bottoms of his feet. As the bikers got more excited, the belt hit harder and faster. The monitor stopped them, told them the belt would cause scarring. I was relieved until he gave them a flogger. He explained the flogger would hurt just as much but would not scar our backs or ass. They continued the beating and teasing as it started to get dark. I was in agony and afraid because I was helpless and at the mercy of these vicious looking dudes, it excited me, my cock was swollen rock hard, I begged for them to make me cum but they only laughed and teased my cock even more. I was living the nightmare I had dreamed every night since my first erection, my only desire was more pain more agony, and more pleasure.

As the sun went down, Spike had Tom take us down and lead us into the dimly lit backroom of the barn. It looked like a medieval torture chamber with X-crosses, chains with shackles hanging from the walls, bondage slings, and in front of us two bondage tables. A boat trailer winch was attached to one end of the tables so the victim could be stretched tight. Tom explained the Piercing Dice Dare:
1. Right Nipple
2. Left Nipple
3. Both Nippled
4. Foreskin
5. Head of cock
6. All the above
Jason the lucky devil threw a 2. I knew what it was the moment I tossed, I didn't even look when Tom announced I had thrown a 6. Tom told us to lie on our backs on the bondage racks, He buckled padded black leather cuffs tightly on our wrists and ankles and started turning the winch. He stopped when the winch had stretched me painfully, but Spike told him to continue slowly as each click doubled my pain. Finally Spike said that's it. I was stretched so tight that I couldn't move a whisker.

Vince explained that to minimize pain you should use extremely sharp instruments to do piercing. Of course, we want to maximize the pain our slaves tonight. He held up a glass jar of large safety pins in alcohol. He put on latex gloves and wiped Jason's left nipple with a sterile pad. As the pin touched the nipple he explained that he had sensitive ears and did not want them hurt by loud screams. If we screamed while being pierced, he would continue until he was finished, then he would start over and do the piercing again until the victim endured the pain without screaming. He began pushing the dull safety pin through Jason's nipple. Vince had to push very hard and was please at the pain reflected in the slave's face. As he pushed the pin out the other side of the nipple, Jason screamed. The screams continued as Vince slowly finished, snapped the safety pin closed, took out another pin, wiped the nipple again and started over. The nipple was sore from the first piercing so the pain was much worse this time, Jason knew he had to endure the pain now or the next time would be even worse. Jason was covered with sweat as he endured the pain in silence, Vince moved slowly to drag out the torment, at last he snapped the safety pin closed and rubbed Jason's hair telling him he did pretty good.

(Please reply if you like this story and let me know if I should continue.)

jono mckenzie
12-01-2009, 09:38 AM
YES. continue, its brilliant!

12-01-2009, 11:07 AM
please do continue!!

12-01-2009, 01:53 PM
You should definitely continue!! This is easily my favorite story on this site.

12-04-2009, 01:35 PM
Not much I could do but wait, stretched painfully on the bondage rack listening to the groans of pain that Jason tried to stifle. "Ready for the fun, Boy! You sure won the pain lottery with your toss, both nips, foreskin and tip of your cock. Ouch this is going to smart!" Vince said as he pinched my right nipple tightly.

"Yes, SIr! Pain is my game" I bluffed, frightened about what Vince was going to do to me.

He put on latex gloves and wiped my right nipple with a sterile pad and went over the rule, "Remember, If you scream, I will continue until I am finished, then I will start over and do the piercing again until you endure the pain without screaming. What is great is that each time I do the piercing over the pain becomes much worse. Here, we go!" He took a large dull safety pin out of jar of alcohol, pinched the nipple tightly and very slowly pushed the pin into my nip. I gritted my teeth, the pain increased to a peak as he slowly pushed the pin out the other side of my nip. I had become soft while Jason was being pierced, now the pain became sexually exciting and my cock hardened. He snapped the pin closed and stroked my growing boner. "Looks like pain is your game, they say hard cock means you want more pain. Is that true Slaveboy?"

I tried to keep my voice steady despite the pain, "This pain is just about right for me, but I think I can take some more, if you prefer, SIr!"

"We'll see what we can do!" he smiled and told Tom to pierce my left nipple. Piercing done by even a sadistic expert is one thing, having a clumsy novice do it was a fiendish twist.

Tom put on the latex gloves, swabbed, grabbed my nipple painfully and started pushing in the dull pin. I looked him in the eye pleading for him to do it right. Just as he was pushing the pin out and the pain was at its peak, he lost his grip on my nipple, the pin twisted painfully beyond my endurance and I screamed. He mumbled, "Sorry, Ken" grabbed my nipple again and after a few agonizing missteps finished and snapped the pin closed.

Vince laughed, felt my even harder cock, "Don't worry, Tom. Your friend's cock says he wants more! Remember, if at first you don't succeed, try, try, again." Each try was another level of pain and my nipple became sorer and sorer. By Tom's fourth attempt even the first touch of the pin was agonizing, my body was covered in sweat from my struggles against the unyielding restraints. I concentrated on breathing slow and steady, I pictured myself floating away from the pain, feeling it strongly as ever yet keeping it at a distance. Almost in a dream I watched Tom's face break from intense concentration into a broad smile as he snapped the safety pin closed and completed the piercing.

Vince grabbed my cock real tight, "Good job Slaveboy. Makes it a lot easier when it's hard and this is really hard." He pulled and stretched my foreskin, in my state I barely noticed the added pain. As he started pushing the pin slowly very slowly the pain became overwhelming. By slow breathing and mind control I got through the sharp pain as the pin broke free without screaming. "I like you Boy, you're a real pain slut! Let's see how your buddy does with the last piercing!"

The idea of Tom piercing the head of my cock was devastating, I could not imagine the pain if he had to pierce the sensitive tip of my cock four times or more before he got it right! Despite the pain I was feeling, it felt good as Tom grabbed my now rock hard cock and held it tight. I looked into his eyes, he seemed almost afraid, I tried to cheer him up, "Lucky you got all that experience last time, this one should be easy now, Sir!"

"Thanks, Ken. It will be a piece of cake, it won't hurt me at all" Tom joked and I laughed as I felt the first prick of the pin on that most sensitive part of my body. Try to imagine what it would feel like for someone to force a dull safety pin through the tip of your cock, well it is much worse then you could ever imagine when it actually happens. Tom could see the tears of pain flowing from my eyes. I breathed slow and steady and tried to separate my mind for the unbelievable torment. Tom was calm, careful, and unflappable as he slowly pushed the pin through my sensitive cock head. He knew he had to ignore the immense pain he was inflicting on me because if he faltered the result would be even worse. At last the pin broke through and he snapped it closed.

I looked into his eyes and through my pain gasped "Thank you, Sir!" Tom eased the tension of the winch and unclipped my cuffs from the winch cables. He helped me down from the table and had me stand while he released Jason.


He lead us to the back of the room where some bondage slings were hung from the ceiling by chains. Every movement and step triggered more pain from the brutal piercings I had endured. He had us lie on our backs in the slings. He clipped our wrist cuffs high on one pair of chains so that our arms were stretched tight then clipped our ankle cuffs high on the other pair of chains so our legs were spread exposing our cocks and assholes. Every vulnerable place on our bodies was exposed to the bikers and we were completely helpless. I felt a guy rubbing my feet, massaging the sensitive soles with his thumbs, I smiled, "That feels good, real good, thanks Buddy!" He began sucking my toes and as he worked I noticed a bump grow in his Levis. He unzipped, took out his cock, slipped on a condom, lubed up, push his cock into my asshole and started humping me while at the same time licking the bottoms of my feet. I must admit I sort of liked it. A big dude stood in front of me, dropped his pants and forced his cock into my mouth. Because of my position in the sling, his smelly, sweaty balls rubbed over my eyes and nose as he thrust his cock back and forth into my throat. Guys took turns using me in various ways, a few tormented me by pulling and twisting the safety pins while watching my eyes to see how much pain they could cause. Usually at least three guys were working on me, it was horrible but exciting as my rock hard boner testified.

Star Shadows
12-06-2009, 02:10 AM
God this story is amazing. A sadists heaven.
Congratulations TiredGuy

12-08-2009, 05:12 PM
Finally the bikers left Jason and me alone and formed a circle around us slaves cuffed securely hand and foot in our leather slings. They appeared to be waiting for an exciting show to start. Tom was listening to a biker named Bruno instructing him in something. At first I though he was showing Tom a secret biker handshake as Bruno demonstrated a hand with two fingers extended, then three fingers, then four fingers held together forming sort of a wedge, finally folding the thumb into the palm. After about five repetitions, Bruno was satisfied that Tom had learned the handshake well. They put long sleeved gloves on their right hands and instantly I knew this was a handshake I dreaded.

From my sling, I watched helplessly over my abs and boner and trough the "V" of my cuffed spread legs as Tom slobbered gobs of lube over my ass and his glove. He had that devilish excited glint in his eyes that I found so irresistible and that I only saw when he was tormenting me. "Sir, I will take any pain you want to give me but no way can you get your whole hand up my ass. That's a myth it can't be done without injuring me and you promised you would never do that!"

"They do it all the time here. Bruno will fist Jason and his hand is much bigger than mine. You are lucky that I'm the one doing it to you. As long as you co-operate you won't be injured. We will go slow letting your hole expand bit by bit, there will be pain for you to enjoy but if it is sharp pain I will ease up until you slowly expand before pressing on."

One finger was easy and Tom played around a bit inside just to make me squirm. It only took a couple minutes to get two inside me and again Tom played awhile, maybe to keep me relaxed. Three was getting serious but my master persisted slow and steady until I took them. Four was a challenge. "That's real cute the way you curl your feet and toes, must be a little exciting!" I looked into his eyes and nodded yes. The feeling of his fingers in my ass was a bit of pain but it was kind of exciting which helped me endure and made me want more. As Tom folded his thumb and worked his hand in up to his knuckles, we were fastened on each other's eyes, he was seeking clues to how fast or slow he should proceed, I was entranced by the enjoyment in his eyes. His knuckles were a ro******* he worked long to overcome, the pain in my ass was strong and steady. At last I felt the stain of the knuckles disappear as his hand slipped in. He began playing inside. Now my feet and toes really curled as he massaged my prostate bringing me to an ecstatic edge, backing off, bringing me high, backing off. I could see how much he delighted in teasing me but I knew the teasing would make my ejaculation stronger and more pleasurable when he finally let let me cum. He stopped the massage, took a couple minutes flexing his fist inside me which felt good in a weird sort of way. When he began the massage again the feelings had intensified, about the fifth time he took me to the edge he took me over and I began spasms and shooting cum. One wad of cum hit Tom square in the face, he smiled as it slowly slid toward his mouth and he lapped it up with his tongue. Slowly and carefully he withdrew his hand from my ass.

Tom and Bruno unbuckled Jason and me from our slings, helped us to stand and led us to some posts set in the middle of the room. They tied us to the posts, arms behind us and tied in back of the posts. They circled our chests and legs with more rope to hold us tight so not the slightest movement was possible especially our arms. Finally Bruno striped off Tom's shirt and tied Tom in the same way to the last post. Spike carefully placed a branding iron in the red hot coals of a charcoal burner in front of us. He told us we passed our tests proudly and he will now induct us into the club by searing the BDSM logo into our flesh. I inhaled the smell of burnt flesh as he marked Tom's bicep then again as he marked Jason. I held my breath as I felt the searing pain and inhaled the scent of my own burning flesh. To help endure the pain, I slowly counted as the red hot iron was pressed against my arm. As soon as Spike pulled the branding iron away, the bikers cheered and yelled to celebrate the completion of our initiation into their BDSM club and quickly untied us from the posts and we joined the celebration.


Most of the slaves were naked, maybe with a collar or strap harness. It was fun talking to masters and finding how our fantasies matched. I seemed to be into most things but after my ordeal negotiated only lighter scenes. Hands and feet locked into a wooden stock, elaborate rope bondage tied to what looked like a huge spider net, and several other scenes. I even played a puppy scene, I always thought that was a little silly but crawling on my hands and knees following the master who led me with a leash attached to a leather collar, lapping water from a bowl on the floor was humiliating but for some reason I liked it. Quickly the night of bondage was over,

I followed the guys out to the grill and got a breakfast of hotcakes and bacon with a hot cup of coffee. I saw Tom, I found my cycling shorts and he put on his shorts, jersey, and shoes. We said goodby to our fellow club members telling them it would take all day to get back on our kind of bikes.

We felt great being back on our bikes on a beautiful sunny day although I had to stand on the pedals every so often because my ass was still pretty sore. We relived our adventure over telling each other every detail. We talked about the two weeks we were going to spend at Cindy's folks beach house during the break. She said it was on an isolated beach and we could swim nude whenever we wanted.

We got back just in time to get dinner and headed to our room after we ate. I stripped off my shorts as I entered our dorm room and dropped down on my blankets on the floor in the corner. Tom noticed a note from Cindy on his bed, he put it aside saying he would read it tomorrow. "Good Night Slaveboy! That was a great adventure."

"Goodnight Master, great bike trip!"

Star Shadows
12-09-2009, 08:28 AM
NoNoNo this sounds an awful lot like an end!!! it can't be the end I need MORE.

12-14-2009, 10:59 AM
Tom woke up early and yelled get up, time to do our exercises. We had been doing sets of 40 push-ups, 60 sit-ups, and 20 pull-ups in addition to the run to the beach and back. Today I was still feeling weak from the initiation ordeal. After a few sets, we glanced at our naked sweaty bodies in the mirror and admired the glistening BDSM brand on our arms and gave each other a thumbs up. I could not do more than 18 pull ups on the 5th set so I got the die and threw for my Exercise Dice Dare punishment:
1 - Loser sucks winner cock
2 - Two strokes with cane on loser’s ass
3 - Loser jerks off winner
4 - Four strokes with cane on loser’s ass
5 – Loser tied and hung from chin-up bar – toes barely touching floor – slowly teased to climax
6 - 69 both suck each other’s cock
I threw and it landed on a “1”. Because our bare bodies had rubbed against each other as we did pull-ups facing each other using the same pull-up bar, our cocks both had strong erections. I knelt in front of Tom and put his cock in my mouth and started sucking hard. He began thrusting deep into my throat. Harder and faster, withdrawing a little when he sensed I needed a breath, then even harder and faster until he shot load after load which I happily swallowed.

Relaxed and contented Tom dropped his sweaty body on his bed. He noticed Cindy's note, grabbed it and read it. He laughed, "Ken I have good news and bad news for you about your vacation. The good news is that Cindy wants me to lend you to her as her slave for the break and you will be able to earn $500 the bad news is that Cindy's dad has 5 truckloads of fill he wants moved to a low area but doesn't want the landscaping messed up with power equipment. She told him that some of the guys will do it over the break while using the beach house. But what she really wants is to have you do slave labor moving fill in the hot sun from sunup to sundown then teasing your exhausted body through the night as her sex slave. I think it sounds great!"

We were all excited about going to Cindy's for the break. Even I was excited, I loved watching chain gang movies like "Cool Hand Luke" when I was a kid so this was a scene that I really wanted to experience. Cindy brought a package to Tom, she said it was a surprise, something very special for her favorite forced labor slave. Sharon bought Tom another package again saying it was something special for motivating a slave boy. It was a blow when a couple days before we were to leave, Jason came and told me the he and his master would not be able to make it. His master was sorry but he could not get off of work because of a special project. Jason said he was looking forward to doing hard labor, it would have been awesome. I knew that this meant I would have to move all the fill myself so immediately my time as a field slave doubled. Jason left a package from his master, he said he was going to bring these himself to use on the slaves so he will lend them to Tom so he can enjoy them. The package was sealed so it would be another surprise.

Friday came quickly. When I got back from my last class, Cindy was in our room holding a pair of Levis, worn but in good shape. "You are my slave now and I don't want you to be seen in those torn cut-offs, the holes in them are indecent! Put these on." I looked at Tom and he nodded that it was OK so I pulled the Levis on. I quickly loaded the bags and packages in the car and we started off on the long drive to the beach house.

Cindy and I were sprawled on the back seat. She loved ordering me not to move then playing with my cock and nipples until I finally couldn't stop myself from flinching. She then would pinch me real hard on my cock or nipple as punishment. I liked this game a lot and used it as an excuse to touch her all over which she liked almost as much as tormenting me. We stopped at a burger place for some food, since the door said "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" they made me go up to the counter barefoot and shirtless to order. I brazened my way through, looked the girl at the counter in the eye and gave our order. She gave my shirtless chest and bare feet a slow approving look, placed the order and took the money. As she gave me my change she said, "You're real cute, I think it is silly to make sexy guys like you hide their great bodies!"

When we got to the beach house, I carried all the bags and packages inside. We checked out the huge loads of fill dumped by the road, followed the little flags that marked a path up a long hill, past the pool and patio, and to the edge of the lawn where the fill was to be put. It was probably 200 yards. The wheelbarrow and shovel were by the fence, I would be sweating and laboring with these until the huge piles of fill were gone.

After watching the sun set over the ocean, we all went into the house. Cindy ordered me to kneel on the bare wooden floor then told us that it was time for our Slaveboy to open his presents. Cindy handed me her package, I tore off the tape and opened the box, it contained a pair of leg irons and a pair of wrist irons. "Thank you, Mistress. This fits in with my 'Cool Hand Luke' fantasy." She locked the leg irons to my feet and the the wrist irons to my hands behind my back so that the chains crossed and I could not stand.


Sharon put her package into my hands behind my back. It was hard to open it and then I had to feel it and guess what it was. It was coiled maybe a rope, no it was leather. "Thanks, Sharon, this whip will prevent me from getting lazy." Really I felt, you bitch, you love to see me suffer.

Sharon told me, "Ken, they said this is a soft leather whip. It stings as much as a harder whip but doesn't tear the skin. If we rub lotion over the welts every night, there won't be any permanent scars."

Next I opened Tom's package, there were two boxes inside. I opened the large one, it was leather, a collar with a lock and a solid metal case at the bottom, A couple metal studs were on the inside of the collar. "It feels like a dog training collar, the kind that gives electric shocks. I've got to hand it to Jason's master, he really knows how to torment slaves." Tom said we would save the other package for another surprise later in the week.

They took turns testing out the soft leather whip, at every try they became better at making the whip snap painfully. The gang loved the way I would gasp at the pain and try not to scream. Tom locked the electric collar on my neck and tried the lowest setting. It stung sharply. They passed the control to each other trying all the settings, the highest had me writhing on the floor screaming in agony. Cindy noticed a timer, "I'll set it to 5:30AM so Slaveboy will get up in time to start his labors at sunup! What a great alarm clock for a slave."

They left me kneeling on the bare floor while they had a pasta dinner. The pain in my knees grew as I was forced to remain in that painful position. Occasionally someone would snap the whip on my back or use the control to zap me with the collar. When they were finished, Cindy put the leftovers in a bowl for me to lap up doggy style, "You need to eat, you'll need a lot of stamina tomorrow, Slave!" They thought the humiliation of me eating like a dog was hilarious.

Before they went to bed, Cindy rearranged my chains. She stripped my Levis off so I was completely naked and the wrist irons were in front of me. She put a rug on the hard floor for me to sleep on. "Sleep Tight, Slaveboy, you have a big day tomorrow." She kissed me on my lips and left. After the house was dark and quiet, I felt her touching and cuddling me. We formed a '69' and while my tongue played with her sex she sucked me off. "Seeing you in chains, really turns me on" , she whispered as I started to shoot and she swallowed my cum. I quickly drifted into a sound, relaxed slumber.

12-21-2009, 08:58 AM
Disoriented, I jerked awake from a painful shock in my neck. I felt my neck and touched the collar. It all came back to me, I was at Cindy's beach house and would be a chain gang slave until I made all those huge piles of fill disappear, my alarm clock was an electro-shock slave training collar locked around my neck and set to 5:30. I felt the pain in my bladder, I always needed to take a piss bad when I woke up. Just as I started to get up to head for the john, I felt a sharp pain on my back and heard the snap of a leather whip. I jumped up and faced Cindy fully dressed for our day together, I felt embarrassed being forced to stand naked in front of a fully clothed woman, but what else could a lowly slave expect. I stood straight, looked her in the eyes and greeted her "Good morning, Mistress Cindy."

"Time to start work, get moving Slaveboy!"

I started moving to the door and almost tripped on my leg irons, the chain only allowed shorter steps. Trying to remember to take shorter mincing steps I followed Cindy into the darkness. A red glow was appearing in the east, the air was cold on my bare skin and I started shivering. We stopped by the wheelbarrow and shovel and she indicated to me to start but I could only think about pissing, "Hey, I gotta take a leak, first!"

SNAP! I felt the sting of the whip on my ass. "Load the wheelbarrow, try to remember the proper way to address your mistress during your first couple runs!" I filled the thing 3/4 full with the shovel. CRACK! Again I felt the sting of the whip, "Fill it completely full. I'm really going to enjoy teaching you a proper attitude!" When I had filled it, I lifted the handles and started on the path. It was hard to walk with the leg-irons making me take short steps and Cindy using the whip to keep my pace up. The only way was to take quick short steps which made pushing the wheelbarrow much harder than I had expected. The only good thing was that my exertions quickly warmed me up and I stopped shivering. The long hill had been nothing when I walked it yesterday. Now with a full load of dirt, I had to lean into pushing the wheelbarrow, the toes of my bare feet dug into the path as I struggled to move the heavy load up the hill, my full bladder added to my pain, and the painful crack of the whip on my ass or back any time I struggled completed my torment. Cresting the hill, I pushed the wheelbarrow load over the grass and finally dumped the load over the edge. Returning I tried to avoid tripping over my leg-irons while struggling with quick steps to keep up with the pull of the wheelbarrow going down the hill. Cindy frowned as she clicked her stop watch as I finished my first run. "That was bad, you are going to have to be able to do a run in five minutes if you expect to do enough runs to finish the first truck load before sunset so you earn dinner tonight! What are you doing gawking? Fill it up for your next run, Now!" I filled up the damn thing and immediately started up the path. I was doing a little better with the leg-irons. I just concentrated going as fast as I could without tripping, always pushing as hard as I could. I was doing well she hadn't used the whip once this time, I sure wanted to please Cindy so she would grant my request. I dumped the load and hurried back.

When I finished, I faced my mistress and asked, "Mistress Cindy, May I have permission to take a piss, ma'am?"

"That's better, permission granted, Slaveboy!" I turned and started to go behind some trees tress to relieve myself. CRACK! I felt the sting of the whip again and turned around to face my mistress. "I didn't say you could go away. Grab your cock and take a piss right here, facing me or get started on your next run now!"

I looked at her eyes looking at me and smiling with a devilish grin. "Yes, ma'am!" Looking directly at her, I grabbed my cock and directed a steady stream into the grass at the side of the path. It felt good to relieve the pressure and in a weird sort of way I enjoyed taking a piss while a beautiful girl watched, humiliating and exciting at the same time. I made a big show of shaking off the last drips and smiled back at her, "Thank you, ma'am. I needed that."

Cindy said to carry on while she had breakfast and coffee. She said she would be watching and I would be sorry if she caught me goofing off. As she walked back to the house, I shoveled the next load into the wheelbarrow. As I pushed up the hill I, the mound of fill from the first truck looked huge, I couldn't imagine moving it all by sunset, but I knew if I did not, tomorrow would be even worse, I would be hungry from missing dinner, would have to finish what I didn't do today in addition to the next truckload, and I would be getting weak from hunger. The only way to survive was to work as hard as I could and not waste any time. As I trudged again and again up the hill straining against the heavy loads I began to feel hunger from missing breakfast and pictured my mistress and her friends eating pancakes drenched with maple syrup, bacon and sausage, toast with jam, bowls of fruit. Each time I stopped the rumbles of my empty stomach brought me back to reality. As the sun climbed higher, at first I welcomed the warmth on my naked body. Soon I was drenched with sweat caused by the relentless beating of that sun on my naked body. Each time I passed the pool, I enviously watched my friends dive into the cool pool, lie lazily on soft cushions, and sip cool iced drinks. The burning sun was driving a building thirst, my lips were parched, god would I like one of those iced drinks I thought as I pushed myself up the hill almost in a trance. CRACK! The whip bit into my back as I hesitated to gather strength on the steepest part of the hill. In my trance I hadn't noticed Cindy at the side of the path at the hardest part where she knew I would be tempted to falter and she would have the opportunity to whip me.

On the next run I noticed a container of ice water next to her. "Mistress Cindy, may I have some water, please Ma'am?"

She signaled me to stop, "Slaveboy, you may earn a drink of ice cold water by doing a run in 4 minutes!"

"Thank you Ma'am!" As I started she clicked her stop watch.

I strained my aching muscle and pushed hard, dripping with sweat she yelled as I passed her, "10 seconds slow! Try harder, Boy!" Next time I thought I reached my limit, "20 seconds loser, Give up!" Infuriated I strained my aching muscles into the pain, I pushed every step, shoveled as quickly as I could and rushed up that agonizing hill. She jumped out and hugged my naked, sweaty, dirty body, "You did it, my own handsome slave!" She kissed me excitedly and held the cool container while I drank. Cindy was special, the way she loved tormenting me while at the same time I felt she really liked me.

I resumed my trek feeling every part of my body scream with pain. Cindy returned to the patio and Sharon took her place on the hill using the whip to keep me moving. I began to notice that the size of the pile of the first truckload had become noticeably smaller.

Tom was more fiendish when he took his turn. He pulled a lounge chair to the edge of the patio where he could view the entire path. He set his iced drink and the control on the table and waited. The instant I hesitated or slowed he would send a shock to the slave training collar locked around my neck. If I ignored the pain he would increase the setting by one more painful increment. The pain of the collar made me push myself to my limits. They brought out lunch and I watched them eat it while I felt the pains of hunger. After lunch, Cindy and Sharon cuddled together on the cushions and fell asleep. Using the shocks from the training collar, Tom forced me to keep increasing my pace. My legs and feet screamed in agony form the strain but that was better than taking the electric shocks. When I fell for the first time, he laughed as he turned the control to maximum and watched my body convulse in pain while I forced my self up again.

This is the way it continued as the afternoon sun moved toward the west. Each took their turns, only I had no rest. Each time I fell I would be forced to continue by the whip or shocks. My only hope was the diminishing truckload that remained. Each time it became harder to earn my drink of water and finally impossible. Only because the sinking sun was weaker and the air cooler could I continue until the pile of the first truckload was completely gone. I continued on the next truckload to get a head start for tomorrow. As the sun dipped below the horizon, I was in a trance as I felt Cindy gently take hold of my hand and lead me back into the house.

