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Chapter 1:

It was just another night hanging with guys. Joey was texting his girlfriend half the night, Michael was trying cheap ways to get high, meantime Jamie and Adam were playing xbox on the couch. “Dude, try this shit Nick, its so great” Michael said to me. Nah man I’m good I quickly replied. “Aww, your no fun”, Correction, I’m just not a retard.

The rest of the guys laughed, and agreed with Nick, “seriously bro, why do you always got to be high?” said Joey. Shut up you pussy, replied Michael, Your girlfriend has you whipped man. Everyone laughed at Joey now. Joey then said “ I don’t know why your all laughing, I get more pussy than all of you combined, and I’m not whipped”.” Not whipped, You cant leave your house without telling Abby where your going” said Adam, Not to mention, Girls love me and my fast car. Jamie chimed in, “Man your car goes 0-6 in like 2.4.. YEARS” The whole room boomed in the typical “oohs” It was at that time I decided to say,” yall are all pussies”.

To my demise, the tables instantly turned when Michael said “Bro. you aint even kissed a girl yet, I bet you don’t even know what a vagina is!”. The whole groups laughter was then aimed at me. My night and my entire life then change when Joey said, “Man we got to hook ole brother Nick up with a lady”. I don’t need any help I replied, when Adam chimed in “Dude you've been single your whole life, your sixteen man.” “Yea nick c’mon, Lets get you laid” said Michael.

The whole group was pressuring me so I decided to play along, and go with them. We left the house at abut 5:30 and decided to go to our high school football game.

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Chapter 2:

On the way to the game, Michael said he was hungry and recommended we get food, and just miss the first few minutes of the game. So we all went to the McDonalds by the school. When we walked in all eyes went to the cute brunette managing the cash register. She had a nice skinny body, about 5”10, and D size breasts. The guys told me to hit on her, because it would be good practice. “Your not going to get her she’s out of your league, but you’ll be able to try out your pickup lines on her” so all the guys went up and ordered their food, and the closer I got, the more the nervous and anxiety began to take over.

When it was finally my turn I said “Wow McDonalds has gotten big, Didn’t realize they were hiring models as cashiers”. She laughed at this, blushing, and gave me a smile. “Ill take a number seven, no mayo, Got to cut back on what I eat”. From the looks of it you don’t have to though, and I gave her a wink. She giggled again and said “your funny, my names Claire. She said “your food will be out in a sec” blushing as she walked to the back. Right before she completely disappeared she looked back at me and smiled. When she came back she handed me my tray of food and said “Have a nice day boo”. All the guys looked at me in awe, as they had just doubted me, and now everything with her went so well. “Dude she was all over you” said Michael. We all went to the table and continued to talk about Claire. Once I finished my burger I picked up the fry container to pour them in the empty burger box, to see something written on my placemat. “Call me some time – oxClairexo with little hearts around it. Right under was a 7 digit number. I showed the guys and they all went bat shit.

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Chapter 3:

They all suggested I go back up and talk to her before we left, so I approached the counter. To my dismay she was no longer there. I asked the cashier were Claire was and she said “Oh Claire has to go cheer for her school tonight” Then it all came to me. That was Claire Harkins, captain of the cheer team for our high school. I had only heard rumors of how attractive and popular she was, but never met her.

Normally we don’t even go to the football games, so I hardly even recognized her. I went back to the table and told the guys this news, and within seconds we were walking out the door. Once we got to the game the sound of the band playing beat against our hearts, pulsing adrenaline through us. While people were covered in paint in the colors of the school, everyone was hyped for the game. We decided to stand on the fence, so we could easily see the game, and the cheer routine of coarse. I decided to send her a text just to see how she was doing. Within seconds she replied “Omg its you from the restaurant! I didn’t even catch your name!” “ I replied back “My names nick, Thanks for your number btw” . My phone started buzzing, it was my mom calling, I answered it and she nagged me about leaving the door unlocked While I was talking to her I heard a beep in the background, the beep you get when someone sends a text when your on the phone. I tried to tell my mom I had to go, which only mad the nagging worse. After a few minutes passed I heard another beep. I was starting to get anxious, I didn’t want Claire to think I was ignoring her. Finally I got off the phone with my mom and as I hung up I got a third text from Claire! The first one said “My pleasure, most guys aren’t sweet like you  “, then “ Hey do you go to Meadow hills?(our high school) And are you going to the game?” finally she said “ well im cheering there tonight, i hope you show up either way , I got to go were about to warm up!”

Finally half time rolled around and the cheerleaders came out, and did their big routine performance. There I saw her, her perfect brunette hair, in that cute cheering outfit. She had blue and yellow pom-poms, white knee socks, and ruby-red lipstick. The music started and I though I was dreaming, She started moving around, shaking, and jumping in that tiny little mini skirt. I couldn’t help but love every second. Then she looked in my direction and smiled, She had spotted me. After half time, I was talking to the guys and they all commented on how hot she was.

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Chapter 4:

Suddenly from behind me I felt someone wrap their arms around my neck from behind me. “Oh my god nick you’re here!” in that soft voice of hers. I turned around and got an up close look of her in that cute outfit. Standing there in that short skirt, and knee socks, it was a battle to not get hard right then and there. She asked me if I had any plans for the night, and I said, “Nah, just watching the game” She then said, “well were up by three touchdowns, Why don’t we go hang out?” My heart was pounding, everything slowed down, I felt invincible. I went from being a looser, to having the cheer captain ask me out. I looked back at the guys and they all just gave me the “your going to get laid smirk”. Finally I spoke up and said, “Yea, that would be great!” We left the stadium and it had gotten cold out, and she was still in her uniform. “Hey lets go in the school real quick, I have some clothes in the locker room”. We walked to the school and got in through the side door and went down the hallway to the gymnasium.

As we walked we exchanged simple small talk, such as movies, interests, and school. We walked into the gym and went to the hallway that had the locker rooms. She opened the girls locker room door and said “Wait here”. She came back 30 seconds later and said, were alone, just come in for a second. I felt nervous, this was the girls locker room, but how could I say no. If I didn't go I could risk a great thing here. I walked in and it was like the men’s locker room, only it smelled fruity, as opposed to the stench of sweat in balls in the men’s locker room.
The lockers all had stuff like perfume, clothes, socks, and just girl stuff. She grabbed my hand and said c’mon, and took me to her locker. I had a slight rush of being in here, even though we were the only ones, it felt like I was doing something wrong. In her locker she had a pair of jeans, some boots, and a pink sweatshirt, Typical cheerleader.

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Hey everyone, If you thought the story had come to an end, it has just begun. I plan to update this every day, until its done, but i imagine there will be 15-20 chapters of this. Please post questions, comments, and any grammatical errors you see, So I can revise them. Hope you all enjoy this story, and you have any suggestions please post them!

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Wow. Who was in the room with them:eek:? Was this all a set up?? Great work!! Please don't leave us hanging long!! Make another chapter!!

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Since your title states "18+", why didn't you post it in the "R18: Mature Stories" section? :confused:

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I really like it so far, the only thing I would like to see, is a spacing between paragraphs or when people are having a conversation back and forth. That's just me though, made it feel like an uphill long winded read, till i read it.

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I made a mistake with this. I wrote the story in word so when I copied the chapters over, it didnt paste all of it, so now chapter 5 is a little off.

Chapter 5
“Hey I need a shower, Im all sweaty and gross” she said. “Just wait over by my locker, and look away im getting undressed!” This completely turned me on. Being in the girls locker room, with a naked cheerleader! I heard the sound of the curtain as she opened it and got in the shower from across the room. The sound of rushing water quickly came after that. After taking it all in I suddenly had an idea. The horny boy inside of me wanted to smell her panties.

The idea of this had gotten me hard, and I was starting to feel that rush once more. The mist of the shower emerged from the room as I slowly walked into the room. She had laid her uniform and her change of clothes on a bench in the middle of the room. I very carefully approached the bench and looked up at the shower to make sure she was not getting out. I could only see the heels of her feet at the bottom of the curtain so I was good. I approached the bench and picked up the skirt.

I reached inside to find a pink-lace thong and held it in my hands. I just pictured it on her beautiful tan body, and that rush feeling was stronger than ever. I looked back at the curtain and the coast was clear. I took a whiff and put them back where I found them. I quickly exited the room and in good time too, because less than a minute later she said, “Ok im getting out now, don’t peek!”

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Chapter 6:

Once she had gotten changed she walked out of the shower room and made a head notion to follow her. We walked to her car where she played what she said was her favorite song, and then she took me to her house. We pulled up to her house and we were In the only car in the drive, her parents weren’t home.

We walked inside and she took of her boots exposing her pink toe nails, and she lead me up the stairs to her room. While in her room we watched a movie on her bed, and she keep touching her my feet with hers. Everything about tonight just felt perfect and I didn’t know how it could get any better until she said those words.

She turned her head, smiled and said “ kiss me nick”. I felt so nervous now, I had never kissed a girl, what was I going to do, but before I could finish my though process, she grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and pulled me in close, locking lips for the first kiss of my life. Suddenly I was on cloud nine, everything in my life was perfect. My dream came crashing down when a large shadow came across the room.
Claire’s parents had just pulled into the driveway, and she looked at me with a horrified look. “Oh my God, my parents are going to kill me if they see you here!”. I couldn’t let her get in trouble, she had just made this the best night of my life. So I acted quickly. I ran to the window and looked for an exit strategy. There was a tree in the front yard that had a large branch right above the window. “Claire I had a great time tonight” I said, and then I opened the window.

I climbed to the top of the roof as she said goodbye, and I climbed onto that branch. Once I made it back to the tree in the yard, I started to climb down. I lost my footing on the way down, and fell out of the tree and landed on my arm. I sat there for a few seconds in utter pain, until the porch light came on. I quickly got up and ran away without looking back.

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Chapter 7:

I Got a ride from Joey and told him about everything, and in the car ride home she texted me saying: “ Hey my parents will be gone till midnight 2morrow wanna come ova again, I got a surprise for you  ??” I warm feeling of excitement filled my body and I was happier then I had ever been.

That night falling asleep was very difficult, all I thought about was tomorrow. The next day I woke up and was sore from the fall I took, but I was not going to let that stop me. I went to got my hair cut, and then bought a new outfit to wear to her house. Later that night it was time to go to her house, so I got in my car and drove there.
When I rang the door bell she stood there in her bear feet, jean shorts, an orange top and she had her hair curled. Her beauty mesmerized me to the point of stuttering “ H-Hey Cl-Claire” * Clears throat* . She smiled at me and said “hey c’mon in”. I took my shoes off and we ascended up the stairs back to her room. I sat down on her bed and before I could say a word she was taking off her top.

“Holy shit I’m getting laid” I thought to myself as a really hot brunette cheerleader stood there in shorts and red bra. She gave me that promiscuous smile you see girls give in the movies. She then started walking towards me and pushed me on the bed. She started kissing me, and then unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. She then got onto her knees and unzipped me jeans.
She began to suck me off and it was the greatest feeling of my life. After a few minutes I was about to cum, but she stopped and said “Lets kick things up a notch, stay here for a second”. She then walked away with her bear feet, jean shorts, and red bra. She went into her closet and came out with a cardboard box.

She put the box down on the ground next to the bed and said those are my toys. She then sat on the bed, and told me to remove her shorts. I unbuttoned them, and slowly pulled them off, as she raised her leg. Everything she did was just so sexy, and there she was wearing nothing, but her bra and panties, while I was just shirtless.

She then instructed me to get naked and she would follow. For some reason this made me nervous once again, but I slowly unbuttoned my jeans, and took them off. There I was standing in a cheerleaders room in my boxers, taking a deep breath as I removed them too, exposing my self completely. She giggled and then did a strip tease as she removed her underwear.
She then reached into the box and pulled out a purple dildo, and started using it, and instructed me to squeeze her breasts. We started kissing, and then she pulled away and said, “lets see how kinky you are”. I let my inner arrogance take over and I said, “I’m the kinkiest man alive”. I grabbed he foot, and put her toes in my mouth, and ran my tongue all the way up her leg. All those hours I spent watching porn, were going to help me.