She took me to the room with the bare wood floor where I had been confined last night and had me stand in the center of the room. She clipped my wrist cuffs to some cables hanging from rough hewn beams in the high ceiling. She clipped the ankle cuffs to hooks on the floor spreading my legs apart. She went to the wall and turned a winch to raise the cables stretching my helpless body firmly but not painfully. She studied me, "Oh Ken, you looks so sexy covered with sweat and dirt and those evil looking chains. So vulnerable!" She held my head by my hair and breathed in, "I love your musky smell!" and kissed me deeply and long. I eagerly drank from the cup of water she held to my mouth relieving my parched throat. Cindy got a washcloth and water and started gently cleaning my whip marked back and ass. I flinched when the soapy cloth touched a particularly sensitive welt, "Easy Slaveboy, it will hurt a bit but I must get your back clean before I apply the lotion." It felt so good the way Cindy gently rubbed the lotion into the welts on my back slowly working her way down then moving to my ass and rubbing it until I sighed in pleasure. I felt my cock growing harder and harder as she rubbed the lotion in. Standing in front she looked at my boner and grabbed it with her lotion covered hands, "I better check this real carefully to see if it is sore." She slowly moved her hands up and down my member very slowly, enjoying the excitement she was giving me, enjoying bringing me to the edge, enjoying keeping me at the edge, enjoying even more the pleading in my eyes as she let go of my member without giving me any release.

Cindy smiled, "I'm getting hot!" She slowly and sensuously removed her top, twirled it, and tossed it so it landed between my right arm and my head. It smelled deliciously of an excited woman. She doesn't wear a bra so my eyes feasted on her perfectly tanned rounded breasts which I yearned to touch but my arms were in chains extended uselessly above my head. As she reached up to wash and check my wrists, those soft breasts rubbed and slid over my naked chest driving me mad with desire. My tongue licked her face and arms, any place it could reach, and she laughed. I began nibbling her neck. "Easy Slaveboy, I need to take care of your wrists, they are red from the rubbing of the steel cuffs. I'll put some lotion on and they should be fine." After she put on the lotion, she licked my left arm as high as she could reach and her tongue slowly worked its way down. She savored my armpit, "Strong scent but delicious taste". Her tongue continued its journey circling my nipple round and round until the stimulation was so intense that I begged her to stop but it was so exciting that I was glad she laughed and ignored my pleas as I struggled to avoid the intense pleasure her tongue was forcing upon me. She bit the tip of my nipple teasing but painful and gave me a short reprieve than repeated the delightfuly agonizing process on my other arm. This time she painfully held onto the tip of my nipple with her teeth for a long time while I struggled to be free of that delightful torment. When she finally let go, she grabbed my hair and kissed me deeply and passionately, "I love playing with my Boytoy, the more I torment him the more he struggles, the more he gets excited and hard and I get really hot too. But I've got to cleanup and check your ankles first, then I'll play with you some more."

She knelt and washed my feet and put lotion on my red and raw ankles. Having my mistress kneeling at my feet and washing my ankles really turned me on. Once her hair brushed accidentally against my rock hard boner, my whole body shuddered with excitement. She noticed and began rubbing her hair softly over my cock driving me wild with unfulfillable desire. When she stopped she noticed my dripping pre-cum, she wiped it off the tip of my cock with her finger and put her finger by my mouth asking me how it tastes, I licked her finger, "It's great you should try it,Ma'am"

"I think I would like that!" She knelt before me and began sucking the tip of my cock, slowly, keeping me on the edge, backing off when she felt my abs tighten, finally she swallowed my entire cock, I pushed deeper and harder, faster and faster until I couldn't hold back any longer and shot into her mouth load after load of salty cum. "It does taste good, nothing is better than boy juice, let me share it." She kissed me long and deep, the salty sticky fluid merging in our mouths before we both swallowed. "I enjoyed that but I have to have dinner, hang around and I'll bring your food after we're finished", she laughed as she turned the light off.

Despite my hands being chained overhead, exhausted by my day as a chain-gang slave and relaxed by great sex and the darkness, I soon started dozing off only to be awakened by the pain caused by the steel cuffs biting into my wrists when I slumped and the hunger from not having eaten since last night. Finally my exhaustion overcame the pain and I hung dozing and slumping against the chains that hung me from the ceiling.

I was jolted awake by a painful shock from the slave training collar around my neck. "Sorry Slaveboy, when I saw you sound asleep with that beautiful satisfied smile on your face, I just couldn't resist!" She set down a tray with the leftovers from their dinner then turned the winch to slacken the cables and unsnapped my cuffs from the cables.

I rushed to the tray and began eating the fat and gristle they had discarded from their steaks, the cold greasy fries, the handfuls of salad. "Thanks, Mistress Cindy! I thought you might forget."

"It's fun to watch you eat with your bare hands like a starving animal, but I guess you are a starving slave which is about the same thing! I'm going to play Truth or Dare with the others, you may use the john and don't forget to wash those greasy hands. I'll come later so we can cuddle on the rug, I love you holding me tight with you in your chains, real sexy!"

12-28-2009, 11:11 AM
The shock from the slave training collar jarred me awake. Cindy held me tightly and kissed me deeply "I love sleeping in the arms of my Slaveboy. You were exhausted you didn't even wake up when I came to sleep next to you but you did hold me real tight and that felt good. Time to get to work but use the john first this time! I'll see you after my breakfast."

I started shivering in the cold morning air. The sun was just coming over the mountains in the east. I pushed hard shoveling fill and pushing the heavy loads up the hill and dumping them in the low area. This hard labor warmed me up but the work was harder than yesterday. All my muscles ached from yesterday and it was painful to force them to continue the heavy work. The sun was up and I was sweating by the time Cindy finished her breakfast. She teased me while I shoveled to fill the wheelbarrow by describing her meal in detail: eggs, sausage, pancakes, coffee, juice, strawberries. She knew I had eaten just barely enough last night and was starving with no hope for any food until tonight and then only if somehow I am able to move a whole truckload of fill. She delighted in tormenting me but I could also see she liked the look of my darkly tanned, dirty, muscular body straining at her orders. The painful lashes of the soft leather whip rained upon my back and ass much more than the first day. She said she had to make me work fast or I wouldn't earn my dinner and that would be bad. When I got thirsty I had to punish myself to the limit to do a run in 4 minutes to earn a drink but I didn't have any choice. By noon I was in a daze struggling up the hellish course barefoot and naked under the burning sun. Tom happily took his turn with the control box dialing up the intensity of the painful shocks from the slave training collar to keep me moving and dialing up the pain to maximum whenever I stumbled. When the sun began to sink I could only look at what was left of the truckload and push myself agonizingly to finish before the sun set. By sheer determination, I managed to move the last wheelbarrow just as the sun dipped below the sea.

"You did it, Slaveboy" Cindy yelled as she hugged and kissed me.

"Good job, Slave, but you really stink. You need a shower before I'm going to touch you." said Sharon.

Cindy sniffed, "I guess you're right. I love to see my Boytoy sweaty, dirty, and exhausted, but he is a pretty ripe!" They led me to the outside shower by the pool and rubbed soap all over my body with their bare hands causing my cock to rise. Sharon spent a lot of time soaping my armpits and nipples while Cindy soaped my balls, cock and ass. I rinsed off then they repeated using washcloths and rubbing each tender part of my body with the soapy cloths until they were sure I was clean. Cindy spend a lot of effort on my cock which had become a hard boner. They stripped off their clothes and I started soaping them, they loved the attention I gave to cleaning their cunts. We hugged each other and laughed as we rinsed off. Despite my exhaustion and aching muscles, I was having fun. I dried each of the girls off and they insisted that I put their clothes back on. I held their panties while they stepped into them then slowly pulled them up to their waist. When I was done, I kissed the crotch of the panties and the girls giggled. I put on their shorts on and playfully bit their ass through their shorts. I pulled their tops over their heads then kissed each breast before pulling the tops down.

They led me into the house and Tom said that we were going to play Truth or Dare. I suspected that I would get the worst part of each dare but what could I expect, I was just their slave.

Sharon had the first dare:
Chain wrist irons behind Slave's back then throw dice and lick that area for 30 seconds.

Sharon unlocked one wrist cuff and refastened the cuff so my arms were helpless behind my back.

Dice dare: Lick area on slave's body for 30 seconds then throw again Continue until you throw a "1"
1) Finished!
2) Nipples
3) Ass
4) Cock
5) Balls
6) Armpits

Sharon threw a 2 and licked my nipples, then 6 and did my armpits, nipples again, the balls, then cock. She enjoyed watching me struggle to hold still while she licked me driving me wild with excitement. She was disappointed when on the 12th throw she threw a 1.

Cindy's dare was to bite the area and hold the bite for 30 seconds. Her first throw was 3 and she really bit hard into my naked ass cheek. It hurt but I liked the feeling of the pain and the way it made me harder. She really liked biting my nipples and smiled when tears of pain flowed from my eyes. Balls were more painful and cock was agony as she bit the tip. I was relieved when she threw a 1. Tom's dare was to tickle he was an expert and had me laughing and writhing from his tickle torture.

Tom's next dare was to tie up the slave's balls. I sort of guessed that the drawing was fixed. He got some hemp garden twine and while Cindy held my hard boner out of the way and Sharon pulled my balls down, he tied several turns of the twine around my ball-sack just above the balls. Then he tied a couple turns through the middle separating my balls. The skin was stretched tight over my balls and very sensitive. Each of them took turns pinching and hitting my jewels.

I drew my dare "Kneel and give all the other players oral sex until they have and orgasm." That sounded easy, but when I dropped to my knees, I felt a painful tug on my balls. Tom tied the long end of the twine to the leg of the heavy sofa then had me move forward on my knees until I couldn't go any farther because the twine pulled me painfully by my balls. Sharon stood in front of me and only when I pulled hard could my tongue touch her cunt. I licked her clitoris slowly at first then faster and harder as she got excited. Finally she started moaning after a couple climaxes pushed me away. I enjoyed doing Tom, he teased me with his cock making me pull harder and hard until I was in agony but excited. He pulled my head to force his cock deep into my throat and thrust harder and deeper until he shot load after load down my eager throat. Cindy kept tormenting me by pulling away bit by bit as my desire made me strain to reach her sex. She really enjoyed me having to suffer pain in order to satisfy her. I ignored the sharp pain in my balls because I wanted so much to make her climax. Finally she moaned as she climaxed over and over, then rubbed my hair in a tender gesture of thanks.

They made their dinner while I was kneeling on the floor with my balls tied to the string attached to the immovable sofa leg. They thought of a new torment as they started eating. They would hold a piece of meat or bread just beyond my reach knowing I was starving. My hunger made me pull painfully on the string tied to my balls so I could grab just one bite of food. They all laughed enjoying my torment. After dinner they set a bowl of food on the floor just beyond my reach and watched me struggle. After an hour Cindy took pity and shoved the bowl closer with her foot. They watched me gulp the scraps like a starving dog and thought it was funny.

Cindy led me into the room where I had stayed last night. She fastened my wrist-irons in front of me again and had me lie face up on the rug. She tied my wrist and ankle cuffs to eye-bolts in the floor so that I was spread-eagled on the rug and completely vulnerable to her desires. She removed her top, shorts, and panties. She sat with her sex pushing on my mouth and I excitedly began to lick and pleasure her until she climaxed. "Now, let me give you some pleasure my sexy Slaveboy!" She started by kissing me on the lips and all over my neck and face. Moved to licking my armpits and slowly down to my nipples playing with them until I struggled to be free of the overpowering pleasure of her touch. She rubbed, caressed and kissed my feet which was intense and the pleasure only amplified by my bondage. She began rubbing my abs then gently stroked my cock as it became harder and harder. She sucked my cock until I almost came then pinched it to stop my orgasm. She put a condom over my cock and lubed me up. Her gentle touch on my cock drove me wild. She mounted me and pushed the tip of my hard cock into her sex, she moved rubbing just the head of my cock against her sensitive spot, after she moaned with contentment she said,"OK, Slaveboy, it's all up to you." I pushed my member deep into her and began thrusting, I pushed faster and harder, trying to hold back but couldn't slow my desires. Faster and faster until I began shooting over and over into the condom. At last exhausted and satisfied, I stopped, she withdrew and carefully removed the condom. She held it to my lips and let it drip into my eager mouth then she kissed me long and deep and hugged be for a long time. She got up and touched my face, "Goodnight, Slaveboy. I really enjoyed that, see you tomorrow."

12-29-2009, 04:13 AM
FANTASTIC STORY!! It is at the same level as storys on nifty.org and other sites, you have a real gift, I'm looking forward to more updates :)

Star Shadows
12-29-2009, 05:46 AM
That was awesome! yet another brilliant post.

01-09-2010, 03:32 PM
The shock from my slave training collar woke me. I was alone, disappointed that Cindy had not joined me to cuddle. I rushed into the john to take a shit, piss, and drink a lot of water before I started another day of slave labor. I couldn't help stopping to admire myself in the mirror: a dark golden tan all over my naked body, hair bleached by the sun so it was almost blond, every muscle sharply defined, red marks on my back as emblems of my ordeal. Really, I was happy, I had overcome a tough challenge and was proud of myself. Only three more truck loads of fill to move, no problem. I noticed the window was still pretty dark, I wondered if the collar went off too soon.

I went through the door, a steady cold rain was falling from a dark cloud covered sky. I began loading the wheelbarrow immediately, I wanted to start exerting myself and generating heat. The fill was muddy and stuck to the shovel and it seemed to take forever to fill the damn thing. The path was covered by a layer of mud, it was even harder to push the heavy load up the hill. My bare feet slipped in the soft goop and I had to dig my toes in to get a grip. Even when I crested the hill I had to strain to keep the wheelbarrow moving on the soggy grass. I dumped the load and made the return as fast as I could in these miserable conditions. Without the load, I started feeling the cold and was shivering by the time I was ready to shovel in the next load. I knew the only way for a naked hard labor slave to survive this cold drenching rain was to work full tilt every minute and hope that the day would end before I dropped from exhaustion. After a dozen runs, my body was completely covered with reddish-brown mud. I looked like the pictures you see of guys after wrestling in mud. My feet ached from the wet cold, it wasn't cold enough for frostbite but the cold made my bare feet burn with pain.

I kept working for I knew I couldn't afford to not to get any food today. The sky became a little lighter and it seemed to get warmer. The slave labor was hard and I worked in a trance. As I struggled up the hill again I feel the sharp pain of the whip on my back. I looked back and saw Cindy dressed in a long wet T-shirt and barefoot in the mud, she smiled as she gave me another lash, "I had to come out and give my Slaveboy some encouragement, I don't want you to have to starve tonight!"

"Thanks, I appreciate that! It feels good that you are out here with me, Mistress." It's hard to believe but I really meant that because coming out in the rain and whipping me is her way of showing that she likes me. Loves me? I did more runs and despite the rain was dying of thirst. On the next run I noticed a container next to her and yelled as I passed her, "Mistress Cindy, may I have some water, please Ma'am?"

She yelled back, "I don't have my watch so I'll have to judge for myself when you make a 4 minute run!"

On next few runs, the pain from the whip told me I wasn't trying hard enough. I made one last effort, straining every second, my toes gripping into the mud, every muscle aching, striving with all my strength for the approval of my mistress. She signaled me to stop then grabbed and hugged my wet, dirty, naked body, "You're so cute and strong and I love to kiss you in the rain!" She pressed her lips against mine and thrust her tongue deep into my mouth, I hugged her the best I could with my wrists in chains. The feel of the cold steel of my chains seemed only to excite her more. Her perfect body in a wet T-shirt turned me on and I quickly sprouted a boner. Finally she broke away and gave me the water. She had heated it, it was warm like tea so I wouldn't get chilled. When I finished I thanked her for the warm water and told her it really helped. She gently stroked my rock hard cock, "Keep pushing and maybe I'll think of some other ways to encourage you!"


I did another dozen runs, passing her in that wet T-shirt kept my cock hard and encouraged me to keep moving fast. The next time she wasn't on the hill but was standing on the grass, She signaled me to stop. She reached down by the water container and put something in her hand, She stripped off her T-shirt and stood completely naked smiling. She hugged and kissed me longer and harder than before and my cock grew even harder. She still held something in her hand. I watched as she ripped open the condom and gently rolled it onto my throbbing cock. Stroking my cock she told me, "A dozen good fast runs and you'll get your reward! Trust me." I struggled and exerted myself to the absolute limit. My cock throbbed harder each time I passed my beautiful mistress standing naked in th soft rain. My drive for sexual release pushed me to super human effort. I was ecstatic when she stood in front of me and we quickly embraced and kissed deeply. I gently lowered her down to the soft grass and knelt over her. I leaned down and kissed and slowly sucked her breasts. I moved to her cunt and gently stoked it with my tongue, She became more and more excited, moaning and pleading for me to enter her. I lowered my body against hers being careful that my chains didn't hurt her. I entered with just the tip of my cock and thrust gently in and out but only less than an inch. I kissed her and thrust my tongue hard into her mouth, She begged: Harder! Faster! More! My cock thrust harder and faster, I lasted longer than I ever had and erupted more forcefully than ever before. We hugged and kissed on that soft wet lawn under the gently rain for a long time. Finally we got up, she removed the swollen condom, held it to my lips and let my cum empty into my mouth then we kissed, mingled our juices, and swallowed. We laughed when we saw that she was now as muddy as me.

I felt a painful shock from the slave training collar. Tom waved from the patio where he was sitting under an umbrella. "Kids, I think we better end playtime or Slaveboy will be pretty hungry tonight!" Tom kept pushing me with shocks from the collar. Turning the device to maximum when I would collapse from exhaustion to force me to get up and continue. As the sky started to darken, I realized that it was going to be close. The pile from the truckload looked too large to finish. I exerted my aching body but when the sun set there were still maybe a dozen wheelbarrow loads left. Tomorrow would be hell. Weak from hunger I would have to finish this truckload first and then do another complete truckload.

Tom took me to pool shower and I rinsed all the mud off before entering the house. Cindy greeted me and told me that it would be my job to cook and serve them dinner tonight. This was lucky, I would be able to sneak some food while cooking and cleaning up. "I know what you're thinking my Slaveboy! But you know how much I love to torment you. " She took a roll of duct tape and wrapped the tape around the bottom of my head covering my mouth completely. Your torment will be smelling, seeing, and touching food for the next couple hours but not being able to eat any!"

She had me make a mouth watering salad. I cooked steaks and baked potatoes. I struggled to swallow all the saliva that was filling my mouth. Of course, they insisted I cook a cake for dessert and cover it with frosting. 24 hours since I last ate any food and another 24 hours before my next meal and that meal didn't seem very likely. Smelling, touching, cooking food while starving was a fiendish torment. I served the food to them sitting fully clothed at the table while I was completely naked. The girls humiliated me while I served them by playing with my cock, balls, and any other sensitive part of my body. I had to endure this because I was just their slave.

After I had cleaned up dinner, Tom took us to the room with the bare floor and removed the duct tape from my mouth. "I really want you to complete your task tomorrow so I an going to give you your other present from Jason's master tonight."

Tom handed me the smaller package that came with the slave training collar. I opened the package and took out what looked like a small copy of the slave training collar, only about the size of a heavy wristwatch, I suddenly understood,"This is a training collar for my cock! Please Sir, have pity on me!"

"Stand still while I lock it on!" I stand still as he locks the device around the base of my cock behind my balls. "Let's see how it works!" I twisted and writhed as the cock shocker gave a painful shock to the base of my cock. Cindy is fascinated by how the shocks caused my cock to get hard and played with the device for a long time torturing me. She determined the level that made my cock the hardest, too strong shocks and I lost my erection. They toy with me more than a hour before getting bored.

They leave me to fall asleep on my rug. Cindy wakes me as she comes in to cuddle, "You are so strong, I know you will be able to do it tomorrow." We fall asleep in each other's arms.

Star Shadows
01-10-2010, 10:13 AM
OMG this story just keeps getting better and better Tiredguy!! Kudos to you.

01-10-2010, 10:42 PM
its tied not tired....

this story is really epic though! I know its been said before, but I agree this should be put in the best of getdare!!!!!

01-10-2010, 11:43 PM
Just read this entire story through at once. This is the best story on GetDare, and I hope it never ends. Will nominate it for best of GetDare once it is finished (that better never happen though).

Just one tip. Some of your paragraph's are kinda big, try splitting them up a bit. Just makes it easier to read, thats all.

01-20-2010, 07:17 PM
I was jolted awake by a wake-up shock from the slave training collar locked around my neck. I went to the john to take a shit, piss, and drink. I looked in the mirror and saw that I had lost a lot of weight. Every muscle stood sharply defined because of the absence of body fat. In three days slaving at hard labor, I had burned most of my reserves. I felt the hunger pain building in my gut and already. Today would be hell. I noticed the windows were dark. I doubted that I could not make it through another rainy day, damn my rotten shitty luck!

When I got outside, I saw the clear sky filled with stars and was puzzled. It was clear but cold, I was shivering by the time I reached the wheelbarrow and shovel. The moon was almost full and clearly lit the path. Cindy greeted me, "Hi Slaveboy! I thought we would start a little early today to give you a better chance. It's 2:30 AM which gives you an extra three hours to work. I feel like if I hadn't distracted you yesterday you would have made it and got your dinner. But I really enjoyed you fucking me on the grass and I hope you felt it was worth it. To make it up, I will be encouraging you all day long!"

"Yes, Mistress, fucking you in the rain was worth going without food. It was the best thing in my life. I know I have to earn my dinner tonight or I'll be in deep shit. Thanks for coming out to encourage me, Mistress", I looked at the long black whip in her hand, "I think!"

She watched me shivering, "You better start moving before you turn blue, Slaveboy!"

I filled the wheelbarrow with the sticky wet mud, the path was still slick and muddy. The only good thing was that it wasn't raining and I could hope for the warmth of the sun in a few hours. I slowed going up the hill but Cindy was behind me. Crack! Crack! Cindy laid two hard lashes on my back. I dug my bare toes into the mud and pushed as hard as I could to get up the hill. After several runs, I had built up enough heat to stop shivering but my bare feet in the wet cold mud hurt like hell, I prayed for the sun, it would warm the mud and ease the pain stinging my bare toes. Just the sight of Cindy with her whip was enough to speed me up that damned hill. Only a few times when I lagged did I feel the sharp crack of my Cindy's cruel whip on my back. Finally the sun came up and started to warm and dry the mud. Cindy kept me staining always at the limit of my strength. Once I was slow in filling the load with the shovel and was dropped to my knees by a painful shock from my slave collar. "Keep up the pace, don't get lazy just because I can't reach you with my whip!" I picked up the pace and struggled on. Hunger is a lot like sex, when you haven't eaten for over a day, all you can think of is food. As the sun moved higher, I was tormented by the smell of breakfast cooking each time I passed the house, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast. And for me, NOTHING!

Tom came out on the patio and arranged a recliner so he could see me on the entire path and placed a control on a table next to him. He told Cindy that he would take over while she had breakfast. I knew what that controller was for and dreaded it in Tom's hands. My bare feet slipped in the mud and I stopped to regain my footing on the muddy path, I screamed at the top of my voice as a searing pain zapped the base of my cock and balls. Quickly I picked up speed. More unendurable shocks followed until I was almost running with the heavy load. I was heaving for breath and dripping sweat in the hot burning sun. I pleaded for water and Tom told me I could stop the next time I got to the container at the edge of the path. "Don't worry, you must be exhausted, drink as long as you want!"

I lifted the water to my mouth and started gulping the refreshing water. Immediately painful shocks tormented my cock but I was so thirsty I continued to drink enduring the torture as I had no other choice.

Tom laughed, "Yea, drink as long as you like and as long as you can stand my pain."

I gulped my fill in agonizing pain and resumed the loops and a pace only possible because of the intense pain in my cock the shocks caused. I began to fall in exhaustion but Tom simply smiled dialed up the control and drove me to force myself up and struggling forward with even greater levels of pain.

At last, Sharon took Tom's place. She watched my body intently each time I passed her naked body sunning in the recliner. "Hey Boytoy, I love the way those things bounce as you run! Let's see if I can make your cock hard." She messed with the control giving me tingling then sharp shocks and finally she found the perfect setting and my cock turned into a rock hard boner that swung from side to side as I struggled with the heavily loaded wheelbarrow. "How does it feel now?"

"Ma'am, it's feels weird the way it is so heavy and swinging. But it sort of feels good! Thanks. Ma'am, I'm getting pretty horny and I have to do anything you ask so just ask and my boner's all yours!"

"Tempting my sexy little slave, but keep working hard for now. Later, if it looks like you've got time to spare, I might take you up on that!" she yelled. She isn't actually easy on me and jolts me anytime I pause but she keeps me at a pace I can manage an recover a bit from Tom's slave driving pace.

After an hour or so Cindy comes back. She still prefers her whip and keeps me struggling up that damn hill at a good rate. The lashes from the long black whip snap on my back whenever I hesitate. I know she is watching my cock swing every time I pass her. When I stopped to drink she gently stoked my boner until I could barely stand it. Then she gave my cock a hard painful slap and sent me on my way. Unfortunately Tom soon took his turn taking a fiendish pleasure in seeing how hard he could drive my exhausted body.

So it continued, Tom driving me to exhaustion, Sharon, followed by Cindy allowing me to recover a bit then back to Tom's torment. Soon the pile from the truckload was pretty small and I knew I would succeed. Sharon noticed also, "Sexy Slave, looks like we've got time for a sex break! Come over here and let me look at you." She was lying naked on the cushion, I stood in front of her while she adjusted the control for the electro cock ring locked to the base of my cock just right so the tingling shocks produced the biggest hardest boner I had ever had. She looked pleased and began stroking my boner which felt sooo good. She rolled a condom on me, put the control on the table, and held her arms open wide to welcome me. I got on top of her and hugged her. She told me to go slow. I spent a lot of time with just the tip of my cock inside her and gently stimulated all her special spots. We kissed deeply. She began moaning with pleasure, "Now deeper, deeper, I want all of you. I slowly eased all the way in and began to thrust, slowly at first then faster and faster as passion drove us. She started groaning as she climaxed. I knew I was about to cum. Suddenly, I felt a jolt in my cock as an intense shock surged from that damn thing locked to my cock. My involuntary reaction was to pull out, my erection disappeared, I saw laughing Tom with the control in his hand.

"You guys should know better than that! This slave still has a lot of work to do and nothing gives a guy more energy and drive than sexual frustration. Take that condom off and get back to work!" Well. I sure was frustrated now. I felt powerful painful shocks in my groin as I hurried to get back to work end end the pain. Hunger was burning a hole in me, my muscles ached and only determination and painful shocks to my groin kept me moving. My bare feet were hurt and swollen from the hardened mud of the path. Cindy was right about the extra time, I finished the truckload well before sunset and made a good start on the final truckload for tomorrow.

Food wasn't the only thing I was starved for, the interrupted sex with Sharon left me starved for sex. Sharon didn't need to set the electro cock ring controller to give me a boner, it had been huge and hard since shortly after Tom interrupted our sex with that painful electric shock. Cindy led me to the patio and had me stand under the shower to wet my body then ordered me to stand still while she and Sharon soaped me up, my nipples, my ass, my hard cock, my balls. Every sensitive spot got special attention, I only desired to cum and they delighted in teasing me, bringing me to a peak of excitement, but being sure not to let me cum, Finally they turned the shower full on cold and had me stand under it until I was shivering. Even that didn't bring down my boner. Cindy turned the shower off, had me stand next to the pool in the warm breeze until the air slowly dried me off. I think watching me stand there naked in the glowing twilight really turned her on.

Once I was inside, Cindy wrapped some duct tape around my mouth, "You were such a great cook last night, we want you to cook again tonight." They all laughed, they knew hunger was practically driving me mad and it would be hell to see, smell, and touch delicious food without being able to eat. Cooking and serving was much worse than last night because I hadn't eaten now for almost 48 hours. The girls delighted in playing with my boner and teasing me while they ate.

As I was cleaning up, Cindy ordered me to put all the leftovers through a blender so that there was just a evil looking paste left that I dumped into a plastic basin. That would be my dinner, I didn't care. I just wanted food, I didn't care how it looked as long as I could eat. They told me to spread out a plastic sheet and then place the basin with the food on it. I guessed they thought I would be pretty messy after a couple days without food. Tom ripped the duct tape off my mouth.

Cindy had me stand and then teased me by playing with my nipples and balls until I was rock hard. She grabbed my balls and pulled down hard, I struggled to stand still like a good slave. She wrapped twine around my balls with her other hand until my balls felt very tight and sensitive. She crossed the center and separated my balls with the twine making them feel so tight I could barely stand it. She played and toyed with my sensitive balls until I was almost ready to cum. I knew what would come next, I was surprised she wasn't more creative. She tied my the cord to the leg of the sofa, I crawled to get the food, Hunger was driving me mad, I strained to reach the food, the cord pulled my balls painfully but I tried until I was in agony. Cindy said, "Oh, my poor Slaveboy, he can't reach his food. Let's draw straws to see who will be first to help our little slave eat."

They drew straws, Sharon was first, then Tom, and Cindy last. Cindy explained to Sharon, "Oh that's gross! Really humiliating for Slaveboy. But maybe it would be sort of sexy and fun." Tom put a chair behind the basin which was filled with food in a gooey paste. She sat in the chair, put her feet in the food and moved them around until they were covered with brown sticky edible goop. Talk about something looking like shit, that really did look like shit. Sharon raised and extended her shapely legs toward me, By pulling hard on the string attached to my balls I could barely reach her feet with my mouth. Maybe the goop covering her delicate feet looked like shit but to someone who hadn't eaten in two days, it smelled delicious. I licked the top of her feet clean. Sharon held out the bottoms of her feet and giggled as I eagerly cleaned the food off with my darting tongue. She extended her toes toward me and I slowly sucked each toe clean then my tongue darted into the spaces between her toes to remove any remaining food.

Tom was next. With him it was just domination over a miserable submissive. I've done lots of things that Tom commanded but this was the most revolting. I watched as he moved is dirty feet around the basin covering the dirt with the sticky shit-colored food paste. My stomach was craving food no matter how, when he extended his feet I lapped them clean like some kind of dog. The only good thing was that his feet were big and were covered with lots of food. I couldn't help but notice the bulge growing in his shorts. Even when they're straight, boys like playing with boys in kinky ways.

Cindy was last. First she stripped off all her clothes slowly item by item and stood naked before me. She reached down and tousled my hair, "You are so cute and desperate my helpless little slave. I so want you to worship my beautiful feet. Go slow and tenderly, make love to my feet." With Cindy it wasn't humiliating, in was pure sex in a kinky way. Licking slowly the tops, caressing the soles of her feet with my tongue. Savoring each delicate toe and the secret crevices between the toes. She dipped her feet again and again and I lovingly and caressed them with my tongue and mouth. I was almost disappointed when the food was gone. My hunger for food was satisfied but my hunger for sex was at a new peak. Cindy untied the cord from the sofa.
I stood up and the feel of her hands moving over my balls as she untied them, drove me wild. Cindy led me by my chains to the room where I slept on the rug, "Goodnight, guys! Slaveboy and I will see you tomorrow."

Cindy and I joked about my boner and desperation to have sex as we took a shower together. We soaped each other slowly. It was torment feeling her soft hands all over my body but it was heaven, too. As we dried each other with soft towels, she asked how I would like to have sex. I told her I wanted to do it dog style from behind her, me kneeling, her on all fours with her ass to me. As she rolled a condom on me, she told me after today, I deserved my reward. We got into position on the rug, I was determined to take it slow. Fortunately the foot worship and shower had Cindy almost as excited as me. I held her hips tightly and entered her. Immediately she said all the way all the way in. She moaned, and pleaded faster, I moved faster and harder in an out, we were consumed by passion. I couldn't hold back, she moaned in pleasure as I shot cum into the condom over and over until at last I was emptied. Satisfied, I withdrew and we lay together in each other's arms and soon were in a deep contented slumber.

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01-22-2010, 08:57 AM
I am sure that every time I read this I think it can't get any better and then it does, so I am just goint to say congrats on another excelent post.

01-24-2010, 03:39 PM
Great Story!!! Hurry up and post another chapter.

02-19-2010, 09:04 AM
I was shocked awake by the training collar locked around my neck. I quickly kissed Cindy and went to the john to piss and shit. I looked in the mirror and liked the rugged look that days without shaving gave my face. When I got outside, I could see the sky was clear and it would be sunny as soon as the sun came up. Today would be a piece of cake, I had eaten my fill last night and felt strong. I had only about 2/3 of the last truckload to move. As I was about to start loading the wheelbarrow with fill, Cindy came out and ordered me to stand at attention. "Slaveboy, you know how I love handicrafts. Last night I looked around and found a few things that I thought would be just the right jewelry for you to wear so you would look especially good on your last day. I wanted something that would make your tanned chest look especially sexy. " I knew I was in trouble when I saw a cute sadistic smile on her face and it was obvious that she was holding something behind her back. "I found an 18 inch piece of steel chain that was sort of heavy. That seemed a good start."


"I looked around some more and found a couple of binder clips."


"I fastened a binder clip to each end of the heavy chain to make something real special for my lover-boy." She took the heavy chain with two strong binder clips fastened to the ends from behind her back. I gasped in horror. I knew she would clip it to my nips. Just standing would be painful but I understood that with each step I took the heavy chain would swing and tug the clips pinching my nips. I tried to be macho and stoic when she put one clip on my right nip. I could not help but moan in pain when she clipped the other one to my left nip and the full weight of the heavy chain hung painfully from my pinched nipples. "Slaveboy, don't even think of pulling my present off. If you did I would have to think of a more secure way of fastening the heavy chain to you nips, probably that would involve piercing and steel rings. On second thought I sort of like the idea, hope I get a chance to try it. You do look sexy with that chain. Can't wait until you are finished so I can fuck you! Turn around." I turned around. "Cute little ass - so tempting!" When I felt the sting of her whip on my ass I jerked and the jerk swung the heavy chain which tugged my nipples and multiplied the pain of the whip. She laughed at my predicament and gave me a few more lashes. "It's so much fun tormenting a cute slaveboy but it is time for you to get to work, start moving!" She punctuated her command with a final painful lash to my ass.

Every movement I made, shoveling the fill into the wheelbarrow, lifting the handles, pushing the heavy load, caused the chain to swing which inflicted sharp intense pains to my pinched nipples. Each step bounced the chain, by the time I dumped the load and returned back for another load I was in agony. I wanted to pull the damn things off but knew the torture that would result. I tried moving slow and gentle so the chain would not swing so hard but a few lashes from Cindy's whip corrected me and I forced myself to maintain a fast pace despite my agony. As I came to the hill, I looked at Cindy. She had a sinister smile, she enjoyed watching me suffer, my pain excited her, i couldn't stop thinking about have sex with her. The way she dominated me and tormented me really turned me on. She grabbed my hard cock and gave it a tug as I passed her, "Suck it up Slaveboy! The faster you move the sooner we can put that thing to good use!" It was getting hot so the next time I said I needed a drink, she laughed and said Tom will have something for you to drink after he finishes his breakfast. I continued almost in a daze from the pain the chain caused tugging at each step on the clips attached to my nips. But the pain also excited me and made me want to finish fast so I could have sex with my mistress.

The sun was very hot by the time Tom replaced Cindy as slave driver. I didn't see that he had brought any water but I asked him for a drink anyway. "Sure, Ken, I will give you a drink. Just kneel down and open your mouth."

I was puzzled but followed his orders and knelt before him with my mouth open. I understood when he droped his shorts, aimed his cock, and pissed directly into my mouth. As a slave, I had no choice but swallowed the warm sour fluid as quickly as I could trying not to barf it up. He laughed at my humiliation, "I drank a lot of water so it should be pretty clear. Anytime you want more, just ask!" Although the thought of drinking some guy's piss is pretty gross, it did the job and quenched my thirst. Tom encouraged me with painful shocks from the training collar around my neck and the one attached behind my balls. He got me moving at top speed by inflicting worse pain by shocks to my cock and neck than the heavy chain inflicted on my nipples, I knew the only way to end this torment was to finish the last truckload as quickly as I could. Sweating, dirty, tears of pain flowing, I struggled on. Twice the hot sun drove my thirst to the point I had to ask Tom for another drink. I can still picture kneeling on the hard ground looking up into Tom's wicked smile, opening my thirsty mouth, watching him drop his shorts, starring at his cock for that vile liquid I needed so desperately to start flowing, shoot into my mouth, and relieve my extreme thirst.

When I dumped my last load of fill, it must have been just past noon. I thought my hell was over but I knew from Tom's expression as he lead me to the grassy area near the pool that my torment would continue a longer. Tom ordered me to lie on my back where four strong stakes were driven into the grass and had ropes attached to them. He tied two of the ropes to the steel cuffs on my wrists and pulled them tight spreading my arms in a "V". Next he tied the other two ropes to the cuffs on my ankles stretching my legs into a "V" also. I was helplessly staked out spread-eagle in the broiling sun. The pain from the clips pinching my nipples was unbearable but I had no choice but to endure it. I could watch the others by the pool eating lunch, drinking iced drinks, and playing in the cool water of the pool. Occasionally someone would come over and torment me: a stroke with a bamboo cane on my bare vulnerable feet, a few lashes with the whip, a tug on the chain clipped to my nips. Sometimes, someone would just touch the controls for the electro shock collars on my neck and behind my balls to convulse me with pain. I pleaded with Tom for a drink but he laughed, "You're not working now so why would you need a drink?" The heat was horrible, the pain intense, but I shouldn't be too hard on my friends because my rock hard boner pointing straight up to the sun was telling them that this agony was a real turn-on for me and I just wanted more and more!

A long gentle kiss to the head of my rock hard cock jolted me out of the daze of heat and pain. I looked into the eyes of my mistress and could see desire. "Tom and Sharon are inside so we can have some time alone. I really love the way you handle the pain I inflict on you." She stood up and slowly, seductively stripped off her clothes until she stood tanned, beautiful, and completely nude before my eyes. See straddled my chest and caressed my hair then gently pulled my mouth to her cunt. "Slaveboy, make me feel so good that I can't help giving you everything you want!" My tongue slowly and tentatively began exploring her crevice. As she became moist, it moved faster and harder. It found her clitoris and concentrated on that erogenous area and soon Cindy was moaning in ecstasy. "That's so good, just a little longer!" I worked harder alternating between her clit and thrusting my tongue inside her. She became even more excited. I still felt the agony from broiling in the hot sun and the painful clips on my nips but the agony seemed far away from my desire to please Cindy and made the oral sex more exciting.

"Yes, yes, oh you're so good" she screamed and then moved back and straddled my legs. She kissed my face, then my chest, she began licking my armpits, "Nothing beats the taste of a hot horny boy!" She gently licked my nips around the clips, the sensation was intense, "I'd love to take these off now but your pain is what will make our sex so special!" She kissed my abs then began licking my boner like a lollipop, I began to tense up, "Not yet Loverboy, I'm going to edge you over and over until you are begging for me!" She rolled on a condom which encouraged me because I knew it meant there would eventually be release. She started again kissing my face, my armpits, my nips, my abs, my boner. I struggled against the steel cuffs holding me spread-eagle on the grass in the hot sun trying to escape the exciting stimulation. Over and over she repeated the drill and I struggled more and more against my bondage.

She mounted my cock, allowing just its tip to enter her. She moved up and down so slowly, I started to hump, she jerked the chain attached to my nips, a shock of pain shot through me, "I'm in control slave, lie still and enjoy!" She kept moving slow very slow but deeper and deeper until I was completely inside her. She began kissing me harder. She began moaning, She pulled the chain and tugged my nips but now the pain just brought me to a new level of excitement, "Now! Go for it, Slaveboy!"

I began to thrust hard and fast. The pain from my nips excited me but also prevented me from cumming for a long time. I thrust hard and deep in extreme lust desperately working to get release. Harder and faster savoring Cindy's kisses until at last I felt my abs tense and started shooting load after load of cum while she screamed in satisfaction. It was over, we were still. She kept me in her while she removed the clips from my nips and threw the heavy chain aside. I jerked at the new pain that hit once the clips were removed but this soon began to fade. We lay together contented in her embrace. As the sun got lower, she pulled out, carefully removed the condom, held it to my lips, and let my cum slowly drip into my mouth. She kissed me deeply to share my cum.

Cindy untied the ropes which held me spread-eagle and led me inside to the room where I had slept. She unlocked my wrist and ankle cuffs and threw these aside then she removed the slave training collar from around my neck and last of all removed the electro collar from behind my balls. She took my hand and led me to her room. We showered together in her luxurious bathroom then soaked in her whirlpool bath for a long time which eased the pains racking my body from my ordeal. "You will now be my sex slave and we will sleep here together the rest of the week." Things now were back to normal, as a slave I had to be naked all the time but by now I was used to that and sort of liked showing my naked body off. We sunned and played on the beach, we played getdare, unfortunately as the slave, I had to do most of the dares. That wasn't really bad since they mostly involved sexually satisfying my friends which is something I love to do. On the way back to school I began to think that when the school year is over and the lost dare which made me Tom's slave was over that just possibly Cindy and I could have a full time kinky mistress-slave relationship.

02-24-2010, 08:26 AM
fantastic cheers tiedguy

03-07-2010, 06:27 PM
The lights flashed in the library where I had been studying telling me that it was closing time. I got my books together and left by the smooth cool marble stairs in front of the classical building. I felt the stars because I was barefoot and I liked the way they felt. I had been going barefoot every day, wearing only cutoffs, no underwear, and a ragged T-shirt since I lost the dare to my roommate the first week of my freshman year and became his slave for the year. When I entered our room, I stripped off my shirt and cutoffs and hung them on hooks. Tom wanted me naked, as a slave should be, whenever I was in our room.

Tom looked up from his laptop, "Stand up straight, let me get a good look at you. I almost forgot, you are one handsome dude since you did all that hard labor out in the hot sun last week. This is just perfect for you! Take a look!"

I went over at looked at Tom's screen. He had been looking at some older dares on getdare.com and I read the dare he was talking about:

Be a Porn Star Dare (18+)
Apply online to be a model in a porn video at an adult site. Many X-Rated sites have a page for people interested in being in their videos and are interested in both male and female models. Often they will pay for travel and expenses. A great way to spend your spring break!

I saw the glint of excitement in Tom's eye and he laughed when he saw my reaction, "That's what I like about you, Ken. You are even more into weird challenges than I am. Let's look at some of our favorites sites and pick the best one for you!" Tom Googled "Male Bondage" and started to bring up sites. There was a femdom site with a video showing a guy tied between two posts in an old barn arms and legs stretched out. His balls were bound up with one end of the cord tied to a bolt in the floor pulling his balls painfully. A girl dress in leather strummed the cord tormenting the guy. She blindfolded him and whipped his ass with a flogger. We looked at another site where the scenes involved a naked bound guy being tormented by another young guys dressed only in Levis, no shirt and barefoot. I liked the video where the naked guy was tied so the soles of his bare feet were exposed and the master caned the slave's bare feet until the slave promised to do anything and was forced to suck his young master's cock.

"Hey Tom, we could star together in a video on that site!" Tom was not amused and told me to bring up the site I was always watching. I clicked the bookmark for "bondage slave". The pictures showed young men bound or cuffed helplessly in a basement dungeon being tormented in various ways. Whipped, flogged, stretched on a bondage rack, suspended from the rafters, clips of various types and sizes on their nips, balls, cocks. Butt plugs and dildos forced into their tight asses. The slaves were always alone enduring their agony, only occasionally would the arm of the master yielding a whip or the master's hand playing with and teasing the helpless slave's cock be shown. We watch a video of a slave being chained to the rough stone wall of the basement dungeon. Arms and legs were spread and locked into leather cuffs. A rope was tied tightly around the slave's balls and a large hook was knotted below. Steel wights were gradually hung on the hook. The pain of each added weight hanging from the slaves balls showed in the slave's eyes and his hopeless struggles against his bondage. The slave's body glistened with sweat from the torment and his struggles. Next the master takes clothespins and runs a line down the tender skin inside the slave arms, continues the clothespins through the slave's sensitive armpits. Tears form in the helpless slave's eyes and the lines continue to his vulnerable nips. The master's hand carefully places the pins on the nips to inflict the maximum pain. At last the slave screams in agony. The master ignores the screams and continues the two lines to the belly button where the lines join and march down the writhing slave's cock. Carefully placing each pin on the head of the cock for maximum agony, the master is finished. We hear the master's footsteps and hear him settle in a comfortable chair to watch the torment of this vulnerable and helpless young man. We watch for a half hour as the slave struggles in agony finally passing out from the torment. The screen flashes "Next Week, the Bondage Rack!"

"No question, this is the site you want to model for so let's look at what you have to do" Tom said as he clicked the "Want to be a Model" link.

Want to model for us?
We are looking for young, well-built guys to feature in videos for our site. We are located in mid-western city and will fly in models we really want to use.

Send in some pics showing you nude or nearly nude. We need to see your face and full body, front and back. Include your email address so we can follow up with you about pay and other specifics. Tell us your age. You must be 18 years of age or older to be considered as a model for our site. All models must present proof of age in the form of an official ID (driver's license, state ID, or passport) at the time of the shoot. Pay varies according to how great your body is and what we do in the shoot.

Our models are straight and gay. Some are really into bondage, others just want to show off or get a check. All we ask is that you be hot and eager to appear on our site. If you think you've got what it takes to be a Bondage Boy, e-mail us using the link below.

Master Kurt and staff

Tom thought about the pictures and felt it would be better if they showed me in bondage. Tom tied my wrists with French bowlines and suspended me by my arms from the pull-up bar so that my toes barely touched the floor. As usual when put into bondage, I sprouted a huge boner. "That's perfect, let me take one from more of an angle to really show off your boner." He took a picture of me from behind but felt something was missing. He took his whip and made red welts over my ass and back, took another picture an was satisfied. He took a shot of my face then said I needed another showing me in pain. Tom clipped a couple large metal clips on my nips, the expression of pain on the shot of my face pleased him. I sat down and wrote my e-mail applying to be a "Bondage Boy".


Master Kurt;

I am really into being a bondage slave and suffering intense pain. I have been my roommate's slave since the start of the year and have learned much about being a good slave from him. As you can see from my pictures, I have a pretty good body. Tom, my master, told me to mention that I almost always get a boner when I am tortured in bondage. I have watched the videos on your site for the last few months and they really turn me on. I love to think about being a helpless slave inside your well equipped dungeon and being tormented by an expert like yourself. With my good body and love of torture, I am sure I would be an asset to you.

I haven't seen anything on your site that I would consider off limits.

Am I correct that the models are really tortured and suffer and it is not just camera tricks and acting?

I have a few fantasies that I would like you to consider in your videos of me:
Outdoor bondage especially be tied suspended from trees
Extended bondage being held prisoner for 3 or 4 days in your dungeon enduring many torture sessions
Being suspended with my ass over a dildo which I cannot help impaling myself on when my arms weaken.
Inverted suspension

Who would monitor my torture to prevent injury?

I would be available for a session up to 4 days long anytime between April 9th and 18th.

What would the pay be?

Your Obedient Slave,

I attached the pics Tom had taken and sent the e-mail off.

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Slave Ken,

You forgot to include your age in your email. Unfortunately, I cannot discuss details until I know you are legal.

Master Kurt


I quickly supplied the missing information.

Master Kurt;

I sort of got too excited applying to be one of your models and slipped up. I am eighteen years old, my birthday is August 17th, 1991.

I have a valid driver's license for proof of age.

Your Obedient Slave,


About an hour after I sent Master Kurt my age, I received another email from him.

Slave Ken,

It is always good to hear from a satisfied viewer. While I make a good income from my site, I am really motivated by the opportunities it gives me to dominate and torment hot young slaves. Your email indicates that you are also motivated more by the opportunity to be dominated and tormented by an expert rather than by money alone.

Your photos are excellent and really sexy. Your master was correct to mention that you often get a boner when in bondage. Getting a long hard boner in a shoot makes the video much more appealing to our audience. Your master is to be complimented on the pics. The frontal shot showing you strung up and suspended from a bar taken at an angle to highlight your boner was extraordinary. The back shot showing the welts covering your back and ass was great. The face shot of you in pain gave me an idea of how good your video could be (don't tell me how your master caused the pain shown in your face I prefer to imagine how I could inflict such pain on you).

I prefer to shoot a video all at once with real torture and torment of the slave taking place as we shoot. Normally a shoot takes 4 or 5 hours and then is edited into the videos posted on my site. Unfortunately, all my subjects are not into pain and bondage to the extent you are. When this is the case, it is necessary to take short shots with the subject given time to recover. In your case I expect to torture you for real and for at least several hours at a time. Don't worry, you won't have to pretend to be in pain. It will be real!

We practice safe sex in all our scenes. My script editor, John Wilson, is present at all our scenes to advise on safety and to halt shooting immediately if he sees the possibility of danger or injury to the slave. While I am an experienced top, I know I can get too involved in a scene so I always have an independent responsible monitor present.

I love outdoor bondage with a slave suspended from trees or tied spread eagle with stakes driven into the ground. There is a private area on the farm I use for my studio that we could use. Unfortunately, we would be dependent on the weather in April. The temperature would probably be a little chilly about 50-60 degrees. I can picture you tied helpless enduring the chilly spring air in addition to the other tortures. On second thought, that might work out pretty good. I will make a decision on outdoor scenes based on the weather when you arrive.

Suspension above a dildo is definitely in my plans. Inverted suspension is always a special treat so it is also in.

I really get turned on tormenting hot guys like you. While my site usually does not show anal and oral sex, are you OK with anal and oral sex both receiving and giving?

Now for the pay. Normal shoots are paid $500 for 4-5 hours. Because you have such a great body, hopefully will generate a boner, and are interested in more intense scenes I will pay you $800 for the first shoot.

An extended session with you being my prisoner-slave for up to 4 days is a real temptation. Since it is also your desire I feel that if we would do an extended session the pay would be $1000 a day. We should both keep our options open and after the initial shoot we will extend the session to 4 days only if both of us want to extend.

Let me know if these terms are agreeable to you and I will arrange for an e-ticket to Madison, Wisconsin on April 14th returning on the 18th. My travel agent can change the return date if necessary.

We would begin shooting on the 14th. If you want I will discuss the details of the shoot with you before we start so you will know ahead of time exactly what is going to happen. Wear old clothes, worn Levis, old T-shirt, boxers or briefs, old shoes. I like my slaves to pick their own clothes so what you wear on the plane will be what is in the shoot. Your clothes will probably be damaged so wear only things you are ready to toss. We will give you replacements for your return trip. Remember to bring your driver's license!

Master Kurt


I showed Master Kurt's email to Tom. He agreed it was OK and told me to accept. He felt that trying to go through airport security in my usual attire (barefoot, cutoffs and no underwear) probably wouldn't work to well and reluctantly agreed to give me an old pair of Levis, worn gray briefs, old trainers and socks with holes in the toes. I clicked reply and typed my answer.

Master Kurt;

I ACCEPT! Can't wait to do the shoot. April 14th is fine, let me know the flight.

Basically I'm bi and into safe sex of any kind. I am really turned on by a strong man keeping me helpless in bondage and tormenting me so I guess we are a good fit. Oral and anal sex are OK as long as done safely. Once when my master and I were on an overnight bicycle ride, I was captured by a BDSM club. I wound up going through their initiation which lasted all day and night. The initiation involved me giving oral sex and submitting to anal sex. It was great!

I agree about waiting until after the first shoot and we know each other in person to decide if I will be your slave for 4 days. Meanwhile I will fantasize every night about being chained to the wall of your dungeon, all lone and scared, until you come to subject my helpless tired body to another session of torment.

I hope the weather works out for an outdoor shoot!

If it is OK with you, don't tell me about the shoot before. I don't want to know what you plan to do to me, I want to experience each scene as a real slave would. Not knowing what you will do to me really turns me on. Since I have seen nothing I couldn't take on your site, I'll rely on the monitor to keep me safe.

Your obedient slave begining April 14th,

The next day I got a reply:

Slave Ken,

I booked your flight it leaves at 6:30 on the 14th and Arrives in Madison at 9:05 AM. It is an E-Ticket and the number is A23456. Get to the airport a couple hours early so you have time to clear security. We will meet you at the exit from security and stop at the coffee bar to check your ID and sign contracts.