She then told me to use the didlo on her, so I did inserting it. In to her. She then walked to the middle of the room, and got on all fours and told me to insert it anally. And I did. After she told me to lick it. I hesitated and she said “Cmon, I thought you were kinky”. So I stood thee in the middle of her room, and started licking the purple dildo. “put it in your mouth, do what I did to your cock”. So I started deep-throating it. This was a bit embarrassing, but I was encouraged when she said “ I love a man with kinks”. “Play along, tell me how badly you want the dick” she said, “stick it in your butt”

I was very uncomfortable with this and hesitated. She then grabbed her tits and said “ C’mon do it, an you can what ever you want to me, and she squeezed her lips together like she was begging. So I slowly put it in and it was so cold. This was so wrong, but I knew what was coming after would have made it worth it. “ now just say I love dick, and you will control me”. “Oh I love dick so much, I wish I could just take a huge load to my face I said” Then I heard laughter from across the room, and in the closet.

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Ok I fixed all the chapters after my word mistake. Hope you all like it. As usual if you have any suggestions, questions, complaints, or criticism please post it.

(Also, is it possible to move this thread to the 18+ section, I forgot to do that when i made the thread)

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Yeah, just ask a mod.

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Oh mu god yes! It just gets better! I love your writing, and thank you for the spacing. Made me happy.

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This is amazing so far!!!!

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Heys guys, sorry to say only had time to make one chapter tonight. I apreciate all the coments! if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments! Hope everyone enjoys, and if any mods read this, please move it to the 18+ section! Thanks!

Chapter 8:
Suddenly everything slowed down, my heart started pounding in my chest. I stood up in the middle of the room completely naked.. “What the fuck is going on”, while Claire was still laughing. I walked over to the closet and slowly opened the door to find, two girls in the closet who instantly started cracking up when they saw the dildo in my hand, while completely exposed. Suddenly I heard a clicking noise from behind, Claire was taking pictures on her phone.

“Oh nick, your so gullible, how could you think I would ever have sex with you, let alone date you”. When I heard that the rush feeling went away completely, and it was as if the biggest turn off ever had just taken place. “You see, we cheerleaders are tired of being hit on all the time” said one of the girls behind me. “And when you gave me those cheesy pickup lines at Mcdonalds, I knew I was dealing with the biggest looser ever.” Said Claire. “ So I decided to lead you on, and make you my bitch”. I could just feel the hatred taking over now.

“Well fuck you, you’re a Fucking whore, I hope you... choke on some fat dudes cum in some.. skanky.. ass.. whore house one day” I said as I walked towards my clothes”. “Claire, are you going to let your bitch talk to you like that” said one of the girls. “Im not her damn bitch, you’re the fucking bitches, I’m outta here”. Well I guess you could leave if you want, but then we will just have to upload this video of you stuffing a dildo up your ass to Facebook, and show it to all of your friends.

I felt like my heart had just fallen out of my naked body, and on to the floor as I stood there frozen taking it all in. “You.. You set me up” as I teared up. “I did, and you’re going to do whatever I say from now on. Now hand Lindsey your clothes, and get on your knees. As a tear rolled down my face I slowly approached the girls standing in front of the closet they hid it. And held out my clothes. “Thank you” Lindsey said as she took the clothes out of my hands. “C’mon over here big boy” Claire said pointing to the ground beside the chair she had just sat down in.

As I looked Claire in the eyes I saw pure evil, with that mischievous smile I would never forget. I slowly got down on my knees. She then smacked me so hard my ears started ringing, and she repeated three times. “DON’T YOU EVER TALK TO ME LIKE THAT AGAIN”.”You will refer to me as Ma’am for now on, when you talk to me. Do you understand?”. Yes ma’am. “My feat hurt from cheering yesterday, massage them for me, while Lindsey and Sara find you some clothes to wear.” Yes ma’am

There I was, on my knees naked massaging some girls feet against my will. If I did anything just feared of what these girls would do to me. “Claire, why would you do this to me” I said weakly. Kicking me in the face “Shut up bitch, you didn’t mind putting your dick in my mouth, or hitting on me in public, now its your turn to be humiliated, and be on your knees”. “Now lick them you slut, lick my sweaty nasty feet” I took my tongue out, and slowly approached her foot. It has so damp, and there was filth all over it from being barefoot for so long. As I licked her heels the girls entered the room.

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Chapter 9

The girls came back in with a rainbow of colors in their hands. There were dresses, skirts, socks, boots, bathing suits. It was like they came back from an all you can grab event at the most feminine of stores. They were laughing at the site of me licking Claire's feet naked, while on my knees none the less.

Claire pushed me away with her foot in my face, got out of her chair, and approached the pile of clothes. “we didn't know what to get so we figured, make him try them all on”! Said one of the girls. “That’s a wonder full idea” said Claire, with that evil look once again. “Make him try this on first its soo adorable” said Lindsey, who was holding up a pink pair of panties with the word “Adorable” in on the backside.

Instantly I started blushing and all the girls were giggling, with those evil smiles. Lindsey threw the panties at me and said “Now put them on you lil slut”. I caught them as they slid down my face, and just stared at them for a second. That word “Adorable” was going to scar me forever. Without warning Claire smacked my ass so hard, the sound was almost deafening. “HURRY UP YOU LIL BITCH, PUT THEM ON” she said.

So I sighed realizing there was no point in fighting it, and I slowly slid my first leg through and then the second and started sliding up. The whole time the girls were laughing. As I pulled them up over my crotch everything pressed together, they were so tight. I could feel my ass cheeks hanging out them in the back, and then without warning I heard that click sound again. When I turned Claire was taking pictures on her phone once again.