If the weather is OK, we will begin the shoot on the way to my dungeon. As you wish, I will let you imagine what we will do to your vulnerable body during the shoot.

I also have be fantasiing about keeping you in my dungeon for 4 days. The ways to keep you restrained in painful positions are endless and of course you will not be able to touch your cock at any time.


Tom woke me up at 3:30 on the 14th. I showered an put on the clothes Tom had given me. I wolfed down a snack I had saved from dinner last night and grabbed a little pack which didn't have much more than the bare essentials. I went downstairs to the front entrance where Cindy's car was waiting. Tom hugged me and slapped me on the back. "Good luck! I think you might need it."

I talked to Cindy excitedly all the way to the airport. I told her how scared but excited I was. She laughed when I told her how I hoped Master Kurt would keep me locked up in his dungeon for 4 whole days. "You are a hopeless pain slut, I hope this works out. I had this crazy idea that we could get a video camera and shoot our own femdom videos this summer. I would be the mistress and you would be the sub. We probably could make the web site ourselves. What do you think?"

"That sound great. Maybe I'll even be a video star by then and have a following."

As she dropped me off, we kissed and I entered the terminal to begin my porn star adventure.

I fell asleep on the plane and began to dream about the porn shoot. I woke when they announced prepare for landing and glanced down and noticed an obvious boner. The woman sitting next to me whose eyes where focused on my Levis laughed, "Must have been a great dream, hope I was in it!"

When the plan landed I followed the signs to the baggage claim. As I left the security area, I heard a call, "Hey Ken, ready to begin work on the video?" I looked and saw a tall body builder type guy dressed in a black leather jacket and reflective sun glasses, the kind like the sheriff wore in "Cool Hand Luke" so the prisoners could not see his eyes.

"Yes Sir! Master Kurt!" I answered.

He introduced me to the cameraman, John Wilson who would be the safety monitor, and a couple of other guys that would be helping out. We found a table at the coffee shop and Master Kurt checked my ID then I signed the contract. He asked me about my intitiation into the BDSM club and I told him the story. He slapped me on the back and said I was one hot dude. He told me to put my wallet and everything from my pockets into my back pack. He said He wanted John to hold all my stuff so it wouldn't get lost during the shoot. I put all my stuff into the pack and handed it to John. I knew it made sense so I wouldn't lose anything but it also made me feel vulnerable. He led us to a van and began to drive into the countryside. Kurt stopped at the side of a country road where a path led into the woods. "The sun is out and it should get up to 60 so we are going to do an outdoor shoot like you wanted. As you wished, I won't tell you what will happen, when we are ready, just hike down the path and we will do the rest."

The cameraman and one of the helpers went down the path. It was a bright April day, a little chilly when the wind blew, but no problem with my Levis on. The camera was ahead of me then one of the helpers approached me, "Is this the path to the road?"

I stopped, "Yeah it is, probably about 10 minutes..." I felt my arms grabbed and pinned behind my back. "Fuck you! Let me go!" I kicked, struggled, and yelled. My shoes came off.

Kurt ordered,"Sock-gag him!" The helper grabbed one leg and pulled the sock off my foot then grabbed my other leg and stripped that sock off also. He rolled them together and stuffed my dirty smelly socks into my mouth. I tried to force them out with my tongue but the socks filled my mouth and were stuffed in so tight I couldn't force them out. I could see the camera and at one level knew this was only acting but emotionally the feeling was that this was real and I was being captured and would be at their mercy. I was scared shitless.

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With my arms pinned behind my back the helpers forced me to walk to a flat spot at the bottom of a ravine beneath a large tree. They stopped and held me there while the master came up to me. I struggled kicking blindly at anyone close to me. Master Kurt smiled, "I like your spirit boy but we need to do something before someone get hurt." The master's solution was simple but effective. He grabbed my left foot when I tried to kick him and held it tightly causing me to be off balance, he took a length of hemp rope and tied several turns around my ankle, he put the other end around my neck and tightened it so my leg was pulled backward and tied a loop. "Let him go boys, he can't do anything now!" Balanced on one leg but now with my arms free, I took a swing at a helper but lost my balance and promptly fell to the ground to the laughter of the crew. "Help Slaveboy up and hold him so I can teach him a lesson!" He broke off a slender green branch and tested it by whipping it through the air. "I'm going to give you ten strokes on the bare sole of that leg I tied up and is now touching your ass and completely vulnerable." The first stoke seared with pain as snapped against the bottom of my bare foot. As he counted and the strokes found their mark each more painful than the last I could do nothing. The dirty socks in my mouth kept me from even from yelling in pain. When I looked at my master's eyes, I could only see my own reflection in his silver sunglasses. I had no idea what he was feeling. Was he enjoying this? Probably. The reflective sunglasses turned him from a person to an impersonal tormenting devil. Finally he reached ten and tears of pain were flowing down my face,"Learned your lesson, Slaveboy?" I nodded yes.

"Hold out your arms in front of you!" the master ordered. I held out my arms trying to keep my balance on one leg. He tied a French bowline with four or five turns to spread the pressure around my right wrist and repeated the process with my left wrist. The tight feeling of the rope cuffs binding my wrists was strangely comforting and exciting. They threw the other ends over a horizontal branch about five feet above my head. The guys pulled the ropes tight until I was supporting my weight with the untied foot on tip toes then tied to ends down. Master Kurt stepped back and left me to suffer alone before the camera. My arms formed a "V" above my head where I was suspended from the tree branch. Although my arms were strong from the sets of pull-ups Tom and I did every day I began to feel the strain in my arm and shoulder muscles. I pushed up higher on the toes of my one foot that touched the ground. I alternated up on my toes to relieve my arms then easing my foot putting all my weight on my arms. No matter what I did, the relief from intense pain was only momentary.

Then, one of the helpers, Bob, discovered my vulnerable tied up foot held tight behind my back and against my ass by the rope. He took each toe in turn pushing it back painfully and watched the pain peak in my eyes before moving to the next. He drew his fingernail slowly down the length of the sole of my foot and smiled when I flinched. He knew my weakness, I was intensely ticklish. We worked on hat foot endlessly while I struggled and strained helplessly against the ropes holding me helpless sweating despite the cool air.

Kurt had other plans for me. He waved Bob off, untied the rope from my neck so both feet now touched the ground, He tied tight rope cuffs around my ankles and spread my legs into a "V". Spreading my legs out put all my weight onto my arms as now my toes could barely touch the cold hard ground. I forgot about the camera and the shoot. This was real to me now, I was a captured slave and could expect no mercy. I hung there spread-eagle hanging from that tree branch for a long time, my agony increasing, trying to force the smelly socks out of my mouth so I could scream for help or maybe plead for mercy. It was hopeless, I had to silently endure. Being vulnerable and not knowing what to expect next excited me, I felt my cock pushing a bulge in my Levis.

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Master Kurt watched me struggle for a long time then spoke to his other helper, "Let me have your knife, Jack." Jack handed Kurt a large hunting knife which Kurt held close to my face, "I recommend that you keep very still, do you understand, Slaveboy?" I stopped struggling, held my roped suspended body motionless and nodded, vigorously. I was looking into the camera but needed no acting to produce the terrified look on my face. I felt my cock growing even harder, I might be terrified but this was to my perverted mind a real turn on. Kurt glanced at my fly and smiled a devious smile. He prodded my fly gently with the knife, "Can't wait to open this package." He began to gently trace with the point of the knife swirling lines on my bare feet. I held then motionless, I knew any movement would cause the sharp point to prick me. As he slowly traced lines down the bare skin of my arms, I shivered with excitement. "Easy Slaveboy, you don't want me to slip!" He lifted the bottom of my T-shirt with the sharp point and traced slow circles around my abs. He took the edge, stretchered out the T-shirt until the knife began to cut slowly, moved up to my neck, cut the collar, and the front of my shirt flapped open exposing my naked chest. The cold air on my nips sent excitement through my body. He plucked a hair from my nip and pulled it painfully tight then cut the hair with his knife. He continued tracing circles on my exposed chest, the circles centered on my nips and ever so slowly the circles shrank until he was tracing a slow small circle on the exquisitely sensitive skin of my nips. I was breathing hard and sweating, this guy really knew how to torment a slave. The circles started to widen and when the traced lines reached my shoulder, he cut off the arms of the shirt leaving me naked from the waist. He traced around my shoulders then moved to my back then concentrated on my sensitive armpits. Kurt handed the knife back to Jack and exchanged it for a black leather flogger. I starred at the heavy leather ribbons woven into a sturdy black handle. The slow steady hard painful stokes began on my abs. After each stroke I felt the pain peak before the next one landed. When my abs were burning he began on the tender skin of my arms then whipped my nips until they were searing in pain. I struggled against the ropes holding me trying to avoid the lashes but it did no good. Kurt moved to my back laying on stroke after stroke. It was hopless, I stopped fighting, dangled from my arms only moving involuntarily at the shock of each blow. Finally he paused, the camera moved back, showing me helplessly spread eagled suspended from a tree branch in a deserted wooded area. He left me sagging against my ropes, panting, terrified, and very excited for a long time. "That was a powerful scene! I need to focus on you helpless and vulnerable for awhile to give the viewers a change to catch their breath and at the same time build suspense as to what will happen next.

After a few minutes the master asked "I'd like to take that sock-gag out, I sort of miss hearing my slave suffer and beg but I can't have you yelling real loud. Can you take pain without yelling?" I eagerly nodded yes, anything to get the foul smelling socks out of my mouth.

He pulled out the filthy socks from my mouth and shot some water into my mouth from a water . I rinsed my mouth and swallowed the water. "Thank you, Master, Sir."

He took the knife from Jack, held it to my face and said let's get started. He traced circles on my abs then poked the bulge in my Levis. He mad a little cuts in the waistband then moved to my feet. He played with the knife on my bare feet then began slowly slitting the legs of my Levis moving first up the right side to the waistband then slowly slit the left side. He cut each slit almost all the way through then let me hang there awhile tracing the knife over my abs, he placed the knife in my mouth, I bit down on the blade and held it in my teeth like a pirate. "Hold this for me, I'll need it later. Don't drop it our you will be sorry!" I shook my head that I understood. He patted the bulge, "Looks like this guy needs some air so let's give him some." He grabbed the Levis from the top over my fly and pulled hard, they ripped in two leaving me hanging in just tight gray briefs with my boner tenting out. He took the flogger and worked up each leg until they were red and burning in pain. I struggled but suffered quietly. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't shout without dropping the knife. He flogged my back and arms then my abs and ended up on my nips. I flinched when he touched my chest with his finger, I understood now. The flogging was done to make my whole body sore and sensitive so that the lightest touch was painful. He took the knife from my mouth, "Remember to hold still if you move around you could cut yourself on the tip. No yelling or the sock-gag goes back in!"

"I understand , Sir. Don't move and suffer silently." He began tracing the tip of the knife up my legs, the feeling was intense almost painful but very exciting. He moved up my legs to my inner thighs next to my briefs. I began to breath hard, it was so stimulating. He worked all over my back, my abs, my armpits, my chest then concentrated on my sore burning nips. I had to hold myself motionless while being teased and excited me to the extreme, I was breathing heavy and fast, my cock was throbbing in my briefs forming a wet circle in the gray cloth. I pleaded, "Please Master Kurt, let me cum. I'll do anything you want!"

He laughed, "You have to do anything I command already, that's what a slave is for! But I like to hear you beg, Slaveboy, and you will be begging a long time before I even think of letting you cum!" He put the knife back in my mouth, the camera moved back to give the viewers another long look at me suffering suspended from a tree, wearing on tight gray briefs which are barely able to contain my throbbing hard-on.

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This was my dream come true, a strict master hanging me outdoors, slowly cutting off each scrap of clothes with a hunting knife. Being teased but unable to touch my cock and forcibly prevented from cumming. The building pain from my stretched arms and legs. The cold spring wind making my exposed body shiver. I loved it! Kurt removed the knife from my teeth, "I don't think I need to tell you, but this time you will have to be motionless while I open this package. " For emphasis he poked at the bulge in my briefs.

"I understand, I'm very attached to what is in that package, please be careful, Sir!"

"I'm always careful, Slaveboy, just don't move!" He traced a line from my neck down to my gray briefs. He inserted the knife along the side just below the waistband and slowly cut down through the leg hole. He continued, I felt the cold knife against my ass as he slit the briefs in back. He moved to the front, I felt the cold steel against my swollen cock as he slit the pouch holding my boner. He stepped back to admire his work. My briefs were in shreds, my cock poked out at an angle through the hanging stips of gray cloth. He placed the knife in my mouth and took the black leather flogger from Jack. I jerked in pain as the heavy leather strips bit into my tender ass, each stroke more painful then the last as my skin became more sore and sensitive. I panicked with fear as Master Kurt moved to the front. Blows landed on my legs next to my balls, lashes rained on my abs above my cock. I felt the air move from the leather thongs as be laid carefully aimed blows just under my balls. "Slaveboy, What still needs to be tenderized?" I hesitated. "Speak up boy, what did I miss?"

I was his slave, I had to answer him truthfully. "M-m-m-my C-c-c-cock Sir!" I stuttered with a look of terror in my eyes.

He reared back and wound up for a powerful stroke but almost stopped before the thongs landed. The shock of the flogger was extreme on my tender cock even though the blow was restrained. A half dozen lashes were sufficient to leave my cock red and throbbing in pain. However, if anything, the pain made my cock rise higher. Next he laid lashes on my balls, Only the knife I held in my mouth prevented me from screaming. At last he stopped but I knew what would happen when he removed the knife from my mouth.

He placed the tip of the hunting knife at my throat then slowly traced a line with the tip down to my pubic hair. Slowly, lightly he traced a line along the top of my cock to the very tip then down the underside to my balls. Believe me I was not moving a muscle. I felt the knife move over and around each ball. The light cold touch of the knife, the fear, the vulnerability, and the constant struggle to be motionless got me more excited than I had ever been before. He continued teasing for a long time, my breathing was fast, I felt like I was going to cum. "Let's take a break I'm not going to let you cum. That would be good for you but spoil all my plans!"

Kurt left me hanging there and went away as did everyone except the cameraman. But I didn't see the cameraman. My reality was the scene. The camera and other things that meant this was a video shoot did not even register. My breath slowed to normal, the spasms in my abs settled and with that the hope of being able to cum. My arms started to shake as the muscles fatigued after supporting my hanging body for so long. A steady pain from the floggings and stress of being suspended from my arms enveloped me, the pain was almost comforting. I watched a young man about my age dressed in Levis and a black T-shirt approaching me along the trail. I didn't even notice that he was Kurt's helper Bob. At first I thought he might help me. "F--k, what happened to you?"

" I was hiking and this big guy, Kurt, captured me and he and his friends are torturing me!"

He looked at my boner, "From the look of that, I sorta think that you might be enjoying being tortured at least a little bit! You know I have this fantasy about teasing a helpless sexy guy. " He began to slowly rub my cock from the base to the tip. "I would play with his cock. Masturbate him very slowly, enough to make him about to cum but not enough so he can cum." I writhed in pleasure and agony as he brought me to the edge but always denied me release. If my abs began to tighten as a sign I was at the edge he would cover my mouth with one hand to stifle my scream and pinch hard and painfully the head of my cock. The pain and shock would start my cock softening and end any thought of sexual release. He would slowly rub my cock to bring my erection back and start the process all over. "I think I hear someone returning, I better get out of here!" He grabbed my head, kissed me on the mouth, probing deep with his tongue, "Thanks buddy, this was great!"

Kurt came back, "I hope we weren't too long, it is sort of scary being all alone." He grabbed my cock and started tying one end of a rope around my balls, it was very tight and hurt a lot. He gave it a tug and was satisfied the rope wouldn't come off.

04-03-2010, 08:03 AM
The stress of my weight hanging from my arms by ropes tied to a tree branch caused the muscles to tremble from fatigue. The pain from the stretching was intense and continuous. Kurt untied the ropes. I lowered my ams, rubbed my wrists and sore muscles. "Thank you, Master Kurt, I don't think I could have taken the pain much longer."

Kurt tossled my hair and looked directly into my eyes, "Boy, you will soon learn that a slave has no choice but to take whatever pain his master gives him. No need for thanks, I was getting bored with the spread-eagle scene and thouht it was time for something new. Do you know what a predicament is, Slaveboy?"

"Yes, Master Kurt, a predicament is when you have only a couple choices and both the choices are bad."

"You're pretty smart. To demonstrate, I am going to put you in a predicament." My ankles had been tied so my feet were about shoulder width apart. He untied the ropes from my wrists. "Put your arms behind you!" He tied my wrists together behind my back leaving a long end to toss over the branch. He took the end of the rope tied to my balls and put it around a root then pulled it straight down and tight until I was squatting down to ease the shock of my balls being stretched. He adjusted it a little lower then tied the end off. He adjusted the rope from my wrists to the overhead branch until there was no tension unless I lowered myself all the way, then the tension pulled my arms up behind my back stretching my shoulder muscles painfully. He gave my ass a hard slap and laughed, "Now Boy, you are in a predicament!"

At first it wasn't bad. Tom and I did a lot of squats and my legs were strong. To pass the time, Kurt let Bob tease me. Playing with my cock and nips. Occassionally pinching my nip real hard so I would jerk up painfully pulling my balls. He would laugh then pinch the head of my cock to cause me to jerk again pulling my balls. I began to feel painful tension in my legs. I straightened my legs for a few seconds taking the pain in my balls so I could ease the strain in my legs. Kurt gave Bob the flogger and he whipped my ass and back unmercifully each lash causing me to jerk the rope holding my balls. Kurt waved Bob off, "We don't need anymore, we can just lie back and watch the pain predicament cause our Slaveboy to torture himself!"

I watched the guys lie down on the grass and watch as my agony slowly built. Squat until my legs shook. Up and stretch my balls until I couldn't take the pain any longer. Go way down until My shoulders felt like they would rip off. My choices of pain remained constant but the level of pain kept growing as my strength weakened. When I moaned loudly from my agony, Kurt stuffed the dirty socks in my mouth again. There was no way I could endure this trial without screaming. The level of torment took a quantum leap as my legs began to cramp. I had no choice put to stand up straight and put my balls in extreme pain. I was covered with sweat from my pointless struggles. My tormentors watched me, laughing at my hopeless exertions. Each new level of torture brought smiles of delight to their faces. My torment lasted a long time, I could see that it was getting late, the sun was weaker, the air colder. My naked body began to shiver from the cold air.

Star Shadows
04-03-2010, 09:09 AM
Once again a phenomenal post, you are such an awesome writer

04-03-2010, 08:48 PM
love it XD, one of the few stories that doesnt get old after a few posts

04-07-2010, 01:15 PM
Seriously unbelievable. Awesome job like always.

04-09-2010, 09:10 PM
This is my favorite story on the site :)

04-11-2010, 07:07 AM
The safety monitor, John, whispered to Kurt and Kurt nodded then turned to me as I was struggling switching from one painful position to another. Legs cramping, straighten up and strech balls, lower down until shoulders scream with pain. "Slaveboy, I hate to have to stop your torment just when you were getting into the pain but it is getting late and I'm starting to get cold so it's time to move inside." He untied the rope from the root and released the tension on my balls. He took the hunting knife and cut the end of the rope from my arms to the tree branch which left my arms still tied but without tension. "Can you keep quiet if I take out the sock-gag?" I nodded my head to indicate that I could and he removed the dirty smelly socks from my mouth. He called Bob who untied my legs then he ordered Bob to take me to the dungeon.

The cameraman went ahead down the rough path and yelled OK. Bob gave the rope attached to my balls a sharp yank, I managed to stifle a yell when I felt the shock of pain in my balls. I followed Bob down the trail, he walked fast and I had negotiate the twisting path with my arms behind my back and my legs stiff from the torture session as fast as I could to keep up and avoid more painful tugs on the rope. I fell and Bob yelled "Pay attention you clumsy Slave!" and jerked the rope hard to force me to get up quickly and resume the trail. I did the best I could. Soon I was almost running behind Bob. Every couple minutes we would stop and Bob would tease me by pinching my cock or nips but what he was really doing was giving the cameraman time to get in place for his next shot. At last I saw an old two story farm house that looked deserted. As we approached the house I saw slanted doors covering the stairs to the cellar. Bob stopped and swung these open, he jerked the rope and I was forced to follow him down a long flight of rough cold stone stairs. At the bottom was a new steel door sealed tightly with rubber gaskets.

We waited, I shifted my bare feet on the rough cold stone. Finally the door opened and I saw Kurt and a well lit room behind him, "Welcome to my playroom, Slaveboy." I stepped inside and looked around at the room. Rough stone walls reaching to a high ceiling, winches on the walls attached to pulleys on the ceiling, a bndage table with eyebolts along the side to tie down the victim and a winch at the end to stretch the helpless victim, a pegboard with various, floggers, whips, straps hung neatly in place. Ropes carefully coiled, leather cuffs, shelves with didoes and butt plugs. "I hope you will enjoy playing with my little toys, I know I will! By the way as you can see from this door, this room is completely soundproof and the house is very isolated so we won't need the sock-gag. You can yell as much as you want and no one will hear. In fact, I sort of like it when I can break a slave and he yells himself hoarse and begs for mercy." I felt a chill of fear and excitement when I heard the steel door slam shut behind me. Bob yanked my rope and I reacted to the pain in my balls by quickly following him to the center of the dungeon. He untied the rope around my balls and I exhaled a sigh of relief.

Kurt told Bob and Jack to take off their shoes and socks so they were now barefoot. Then he had them strip off their T-shirts. Bob had the muscular build of a bodybuilder with only a single tattoo on his shoulder, Jack was strong but wiry and covered with black ink tattoos. "That's better guys, we want you to look real sexy for our viewers while you are torturing our Slaveboy." remarked Kurt. "Slave, Kneel!" I knelt on the rough stone floor and Bob stood directly in front of me. "Acknowledge, Bob as your master's helper and promise that you will obey him as you would obey me."

"I acknowledge that Bob is my master's helper and I will obey him as I would obey my master."

"To seal your vow, kiss my helper's feet."

I humiliate myself by bending down and kissing each barefoot standing in front of me. Jack changes places with Bob.

I speak while staring at Jack's dirty feet, "I acknowledge that Jack is my master's helper and I will obey him as I would obey my master."

"To seal your vow, kiss my helper's feet."

I bow down and kiss each of Jack's dirty bare feet. I now have now pledged to obey three tormentors in everything that they command.

"Put the slave on the bondage table!" ordered Kurt.

While Bob led me to bondage table Jack when to the pegboard and selected padded leather cuffs for my wrists and ankles. He also picked a couple heavy springs. Bob had me get up on the wooden slats of the table. He untied the rope holding my arms behind my back. I rubbed my wrists to bring the blood back. Bob had me lie face up so my feet were overhanging one end and my arms extended toward the other end. Jack took the ankle cuffs and buckled them tightly above my bare feet. He clipped them to eyebolts on the end of the table near the corners. The cuffs secured my feet so they extended just over the end of the table making the tender bottoms very vulnerable. Jack buckled the other leather cuffs to my wrists and tested them to be sure they were tight. He attached the springs to the cuffs and then the cables from the winch to the other end of the springs. He signaled Bob to start turning the winch. Slowly the slack was taken from the cables and I could feel the tension build. He signaled Bob to slow so I now heard each clci as the cables tightened and the springs stretched out exerting a strong constant pull on my wrists and arms. "The springs are for safety, they keep tension but also give a little so your struggles won't cause dislocations." He tested the tension by pinching the head of my still hard cock. I struggled to get away from his hand but could only move a fraction of an inch. "That's good for now, Bob. You can stop."

Jack jumped on the table and straddled my legs just below my throbbing cock. He bent down, held my head steady and kissed me hard on my lips. I tried to move but couldn't. He straightened up, "I can't resist a helpless slave that is completely in my power." He traced his hands down my chest to my abs and laughed at me squirming at the touch of his fingers. "Even better, my helpless slave is ticklish!" Bob started working his fingers along my legs slowly moving down to my vulnerable feet. I kept quiet as long as I could but Jack was busily working my armpits, nips, chest and abs and Bob's fingers were tormenting the soles of my bare feet.

I could only move a fraction of an inch, I was helpless, vulnerable. I began to laugh uncontrollably, to beg them to stop, to screams "Stop, please I can't take it !" They only smiled and intensified their efforts.

As I was writhing in torment from the tickling and pleading for them to stop, Jack said "He wants us to stop so I guess we should - what can we do that is worse?" They stop and Bob went to the pegboard and got a black leather flogger with many stiff leather ribbons ready to bite into my skin. Jack selected a riding crop with a small thin leather strap at the tip. Bob began flogging my abs then my chest and nips, then my armpits and back to my abs. I scream with each painful lash. He whips my legs down to my feet. I thought it could not get any worse until I felt the lashes of the flogger on the vulnerable tender soles of by bare feet. I scream so hard I become hoarse and soon my screams are barely whispers. Jack watches patiently until Bob becomes bored and let's Jack take his turn.

"Bob, crank the winch up a couple of clicks, I think our Slaveboy is too comfortable. How's that Slaveboy?"

"My whole body hurts like hell, SIr. I feel like I am being torn apart!", I whisper hoarsely.

"Great! That's what I want. Bob is a little heavy handed with his flogger. I like the riding crop. Much better control both in hitting the exact spot I want and the amount of pain I inflict. I like it when my victims scream in agony. That lets me know that I am doing a good job causing pain and I will give that spot special attention with a few more lashes."

"I get the drift, Sir. It is in my best interest to endure your tormenting in silence. "

Jack grabs my swollen cock at the base and slowly strokes in to the very tip, "You're a smart kid, I like that!" He taps the tip of his crop on my palm. "Hold your hand steady!" A quick whip and the leather strap at the end snaps painfully on my palm. I bite my tongue to suppress a scream. He goes to my other palm and repeats a single stroke. He follows my arms down inflicting strokes on the tender skin on the inside of my arms. He attacks my arm pits and then my nips, the pain is horrendous but he stops after one stroke in each place as long as I am silent. He moves to the soles of my feet. He notices that I am biting my tongue so hard it is bleeding a little. He goes over to the shelves and comes back with a black rubber dildo. "Bite on this rubber cock." He shoves the black dildo into my mouth. As he moves up my legs and tender inner thighs, I appreciate his kindness in shoving the rubber cock in my mouth. I am scared as he taps my left ball to take careful aim and beain to panic as he moved the crop upward, I bit the rubber cock hard as the crop moved down, I screamed in pain despite biting the dildo as the lash snapped loudly on my ball sending a shock of terrific pain through my whole body. I knew I was in deep shit. He followed by three more lashes to my left ball. Now I was prepared and knew I had to take the pain in silence. I managed the right ball with only one stoke. He moved slowly up the shaft of my boner. I took each blow, maybe he was going easy because of the delicate area, but I felt each blow through my entire body. He paused when he reached the head of my cock. This would be the ultimate test, he tapped the tip to aim, drew back. I bit the rubber cock hard. He let go and I heard the snap. I felt the shock, god, I tried not to scream but couldn't stop myself. "Great, I'll give you three more so you can practice being silent. I took two but messed up on the third. My cock was burning in pain, I steeled myself, One, I took it, Two, I barely held myself, Three, I knew I had to hold out . I did but not by much. I lay there panting trying to catch my breath from the ordeal I had just gone through.

Master Kurt waved Jack away. He touched the tip of my erect cock lightly with his finger and smiled when I reacted to the pain by trying to move my cock away from Kurt's painful touch. "Boy, you just have to listen real careful to what Jack or Bob tells you. Jack asked you real nice to keep quiet but you have to go off yelling and screaming and poor Jack had no choice but to give you the extra whipping you earned. He gave me a long slow painful stroke the whole length of my erection, he stared into my eyes as he watched me writhe as his hand moved slowly along my shaft. He was savoring the pain in my eyes and I could see he how much enjoyed causing pain. My cock was tender and bright red from the leather strap at the end of Jack's riding crop but this just delighted Master Kurt as he toyed with my sore swollen member until tears were streaming from my eyes. I had no idea how realistic my torture would be when I agreed to make a BDSM video with Kurt. When I was a kid, I had dreamed of scenes like this every night now it had come true. I was so excited, I wanted more and more. Finally Kurt applied an ointment, "This will help your cock heal." He slid his hand slowly back and forth the length of my boner. Despite the pain, the slow movement of his hand steadily drove me to the edge, just about to cum. When he noticed my abs tightening he pinched the head of my cock hard. The shock of pain caused by pinching my already sore cock was unbearable and I let out a blood curdling scream. He laughed, "You will cum when I say slaveboy, not before! How long have you had this erection, Boy?"

"I got my boner when you hung me from that tree branch and started cutting off my clothes with your knife. I have no idea how long you have been torturing me since then but I was hard all the while."

"Shit, that is over five hours straight with a throbbing boner! You are one perverted pain loving bastard. You have to do something before you get a case of blue balls (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_balls)!"

Star Shadows
04-11-2010, 08:06 AM
OMG this is such an awesome story !! tiedguy does it again :) (the only story I am ever tempted to do the "write more, we want more now" thing that everyone does) You are doing a fantastic job

04-12-2010, 06:57 AM
Wow, another great post TiedGuy.

04-14-2010, 08:33 PM
With my feet cuffed to the bondage table and my arms being pulled so my whole body was being stretched like on a medieval torture rack, I couldn't believe Kurt's comment that I should do something about my raging boner. "Master Kurt, Sir. The way you have be bound up on this table, there is not much I can do about anything."

"Don't give up hope. How long is your cock slaveboy?"

"Sir, my cock is 7 inches when it is erect, Sir!"

"Hmm, that's good, Possible.... Ever done any gymnastics or Yoga?"

"I do yoga with my girlfriend a couple times a week. "

"Promising. Have you ever done the Halasana or Plow Position?"

"Yeah, it took me awhile but I got pretty good at it.. Whoa, I get your drift but never got that low, Sir"

"Maybe you needed more assistance, let's give it a try. I am going to re-arrange the cuffs. "

Kurt unclipped the cuffs on my arms from the springs and the cuffs on my ankles from the eyebolts on the end of the bondage table. I sat up and massaged my sore strained muscles, I moved my legs and arms around. The relief for my aching body was unbelievable. He saw me glance at my erect hard cock, "Don't get smart and touch your cock while you are loose. You will regret it if you try!"

Kurt had me sit in the middle of the table then lie down and extend my arms above my head. He clipped the cuffs from my wrists to the side of the table. He told me to raise my body and legs straight into the air and then lower my legs toward my arms. This was the Yoga plow position. My cock pointed to my chest with the tip a good couple inches from my mouth. I tested with my tongue but couldn't come even close. Kurt attached the cuffs on my ankles to the winch and had Bob tighten the winch.

The pull on my legs brought my cock directly over my mouth and and almost close enough for my tongue to touch the tip. I was so horny and the reward so tempting that I struggled to overcome that distance. Every few minutes, Bob would take up another click with the winch brought my cock another 1/4 inch closer to my tongue. The guys were laughing at my determination and yelled to cheer me on. After about five clicks, if I stuck out my tongue as far as it would go I could just barely lick the very tip of my boner. The lick sent a shock of pleasure through my body, I madly licked and stimulated my throbbing cock getting me more and more excited. Bob teased me by releasing the pull a couple clicks until again I couldn't quite lick my member. Kurt took pity on me and motioned Bob to tighten up the winch again so I could lick the whole head of my cock with my tongue. I savored the pre-cum oozing out of my cock and licked my tongue all over the head of my cock. I kept getting more excited but couldn't cum. A couple more clicks and I could get the tip into my lips and start sucking. It felt great, a blow job where I could react to give myself exactly what I needed. I bit the tip lightly and felt a shock of pleasure. Every couple minutes Bob took up another click and I could get more of my cock into my mouth. Each fraction of an inch deeper into my mouth the my cock could reach increased the pleasure and excitement. Slowly I got more horny, felt I was about to burst, got more of my throbbing cock in my mouth, could suck harder and harder. When I had a couple inches of boner in my mouth to suck I started feeling a tightening of my abs. I held out for a few more clicks, I wanted the urge to peak. I wanted this climax to be great. Finally I couldn't hold back and spasm after spasm of cum shot into my mouth, I swallowed as much as I could but some flowed out over my lips onto my chin. Slowly the ejaculations ebbed and I felt completely drained, relaxed, contented, satisfied, and ecstatic.

Bob slowly released the tension and unclipped the cuffs on my ankles from the winch. I swung my legs over so I am again lying face up on the bondage table. Bob unclipped my wrist cuffs from the table and tells me to sit up then get off the table. I move to the center of the dungeon and stand there facing Master Kurt. On one side is a chair with clothes piled on the seat and a check on top of the clothes. On the other side are two chains hanging from the ceiling with Bob and Jack standing next to the chains smiling. I get the idea, I can choose the payment for a regular shoot, take my money, and leave or I can be Master Kurt's slave for the rest of the four days with Bob and Jack ready to torment me every minute.

Kurt turns to me, "Kenny, you are going to ruin my reputation as a strict master, here I torture you for 6 hours straight, hang you from a tree until you are trembling, whip you without mercy, deny orgasm all day. Any normal guy would be crying and begging for mercy. Now I look at you and you are standing there with the biggest shit eating grin I have ever seen on a slave! Seriously, this shoot was terrific, you have real talent for bondage videos. The viewer can see how much you love the pain despite the agony I put you in. You have done well, per our agreement, you may leave now with $800 or be my 24 hour slave for the rest of your four days. What's your choice, Slaveboy?"

04-15-2010, 11:14 PM
My predictions:
- Ken takes the money! When he gets home, Tom makes him his slave for the rest of the year. However, Ken objects, and tells his parents about the abuse. The case goes to court and Tom is jailed.

Star Shadows
04-16-2010, 12:34 AM
Please stop trying to guess what happens.

And tiedguy... Thankyou ...that's another awesome post. You are an amazing author.

04-16-2010, 02:44 PM
Sorry, I just wanted to take a guess how "Freshman loses a Dare" ends.
Still, there were some errors. (The story often swiches to present tence. He said this, becomes, He says this! Ect.)

04-22-2010, 07:49 AM
"Master Kurt, You are a strict master and you put me through hell. The predicament with my balls tied and my legs cramping was extremely strict pain. But the self-suck felt so great I couldn't keep my self from smiling, Sir. It was my idea to be your slave for 4 days and you liked the idea. So I can either take the $800 now and go back or I can go fro broke, get $4000 and have my fantasy of being a 24 hours slave come true. When I look at the chains and see Jack and Bob, barefoot and shirtless, whispering to each other, I just feel they are into gay sex and know they will dare each other with fiendish ways to satisfy their desires with my body."

"That's true, Slaveboy. While I have some imaginative tortures palnned for you, I must rely on Jack and Bob to torment you at night and when I have other things to do. While they must abide by the limits of only safe sex but that still gives them many options. I doubt if you will get much rest!"

I knew what I would do. This was like dropping down into a double black diamond chute on a snowboard. Once you start, you are committed to whatever experiences await. The rush is unbelievable and the temptation irresistable. "Master, I will be your 24 hour slave until my four days are up!"

"Good Boy! That's what I knew you would decide. I understand you. I was like you once." Kurt led me over to the chains hanging from the ceiling where Bob and Jack were waiting. They clipped my wrists cuffs to the chains keeping my arms raised over my head then clipped my ankle cuffs to fittings in the floor. I noticed the concrete floor sloped to a drain directly between where my ankle cuffs were attached. I wasn't hanging, the idea was just to keep me helpless. Kurt watched as his helpers rubbed my chest and abs. Bob moved to my ass, gently playing with his finger around my hole. "OK boys, first thing is to clean him out! I'll see you later." Kurt left followed by John the monitor. The cameraman put a camera on a tripod directly in front of me and another that shot a back view. I felt deserted and abandoned. I knew my tormentors would be monitored through the camera but I still felt alone and vulnerable.

Bob got a large enema bag. He showed me how he could inflate the bulb on the end of the tube so the tube couldn't come out and it sealed my ass. Bob stuck his lubed finger up my ass and played for a minute or two. I struggled against the weird sensations but he just laughed. He told me it was to open my hole but I thought he was just having fun. There was a rope tied to the top of the enema bag and he put this around my neck to hold the bag full of a warm solution on my back. He slowly inserted the tube into my asshole and inflated the bulb to hold it in place. Finally he opened the tube and I felt something swell inside my gut. It felt warm and uncomfortable. He left it drain for several minutes until I had a full feeling in my gut and felt a desperate need to take a crap. My discomfort must have shown itself in my expression. This delighted my keepers, they began a dice dare game of daring each other to tickle me in different places for the minutes that were on the dice they threw.

Dice Dare:
1st Throw
1 Nips
2. Legs and thighs
3. Behind ears
4. Cock
5. Balls
6. Arm pits

2nd Throw - Minutes to tickle

Bob started with my nips for 5 minutes. I struggled and contorted. My movements made the feeling in my gut worse but I couldn't slip out of that enema tube. Jack got armpits for 3 minutes. Before he started he explained that my struggles got the enema moving through my gut and made it work better. After the first minute he switched to tickling one armpit with his tongue while he worked the other with his fingers. The feeling was intense and I really pulled on my cuffs to get away but it also almost felt good. I could feel my cock growing. Bob got Legs and Thighs for 4 minutes and worked up my sensitive inner legs until he reached my balls. I yelled and screamed at him to stop and was dripping with sweat from struggling to avoid his tongue and fingers. The worst part was my movements increased my need to shit but my asshole was sealed shut with the enema tube. They agreed to play until someone got "cock". I endured nips, armpits, ears, thighs, balls, balls, nips, armpits until Jack finally got cock for 6 minutes. I felt his fingers tickling the shaft, the glans, the tip. The pleasure was intense. I could tell he really enjoyed my cock, the way his lips and tongue moved. Unfortunately the tickling was also intense and my struggles left me exhausted but dying to be able to take a crap. When it was over I slumped in my chains and pleaded for them to take out the tube. Bob said, "Yeah it's about time. Low number has to pull out the tube!" Bob threw a 10 and Jack got a seven.

Jack frowned, "Hell, I hate doing this. That shit sprays all over and then the worst part is cleaning him up." Jacked let the air out of the bulb holding the tube in my ass and gave the tube a yank and it quickly slid out. Almost immediately I felt a spasm in my gut and a geyser of brown foal liquid shot out of my ass. In spite of the smell, the relief was wonderful, almost sexual. Jack turned on a hose and washed the shit down the drain then he sprayed my body with the cold water. He played with me for a long time by directing the strong cold stream at my cock and then my ass. Finally he turned off the hose and let my naked shivering body drip dry while he cleaned the enema bag and tube. Soon he returned with the filled bag. He inserted the tube in my ass, pumped up the bulb to seal the tube in, opened the tube to let the warm liquid flow into my ass.

Bob stood in front of me with a flogger he had selected from the hooks on the dungeon wall. "We are going to use this flogger to keep you moving! It is not too heavy because you will probably take a lot of strokes before our game ends. We will take turns throwing two dice and whipping you the number of times shown on the dice. We will stop after we get a '12'. I'm not good at math but you could easily wind up getting well over a hundred lashes." He began by getting an "8". Each lash burned and stung and as I struggled the liquid in my gut moved around.

On Jack's turn he threw a "10". Jack said, "Slaveboy, I want you to count the strokes loud and clear. If you loose count Then we start over. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir, I understand" I replied. I started counting, but not loud enough for Jack. He told me to yell out each count as he started over. They took turns, I struggled with each painful lash. Sometimes the shock of a blow was too much and I would loose count and my tormentor would start over. I tried to think, the chance of throwing a "12" was 1 in 36. But it could easily take two or three times that number of throws or the "12" might come on the next throw. The uncertainty made the torture worse. Bob and Jack were enjoying my suffering. They encouraged each other to make each stroke as hard and painful as possible. They didn't aim for my erect cock but competed with each other to see who could get closest. They would laugh when one of them missed and hit my cock and I screamed and struggled in horrible agony. At last, Jack threw a "12" and as he slowly piled on strong painful strokes, I counted carefully and loudly until I shouted "Twelve".

Relieved that the beatings had stopped, I stood patiently while Bob took his turn at removing the enema tube. When Bob told me to, I tensed my abs and expelled the fluid from my bowels. I looked at the drain, at first the liquid was brownish then quickly turned to clear. "Kenny, you are in luck. We won't have to give you another enema. You are all cleaned out and ready to be played with as soon as we wash you up a little."

Jack rinsed me off with cold water from the hose then he and Bob took bars of soap and soaped my body. My arms, armpits, chest, abs, nips, ass, legs, and feet were all slowly and lovingly massaged with the slippery soap. Bob began working on my cock and balls and Jack worked on my ass crack and asshole. Soon my cock was a throbbing boner aching for relief. This delighted my gay tormentors, they loved having a straight/bi guy under their complete power. They brought me to the edge, panting and breathing hard. Then they stopped and rinsed me off with cold water and let my shivering body drip dry.


When I was dry, they unclipped my cuffs and led me to a sawhorse with a padded top and ordered me to bend over it the narrow way. I spread my feet when they commanded. They adjusted my feet a little farther back and clipped my ankle cuffs to fittings in the floor then clipped my wrist cuffs also to floor fittings. I was bound hand and foot with my abs resting on the padded support, my naked body was stretched over the sawhorse with my fingers and toes barely touching the floor. My bare ass stuck out in a very vulnerable way behind me and as did my lips and mouth on my other end. Jack said, "I'm hungry, let's order a pizza. You hungry Slaveboy?"

"You bet, I'm starved. I just had a little toast before I caught the plane seems like its been forever since I ate. Thanks guys!"

"Sorry Kenny, we just cleaned out your ass and don't want to fill it up with shit again. My guess is that it will be at least another day before master Kurt will let you eat, maybe more." said Jack before he dialed the pizza place. "Let's find some special toys for our cute Slaveboy to enjoy while we wait for the pizza and eat." He and Bob headed to the shelves along the wall to find toys they could use to torment me. I helplessly waited to see what they would inflict on me.

04-24-2010, 03:41 AM
Gee, I was wrong. I thought that he had
suffered so much, ("Thanking" for getting whipped, Sucking on someone's Penis, Starved, etc.) He'd say, "Can I have the $800? I am sick, and tired, of this!"

Star Shadows
04-24-2010, 03:44 AM
Another amazing piece of literary work my friend. Excelent. It's also nice to see authours actively researching on the site :).. instead of just googling like I do. :p

04-30-2010, 01:44 PM
Bob and Jack put their selected toys on my back where I couldn't see them. I got an clue when Bob picked up a jar of lube and slathered it over my asshole then worked the lube in with his finger, I began to squirm as a mix of sensations came from his playful finger. They both laughed when Bob held the toy in front of me. It was a large butt plug and to make my humiliation worse it had a long black tail, like a pony's tail, extending from its flange.

Bob coated the large plug with lots of lube then began to push its point against my asshole. Instinctively, I tensed my sphincter closed. "Easy Slaveboy, if you do that this is going to hurt a lot. Relax, and it will be easy. The choice is yours."

"I'll try to relax but it is sort of scary having something that big forced inside me."

The steady pressure continued. Bob was patient. He enjoyed my body writhing in pleasure and pain during the slow process. He kept pushing and turning the plug with one hand as it slowly expanded my asshole. With the other hand he gently stroked my semi-erect cock while talking in a soothing voice to relax me. The toes of my bare feet curled against the cold stone floor as the pressure on my hole increased. The stretching of my hole reached its peak then the tension decreased. "We've got the widest part in. Now it will practically seat itself." Quickly the plug seated itself with the flange firmly sealing it in. I could feel the stiff bristols of my new tail brushing the inside of my legs whenever I moved my ass which felt weird.

"I can't resist this!" laughed Jack as he grabbed my tail and gave in a firm tug. I felt the plug move and stretch my hole a little, I gave a little moan but the plug held.

Jack took his toy off my back and showed it to me. It was like a ball gag but instead of a ball, it had the tip of a large black silicone cock. This Penis gag will help you practice sucking cock. We want you to be very good at that for the next few days.


Jack shoved the penis gag into my mouth. It almost filled my mouth completely. He adjusted the strap to hold the gag firmly in place. Instinctively, I began to suck the thing filling my mouth. I had to suck it just so I could swallow the saliva flowing into my mouth.

"Slaveboy, you are a natural born cocksucker" laughed Bob. "Jack, how long before they deliver the pizza?"

"They said a little less than an hour."

Jack and Bob settled down together on the sofa. I could tell that watching my bound helpless naked body stretched over the padded sawhorse with a butt plug tail sticking out one end and a penis gag on the other end really turned them on. They sat resting their heads together, pointing at me, and whispering. Every few minutes one of them would get up and torment me for awhile then they would go back to sitting together waiting for the pizza. Jack came up and began tugging my tail watching me squirm. Bob starred at my bare feet stretched so the toes barely touched the floor. He saw the sensitive soles were completely vulnerable. He took a thin flogger and beat them painfully watching me struggle against the pain. Jack pulled and played with my cock that quickly swelled to full size. At last they were interrupted by the buzzer from the intercom at the front door.

"Pizza Boy!"

"Just a minute I'll be up there right away." answered Jack.

"My buddies at the pizza joint said you have a dungeon in the cellar. Would you let me see it?"

"You know how rumors get started, see you in a minute." replied Jack as he left to meet the pizza boy.

Jack returned followed by a tall athletic guy carrying the pizza box which he set down on the end table next to the couch. "This is Nick, he's OK. He is on the football team but best of all he likes to play getdare online. He likes being a dare master. This is my buddy Bob and there is our slave Ken." Bob says hi and I nod my head. I noticed that while Nick glanced around the room his gaze always returns to my helpless bound body. I saw his bulging biceps and thought I saw something else bulging in his Levis.

"Shit, this is unbelievable. It is my fantasy to have a helpless slave like yours in my power! Can I play with him a bit?"

"I don't know. We were sort of looking forward to breaking him in ourselves but you look like you have a great body. It might be fun to watch. Ever been sucked by a guy?" said Bob.

"Not yet, always been afraid the guys on the team would find out. But your slave looks pretty tempting." said Nick.

"Want to fuck Slaveboy here up the ass?" Jack queried.

Nick slipped his hand into his Levis and rubbed his growing boner, "I'm not sure but my cock is yelling, YES!"

"Here's the dare. I'll make a list of the items you strip off and what you can do. You can stop whenever you want, get dressed and go home. We are into safe sex so you need to use a condom to fuck Slaveboy." said Bob.

Shoes & Socks - Flogger 25 strokes
Shirt - Play with nips, ass, cock, and balls
Levis - Force Slaveboy to suck your cock but just edge
Briefs/Boxers - Fuck Slaveboy's ass until you cum

"OK Nick?" asked Bob

"Intense but sure- this will be great!" said Nick as he eagerly removed his shoes and socks. He excitedly grabbed the flogger from Bob's hand. "Slaveboy, ready?" I nodded and could see him windup for the first blow. I heard then felt the slap of the leather thongs on my back. The pain made me struggle against my cuffs. "I liked the feel of that, this is fun!" exclaimed the Nick. He paused before every blow so that I wouldn't know when it would hit me which made the shock of the leather thongs more intense. Bob and Jack watched from the couch being turned on by Nick's savage animal energy. They kept up a steady count. At twelve they told Nick to switch to my legs and at sixteen to concentrate on my ass. At twenty, Nick paused, he suddenly realized how much suffering he was inflicting in his excited state. I was covered in sweat from my struggles and the pain. Tears flowed from my eyes, I screamed at each blow into my penis gag but only muffled sounds came out. Nick locked questioningly at Bob.

"Don't worry Nick. It's great you are excited. The flogger hurts like hell but won't damage Slaveboy. Look his boner is as hard as ever! Hard to believe but he wants this. You've got five more stokes. Enjoy!" Nick put all his football player strength into the last five blows. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably by the time he laid the last painful lash on my ass.

The instant Nick finished with the flogger, eager to start playing with my body, he stripped off his shirt revealing his muscled chest. Quickly he pinched my nips really hard and twisted them so that again I was screaming into my gag. He stared into my eyes as he played with my nips so he could gauge the pain he was causing and bring it to the highest level. "Don't be surprised, I learned this stuff while horsing around with the guys in the locker room after practice. I always liked playing rough. Looking into your victim's eyes let 's you bring them to the breaking point" Bob and Jack enjoyed the show of raw power but cautioned Nick that he could cause no permanent damage to my body. He moved to my ass. He enjoyed jerking my tail because of the discomfort it caused as the butt plug tried to pull out of my ass. He rubbed and pinched my ass, he pulled and twisted the hairs growing in my ass crack. He spanked my bare ass with his large strong hands burning painfully the skin already tender and sore from the flogging.

Jack seeing Nick was stalling touching my cock told him to start playing with my cock and balls or the session was over. "OK, It's just that playing with another guy's cock is new to me, but I guess it is only the first of a lot of new things I will do with my Slaveboy. Here goes my gay virginity!" I felt Nick's big strong calloused hand grab a death grip on my cock and slowly pull and stretch it. He streched and streched until I was in agony. But the rough handling of my erect cock was also electrifying and I started to enjoy it. Nick also started to enjoy playing with my cock. As he streched out my cock, I felt his thumb begin to circle and rub the head. He switched position, he stood behind me, he bent over my helpless naked body, I felt the bulge of his cock through the rough cloth of his Levis pressing against my ass. I felt his bare feet moving against my toes. I felt his muscular abs resting on my lower back as he reached his arms around my sides so one hand could play with my cock while the other played with my balls. He grabbed them hard and twisted to put me in agony then easing and roughly rubbing and stimulating my cock and balls at the same time. I moaned in pleasure into my gag and moved my body slowly reacting to his stimulation. "I can see you like this, Slaveboy, but I am not going to let you cum yet. " Nick alternated between rubbing and stroking and intense pulling and twisting maintaining me on the edge but always denying me release. "

Jack said that was enough, time for the next level. This time Nick didn't hesitate and strpped off his Levis. I lifted my head and looked directly and at his tight white briefs tenting out so that they looked like they would rip. He unfastened the strap holding in my penis gag, pulled it out of my mouth, and handed it to Jack. I moistened my mouth free at last from the gag, "Thanks, Nick." Jack handed Nick a condom for safe sex. Nick reached into the opening of his briefs and pulled out his long thick cock. As Nick rolled the rubber onto his cock, I could see that his cock was thicker than the penis gag and much longer too. From the gleam of excitement in his eyes, I knew this would be rough. I felt Nick grab my hair and pull my head so my mouth was forced over his thick cock. The feeling of being overpowered turned me on and I began teasing his cock head with my tongue and sucking hard. He pushed deeper and deeper inside until his cock was at the back of my throat. He would push his cock deep until I had to struggle for breath then pull back to let me gulp a couple breaths in. I now understood Nick, For him, sex and power combined into a heady intoxicating brew. Bob had Nick pause whenever it looked like he was about to cum and then after a couple minutes Nick would resume using my body for his game of power and sex.

Bob told Nick that he probably was at his limit of restraint so now was time for Nick to play the final quarter. Nick withdrew his cock from my mouth, tousled my hair, "You're pretty good for a cocksucker, Slaveboy. Hope your ass is even better!" From the bright excited look in his eyes I knew he was bursting to cum.

Nick stripped off his briefs and I saw his thick hard cock in all its glory. Bob held a jar of lube while Nick lubed up his cock with gobs of the stuff. Meanwhile I could feel Jack working at my pony tail butt plug. He dipped his finger in the jar of lube then returned and I could feel him working the lub around the inside of the flange. He began rotating the plug while he pulled it. I felt my hole stretching painfully. Suddenly as the stretching pain reached its peak, the plug started sliding out almost by itself.

Bob told Nick, "Go for it!"

Nick quickly positioned himself behind me, I felt his strong powerful legs pressing against mine, I felt his bare feet rubbing against mine. I felt the end of his thick hard cock pushing against my ass trying to find my opening. I felt as it centered and the tip started the penetration. I felt his strong hands grip my shoulders to get leverage. Nick was all about power and domination. He gave a testing thrust and I felt my hole stretch as he started forcing his way in. In one powerful thrust he forced his entire cock into my ass, I felt his pubic hair grind against my ass. Despite the pain, I felt a sensation deep inside that felt real good. The long foreplay had been too much for Nick, he was in a state of pure sexual excitement. He quickly began pounding my ass with long powerful thrusts, fast, quick, and long. The feeling of pleasure deep inside me turned to sexual excitement. The burley football player built the power and speed to a crescendo. I yelled, "Faster! Harder! Make me cum!" Nick was lost in passion, I felt his final thrusts as he shot his cum into the condom inside my ass. He shot over and over, then satisfied and conteneted, he leaned over my back and hugged me in a tight bear hug and whispered, "That was great, Slaveboy! Thanks!" As he pulled out I felt deprived, I wished I had been able to share his climax, I needed desperately to cum, he had left me behind in the last frantic moments.