Trying to protect my dignity I turned around, and put my hands over the front of them, which only made the girls laugh more, and my humiliation worse. “No, no, no lil miss adorable, don’t try and cover up. For that you have to dance in them for us!” My cheeks at this point were so red, Lindsey and the other girl where bent over laughing and could hardly stand up. Claire put her phone on her music stand, and played baby got back.

At first I was just standing there with my legs shaking. I was frozen, the humiliation was just too much. “NICK, IF YOU DON’T START SHAKING THAT ADORABLE LIL ASS, IMA SEND THAT PICTURE I JUST TOOK TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS”. Holding back tears, I started dancing, and shaking everything. At one point I was on all fours shaking it in the air. I was so embarrassed. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and all the girls gave me an evil look.

“Sounds like the pizzas here, why don’t you go and get it for us nick” said Claire who handed me a $20 bill. My heart was beating in my chest. I couldn’t go to the door like this! Standing in nothing but a tight pair of pink panties that said adorable on the butt, but I had no choice. They turned off the song, and a slowly walked downstairs with my head down.
My hand was shaking as I reached for the doorknob, but I slowly opened it.

There standing a petite blonde girl with blue eyes holding the pizza. Her eyes widened at the site of me. And then she burst out laughing. “Aww those are so cute, i'm wearing the same ones!” I handed her the $20 bill, and as I turned around I heard “Awwh that’s so adorable” from the pizza girl as she walked away laughing, never in my life have I been this humiliated.

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keep it up man. im loving it!

11-25-2013, 10:26 PM
you must write more!! faster!! im loving this shit :P

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Chapter 10

The girls of coarse watched the whole incident from the top of the stairs and were cracking up. I walked up the stairs and brought the pizza into Claries’ room. “umm, how do you expect us to eat this pizza without any plates?” said Claire. “Sorry ma’am” I said, as I walked downstairs to the kitchen, grabbing plates and napkins.

I handed the plates to Claire who then said “We only need three plates, you will be eating off the floor like a dog” said Claire. The girls laughed as Claire grabbed two slices of pizza and threw them face down on the carpet. Now get down on all fours and eat that pizza you animal, and if you use your hands, you will not like the consequences!”

I got down on my hands in knees and started eating the pizza like a dog. I was so humiliated, three girls sat there watching me eat like dog, in nothing but those girly panties. Eating the pizza wasn’t easy without hands, the cheese and pepperonis fell off, leaving dirt, hair, and carpet on them when I ate it. It was so nasty and so humiliating.

I was getting cold wearing nothing but those panties, and I began to wonder how long I would be tortured tonight. I finished eating all of the nasty floor pizza, and stood up and decided submission was the only way. “Would you like me to take your plates” as I looked Claire in the eyes now starting to shiver in the cold. “Yes and bring me a and the girls a beverage, like a good little girl. While you’re at it take out the trash.

Once again that scared feeling came back, as I realized I would have to expose myself wearing nothing but these panties outside, in order to take out the trash. I put the plates in the dishwasher, and then approached the front door. I looked behind me and the girls were surprisingly not watching me. It was about 7:30pm two weeks before thanksgiving. I scoped out the are outside before I made my trash run. It was dark, but the street and porch lights illuminated the neighborhood, so I could be seen by anyone walking or driving.

I opened the door, and the cold fall air pressed against my body. Everything got small do to the cold, and I was shaking both from fear, and coldness. I started to slowly walk around the side of the house. I hadn’t been seen yet by anyone and was starting to feel relived. I made it to the trash cans, as I did this the sensor light turned on. This was the kind of light people have on the side of there house to alert them if someone or something is in there yard in the middle of the night. It was like a spotlight on a stage of humiliation. I quickly put the bag in the can, closed it and ran back to the front of the house, and to this day I do not know if I was seen.

When I returned upstairs the girls were all sitting on the bed talking quietly to each other, which couldn't be any good for me. “Amy had an excellent idea said Claire”. “She proposed we make give us a personal fashion show! Your going to try on all of those clothes over there, and your going walk to music. We will then narrow it down to a few choices, and what you choose will impact what you get to wear for the rest of the night. Speaking of that, unfortunately nick, you’re going to have to leave at midnight, my parents will be home shortly after that, so our fun and games will have to continue another day” This was a relief to me, because I don’t know how my parents would handle me being gone for so long.

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Chapter 11:

It was as if the girls instantly transformed from mature teenagers, to little kids. The fact that they had a giant dress up doll, made them so happy. They all darted to the pile of clothes arguing over what I should wear, and boasting about how cute and girly it was. Listening to them was humiliating enough, but thinking about what was about to happen next was worse.

The first outfit I war was chosen by Claire. It was a pair of yoga pants, and a “love pink” sweat shirt. They had me put this on outside of the room, and enter like the room was run way. I exited the room, and looked down at the panties, and realized I would actually prefer to wear yoga pants for once in my life, because anything was better than being in those. As I slid them up everything was so tight, but I couldn’t help but rub my legs, they were honestly the most comfortable pants id ever worn. The sweatshirt wasn’t much different; it was tight but so soft and warm.

Everything felt so comfortable, but then I looked in the mirror in the hallway, and was no longer as enthusiastic as I was seconds ago. I opened the door, walked in and started walking. The girls all started cat calling, and taking pictures. “Yea look at that ass” “Woo-hoo” “shake it baby!” was all I heard until “now strike a pose!” Scared of what might happen if I didn’t, I complied, and stroke a pose. I put one hand at my hip, and stuck out my other like was checking out my nails. Every last bit of manhood in me, these three cheerleaders had just stolen.

“Nice job Nicky, next time, shakes that ass a little more” said Claire, as she got up and smacked me on the ass. “Let’s have him do a Victoria secret walk!” said angel who was holding up a red bra and a red thong at the tip of her finger, taunting me with her evil smile. All the girls agreed, and she handed them to me. So I had my slow walk of shame headed to the door. I decided to save any trouble. “ma-am, where should I put the clothes once I’m done wearing them” Just fold them up and lay them out in the hall way like a good little bitch” said Claire.

So off came the sweat shirt, revealing my chest. Then came the yoga pants, leaving me in those awful pink panties. I was happy to take them off, but at the same time it was only to put a thong on. So I slid off the “Adorable” panties, and slid on the red thong. I could just feel it wasn’t covering a thing in the back, and stuff was falling out in the front. That didn’t really bother me because all these girls had previously seen me naked.

Then I started to put on the bra, which I had initial struggle with. After about 3 minutes I finally got all of it hooked. I looked in the mirror and just felt so ashamed. What had happened to me? I knew I would be scared for ever from this. I opened the door and did the cat walk, and then shook my butt for the girls who all cheered and laughed.

I then tried on different combinations of outfits. Dresses, skirts, booty shorts, the whole 9 yards, if it was a type of clothing girls wear; I probably wore some form of it tonight. After my embarrassing show I had to put on the girls sent me to get them snacks, while they decided some things. They then picked three outfits. The first outfit choice was A pink dress, with high heels, and a matching bow. The second choice was a ruffle tank top, a flower skirt, and a pair of flip flops. The last one was a zebra stripe bikini with pink strings.

“Sense you’ve been such a good girl, you get to pick your outfits. You must now rate each one, which you would prefer to wear the most for the rest of the night; to the one you would least like to wear for the rest of the night. One being the most, three being the least” said Claire. “well that’s a one, as I pointed to the skirt tank top, It was the least feminine. “That’s a two” as I pointed to the dress, rather wear a dress than a bikini all night. “That’s a three” I said finally, pointing to the grisliest bikini on the face of the planet.

“Ok so its settled, you want to wear a skirt and a tank top hear, and you’ll wear the bikini home, do you understand?” said Claire. I was now horrified at the idea of this, but then I realized they cant watch me while I drive home, so ill just put my clothes back on in the car. “Yes Ma-am, I understand”. “Good, now go get changed, were going out in the back to have a bonfire”, said Claire

I went and got changed. I slowly slid up the frilly skirt, and then put on the tank top. This was still completely feminine, but it beats a bikini. I walked into back into the room after getting changed find Amy waiting to escort me into the back. “C’mon miss, everyone’s already outside” It was cold outside, which made the fire feel nice. “Claire my feet hurt, will you make your bitch come massage them” said Lindsey. “Nick, you heard the pretty lady, get over here and rub her feet!”

I got down on my knees and massaged her feet for what felt like an hour while the girls talked about girl stuff, and senior year. I just paid no attention to it. “That’s enough for now, here’s a tip” as she spat in my face. I stood up, said “thank you Ma-am” and went down to my seat, and asked what time it was. “Shit Claire, its 11:30, he’s got to go soon. “ said Lindsey. “Aww your right, I guess we should make him do his final task for the night.

Amy then pulled out a bag, and handed it to me. Inside contained my clothes my wallet, and my keys. “get all your valuables out, because those clothes are going in there” as Claire pointed into the fire pit. Suddenly that bikini thing was a lot scarier. I was going to have to first drive a 30 minute drive home, wearing nothing but a bikini, and then sneak into my bedroom wearing nothing but a bikini.

“Don’t worry nick, you get to wear my favorite bathing suit home!” said Claire. My stomach was uneasy at this point, but I removed my phone wallet and keys from jean pockets, and put them into the skirt pockets. I then threw the clothes into the fire, and watched as they blazed up. The girls were all laughing and clapping. It was now 11:50, and it was time for me to get changed.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would just like to thank everyone for the excellent feedback! originally I said there would be 15 -20 chapters. That is no longer the case. I want Way more than that! Writing this story has been fun, and you all seem to like it, so why cut it short? I do now know how the story will end, and It will be quiet the turn of events. If you have any suggestions please pm them to me. Ive already received some great ideas that I fully intend to use! Once again I thank you all very much for your feed back. I will try to have more posts between now and the Holiday, but i cannot guarantee that. So this chapter was especially long :).

Demon Thief
11-26-2013, 11:56 PM
Pretty good so far.

I want to see Nick get revenge on the girls.

11-27-2013, 08:29 PM
Chapter 12:

I started walking across the yard, the grass touched the sides of my feat, as I remembered I was wearing those flip-flops. I took them off as I got inside, and made my way upstairs. Once I got upstairs, Claire had a hand on her hip and the other one holding the bikini parts by the string in the other. Once again taunting me with that mischievous smile, “Here you girl” handing me the bikini.

I was going to go to the bathroom and change, but they stopped me, and made me do a strip tease for them. So off came the top, and then the skirt, leaving me in those “Adorable” panties once again. Those awful things were going to scar me for the rest of my life. I finally slid those off, and the girls were laughing at the current state of cock. After sitting outside in the cold, it had shriveled up. “Its like he’s become less of a man after tonight” said Lindsey. “Seriously though, are you nicks younger brother” said Claire laughing.

I was red in the face, so I grabbed the bikini bottom by the string, an pulled it up to cover myself. Tieing the bikini was difficult, and the first knot I tied fell apart completely. The girls started laughing at this. “Next time he comes over well have to teach him how to tie bikinis, he can try on all the different types, that way he will never forget” said Claire now walking over to me.
She grabbed the bikini bottom from my hand, and roughly pulled it up my crotch. She then vigorously tied the knot, then smacked me on the ass. “Don’t worry, you won’t need my help with that soon enough” she said smiling. I was able to tie the bra part on my own miraculously and it was now 12:01. “Nick you need to get the hell out, my parents will be home any minute now!”

“Bye Nicky, hope you had fun! We sure did” said one of the girls; I couldn’t tell I just walked out of the room, waving at them. “
That statement burned in my ears, they were such bitches. I hate them for what they’ve done to me, but there was nothing I could do.

I looked down on the ground at the bottom of the stairs and saw my shoes, realizing I had almost forgotten them. I picked them up and quickly put them on. It felt weird putting on shoes, wearing nothing but a girls bathing suit. It almost felt like it was more embarrassing to wear the shoes, but I needed my shoes to get back to my house or my mom would kill me.