Bob gave Nick a wet washcloth which he used to wipe his muscular body clean. Item by item he pulled on his clothes. Briefs, Levis, shirt, socks, shoes. Finally he was transformed back to the delivery boy. Nick looked stunned as paused by the door, "I didn't know I could have such strong feelings for a guy. It scares me a little, but order a pizza any time and ask for Nick, I guess I want to do this again."

When the door closed I could see the excited glazed look in the eyes of Jack and Bob. For them Nick's show was foreplay and I could see Act II was about to begin.

Star Shadows
04-30-2010, 02:09 PM
Congrats once again tiedguy. That was brilliant!

05-01-2010, 05:52 AM
Well, I like your story, but, as before, can you fix the "Present Text" error. At one point, it says, "He Says!", not "He Said!" Still, if I was Ken, I'd say something like, "I want to stop. Can I have the $800?" And, during certan parts, he can't eat for 24 hours. Well, the longest time someone went without food was 354 days, (Probley) Mulislems have to fast from Sunrise to Sundown, and longest somebody went without ANY FOOD was 18 days. So, compared to Ken, they suffered more! And, none of those lost a dare that started the (No offence) Crazy La-Di-Da Bru-Ha-Ha!

05-02-2010, 07:14 AM
If find it humorous that BananaPenguin's short post complaining about my errors contained two blatant errors:
"Present Text" instead of "Present Tense"
"Probley" instead of "Probably"

In writing online with limited time for proofing, everyone makes some errors, and I make an occasional error in tense, etc. Overall I feel I do pretty well in grammar. Let me know what you think.

BananaPenguin has devoted several posts because she doesn't like the plot details. I feel if she doesn't like the story she should stop reading it and not bother those who like it. What do you think?

Is it better to ignor comments such as those by BananaPenguin or respond to them?

I'd like the opinion of other readers especially those that like this thread.


Norse Fire
05-02-2010, 07:37 AM
I personally feel that your doing a great job. Every post has been fairly long and your pretty punctual with posting the chapters. If you make an error once in a while, so be it. Most people with a shred of common sense can understand what you meant to say anyway. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Star Shadows
05-02-2010, 08:28 AM
Unless its something I really strongly object to I ignore them, no point wasting your effort, when they write a perfect novel I will let the criticise at the little things, until then well, who cares.

youre doing amazing anyway

05-02-2010, 04:33 PM
If find it humorous that BananaPenguin's short post complaining about my errors contained two blatant errors:
"Present Text" instead of "Present Tense"
"Probley" instead of "Probably"

In writing online with limited time for proofing, everyone makes some errors, and I make an occasional error in tense, etc. Overall I feel I do pretty well in grammar. Let me know what you think.

BananaPenguin has devoted several posts because she doesn't like the plot details. I feel if she doesn't like the story she should stop reading it and not bother those who like it. What do you think?

Is it better to ignor comments such as those by BananaPenguin or respond to them?

I'd like the opinion of other readers especially those that like this thread.

I completely agree with you. This is a great story and small errors in tense take little if anything away from it.

05-03-2010, 04:46 PM
I didn't say, "I hate this story!" I said, "There are some errors in the story!" And, what I meant by "Lah-Di-Da Bru-Ha-Ha," was "He should have won!"

05-11-2010, 01:49 PM
I felt Bob wipe the dripping pre-cum off the head of my bursting cock. He held his wet finger in front of my mouth and I licked my salty pre-cum off his finger. "Poor little Slaveboy din't get to cum and is real horny. We don't want that to happen again. It think he needs more pain so he gets more excited. See what you can find Jack."

Jack searched the hooks on the wall and returned with a silver chain with adjustable tit clamps on each end. He adjusted them and said, "If it isn't painful enough, just yell Slaveboy and I will tighten the clips to be more painful."

"I get it, suffer in silence or it will just be worse." I answered.

"Smart boy, brace yourself!" I was helpless stretched over the sawhorse with black leather cuffs on my ankles and wrists attached to the floor. I braced my legs and toes on one side and my fingers and arms on the other. Bob snapped the first clip onto my right nipple. My whole body jerked as the shock of pain shot through my body. He waited a couple minutes so I could savor the full intensity of the pain then he clipped the other end to my other nip. My heightened sensitivity from the first clip made the second pain even worse. He joined Jack on the couch where they cuddled and laughed enjoying my struggles and the sweat starting to glisten on my body. With hands and feet cuffed to the floor, I could only endure the pain. Every few minutes one of them got up and played with jiggling the silver chain driving new shocks of pain through my helpless body.

Finally they both got up and stood in front of me. "You are gonna love this, Slaveboy" said Bob. He unzipped Jacks Levis and slowly pulled them down while Jack stepped out of them with a semi-hard cock. Jack did the same for Bob and soon he was also standing there with his almost hard cock. "Jack prefers to cum by having a blow job, I like to cum up the ass of a helpless slave, and watching you with Nick I could see you wanted to cum by someone fucking you in the ass. The idea is for all of us to get what we want at the same time. You will suck Jack while I fuck your ass. Not like Nick in a rush but slow and steady so you will not be left behind. I will set the pace with my cock in your ass, you will set the pace for Jack by adjusting how hard and fast you suck. THe idea is for all of us to cum at the same time. It's a blast! First you need to help get our cocks hard." They stood in front of me with their cocks almost touching my face. I got busy with my tongue teasing one cock then the other. As they harden, I used my lips to suck their tips softly. They tousled my hair and rubbed my head. A couple times one jiggled the silver chain and they laughed as I in response teased their cocks harder. "Thanks, Slaveboy!" Bob said as he rolled on a condom onto his rock hard cock.

As Bob moved toward my ass, Jack pushed his boner fully into my mouth. I eagerly began to suck Jack's thick cock and at the same time felt Bob's cock push against my asshole. Bob pushed firmly but not aggressively like Nick. Bob reached around and gently stroked my hardening cock. Slowly my hole relaxed and Bob eased his cock inside me slowly going deeper and deeper until I felt that intense pleasure inside as his cock touched my prostate. I matched the speed of my sucking Jack's cock to the easy slowness of Bob's cock deep inside me. Bob was a master at foreplay bringing himself and me to an edge then Just at the last moment backing off. I mirrored this edging with the oral stimulation I gave Jack but could sense he was also on the edge. Jack yelled to Bob, "OK guys, this is it, go for it!" as he pulled my hair to force my mouth tight to his cock. Bob began thrusting deep and hard with each thrust touching that magic spot deep inside my ass. I sucked Jack harder and deeper. The pain from the tit clamps on my nips helped excite me. Bob's hands gripped my shoulders tight for traction as he drove inside me. With a couple strong pushes I felt Bob convulse in spasms of relief while at the same time Jack shot load after load of cum into my mouth. Bob's powerful convulsive thrusts pushing into my sweet spot started my shooting cum in powerful convulsions of release. Satiated, they both held me tight for a couple minutes before pulling away.

They washed their cocks off with a rag then popped open a couple beers and settled on the couch. Jack got up and gave me a sip of beer, "You're a great cocksucker, Slaveboy!"

"Guys, that was great! I couldn't believe the thrill of all three of us shooting at once! But how about taking the clamps off my nips they hurt like hell and I can't take it much longer."

"You're a real good fuck and if it was up to us we would take them off. But Master Kurt gave us orders to keep you in pain and suffering. Don't worry about not being able to take it. You have no choice but endure the pain until your four days are up" replied Bob.

I endured, I was exhausted, my whole body ached from being stretched over the sawhorse, my nips blazed in pain, any movement started the silver chain swinging and pulling on the agonizing clamps. When I started to doze the movement would jerk the chain and the pain would shock me awake. Over and over until I was almost in a trance but I had no choice just endure the pain......

Star Shadows
05-11-2010, 02:26 PM
Again another excelent post my friend. And I am finding that the way you write, and the way you tell this story, is allowing me to find... pleasure, at least mental, in things I never thought I would.

xx Shadow

05-16-2010, 08:59 AM
A tug on my ankle jolted me awake, because of my exhaustion I must have dozed off despite the pain or maybe passed out. Bob was unclipping the leather cuffs which held my ankles and wrists down to the floor stretching me over the padded sawhorse helpless and vulnerable to their torments and pleasures. Bob ordered me to stand up. I was wobbly at first and he grabbed my arms to steady me. "Massage your arms and legs to get you circulation going, but don't touch your cock. That belongs to us!"

While I was rubbing my arms and legs, Bob and Jack unbuckled the black leather cuffs. I regained my balance and could stand unaided and although my body ached all over the pain was manageable and to me exciting and almost enjoyable. My problem was I had to pee, my bladder was busting, I took a chance, "Guys, I need to pee, please!"

"Yeah, sure. Although It would be fun making you lick your pee off the floor when you couldn't hold it anymore. Go over to the drain. And you can hold your cock while you are pissing so you don't miss the drain. "

"Thanks guys" when I stood by the drain I saw that the cameraman had returned and was focusing on my naked body and then just my cock while I pissed into the drain. When I finsihed, the cameraman told me to shake off the last few drops while he took a closeup.

I stood on the bare concrete floor in the center of the dungeon putting my hands on my head as they ordered while they discussed the next shoot. I noticed that the cameraman had a couple printouts that he was discussing. Bob explained to me "Master Kurt wants some video of you in rope bondage enduring stress positions. Stress positions start out easy but as time goes on your limbs cramp or fall asleep causing intense pain that just keeps building. Sometimes you move or jerk which just causes more pain. It is pain strong and lasting that lots of his viewers are into."

"How long will it last?"

"I thought you had guessed by now, you will not have any idea of time until we finally tell you that your four days are up. There are no windows here, no clocks, we are on random schedlues so you really don't know if it is midnight of your first day, morning of the next, maybe afternoon. Time speeds up or slows down when you are being tortured. Not knowing time is part of Master Kurt's plan for tormenting you. It will last as long as we want."

Bob showed me a picture from an old bondage magazine, "This is the first rope bondage Kurt wants, it looks pretty good to see a cute guy tied up like that and I think you are even more cute. You can see how he is bent down, the wooden rod forced between his legs. I think the picture was taken just after he was tied up, you can see the fear in his eyes but the pain hasn't hit yet."


Bob grabbed my balls and began tying a rope around them leaving two long ends hanging. I didn't know how this fit with the picture. He ordered me to sit on the cold concrete floor and told me to hold my wrists together. He wrapped several turns around both wrists then tied the turns together by wrapping the rope around the turns between my wrists. He place a wooden rod behind my knees then to the long ends from the wrist tie and tied a loop around my neck pulling my arms tight around the rod and forcing my knees up tightly to my chest. He contined improving the harness with turns around my legs and chest. He tied the first rope off behind my back then with another rope made turns around my ankles and tightened the knot by tieing the turns tightly between my ankles. This forced my legs tight against my arms limiting my motion. I felt a tug on my balls and soon understood the first rope. He tied the ends of the first rope around the rope tying my ankles and slowly drew my ankles back pinching my knees tight against the wooden rod and pulling my balls painfully. After he tied the rope off, I held my knees tight to ease the pull on my balls. The camerman told Bob he would shoot a closup of my face as Bob slowly put the duct tape over my mouth. He wanted to show the beard growing on my chin and cheeks so the viewers would know the video was shot real time.

Bob moved to the couch with Jack and watched as the cameraman shot the show. At first I moved around. It didn't take long for the cold hard concrete floor to become a pain in my ass. Pains shot up my back from the cramped position. Squeezing my legs together started to hurt a lot but when I eased off the pull on my balls was even worse. I alternated favoring my legs then my balls but it really didn't help much. My arms began to cramp, the pain was unbelievable. The spasms from my arms pulled my back down painfully and it began to cramp. My legs started to cramp, when they jerked with spasms the rope jerked my balls and sent shocks of pain through my entire body. I thought I would wreck my jewels (I didn't know that Bob had tied the rope also to the rope harness on my back so I could only tug my balls so far and not do any damage with these jerks). I tried to find a way to get loose, that was allowed and would give me a break, but Bob was an expert in rope bondage. He left a few knots I could reach if just to make the game more fun and laughed at my hopeless determined struggle. It was good for the video to give me some hope but finally I resigned myself to the suffering easing one pain at the cost of increasing another. I would drift into almost a trance only to be shocked back by an intense cramp somewhere in my back or limbs. Kurt had been right not knowing how long I had suffered or how much longer I had to suffer made my torment worse....

Star Shadows
05-16-2010, 09:56 AM
Another excelent post once again my friend you have outdone yourself

05-17-2010, 07:48 AM
This just keeps getting better and better...

black out
05-22-2010, 11:41 AM
i agree you really should post more of this story

05-22-2010, 01:31 PM
This is a truly stimulating story, excellent work!

05-23-2010, 08:36 AM
After a long time struggling with my pain, I felt a hand grab my hair and yank my head up so I looked directly into the eyes of Master Kurt. "You look real cute tied up like that but we don';t want to bore our customers. How about trying something different, Slaveboy?" Anything had to be better so I nodded my head vigorously. "O.K. guys, untie him!"

Bob and Jack quickly untied the ropes and ripped off the duct tape from my mouth. I tried to get up but my arms and legs were numb. They had fallen asleep. The cameraman was shooting me struggling to stand. Kurt said, "Get a good shot of this I want it to show the pain that follows long bondage when the slave is at last set free." Jack slid out the wooden pole and started slowly untangling my body. As each limb began to stir, first I experienced the sensation of pins and needles sticking into my skin then slowly intense pain built as the larger muscles awakened. The camera caught the pain in my face, my squirming to ease the pain, and my screams of agony I could not suppress. It took a while but with the help of Bob and Jack I was finally able to stand by myself. My body still ached from the long time I had spend in a stress position but it was a level of pain I could handle, sort of like a bad toothache.

Kurt immediately ordered me to get onto the rack and I was bound with leather cuffs, face up. The cuffs on my wrists were attached to heavy metal springs and then to a boat winch. The winch clicked until I was held spread eagle by a firm steady tension. The tension actually eased the aches in my body from being forced by rope bondage to stay in an uncomfortable stress position for a long time. The master reached down and grabbed my ball sack with his thick strong hands and separated my balls. I was held immobile by the tension of the rack and could not resist this loathsome touching. He pushed one ball through the metal ring then pushed and pulled the other ball through. When both balls were through, he bent my cock and forced it though the ring. I liked the feel of the cold silver ring firmly squeezing the base of my cock behind my balls as my penis slowly swelled. Master Kurt took up a couple clicks of the winch and the tension just started to begin to be pain then he went to the shelves and returned with a much smaller ring. He grabbed hold of my cock tightly and forced the small ring over the head of my cock where it seated into the groove between the shaft and the head.

As he took another click Master Kurt asked "Why are you here, boy?"

I looked at him with questioning eyes. "Because I stupidly agreed to be your slave for four days to get a lot of money."

"True Boy, but not the answer I wanted." and I heard the winch click a few more times and the pain was now real.

I tried to guess the answer, "To give you pleasure by tormenting me, Sir!"

"Getting close, Boy" and I heard two more clicks, I had to guess.

"To endure pain!" I tried desperately.

"Almost there!" and another painful click.

"To suffer!" I gasped.

"Correct, To suffer!" Master Kurt barked. Then he turned the crank slowly, long pauses followed between each click, click by click increasing the pull on my arms and legs. I couldn't believe the pain as my joints and back start to spread. I felt my master run his hands over my body, almost gently, pausing at my knees, elbows, and shoulders, feeling the joints carefully. "Very good, this is what is so great having an eighteen year old slaveboy to torture. They are strong and flexible so a good master can force them farther into pain without injury than with older slaves. Besides their skin feels so good. But you are special my boy, I knew the minute I read your application that you were on of the very few that loved pain maybe even more than I like to give pain. " He grabbed my rock hard boner and slowly felt its entire length. "Pain only gets you more excited, so rare for a master to find. The way your cock swelled into the steel cock rings until the veins stand out so far I can feel them pulsing!" For the master watching my stomach dance as I tried to relieve the strain of the rack was bondage perfection. Kurt cranked my agonized naked body ever tighter.

He went to the wall and returned with a thin, flexible bamboo rod which he tested by swishing through the air a couple of times. He let go with a painful blow to my dancing stomach muscles. He smiled in pleasure as he watched my reaction. First I tensed my whole body and groaned from the pain of the blow. This was followed by the more intense pain of my stretched joints caused by the violent straining of my body, this caused my body to strain more, more pain from my racked joints. Slowly, very slowly, my body calmed down and the pains descended from their agonizing peaks and left me gasping for breath. My master toyed with my mind, he swung the rod then held the blow at the last minute so I only felt a gentle tap. Other times the blow was real and started the whole agonizing cycle again. I felt the bamboo trace circles on the sensitive soles of my bare feet cuffed to the end of the bondage rack. I waited for what seemed forever until finally the blow struck with full force. Bastinado is what torture by beating the bare feet of the victim is called. The clusters off nerve endings on the bare feet make it one of the most intense ways to torture a slave. For me the blow on the bottom of my foot sent a shock of intense pain surging through my body. I screamed in agony. The excruciating cycle began as my body reacted causing intensified pain. The intensity of the pain cycle was magnified and took forever to ebb. Master Kurt laughed and enjoyed my agony, I thought I could see a bulge growing in his Levis, for him this was sexual pleasure. When the pain caused me to lose conciousness, a blow a directed to an even more sensitive spot jerked me back to consciousness. The pain of a blow to the head of my swollen cock was unbelieable and when magnified my my reaction causing stress on my racked joints, the pain was unendurable. I pleaded with Master Kurt to let me go and keep the $4000. He just laughed, "We made a deal and you have no choice but to endure what I inflict on you." He grabbed my throbbing boner tightly. "Besides this tells me that you want pain, as intense and long lasting as I can safely give you!"

I had no conception of how long I was tortured on that rack, it felt like hours maybe more. I was drenched with sweat and delirious from the pain and, I have to admit, the sexual excitement of the torture when the cables loosened slightly. The worst is over, I thought.

Star Shadows
05-23-2010, 09:16 AM
You know what. I have ran out of nice things to say. I have never had a story I loved so much, and its got so good that I cant in my right, wrong, dirty or slightly perverted mind think think of any more complementary adjective things to use. I LOVE IT!!!

05-27-2010, 11:18 AM
very good story =)

05-27-2010, 12:27 PM
i like this story its my favorite on getdare i look for a new chapter every day lol. i understand you might have writers block or are working on the next chapter or your just busy i just wish that you would hurry lol jk jk no but rilly rilly great story

05-30-2010, 07:55 AM
Master Kurt eased the winch click by click. With each click the pain in my stretched joints became less until I was held firmly, helpless, spread-eagled on the bondage table but only a dull ache reminded me of the torture I had been through. I lay there panting recovering slowly form my ordeal. I looked up at Master Kurt, "Thanks Master, I needed a break."

"Maybe you should wait before you thank me" the master replied as he plugged a black electrode into the steel cock ring at the base of my cock behind my balls and a red electrode into the small steel cock ring nested behind the sensitive head of my cock.

"Electrodes! Oh God, no!" I gasped.

"Get ready, I'll count down from 10 before pressing the button! 10 - 9 -8 -7- 6- 5- 4-3- 2- 1- GO!" My body was tensed prepared for the shock. I felt a tingle, a gentle ebb and flow of a dancing current. Slowly my cock began to harden more. It was almost better than getting a handjob I was enjoying it. Kurt laughed, "You should have seen your face when I pushed the button then the surprise as you felt the electrostimulation. I can see you like it. Let's do it for awhile."

The gentle stimulation went on for a long time. I was horny because all the bondage and torture had really turned me on. It seemed forever since I had cum during the 3-way with Bob and Jack. I really had to cum but the electrostimulation was set to keep me at the edge driving my crazy with the urge to cum but not being able to. Kurt looked at me smiling. I knew this was his plan, orgasm denial. I endured the pleasurable torment as long as I could then made the fatal mistake, "Master Kurt, please turn this thing up, I need to cum!"

"Slaveboy, I thought you would never ask, here it comes!" The first shock was the worst pain I had ever felt, radiating through my cock like lightning. Each shock forced me to arch my body up off the table. The tension of the cuffs on my ankles and wrists prevented me from injuring myself, sort of like when they tie a patient down before electro-shock therapy. At first the shocks are short bursts, but soon they lasted 30 seconds or more — and the voltage kept increasing. I was screaming my lungs out as pain after pain hit me. It seemed like hours before the shocks paused.

"Don't get your hopes up, just changing things a bit" said Kurt as he hung a microphone so it was positioned above my mouth. "The intensity and duration of the shocks depend on the sound level this microphone picks up. The louder you yell the stronger and longer the shocks get. I think you will learn to suffer silently eventually, some slaves never do and it is a pitiful sight, but quite enjoyable for me." Master Kurt clapped his hands next to the microphone, a powerful painful shock ripped through my cock and I screamed in pain which immediately caused an even more painful shock. I got the idea and tried to control my screams or at least keep them from getting louder. Slowly I manged to force each scream to be a little softer than the previous one. Finally I endured the last sock in silence and the horrible cycle ended. After a minute of peace, Kurt shouted into the microphone, "GOOD JOB, SLAVEBOY!" Kurt doubled over with laughter as the horrible cycle of painful shocks repeated itself until I again got control. Again Kurt couldn't resist, before he left the dungeon he shouted, "SEE YOU LATER SLAVEBOY, BOB AND JACK WILL ENTERTAIN YOU UNTIL I GET BACK!" Again it took all my determination to bring the painful cycle to and end.

Jack tried one time by clapping into the microphone but didn't enjoy watching me contort as the shocks racked my cock. Bob was a true saddist and happily yelled into the microphone to start many painful cycles of shocks. He found clips and other electrodes and attacked them to the soles of my bare feet. Now I felt shocks through my cock and at the same time painful shocks to the sensitive soles of my feet. Determined, I was again after many cycles able to control my screams. Bob was disappointed when I finally reached such control of my pain that I did not scream at all so the only shock I would get was the one from his scream. "OK I guess that's it, Kurt told me our guy is pretty tough and the fun would only last a few hours. Jack help me get ready for Slaveboy's next ordeal!"

Bob turned of the electroshock device then Jack took off the electrodes from my cock rings and I laid there panting recovering my breath glad this was over. I felt Jack remove the clips that had been shocking my soles. Jack hesitated, smiled at me from behind my feet "Slaveboy, I just have to do it. I have a foot fetish and those helpless feet of yours are so cute, sexy, and irresistible!" I felt his tongue run slowly down the sole of one foot then move to the other. It felt weird but I was real horny from the tight bondage and pain and having my foot licked felt real good. Jack switched to tracing circles on the bottom of my feet with his finger on one foot and his tongue on the other. I began to struggle as the stimulation increase. He licked carefully between each toe. I was struggling maddly against the cuffs binding me to the table as he sucked each toe is a slow sexy way. Although I was struggling, pleaded with Jack not to stop and to suck harder. My cock swelled more and more into the cock rings and veins throbbed on the shaft. "Slaveboy, I see we both have a foot fetish!"

Bob grabbed my cock and was trying to pull the small ring off the head. "You foot fetishes aren't making removing these rings easy!" he laughed. It felt real good to have someone fooling around with my cock while my toes were being sucked. Bob spit on my cock to lube the small ring and began turning the cock ring as he worked it over the sensitive head. When ever he saw my abs tighten he would ease off. The last thing he wanted was for me to cum. Unfortunately that was the only thing I wanted. Again he spit on my cock and bent it and worked it through the large cock ring behind my balls. It hurt like hell but once it was through, the ring was only around my ball sack. Bob pushed and pulled the first ball through and it felt weird having somebody play with my balls so hard. Once the first ball was through he was home free. The last ball slipped easily out of the ring. Fresh blood pulsed thruough my freed cock. It wasn't as hard as it was with the rings but it was still a boner.

"Hey guys I need some water!" They exchanged looks and Jack got a water bottle and put the tip to my mouth and let me drink. It felt so good to wet my and quench my thirst after the long torture I had endured. I decided to try my luck, "You guys got anything that I can eat?" Bob and Jack broke out laughing and I immediately understood.

Jack jumped on the table and straddled me, he unwrapped an energy bar and placed in the center of my chest. "I'd love to have you eat my cock but after licking your feet I really just want to jerk off. But I will let you have a special sauce for your snack!" He unzipped his Levis and out popped his rock hard dick. I guess he really did love licking my feet and sucking my toes. He yanked his cock vigorously and soon was shooting gob after gob of milky white spunk onto the energy bar that I had hoped to eat. As he finished he wiped the spunk from his cock with his finger and added that final bit to my food. He put his cock back into his Levis and zipped up then he broke off a piece of the bar . He held the piece dripping with white cum by my mouth, "I hope my sauce doesn't spoil your appetite!"

"I haven't eaten in days, I have no idea really how long maybe 2 or 3 days, I have no conception of how long I have been in this dungeon. Anything looks great to me, now!" I held my head up and bit the soggy piece, almost gagged as I tasted the soggy piece, then chewed it slowly and finally swallowed. Despite being gross, I was starving and would eat anything, "Not bad but your sauce is a little salty. Let me try another bite." He gave me another sticky piece and while I chewed it he traced his fingernails over my chest and nipples then my armpits. The firm tension of the cuffs held me spread eagled on the bondage table preventing me from moving away from the intense sensations his touching sparked on my skin. The hours of torture on this rack caused my whole body to ache with a dull pain and also made me extremely horny. Another bite and Jack moved to my feet. Ever notice when you are really horny how sensitive your nips and feet get. You just want them to be touched and played with. The veins on my hard cock were now throbbing. Another piece and while Jack worked my feet, Bob gave his attention to my chest, abs, and nips. The last piece and Bob moved to my cock, after I swallowed the soggy morsel he noticed my abs tighten and pinched the head of my cock painfully hard so I would not cum.