Finally I got to the front door, and opened it just enough to poke my head out. The cold air shot into the house, and put goose bumps all over my body. I looked and saw no one outside so I unlocked my car. I looked both ways once again; no one was coming, so I darted out to the front porch, and
closed the door.

I leaned my back against the door, and stood there in the frame, I knew I could still be seen, but it felt like comforting, like it was a place of protection. I looked around once again and no one was around so I made a run for my car. In one hand I had my cell phone and wallet, the other I held my keys.

The cold air wrapped around my entire body, as I ran across the yard wearing nothing but tennis shoes and a bikini.
Finally my hands made contact with the side of my car, and I opened the passenger door. I quickly jumped inside, and closed the door. I was shivering now from the cold, and the adrenaline rush, that I awkwardly obtained from that. I pulled down the mirror to get a glance of what they had done to me. I looked so feminine, and it looked like it barely fit(which if also felt that way).

I put the mirror back up and climbed over into the driver seat. I then put the key into the ignition, and turned on the car. It was about a thirty minute drive from here to my house, and I was just praying that no one would see me like this. I pulled my self together put the car into drive, and drove off.

11-27-2013, 08:31 PM
Pretty good so far.

I want to see Nick get revenge on the girls.
Those girls will get whats coming to them, And payback is a cruel, cruel, bitch.

11-27-2013, 09:21 PM
Chapter 13:
I drove through the neighborhood rather quickly with the intentions of getting home fast to avoid being seen. I realized however, in my current state, getting pulled over would not be very fun. I took a right out of the neighborhood, and got onto the road. It was a 1 lane curvy road, with woods on both sides. So I shouldn't be easily seen for more than a second, until we got to a two lane road.

After about ten minute the road went to a four way stop and I took a left merging on to a two lane road. I then remembered there would be a stoplight soon and got worried. I stayed in the left lane, making sure no one would get to close to me in the right lane to keep from being seen in a zebra print bikini.

I finally pulled up to the light, which turned yellow, and I wasn’t going to risk running a red light so I came to a stop. I then saw head light from behind me, to see a Volkswagen beetle in the lane to my right. I started to slump down in my seat hoping to not be seen. I peeked over my right shoulder and saw two girls

I tried to push my seat back a bit to prevent from being seen by them, but it got stuck. I put one hand on the steering wheel to try to get leverage and push it back, but my hand slipped and I honked the horn. The sound of the horn startled me, and my stomach sank in. I looked over my right shoulder to find the two girls staring at me, and all I could do was stare back.

I was frozen in fear, as they stood there laughing, there asses off. The light turned green, and I floored it. I didn’t recognize the girls thankfully, but that didn’t take away the embarrassment I felt. Luckly I turned left, and they went straight, so that was now behind me. I finally made it into my neighborhood and realized I hadn’t thought this through, how was I going to get in without being seen.

I needed an entry plan. I couldn’t be seen by my neighbors, and especially not by my parents. So I pulled off to the side of the road, before my street and thought everything out. I decided if there were no lights on I would make a run for it. If there were lights on, I couldn’t go in like this, and I would have to come back later.

I turned off my headlights, and slowly drove down my steet. I saw my house, and there were no lights on. I parked my car and decided to enter from the back door in the garage. That way I could get clothes from the dryer, and walk upstairs, without risking my parents waking up and seeing me this way.

I turned off the car and looked both ways, the coast was clear so I made a run for it. I ran to the side of the house, and made my way to the back. As I opened the fence, I heard the neighbors dog start barking. My time was now limited, I had to be quick, the dog would surely wake up either my parents or my neighbor. Either way I would be caught if I didn’t hurry.

I ran to the back door leaving the fence gate open and started unlocking the door. My hands were shaking from the cold, and the dog barking from the house next to me. Suddenly the neighbors back porch light turned on just as I had the lock on the knob unlocked. I quickly unlocked the deadbolt, as my neighbors back door began to open.

I quickly ran into the garage, and closed the door. I could hear the neighbor say “Shut up you damn dog” which was relief, he had not seen me. I went over to the dryer to find no clothes in there. I was going to have to be incredibly cautious as I made my way up to my room.

I opened the door that linked the garage and my house slowly and poked my head out. No one was in the kitchen so I walked in and hid behind the counter. I peaked over the counter top to see my mom sleeping on the couch. This was the most scared I felt all night. My legs were now shaking uncontrollably as I was crouching down in the kitchen wearing nothing but a zebra stripped bikini, and my shoes. What would she say if she saw me like this?

Things got worse when a huge shadow was created in the room, as headlights pulling into the driveway shot across the window. My dad had just gotten home, so I realized I had to run, hopefully my mom wouldn’t see me as I passed her.
I slowly got up legs shaking, and ran through the kitchen, into the living room, and past my mom, as I darted up the stairs and down the hall. I turned into my room and threw the bikini off in seconds. Quickly putting on some boxers, pajama pants, and a tee-shirt. Right then I heard the front door open, and my mom waking up, I made it.

I put both parts of the bikini in my boxers, so my family couldn’t accidently stumble across it, before I had time to hide it, and then got in my bed. It took a while for me to fall asleep because I replayed all the humiliation in my head.

I finally dozed off to sleep and had a dream I was in the middle of my class, wearing nothing but those adorable panties. The whole class was laughing at me, and then Claire came in. The teacher commanded me to massage Claire’s feet in front of the class as punishment for violating the dress code, and Claire deserved the reward for leading the cheer squad to victory. It was a horrible dream.

I woke up the next morning at around 8:00 am I knew my parents weren’t awake yet. So I went out to my car and hid the bikini under the spare tire. A place where no one could find it. I went back in and put some waffles in the toaster. After breakfast I got a text from Joey asking to watch me if I wanted to watch the dolphins game.

I had almost forgot about football, after the horrible night I had yesterday, but I figured this would redeem at least some of my man hood. I got at his house at 12:45, just 15 minutes before the game would start. “We really need to beat new England today” he said. Yea we do I replied confidently.