Jack told Bob, "We have to get him ready, Master Kurt is on his way!" Jack went to the shelves and Bob came back with a candle in a glass container while Jack turned off the light so only the glow of the candles lit the dungeon. He placed one directly below my balls and a few inches away. The cameraman focused on my balls and that candle. My balls felt the heat of the flame, warm but threatening. While Jack lit the candles Bob arranged them around my body, along the inside of my leg, then along the outline of my body: legs, ass, trunk, arms, head, trunk, ass, legs inside of the other leg and stopping by my balls. I felt the heat of the flickering flames all around my body. The heat from the candles grew warmer and I began to sweat. I lay on the bondage table scared and helpless and waited for Master Kurt....


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05-30-2010, 08:10 AM
I don't quite know why I still comment here every week you must have worked out by know that I love it. Well done once again.. Can't wait for the next instalment.

[Side note: Oooooh pretty candles!!]

06-10-2010, 08:05 AM
I want to see another chapter of this now!

06-11-2010, 05:37 PM
I lay firmly stretched and helpless on the bondage table and watched the flickering light from the candles cause shadows of the torture instruments to dance on the walls of the stone walled dungeon. I knew what was my next torment, hot wax dripped from candles onto my body. I had read about this on the web, a skilled master can inflict terrible but controlled pain on his slave and if done carefully will not permanently injure the victim. The heat of the candles surrounding my body caused a glistening coat of sweat cover my naked body. The cameraman took shots from various angles, obviously the sight of a naked sweating, helpless slaveboy lit by flickering candles would excited many of the viewers of the video. I was scared but also excited and the waiting just increased my excitement. My excited cock stood straight up and I knew would be an irresistible target for the hot wax for Master Kurt's dripping candle. Jack brings a holder with a half dozen long candles of various colors. "These are made out of different types of waxes, so the master can choose how much pain to inflict on you. The bees wax candles melt at the highest temperature and hurt the worst."

I waited a while longer spread-eagle on my back, I guessed the suspense was part of the torment. I drift off into a daze then I felt someone pulling my big toe back and forcing my foot back. I saw the first candle inches from the tender sole of my foot. "Please, sir, please don't burn me," I begged as I felt the first drops of hot wax drip from the candle Kurt was holding above the bottom of my foot and drip painfully down my sensitive skin. Each drop started with a sharp pain like touching a hot stove and the pain continued as the wax slowly cooled and hardened on my skin.

"I control your pain by holding the candle close or far from your beautiful tender skin as I drip the wax. It's all control, the pain is intense and if I am careful you won't get blisters. What I love about this is how long I can keep you in slowly increasing pain." Kurt smiled. Drip by painful drip the wax from the candle held above the sole of my foot built up the pain, I tried to move my foot away but my master held it firmly. When the bottom of my foot was covered he pushed my toe forward and began dripping the searing wax over the top of my foot. I moaned in pain but my tormentor onlymoved to my other foot and repeated the torture. I screamed, my feet feet like I had stepped on hot coals. My paster held a dripping candle in each hand and slowly dripped the hot liquid over my legs especially the tender inside of my thighs. Kurt saw the fear in my face as his candles neared my cock and balls. "You are right to be scared, hot wax on your cock and balls will feel horrible but you have a long time before I get to that. But maybe I should give you a little taste." He held on candle near my cock and directly over my ball sack. I felt the heat of the candle on my cock. He let a single drop drip onto my balls. I screamed bloody murder, the pain from that single drip was unbelievable. "Just wanted you to have something to think about while I do the rest of your body. Course with a pain pervert like you, it will probably just turn you on more." He was right, I could feel my cock harden because of my fear and anticipation.

He took one of the glasses holding a candle and dripped the wax on my abs. I squirmed and moved around to avoid the drips. "Bob, let's stretch out our Slaveboy here so he can't move around." Kurt would drip some wax, I would yell and move around, Kurt would signal Bob and Bob would take up another click. This went on a long time,my skin screamed from the hot wax and my stretched joints protested even more. I sobbed and begged them to stop but they slowly continued until at last no matter how painful the wax burned I could not move at all. Kurt was satisfied and signaled Bob to stop. Kurt dripped the wax from the glass all over my abbs then completely filled my belly button indentation with hot wax. It hurt like hell and took forever to cool. He dripped hot wax over my chest but made sure to circle my nips, "We'll leave the nips for later, just before I do your cock!" He dripped wax up and down my arms then used the hotter beeswax candle to cover my armpits drip by drip. The pain of the hot wax hardening on my armpits and the painful stretch of the rack on my body was too much, I screamed in agony and quickly dropped into unconsciousness. I was startled back to my senses by a whiff of a strong ammonia smell. "Slaveboy, you're not getting out of this that easy. I have lots of ways of keeping you alert so you can savor all the pain I give you."

Kurt held the beeswax candle a couple inches over my right nip. It seemed to take forever for the drop to form and drip onto the edge of the areola. The pain was intense and only increased as the drops circled around the edge of the areola and the moved slowly in tighter circles. The tension on the arm and ankle cuffs prevented me from moving away the slightest bit. I watched as Kurt carefully let a large drop form and I could only wait for it to dip onto the tip of my nip. I screamed at the top of my voice when it feel and sear the tender tip of my nip. Again I fainted and this time a pinch to the tip of my cock brought me back. Drip by drip the hot wax covered the nip. After short pause and Kurt repeated the torture on my left nip.

With dread I waited for what I knew was next ...

06-11-2010, 05:51 PM
nice.. the story is so cool.

06-18-2010, 05:18 PM
While being stretched out painfully on the rack prevented me from moving very much, my desperate struggles made my cock move in wild circles. Kurt watched for a long time, he loved to watch my fear build then said, "We have to do something about your cock Slaveboy. I can't hit a target that moves so much!" He went to the shelves and worked on something for a few minutes. He returned holding three alligator clips with long strings attached to each one. He clipped one to the tip of my cock and while Bob held my cock still, he tied the string to the end of the table between my legs. The metal clip added yet another pain to my agony. He snapped the other clips onto my cock and tied the strings to the sides of the table. Bob released my cock and it stood straight up and motionless. "The strings act like guy wires on a radio tower and keep the tip of your cock steady, it looks pretty sexy, too."

"Those clips hurt like hell, Sir."

"I thought you liked pain, but don't worry you will soon not notice that pain!"

He took the beeswax candle and held it about an inch above the tip of my cock and waited for a big drop to form. Finally the drop fell. It landed directly on the opening at the very tip of my cock. Before the wax hardened some seeped into the opening. I screamed and screamed and Kurt just laughed at my helplessness. He held the candle in the same place and drip by drip the hot wax flowed over the head of my cock like chocolate poured over a sundae. I begged for mercy as the hot wax slithered down the sides of my throbbing boner. I cursed myself, why did pain have to be the thing that excited me the most. I moaned as the pain intensified as the hot wax reached the bottom of my shaft and slowly, agonizingly spread over my balls. I passed out from the pain and was shocked awake with my head covered in ice water as Bob laughed holding an empty bucket.

Kurt talked to Bob and Jack giving them instructions. "I told the guys to let you enjoy your torment while they take it easy but make sure you are always conscious so you won't miss any of the pain then they have something special for you. " I lay there for a long time, the pain from the hot wax, especially my nips, balls, and worst of all the tip of my cock drilled into my mind. The ache of my stretched joints and the pain from the alligator clips on my cock made the pain immeasurable. Not knowing how long I had to endure this torment made me feel hopeless. Was it a few minutes, or hours, or days until my four days were up? I had no idea. I lay on that bondage table, my naked body lit by a few candles still flickering in the jars. When I drifted off, ice water would quickly bring me back to my suffering. I started shivering from all the ice water thrown over me which only magnified my agony and delighted my tormentors.

The cameraman told Bob and Jack to move on to the special scene. They moved the candles in the jars and placed them around the dungeon so it was still lit by the flickering light. Jack removed the aligater clips from my cock, that felt good! They unclipped the leather cuffs from the table and helped stand up I told them I had to pee and they led my to the drain. I tried to pee but my cock was sealed by the hard coating of wax and nothing would come out. They bent over laughing at my predicament. They led me to a post about four feet high with a huge dildo affixed to the top. "No way you can force that big thing up my ass. I couldn't take it!"

Bob smiled, "The great thing about Kurt's plan is that we won't force it up your as but you are the one that will do it!" Jack held out a tub of lube and made me lube the huge thing up. I made sure it was covered with lube. They clipped my wrist cuffs to cables from the ceiling attached to a winch and slowly took up the slack until I was suspended with just my toes touching the concrete. I felt the dildo slide against my ass crack. Click by click the winch lifted me up and the dildo slid down my ass crack until it found the opening of my asshole and centered itself. Bob eased of the tension of the winch a couple clicks and I felt the dildo start to push its way into me. Jack put a concrete block under each foot and so if I stood on the tips of my toes I could keep the dildo just at the edge of my hole. Bob eased the tension of the winch so now the only way I could prevent myself from being impaled on the huge black dildo was to stay on my tiptoes. This was my predicament, stay on my toes and they cramped painfully. Ease my feet and the dildo drilled painfully inside me. This seemed to go on at least and hour until I was completely exhausted and had to choice but to slowly ease down completely onto the horrible thing. When I shifted around, sometimes I felt something that felt almost good.

Bob and Jacke let me squirm for a long time with that thing rammed up my ass then they began to remove the hardened wax from my body. It felt weird their hands and fingers nipping and pulling bits of wax from all over my body. Mostly it came off easy except when it was caught in body hairs and then it hurt like hell as they pulled usually removing the hair with the wax. The armpits were bad as the hair came out in chunks. My nips were super sensitive and the few hairs there were really painful. The wax came off my cock mostly in one piece like a cast. Jack removed the last bit of wax from my pee hole and jumped aside. I strained and forced the bit of wax that had sealed my piss hole out and relieved myself with a steady strong stream of piss. All the touching and pulling made me twist and turn on the dildo which started turning me on. I could only think about jacking off and shooting cum. They got soap and cold water and scrubbed the last traces of wax from my body spending a lot of time on my cock and balls but always stopping just on the edge of letting me cum. When they finished they threw buckets of cold water over me to rinse me off. Bob tightened the winch and slowly pulled me up off the huge dildo and then let me down to the floor.


Jack led me to a corner lit by a single bare bulb and told me to sit on the concrete floor. He opened the spreader bar and had me put my ankles in the large openings and my wrists in the small openeings then he closed and locked the spreader bar. I could only sit bent over in a cramped position with my knees against my chest and wrists on the outside of my legs. No way could I touch my cock to jack off. The cameraman shot a closeup of the scraggly beard growing on my face to show the viewers that the video was make in real time. I was left alone, shivering from the cold water that had drenched my body. Horny but unable to touch my cock. I felt hopeless and depressed, I felt this torment would never end. I began sobbing and sobbed uncontrollably for what seemed forever.

I felt a tug on my hair as Kurt pulled my head up so I looked him in the eyes. "We are going to play a little game of truth or dare, I will ask a question and you WILL tell me the truth. Understand?"

"When did you first think about bondage?"

"I was probably about six or seven and would go to mass with my family. I spent the whole time looking at the statue of Christ on the cross and imagining what it would be like. This continued for years, every Sunday. I would look at other pictures and statues, the saint tied to the post and shot with arrows was one of my favorites."

"When did you get your first hard-on?

"I was probably twelve and you can guess where. It was lent and the priest went on about the details of the torment by the soldiers, carrying the cross, and the agony of the crucifixion Before he was done I had a raging boner. I knew this was so wrong I could never confess this sin."

"Well you finally have confessed, I hope that makes you feel better. I'll be back when I have figured out the right penance for you."

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Ok, you now just get 5 of these>
: D
: D
Because I have actually literally ran out of words and compliments for your story. It's truly alarming. You are the first to have done that.
I will make an effort to make some up ... but for now

black out
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hey guy you really should write more

06-26-2010, 07:41 AM
I sat with my ass on the cold concrete with the iron spreader bar binding my ankles and wrists., I was forced to remain in a painful bent position. Despite my pain I was horny as hell but no way could I touch my cock and get any release. Soon the cramps began. I screamed for someone to come and finally I could take it no longer and began to cry, cry like a baby. I heard heavy steps of a bunch of guys storming done the steps in combat boots. The door busted open, "Hey look at Slavebaby crying like a little girl. I think he wants us to play with him!" I recognized Nick the pizza guy and he brought a bunch of buddies in combat gear. They crowded around me, a couple grarbbed my arms and held me tight to steady me while the others took whips from the wall and began lashing my back over and over again. I yelled for them to stop.

"What's he saying?"

"I think he wants us to whip him harder." I understood, the only way they would stop was if I took it like a Slave and kept absolutely silent. I gritted my teeth and kept quiet. I felt something running down my back, was it sweat or blood? They stopped whipping me and unlocked the spreader bar, two big guys grabbed me roughly and held me standing while the others played severely with my body.

Nick began punching my abs, I braced my muscles so my six-pack would protect me. His punches flew fast and hard with me his helpless human punching bag. Another guy took over as Nick tired, on and on it went until all had their fun using me as their punching bag. They stopped and I was breathing heavily and dripping with sweat.

One of the guys pinched my nipple playfully between his thumb and forefinger. Then he pinched it harder, then twisted it a little, then twisted it a lot. I felt several guys pinching and twisting, my nips, my rock hard cock, my balls, the very tender tip of my boner. Gloved fingers probed up my ass. Painful exciting sensations pulsed through my body as I suffered the rough handling of these muscular men. I could not control myself and began to beg, plead, and cry.

The pain made tears flow from my eyes. "Look at SlaveBaby! He's crying. He wants a pacifier! Anyone have something he can suck on?" All the guys laughed. The guys holding me forced me to kneel. Each took their turn, stood before me, unzipped to pop out a hard cock, thrust the hard cock into my mouth while pulling my hair hard to force my face into their pubic hair, thrusting hard, prolonging their pleasure as long as they could before exploding shot after shot of hot cum into my mouth.

When they finished using me to satisfy themselves, they forced me to stand. I noticed that two had whips, the rest held long pointed sticks. I felt the blow of a whip, "Get moving Slaveboy! Up the cellar steps FAST!" The door to the long flight of cold stone cellar steps was open. I rushed up the steps prodded by sticks and stung by whips. Outside it was cold but clear, the ground was hard, almost frozen. I could barely make out the path by the light of the dawn starting in the east. I ran on the trail enduring the probing sticks and whips, I could see something lying next to the trail near where it entered the woods. As I got closer, I recognized what it was and I understood the penance Kurt had planned for me. We stopped by that fearful object.

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06-26-2010, 08:59 AM
ok... I promised you a made up word....

Superdupersplendtacularoonimazing (A.k.A incredibly good)

Your story is phenomenal

06-27-2010, 07:36 PM
ok... I promised you a made up word....

Superdupersplendtacularoonimazing (A.k.A incredibly good)

Your story is phenomenal

your story is amazing, I just read it compleatly through, and I love it!! please write more! it really is Superdupersplendtacularoonimazing!

07-04-2010, 09:05 AM
In the dim red light of dawn I looked at a 10 foot long 6 X 6 with a shorter 6 X 6 mortised and bolted a couple feet from the top. Kurt intended to crucify me. I looked at the safety monitor, he smiled, "Extreme and agonizing but allowable."

Kurt told me to stand next to the cross and ordered a couple of guys to put the cross where the two parts join over my shoulder. The two of them strained to lift the heavy timber and finally placed it on my shoulder. It was heavy and I could barely stand carrying it and from the years I had spent staring at the stations in church trying to hide my boner, I knew what was next. Despite shivering from the cold morning air, immediately my cock sprung erect. I was scared and knew the intense pain that lay ahead but Kurt was letting me live my first and strongest bondage fantasy.

"Wipe that stupid smile off your face, Slaveboy and get moving." Snap, and I felt a hard lash of the whip on my naked back. I strained and took a slow step up the trail dragging the heavy timber. I felt the pokes of the pointed sticks and heard curses urging me to speed up. Goaded by pain, I moved forward, struggling with each step. It took all my strength just to keep moving. The trail began to climb and I leaned forward to drag the heavy timber cross. The lashes from the whips were harder, the prods from the sticks were harder, my cock was harder for the excitement and the pain. I was sweating and panting from my extreme exertion carrying the heavy burden. Each step was difficult, my foot tripped on a root and I fell to the ground, the weight of the cross pinned me down.

"Somebody help me lift this damned thing so I can get up!" I pleaded. The only help I got was hard lashes from the whips, the pain allowed me to use superhuman strength to slowly rise to my feet. My slow painful progress continued until someone stuck his pole in front of my leg and tripped me. My tormentors roared with laughter as they whipped and prodded me as I struggled to stand again. The pain of the whips enabled me to lift the heavy burden again and trudge forward. I moved like in a trance, I felt sweat and blood tickle down my back and legs, I imagined Roman soldiers whipping my back and forcing me forward.


Bob yelled, "Take a break guys, this whipping a slave is hard work!" I started to put down the cross and felt the sharp snap of the whip, "Not you Slaveboy. Stand up straight with that cross!" I saw the wild red roses growing by the side of the trail and watched Bob cut off a long thorned shoot with his knife. "Stand up straight Slave! I want to get the size right." He measured it as he held it above my hair then carefully wove it into a wreath. He added more of the thorned rose shoots until he was satisfied. Holding it above my head he said "I crown you king of the slaves!" and carefully holding it to avoid the thorns he pushed it down hard until the thorns bit into my head and forehead. The barbs stung as they were forced into my skin. I felt blood trickle into my hair and down my face.

They cracked their whips and forced be down the trail to where it crossed a muddy creek. My feet sank into the mud almost to my knees. Each step was an ordeal, each step I had to pull my foot out of the sticky mud while carrying and balancing the heavy cross. Crossing that creek under a rain of lashes was hell. At last I got to the other bank. The bank was steep and the mud slippery. My feet slipped and I fell into the mud under the heavy cross. My hands could just sank in the mud when I tried to push myself up. The rain of lashes and poking of the sticks kept up as I struggled to get up. Suddenly, I felt the weight of my burden disappear. I lifted my face from the mud and saw Jack holding the cross up. I struggled up out of the mud and Jack placed the cross back on my shoulders, "Thanks Jack, I could never have made it without your help!"

"Don't worry, it will all be worth it to me, Slaveboy!" said Jack.

I struggled through the muddy bank. I was ordered to stop when I reached solid ground and buckets of cold creek water were thrown on me to rinse off the mud. I began to shiver but quickly I felt the lashes of the whip and continued struggling up the path. Step by step I moved in a daze. I came to a clearing and was told to stop and lay down the cross with the bottom next to a posthole dug into the hard ground. Two of my tormentors held me tight by my arms while I was whipped on my chest, abs and front of my legs. Painful stroke after stroke fell upon me until streams of blood mixed with sweat covered my abs, chest, and legs.

"That's enough guys, Slaveboy looks pretty good! Look at the cross boy! See the notches near the ends of the crosspiece. That's to keep the ropes binding your wrists from slipping and moving. Look at the 2 X 4 nailed to th upright. That's to support your legs, just enough room for your toes. The strain of hanging on a cross soon makes it hard to exhale as you struggle for breath you can push yourself up on this toehold but your legs are not straight and your legs and feet will soon cramp. The Romans were pretty smart, they knew to how to make this torment linger, sometimes for a couple days. Lay down on the cross so we can start."

I lay on the cross and extended my arms along the cross piece. Bob took a length of hemp rope and tied a French bowline with 7 or 8 turns to distribute the pressure on my right wrist and pulled it snug then tied the ends around the crosspiece using the notches to keep the rope in place. After the bowline was tied securely he took a few turns tying my wrists directly to the wood. He repeated the process on my left arm. The firm bondage felt good. Like a lot of slaves I enjoy the feeling of firm helpless bondage and the exihileration of knowing I would be helpless to the torture that was sure to come.

Bob did a cross tie on my ankles and tied them tightly to the upright then took some turns just above my toes to hold the bottoms of my feet bent flat against the wood and my toes resting on the narrow two inch toe rest attached to the cross. ledge My legs were in a bent position like I was doing knee bends.

I was left tied and helpless. This excited me a lot and my cock stood up hard and throbbing. The sun had risen and its light began to warm my naked bleeding skin. Kurt explained that part of the humiliation of a crucifixion was that the soldiers were allowed to tease and torment the naked helpless victim. The guys who had been whipping and prodding me with pointed sticks now surrounded me and began touching and pinching me, my nips, my cock, my balls. They twisted, pulled, and tickled. They played with my horny cock. Kurt warned them that he had an extra cross and that would be for the one who let me cum. I pulled at the ropes and struggled but knew I had to endure the laughing jeering taunts and torments of these guys acting like Roman soldiers until their comander ordered them to stop...

Star Shadows
07-04-2010, 10:03 AM
Again this was brilliant. well done. I never thought I'd find so much interest and pleasure from a story so far out of my usual likings. Well done.

Memories for Life
07-06-2010, 03:59 PM
Comments rescinded!

This action is not grounds for a permanent ban. However, continued threatening of "Invoking" the moderators against stories you find may result in one. I'm tired of hearing about this.

07-12-2010, 09:22 AM
WARNING: Deals with fantasy based on religious art which some readers may find offensive.

Kurt stood watching me being tormented and teased a long time. He smiled at my cock standing straight up begging for relief.

"That's enough for now, boys." Kurt said as he knelt by my head. He held his iPhone so I could see it. I stared at the picture of three teens smeared with what looked like blood and tied to crosses. "I found this picture when I looked up 'crucifixion reenactment" on Google to see how to do it. Guess what, this is a picture from a reenactment of the crucifixion by a youth group from a church in Iowa! Perhaps you were not alone in your fantasies looking at depictions of the crucifixion in church. This is sort of a preview of what you will soon look like but your crucification will be much more authentic and the blood and pain will be real. We are going to set the cross in the posthole, brace your legs to ease the shock as the cross drops in place."

He ordered the guys to begin lifting the cross with the end just over the hole. A couple guys put a heavy rope around the upright and above the crosspiece. As most of the guys walked the cross up at an angle, two began tugging at the ends of the heavy rope. At about 50 degrees the cross slipped a little bit into the hole the stopped and I felt a painful jolt in my shoulder joints. I pushed with my feet to brace myself as more of the guys pulled on the ropes. As the cross was almost straight up I felt it start to slip into the hole, I braced as hard as I could but still screamed with pain from the jolt as the end of the cross stopped with a jerk as it hit bottom. Guy filled the hole with stones to keep the cross steady.

My position on the cross with my arms almost horizontal caused my weight to pull horrifically on my shoulders. My toes pushed on the narrow edge of the 2 X 4 and I am able to ease the pain in my shoulders. After my initial struggles on the cross, I found I could hold myself in a reasonably pain-free pose. Then Jack started on my dick. The boy was a real expert, sucking and stroking my cock, stroking and twisting my nips, getting me right to the edge then he stopped. My legs started burning with strain and I let more weight hang on my arms. I struggled from one position to another, Jack played with my cock whenever it began to soften. Slowly, ever so slowly rubbing and sucking it, never fast enough for me to cum. The sun beat down on my naked body as I struggled to ease the pain. Sweat poured down my chest, arms, and legs. I begged for water but Kurt shook his head.

Despite the pain, my mind was mostly fixed on getting release. I was horny and bursting but Jack kept me just at that frustrating edge. The agony of orgasm denial put me into a trance that sort of insulated me from the pain in my shoulders and legs. Jack slowly rubbed my chest, abs, any sensitive part of my skin. Slowly he massaged the head of my cock causing vast quantities of pre-cum to drip from my member. He sucked my cock, putting it all the way into his mouth, I saw Kurt nod, and Jack slowly moved his mouth back and forth over my cock again bringing me to the frustrating edge. This time his mouth began to move faster and harder bringing me higher and higher, I begin thrusting into his mouth. Over and over I shot loads of cum into his mouth until I was emptied. He kissed me softly on the head of my cock and left me to suffer.

The sexual ectasy lasted less than a minute, Now I felt every pain in my body, my thirst, the sting of the rose thorns pressed into my scalp, the searing of the whip marks on my skin. I heard the buzz of large horseflies that settled in the streams of blood dripping down my face and body. I felt their bites as they eagerly feasted on me but could not shake them off. Soon the biting insects discovered the sticky sweet cum covering my flaccid cock. At first it tickled as the insects crawled over my sensitive cock tip, then the sting of the bites, I looked down and saw the large black flies crawling over my cock and balls. I tried to move and thrust but could not shake them and my struggles just increased my other agonies.

The sun beat down on my naked body. I pleaded for a drink but my answer was poking and teasing by my tormentors with their pointed sticks. Then one guy laughed, "Let's give him a drink!" He tied a rag around the end of his stick then he pissed on the rag. The guys shouted jeers as he held the stick with the dripping rag to my mouth. I was crazy with thirst and eagerly sucked the foul liquid from the rag.


My toes strained against the 2 X 4 to lift me enough to ease the intense painful tension on my shoulders. Kurt explained that my position with my arms streched almost horizontally was much more stressful and painful then if I were merely suspended with my arms overhead in a "V". My legs were bent like in a squat which made me continuously push and strain hard to support my weight. Painful cramps tortured my feet and legs and I put more weight on my arms. I began to take shallower breaths, I had to force myself to exhale. I felt I couldn't breathe and started to panic. Frightened, I forced my cramping legs and feet to support my weight while a gulped a few breaths of air. "The Romans were geniuses at torment, the struggle for air made crucifixion a frightful method of execution. A victim in good physical shape would last at least a day usually more before he suffocated and you are in great shape." commented Kurt. I felt despair, it would be a whole day or more before the safety monitor would stop my torment. The sun got hotter, more flies crawled over me, excruciating pain tortured my cramped feet and legs, my shoulders felt like they were being pulled apart, I struggled for each gulp of air, I was thakful for each piss soaked cloth pushed up to my mouth to ease my thirst, I suffered painful pokes from the pointed stick, I had no choice but to endure my torment...

07-12-2010, 03:00 PM
Well done tiedguy for making not only my favourite story on getdare, but one of my favourite stories, full stop.

07-20-2010, 08:55 AM
A hard sting of a whip landed painfully on my sagging cock. I jerked my head up from my daze of suffering and saw the hopelessness of my plight. I felt the tight rope coils holding my arms outstretched firmly to the cross piece and the coarse rope bindings holding my cramping feet to their toehold. Despite the agonizing pain, the firm bindings restraining my arms and feet were comforting almost soothing. A peculiar sensation that drove me to seek extreme bondage. Secure in the tight bondage, I could savor and almost enjoy the pain I felt. The agonizing cramps in my feet and legs were not pain but intense erotic stimulation. The crawling of flies over my skin, cock, and balls became intense electric excitement.