“Oh hey how did things go with Claire the yesterday” he asked me.
“Oh it was nice, we watched a movie, were just taking things slow. Were not official but we kind of are” I said meekly .“Yea dude I feel that, that’s how me and Abby started out”. I felt bad lying to my friend like that, but no way was I about to tell him I spent the day being three girls dress up boytoy.

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I can't get enough of this story. Soo good!!!

11-28-2013, 04:32 PM
again, this is awesome! keep it up!

11-28-2013, 09:05 PM
Loving it thus far. Very good, keep,it coming

11-30-2013, 06:14 PM
I am sorry for the delay in the next chapters. I am visiting family and they do not have microsoft office, and i have terrible grammar/typeo issues. When i can i will upload multiple chapters to make it up to everyone. I have many great ideas, and people keep sending them! So he story will be good! Ive decided to give you a sneak peak at the next chapter. This will be a text from claire to nick

"tommorow wear that cute little bikini of yours to school tommorow under your clothes, if you dont i will know and you will bw punished :)"

Cant wait to write these chapters! Happy thanks giving everyone, and sorry once again for any typeos this mesage was not made in microsofot ofice(obviously)

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Chapter 14:
I got home that night after spending the day with joey, feeling as if I had regained some of my manhood back. When I entered the house the smell of lasagna filled the air. MY mom was famous for her lasagna, and it just happened to be my favorite food.

We all sat down as a family and had a really nice meal, and I had forgotten about what had happened Saturday. Life felt normal once again, and my stomach was no longer un easy. All of this false happiness came to ruin when I heard that beep.

It was the standard text message tone on my cellphone. It shot threw my ear piercing my skin like a warm knife to butter. I knew who it was from without even looking down. I feared the contents of that text message more than anything else. I finally built up the strength to look down at my phone to see that name, that terrible name. Claire.

My fingers were shaking as I hovered over the “view now” button, what would I find, had I made her upset? Was my life going to be ruined? I finally opened it and read “Wear that cute little bikini of yours to school tomorrow, under your clothes. If you don’t, I will find out, and you will be punished. I dropped my phone on the ground and froze for a moment.

All sorts of what if scenarios shot through my head. “What if someone pantsed me”. “What if I didn’t wear the bikini”, “What if my parents saw me putting it on, or taking it off”. Then I heard that beep again. I then read from my phone: “Cant wait to see you tomorrow xoxo”.

That night I laid in my bed thinking about how tomorrow would play out, Trying to calm myself down. “No one will see the bikini, I don’t even have gym class anymore” I thought to myself. It certainly beats them showing the pictures and videos they have of me.

The next morning I woke up and walked out to my car in my pajamas. It was cold outside, but it was some what thrilling to be wearing just my pajamas. I opened the trunk and lifted up the panel covering the spare tire, Revealing that pink stringed-Zebra stripe bikini. I lifted it up into the light of the street lamp, just staring into my future.

I closed the trunk, stuffed the bikini in my pants to hide it from my parents if they were to wake up,and then headed back inside. I poured bowl of cereal and sat down at the table. I heard footsteps upstairs, to find my dad in the kitchen moments later. “morning son” he said to me sitting down with his cup of coffee.

I was a bit nervous remembering what I had just in my pants. I prayed they would not fall out, and get me exposed. Once I had finished my cereal I put the bowl in the sink. I walked up to my room and felt relief, as I felt the bikini to still be in my pants. Once I got in my room I reached into my boxers and pulled out only the top part of the bikini.

Instantly I became fearful. Where was the bottom part of the bikini? I quickly shoved the top half into my pillow case, and made my way downstairs. My dad was now reading the paper to go with his coffe. “Is everything alight son” he said, probably because I looked like I was in panic. ”Yea dad, everything’s alight, just looking for my shoes” I said.

I then saw it, it was under the table where my dad was sitting, it must have fallen out when I was eating breakfast. I quickly decided I needed a diversion, and when he got up I would retrieve it, but I just hoped he would not see it first. I then decided I would call the house phone from my cellhphone, when he got up to answer it, I would make my move.

I walked around the downstairs and looked for all the home phones, I moved them into the living room, casually so he would have to go there. Then I dialed *67 and the number, so it would be hidden. I waited until I heard my dad get up, and hung up the phone. I quickly walked into the kitchen, picked up the bikini bottoms, and put them in my pocket.

“Who was that” I asked my dad. “Oh just some hooligans” he said. I then got to my room and took out a pair of jeans, a tee shirt, and sweatshirt. I decided the sweatshirt would help hide the strings of the top part if anyone were to touch my back today.

I laid out the clothes on my bed, and then locked my door. I pulled out the bikini top from my pillow case, and the bottoms out of my pants. I dropped my pants to the floor and slowly raised up the bikini bottoms, tying them as tightly as I could. I shook my butt around to make sure I hadn’t tied it loose, and began with the top part. Once I had tied that I walked over to me mirror standing in the bikini.

It was so feminine, but the thought of possibly getting caught, while very intimidating and scary, was also somewhat of a rush. I shook my head, and realized they were getting to me. Those girls were ruining me, and I couldn’t let them turn me into a girl. I quickly put on all my other clothes, and got into my car and drove off.

Once I had gotten to school I felt so vulnerable, and unprotected. Like at any moment I could be socially ruined. After sitting down in my first period class, I was beginning to develop an uncomfortable wedgie, and I started having issues sitting still. I had to constantly adjust my pants to stop the discomfort; bathing suits were never comfortable to sit in. Especially if they were made for someone smaller than you, and the opposite sex.

At one point in the day I had to use the bathroom, which was a scary thought of its own. Having to go into the bathroom and unzip my pants revealing the bikini in the front. Luckily for me there was no one in the bathroom so I wasn’t nervous then.

I checked to make sure no one was there, and went in front of the mirror and slightly pulled down the front of my jeans. Just to take a glimpse of my zebra stripped faith. That girl feeling was just so awful, and it shot threw my body, but yet a tiny part of me felt a very slight sense of excitement. I was hopping I would not be a cross dresser by the end of this torture.