Slowly the shadow my cross traced on the dirt was getting shorter and shorter. I felt a ladder propped against the upright. Bob climbed up and tied a thick rope around my chest then threw the ends over the back. I felt the guys take up the slack and hold my weight with the rope around my chest. The pressure on my arms eased and the strain on my chest eased so I could breathe normally again. Bob untied my wrists and my arms fell to my sides while my body was supported by the thick rope. Then Bob untied my feet and I let my legs dangle to ease the painful cramps. Slowly they lowered my bloody body to the ground. I couldn't stand so I knelt and looked up at Bob wondering what torment would be next. Bob gently removed the crown of rose branches from my head and smiled, "Slaveboy, you did it! It is noon so your last day of torture is over!" Bob and Jack helped me up and let me lean on their shoulders as they lead me back to Kurt's house.

They led me upstairs, gave me some water and a slice of pizza then took me to the shower and washed me off real good. Jack had me lay on the bed and he put ointment on all my welts and scratches. I really liked the way he rubbed the greasy ointment in. He gave me the tube and said the marks should disappear in a couple days if I used it. Jack took me to the main room where Kurt had put on a table my wallet, an old pair of Levis, a black T-Shirt with "Bondage" written on it, a pair of flip flops, and the $4000 check. "Have some more pizza, then use the bed for a nap. You sure look like you need some sleep. When you wake up you can see some of the video we shot which turned out real good. You are a natural. Your plane doesn't leave until 9. "


I put on the clothes and chowed down the rest of the pizza, I sure was starved. "Thanks Kurt, that sounds great. I like the T-shirt!"

"I thought that would help explain the marks on your arms and face. See you later."

When I woke up, I looked in the mirror and admired my scraggly 4 day beard. I joined Kurt and his friends to watch the videos. I had to admit that I looked great. Probably helped that I didn't have to act, the pain and bondage were real. We talked about the plans I made with Cindy to start a femdom site with clean-cut college type mistresses and slaves. Cindy and I would do the first few shoots. He gave me advice on where to host the site, how to collect fees, and especially the legal requirements. He offered to exchange links to help us get started. He also offered to pay me for more shoots if we got short of cash, I said I would think about it.

Bob and Jack drove me to the airport, I worried a little about going through TSA, commando, wearing a "bondage T-shirt, and the marks on my body. The inspector said they were going to have to strip search me, and then he laughed at my reaction. "Just kidding" and waved me through.

Tom picked me up from the airport. As was our rule, I stripped naked and hung my clothes up on the hook when I entered our dorm room. He whistled when he saw the marks on my legs and back, "You sure earned the money!" He applied the ointment which felt so good and I lay down in the corner on the floor with my blanket. I told Tom about the shoot and then soon dropped sound asleep.

The alarm jarred me awake. I jumped up and grabbed my cut-offs while Tom put on his trainers, jock, shorts, and t-shirt. Barefoot, I ran with Tom to the beach and back. We were covered with sweat by the time we got back to the room. It felt great to be back in the routine as Tom's slave. We both stripped naked to do sets of 50 push-ups, 80 sit-ups, and 30 pull-ups. We did the pull-ups hanging together from a single bar, our sweaty bodies sliding over each other as we pulled ourselves up. I was weak from my four days of strict bondage and could only do 28 pull-ups on the third set. I hung motionless as Tom's body slide over mine, his hard cock poking my abs, as he finished the set. I got the die and threw for my Exercise Dice Dare punishment:
1 - Loser sucks winner cock
2 - Two strokes with cane on loser’s ass
3 - Loser jerks off winner
4 - Four strokes with cane on loser’s ass
5 – Loser tied and hung from chin-up bar – toes barely touching floor – slowly teased to climax
6 - 69 both suck each other’s cock

I threw and it landed on a “1”. Because our bare bodies had rubbed against each other as we did are pull-ups facing each other using the same pull-up bar, our cocks both had strong erections. Since I had lost, I knelt before Tom. He stood before me, grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth over his rock hard cock. My nose was smashed into sweaty pubes which smelled so strong and exciting. I began to suck him slowly and forced his cock all the way in. Slowly the pace increased in tempo and force; sucking faster and harder. Tom tried to draw out the pleasure but his resolve lasted only seconds before I felt Tom’s body tighten and he began shooting over and over into my mouths. Tom said, “That was great but we’re probably late.” We jumped up and grabbed our towels and ran to the showers. I was back home and happy.

07-20-2010, 09:45 AM
Is this the end of it? If so, it's a fitting end and it has been an intense, amazing, and fun journey.

07-20-2010, 01:18 PM
I love this story so much, good job! I hate people who pint oout every little thing, but I noticed when you were discribing the shirt you wrote (err typed) flip flops instead of handcuffs. I love your story so much!!!!

07-20-2010, 01:39 PM
I love this story so much, good job! I hate people who pint oout every little thing, but I noticed when you were discribing the shirt you wrote (err typed) flip flops instead of handcuffs. I love your story so much!!!!
No, he was talking about the things they gave him. Ergo, they gave him a shirt with the word "bondage" on it, and they gave him a pair of flip flops. I could see the confusion there, though.

07-20-2010, 04:32 PM
Hey i love your story!!! i have to take a break from reading them because i get too excited!!!:D

07-22-2010, 04:21 PM
lol i see that now, sorry about that :). i was half asleep, and i just read through the whole thing again. lol i feel so stupid :D

07-27-2010, 09:51 AM
I felt so great being Tom's slave again, it didn't seem to take anytime until we were in the middle of finals week. Cindy and I agreed to meet at the nude beach on the morning of the math final. That may seem strange to you but we found that we did best when we studied hard the day before a final and the relaxed on the day of the final and there was nobody I would rather relax with than Cindy. We I got there I could see Cindy on the raft so I stripped off my cut-offs and ragged t-shirt and dived into the water. Cindy watched me appreciatively as I climbed onto the raft and the water dripped from my naked body and semi-erect cock and I devoured her perfectly beautiful tanned body with my eyes. We sunned ourselves for about an hour. We applied lotion to each other, she rubbed it slowly into my stiffing cock. We kissed and rubbed our bodies over each other. We talked about our plans for the summer, she would pick me up on Saturday morning and we would drive to her parent's place on the ocean. Since her parents spend the summer in France, we would have the place to ourselves. We discussed the video equipment we would need to buy and the other details of setting up our femdom porno web site. The money I got from Kurt gave us a good start. Just the thought of doing a femdom bondage shoot with Cindy as my mistress turned me on. Cindy saw my growing boner and laughed, "We better cool you off. Remember you have to ace that math final to get a straight A average." We dived into the cool water and played around a little as we cooled down and swam to shore.

We dropped down on Cindy's blanket and let the sun dry our naked bodies. Cindy said to the girl on the blanket next to ours, "Amanda, this is Ken my boyfriend and slaveboy for the summer. Ken this is Amanda, Amanda, tell Ken about your idea."

"I was thinking that my slave Mike and I could do some shoots for your site. Cindy said we could get a percentage of the fees for members who join from a link on our shoots. Besides I really want to torture Mike in creative ways."

"I told Amanda how we planned to dye our hair and to paint our faces with Maori designs so no one could recognize us." Amanda said she would let Cindy know tomorrow.

As we stood up to leave Cindy said, "Slaveboy, come to my room after the final! Sharon said she and Tom are going out and won't be back until midnight."

My heart leaped, I would be my mistress's slave for many hours pleasuring her until she finally grants me relief, "Yes, Mistress. Your slave will be there to serve you!" I pulled on my shorts and torn t-shirt and my heart was throbbing as we walked hand in hand back to the campus. During the final I had to struggle to keep my mind off the sweet torment that would soon be mine and concentrate on the test. My preparation paid off and I completed and rechecked the test well before time was up and left early confident that I has aced the course.

I rushed to Cindy's dorm and knocked on her door and began our favorite roleplay. "Who is at my door" she called.

"I am a poor boy who lost a dare and must be your helpless slave tonight"

"Enter Slaveboy and stand up straight in the center of the room." I entered and stood at attention while she locked the door.

She grabbed my ragged t-shirt and slowly sensuously pulled it over my head. She rolled my shirt up tight then tied it around my head as a blindfold. She rubbed my chest with her hands and toyed with my nips. I felt her tie my hands behind my back with a cross limb binding. She continued teasing my exposed skin with her gentle touching. "Kiss Me, Slaveboy!" I bent forward and searched with my lips and tongue. I kissed her neck and cheeks then her lips. She thrust her tongue into my mouth deep and hard.

"Slaveboy, strip off my top!" Blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back, I slid my face down to the bottom of her top, gripped it with my teeth and slowly pulled it over her head. Now it was my turn to tease her beautiful chest and back but since my hands were tied I did it with my lips and rubbing with my body. I began breathing heavily from excitement and we finished with a long deep kiss.

She unzipped my Levis cut-offs and let my boner pop out. She caressed and rubbed it sending a thrill through my entire body. She unbuttoned them and let the cut-offs slide to the floor and I stepped out of them. As her slave, I had to stand motionless while she teased and fondled my ass, cock, and balls. The sensations were magnified by my blindfolded bondage.

She had me strip off her shorts which I pulled down with my teeth and she stepped out of them. She ordered me to kiss and lick all of her exposed skin. Next she commanded me to take off her panties which she picked up and stuffed in my mouth. She rubbed her naked body against mine driving me wild. She ordered me to kneel and she removed the panties from my mouth. She had me bend over and kiss her feet then she raised each foot and had me suck each toe.

She grabbed my hair and pulled my face to her cunt. She forced my face deep into that wonderful place and I began licking and sucking her until she moaned with pleasure. She ordered me to stand up and again shoved her panties into my mouth as a gag. The sting of her flogger on my back was my reward. She beat my back, my ass, my chest, my legs, and yes my hard cock with her black leather flogger. The stinging pain excited me.

She untied my arms then led me to a steel framed bed pushed into the middle of the room. She commanded me to lie down face up then using French bowline knots to spread the pressure, tied me firmly, helplessly, to the bed in a spread eagle position. Now I was the helpless instrument of her pleasure, I would be bound here for hours while she played with my body to give herself pleasure. I was so excited waiting for her to begin. She sat on my face while I used my tongue to excite her. I licked her nips as she pushed her boobs against my mouth. I sucked and licked her feet and toes. She played with my cock, she rubbed and kissed it until I was just about to cum then always stopped. She sat on my cock forcing me inside her but ordered me not to hump. She was the mistress and I the slave. Slowly, slowly she brought her self to climax but much to slow for me to cum. Orgasm denial was this erotic game which we both loved to play. It allowed her to have power over a good looking guy and I knew that my ultimate reward was enhanced by my frustration. Often she would let me alone waiting in the dark for her next touch, my expectant skin tingling with excitement.

I had lost all sense of time as she sat on my cock and brought me to a peak of excitement, slowly she brought herself to climax, over and over then yelled, "Go for it, Slaveboy!" I humped quickly building up in tempo and force until we we bouncing as a single creature, she moaned in ecstasy, my abs tensed, I began to shoot load after load of warm cum into her. We lay exhausted for a long time then she untied me and we cuddled together as lovers.

Her alarm rang, "Loverboy, its time for you to get out of here. My roommate will be back soon. I'll pick you up Saturday morning. I heard about the party Tom is planning for you at the bondage club on Friday, your last night as his slave. I bet that will be intense!" I put on the cut-offs and ragged shirt and she kissed me long and deep as I headed back to my room.

07-27-2010, 10:52 AM
i thiught the last post was it! You make me so happy! I love your story so much! You are an amazing writer :P!!!!!!

08-03-2010, 01:38 PM
Friday afternoon Tom told me to get dressed to go to dinner. As was Tom's the rule, I was naked whenever I was in our dorm room. I went to the hook on the wall and took my cut-off shorts and pulled them on then I put on the ragged torn t-shirt. I followed Tom out the door, his bare foot slave until tomorrow morning. That was the day my penalty for losing a bet with Tom at the start of this year would be over. The guys at the cafeteria had heard about the the party at the bondage club and teased me making up elaborate and improbable scenes for me to suffer. A group of guys that loved to tickle torture me in our room whenever Tom would let them asked directions and said they would be there. After we finished, Tom had me stop and stand on the sidewalk infront of the cafeteria and ordered me to strip off my T-shirt. I stood there naked except of my cut-offs. Then he pulled from his backpack a studded black leather collar which he buckled around my neck, he pulled out a pair of black leather cuffs and buckled them on my wrists binding my arms behind my back. Last he pulled out a chain leash and clipped it onto my collar. Tom had me led me down to the end of a strip of bars near campus. At the end there was a dilapidated gay bar called "Black Rose". Tom lead me to the back where a bare light bulb lit a sign on a door that said "Bondage Club - you must be eighteen or older to enter".

A bouncer dressed in leather checked our IDs and let us in, "Have fun guys. Slaveboy, you are the star tonight!" I looked around the familiar room, usually a door connected to the bar but today that door was locked so kids 18 and up could come. A 25 X 25 foot section in s corner was raised about a foot and this was where the bondage equipment was. I saw a naked body swinging above the center of the platform suspended from padded leather cuffs on his wrists and lifted by a winch cable. I stared at the brand on the guy's shoulder and then at the matching brand on my shoulder. We got these when we were initiated into the bondage club together. I nodded a greeting to my friend and bondage buddy, Jason. Tom ordered me to stand with my chest touching Jason's naked chest and unclipped my leash. "We are pretty early so I think you and Jason can hang out a little while." Tom laughed as he unclipped my wrist cuffs and clipped them to a winch cable above my head and slowly my body slid against Jason until my feet could no longer touch the floor. Immediately both of us got hard from the sensation of bare skin rubbing bare skin. We knew the drill, this was like the opening act, we would hang suspended here a hour or more until the club filled. The bikers began teasing us, they pulled us back then let us swing brushing each other's bare bodies and bumping into each other. They twisted us so we were cock to cock, ass to ass, my cock to Jason's ass, my ass to Jason's cock. Our arms ached from the strain of our weight hanging from our wrist cuffs. The crowd grew, they yelled for us to kiss. We struggled to turn face to face and locked our mouths together. Whenever we swung apart, they beat us with floggers until we could kiss again. They yelled for to dry fuck Jason and we struggled until my rock hard boner pressed into Jason's crack. Then Jason dry fucked me. The place began to get crowded and we faced our final task.

Spike arranged us ass to ass and rolled condoms on our boners. We were to try to fuck each other up the ass. The guy who did it would be let down and allowed to sit on the floor and rest while the other guy was tormented for another hour. Since we were both hanging it was hard to get leverage to penetrate the other guy's asshole and even harder to thrust until you shot your wad. Spike started us swinging and we each tried to grab the other guy with our legs I got Jason's legs in a scissors hold and struggled to turn his ass to me. In the struggle, he slipped out and got a hold on me. The bikers cheered Jason on and Tom and a few guys from school rooted for me. Our smooth muscular bodies glistened with sweat as we struggled with each other. We swung loose then as Jason bumped me from behing his legs formed a vice grip on my thighs. I felt his cock in my crack, and felt it press against my hole, his strong legs gave him the leverage to force himself in. I stopped struggling as I felt him inside me, I wanted to catch him off guard. He started thrusting and I timed the thrust then when he pulled back from a hard thrust I arched my body and broke free of his cock. We grappled madly for a hold on each other's legs. The crowd roared, we both loved this contest and wanted to be the one that won by fucking the other guy's ass. This time I got a death grip on Jasons legs and felt my boner press his ass. I slid it blindly around until it settled pressing his hole and forced my way in all the way with one sharp thrust. He groaned in sharp pain. It felt so good and I began wildly pumping and felt the pressure mount in my abs suddenly my legs lost their grip on his sweat slippery legs. We grappled furiously again but before I knew it, Jason made some quick expert moves and was deep inside me thrusting away. This time he held me tight taking no chances. He even slowed his thrusting to prolong the pleasure of fucking my ass and I enjoyed it too, my struggles to get free only enhancing our pleasures. I felt him shoot over and over again and he whispered into my ear as he satisfied himself, "Spike told me that we will do most of the scenes together. This is going to be a fun night, Buddy!" He kissed my neck softly. Then he was lowered and unclipped for his hour rest while he watched me being tormented.

08-03-2010, 01:48 PM
YAY!!!!!!!! Awesome post!!!! Have i mentioned i llove your story?

08-04-2010, 05:33 PM
Alright...by the time that all of this has happened...I would have left the slavery lawl...doesnt seem worth it...

But then again I dont have much of a major fetish for bondage.

Good story none the less.

08-06-2010, 05:48 PM
But then again I dont have much of a major fetish for bondage.

Good story none the less.

What's great about getDare stories, you can explore many fantasies and see what fits you. I love exploring bondage in my stories. I hope you find what your special fetish is. We all have one.

Thanks for the comment.


08-10-2010, 09:29 AM
I hung suspended with my feet a few inches from the floor swinging back and forth helplessly. Joe, a burly hairy biker, stepped up to me and gave my abs a few testing punches. He smiled and then began rapid jabs to my abs. He kept it up until my abs burned in pain. Guido took off his leather belt and began whipping my ass and back. They stopped and motioned the other bikers to come up and form a circle around my hanging body. A big hairy guy grabbed my hard cock and pulled me up then let it loose and I began swinging. Other guys spanked my ass or grabbed for my balls. Someone with a foot fetish grabbed my foot and and sucked my toes then two guys grabbed my feet and tickled my soles as I screamed and struggled. All the guys got the idea and found a spot on my body to tickle: nips, armpits, cock, balls, ass. The circle was in a frenzy tormenting my smooth, helpless, suspended body.I exhausted myself screaming and struggling and soon submitted myself to them with resignation. Spike told the guys to stop and slowly my body stopped swinging and I was lowered until I stood on the bare floor. He unbuckled my wrist cuffs and freed my arms.

Skip held out a bowl filled with folded papers to Jason. Jason picked one and read it, "Slave will be cuffed to a St. Andrews cross and teased with hands, feathers, and ice cubes. Clothespin zippers will start at each wrist, through the armpits, across the nips down the abs to the balls, over the balls along the sides of the cock and stop at the tip of the cock. The slaves will call a coin flip. The loser will be the sub on the St. Andrew's Cross and the other will be the tormentor."

Spike laughed, "That's a good twist, one of you gets to explore the pleasure of causing pain. We'll get to see if you enjoy sadism!"

I call tails and Spike flipped the coin, it came up tails. I was scared because I had never tormented a guy especially a friend like Jason. I didn't have a choice so I ordered Jason, "Up against the X cross and raise you arms, Slave".

Jason moved to the cross, raised his arms and said, "Yes, Sir!"

I sort of liked the feel of that answer. I took hold of Jason's muscular right arm and felt the smooth skin as I held his wrist to the black leather cuff and buckled it tightly. I repeated the process with the left arm and moved slowly enjoying placing Jason in tight restraints. I ordered my slave to stand on tip toes and adjusted the chains holding the cuffs so he was suspended on tip toes. I moved my hands slowly down his smooth body toying with his nips, abs, cock, and then down his legs. I held his right ankle tightly as I moved it out toward the cuff on the X-cross. I buckled the cuff tightly and played with his bare foot for a few seconds before repeating with the left ankle. Moving his legs apart suspended Jason so his feet no longer toughed the floor. I couldn't resist and pinched Jason's nips hard while looking in his eyes to measure the pain as I twisted his nips. I felt my cock getting harder, I didn't know how I felt about this new experience but for now it was exciting. I placed my hands on my slaves hips, only the tips of my fingers and my nails touching the silken skin, over the tender skin surrounding his cock but leaving that swollen cock for later, brushing his abs feeling quivers of excitement in his flesh, upward gently over his nips feeling his body tense, up through his armpits, along the sensitive skin of his inner arms noticing his heavy breathing through his slightly open mouth. Quickly my fingers moved to his erect hard cock. I massaged his balls, reach under them and stroke from his asshole over his balls and the length of his cock. By this time I am breathing hard and notice we are both dripping pre-cum. I placed my hand over his cock and gave it a couple very slow strokes.

"That's enough for now, put this on Him." Spike handed me a black leather cock and ball harness. I snapped cock ring around the base of my slave's cock. Spike told me to snap the long strap over the ball sack just under his cock. Finally, he told me to take the short strap from behind the balls across the balls separating them, and snap it ti the other strap. "Now, step back so we can all watch!" I stepped back and looked at my helpless slave tightly restrained to his X-cross. All the guys watched as Jason's already hard cock swelled more and more, throbbing veins ran up the shaft, the separated balls were stretched tight and almost shined. Jason's boner stood straight out and saluted at an upward angle. Jason's tightly bound body was quivering with excitement. The black geometric tattoo running up from his navel through the center of his chest vibrated with his heavy breathing. Spike noticed me looking intently at the throbbing cock, "OK, suck it. But real slow and only a few times! You'll be sorry if he cums!" I slipped the throbbing cock into my mouth and slowly moved from the base of the shaft to the tip touching it all the way with my flicking tongue. I felt Jason tense up and I stopped after the third time.


Spike held out a bowl of water filled with ice cubes, "You'd better cool your slave OFF!" I placed the bowl of water and ice under my victim's cock and immersed his balls and base of his cock in the freezing liquid. Jason took a quick breath at the painful shock and quickly I could see his cock start to soften and immerse itself in the ice water. "He's not going to cum for while. Take an ice cube and run it all over him." I put the bowl down and looked at my slave, now with a semi-erect cock. I took an ice cube and traced circles over his chest, around his nips, through his armpits, over his taught balls, then up the length of his now hardening shaft. Spike gave me a feather duster which I enjoyed using to tease and tickle every sensitive part of that helpless eighteen year old boy's body.

"Now for the clothespin zippers!" Spike placed two strings of clothespins on the floor about twenty-five on each string. A hole was drilled through each clothespin trough which a cord was threaded. Spike explained, "Clothespins cause several different levels of pain, a sharp pain as they pinch when the are placed on the skin, a slowly growing lasting pain as the remain on the tender skin. The worst pain is when the pin is removed especially if it is pulled off. The nerves dulled by the constant pain and pressure wake up in an intense pain. The zipper cord lets all the clothespins be pulled off quickly giving an intense explosion of pain over the entire area. ENJOY!"


I pinched the skin below Jason's right wrist and placed the first pin. Only a slight tensing betrayed the pain. I place another on his left wrist. Pin by pin the line marched down the tender inside skin of my victims arms. I loved the way Jason tried to take the pain silently. The pain increased as the pins pinched the boy's armpit skin. I experimented looking at my slave's eyes to determine which placement caused the most pain. I found that clothespins placed on a thin fold of skin were best. As the line of pins marched over the chest, we both knew where it was headed. When I reached the nip I took a wide fold of skin knowing I could later torture Jason by adjusting this pin to ever increasing pain. Still the pain was intense and despite his determination Jason let out a yell. As the pins moved down his chest and abs, Jason struggled against his cuffs and quickly was covered with glistening sweat. Around the groin, over the taught skin of his stretched balls, he screamed as each pin was placed. Up his throbbing cock each pin extremely painful until the last pins were placed on the exquisitely sensitive head of his cock. Now his howls of pain were constant. Spike waved me off and Jason was left to struggle against the painful clothspins racking his body in agony for maybe 10 of 15 minutes. I could see the tormented body's stuggles slow as he became exhausted and accustomed to the enduring level of pain. Spike nodde his head and I began adjusting the pins to more painful positions. I started at the balls moving the pins to the very edge of the fold of skin. A yell of pain burst from Jason's throat as I adjusted and turned slightly the pins on the head of his cock. Last I moved the clothespins on Jason's nips to the very tip while looking into his eyes and enjoying the torment I was inflicting. Again a long break watching the sweat covered body struggle. Again I adjusted the pins on the cock head and nips turning them 90 degrees to expose new nerves to torment and savoring the screams of my slaveboy. After a long time Spike said, "Rip them all off but not too fast." I grabbed the clothes pin below his rightwrist and started pulling the string off one after another. The screams were horrible by the time I reached his nip then only built as the pins were ripped off the tender stretched skin of his balls, up his cock and I hesitated before pulling the last one off the very tip of his penis. The screams where continuous as I pulled off the other string then suddenly stopped. Jason had fainted. Spike tossed the ice water over him and he wakened to his agony with screams that slowly diminished. Spike gave me some lotion which I smothed onto the red marks left from the clothespins. I could tell we both enjoyed this tender touching. Spike had me unbuckle first his legs and the his arms from the X-cross.

Jason stood rubbing his wrists and ankles then Spike motioned for me to stand by the X-cross as Jason bucked the cuffs around my wrists and ankles. Jason took to tormenting me as a duck to water. It was probably worse for me because I new exactly what was coming next. Jason also discovered that torturing a slave can be exciting. I found being tortured by Jason unbelievably stimulating but the pain level was extreme.

Spike and Tom took over tormenting Jason and me. Streched on bondage tables, dripped with hot wax, orgasam denial, fancy rope harnesses, upside down suspension. Each scence melted into the next until it was closing time and Jason and I were allowed to dress.

When we got to our dorm room, Tom had me sleep with him in his bed just as we had done the first night of my enslavement. We woke to a knocking on the door. I went to the hook for my clothes and noticed a new pair of denim shorts and a new black t-shirt with "Femdom Save" written on it. I opened the door to Cindy. She hugged me and laughed at my shirt. "We'll see how it works out, my slave and lover." We carried the boxes of my stuff and loaded them into the rental van already packed with her stuff. I saw the box of video equipment we had bought with the check I earned from Kurt for the BDSM porn video shoot. She introduced me to Steve who would be the cameraman and editor for our femdom videos. She let me drive to her parents deserted place on the ocean which we could use all summer while her parents were in France.

Star Shadows
08-16-2010, 06:25 AM
As always I love this story great going tiedguy

09-20-2010, 02:30 PM
So I've been reading this for a bit now and I was wondering if you're going to keep going with the story!

09-22-2010, 03:14 PM
Sorry AimHigh, the story of Ken as Tom's slave is over.

However, I did leave open the option for a sequel as Cindy and Ken make femdom videos for their site mostly featuring Cindy as the mistress and Ken as the slave. I'm thinking about this and may go ahead with it in a month or two if there is interest.


09-22-2010, 04:17 PM
i'm definatley interested. i would read fo sure :)

08-19-2011, 09:07 PM
So I just finished reading this and I have to say it is one of my favorite stories on here. Great work!