In my last block class I felt relieved, because it was the last eighty minutes before school let out, and then I was home free. I didn’t see Claire or any of the other girls the whole day, so I worried for nothing all last night it seemed. That is until one of the student aids walked in with a pass designated for me. ( In our school seniors have a course option of student aid. They spend the block helping out the front office, delivering letters, passes, and packaged to students and teachers)

This pass was very odd, as it asked me to go to the library. I showed it to my teach whom let me be excused from the class and went to the library. When I got into the library I saw Claire sitting behind the library desk. Apparently she too was a student aid apparently.

“Hey Nicky, did you do as you were told” she said. “Yes ma-am, I am wearing it under my clothes” I said. Ok lets go check, she said, walking out from behind the desk, grabbing my arm, and leading me out the library. We approached the bathrooms and she said “Wait here”. opening the girl to the girls bathroom she walked in, and came back out in seconds. C’mon coast is clear. “

My heart was beating in my chest now, and I slowly entered the bathroom. Ok, now take off your clothes, I want to see that you did it. “but what if someone comes in” I said weakly. “Well then I guess you’d better hurry Hun” she said to me. I knew there was no use arguing so I began unfastening my belt and kicked off my sneakers.

I dropped my jeans and pulled one leg out, and quickly kicked out the other. I fixed my jeans so they were no longer inside out, and hung them on the side of the sink. Then I took off the sweat shirt, and put it with the jeans. Finally I took o my shirt, leaving me in the girls bathroom wearing nothing but a zebra stripped bikini. “Excellent job Nicky, you can put your clothes back on, after you kiss each of my feet. Also, I want you to come over today at 4:00 me and the girls have a reward for your obedience.”
I got down on my hands and knees, on the cold tile floor of the girls bathroom and kissed her feet. “That’s a good boy, now run along”. Smacking my butt as

I stood up to put on my pants. I quickly put on my jeans and as I put on my shirt, the door began to open. Some senior girl walked in and gave me a look of shock.( by this point I had my shirt on just in time and she was unable to see any parts of that feminine monster of a bikini.

“Oh dear it would appear I’m in the wrong room" I said now blushing. Claire and the other girl were both chuckling with one hand over there mouth, and I quickly walked out of the bathroom. I went back to my last period, and felt so embarrassed. Thankfully I didn’t know that girl. I just now feared what would happen at 4:00

12-01-2013, 06:39 PM
Chapter 15:

Finally that long day of school was over and I started driving home. School let out at 1:50, so I would be home in 10 minutes. Giving me an hour and a half to finish my homework before I had to leave for Clarie's. I was having issues concentrating on it, fearing what would happen when I got there. About an hour in I realized I was still wearing the bikini under my clothes.

I wasn't sure if could take it off or not. I really wanted to change, but what if I wasn't supposed to. I decided it really wasn’t that big of a deal, because who knows what I would be wearing, if I would be wearing anything at Claries’. Besides, id rather wear the bikini then those awful “Adorable panties”. Finally 3:30 rolled around, and that sinking feeling in my stomach came back.

I got in my car, and started driving to Claries. Once I made it there I saw two cars, her Audi and a Mazda 3. I was a bit worried when I saw that, I was really hopping that would be Lindsey or Amy’s ride. I looked at the clock, and I was right on time, which was a huge relief. I didn't know what they might do to me if I was late.

When I rang the doorbell, Lindsey opened the door, standing in her cheerleading uniform, her face then lit up with excitement. “Guys he’s here” she yelled. A few seconds later Claire and Amy walked in, also wearing their cheering uniforms. I actually was a little turned on at the sight of three young attractive girls, wearing miniskirts non the less.

“I’m glad you could make it today, were going to discuss the remainder of your junior year today” said Claire with that dirty smile. I kicked off my shoes and put them by the door, and we all walked upstairs to claries’ room. Claire pulled out her desk chair and motioned for me to sit in it. I sat down, with my leg now shaking out of fear of what was yet to come.

“So heres the deal, we own you for the rest of this school year. We have videos of you dancing like a stripper in women’s underwear, pleasuring yourself with a dildo in the ass, and who could forget your lil fashion show” said Claire. All of those memories played through my head, and I realized how much they had on me.

“We would hate to have to show anyone these videos, and I’m sure you feel the same way, don’t you”. “Yes, I would hate that”. I said meekly. “All right then, you will do whatever we say for the remainder of the school year, and if you do, when we graduate, we won’t care for you anymore”. Said Claire. “Yea we’ll be partying in college!” screamed Amy.

“Yea Nicky, you only have to deal with this until we graduate”. This was somewhat of a relief to hear, I’m and they have jobs, cheering, and college to worry about, so it couldn’t be that bad. “However, The longer this goes on, the more things we have on you. So we get to have more fun with you” said Claire. All the girls were laughing now, and I was getting scared.

“So here’s how this is going to work, obviously you wont be able to come here every day, and whenever I want. I understand that, people are busy. So in the event you cannot come over when I ask you, you must give me notice, and you will have to make up the lost time. These responsibilities could be sending pictures, bringing us food, or your tasks will just be harder the next
time you come over” said Claire.

“Claire why don’t you tell him what happens if he doesn’t listen, or fails to complete tasks.” Said Lindsey. “Ahh great idea said Claire” now walking into her closet. She then pulled out that box where the dildo was in and poured it out on the floor in front of me. There were handcuffs, dildos, vibrators, clothespins, and a pair of pink panties that had all sorts of stains.

“When you do something wrong, you will be punished, and failure to do the punishment results in us sending out the photos and videos of you. Here’s an excellent example, remember how you called me a bitch that first night, well now its time you accepted a punishment”

Claire then went back into her closet and grabbed a white belt, whit silver squares all around it. “Girls hold him down” The girls then grabbed me out of the chair, and shoved me down on the bed bent over the front frame.”Drop his pants” Claire said, and they loosened my belt, and dropped the jeans revealing the bikini. The girls were laughing, and so was Claire “You made him wear that today” said Amy. “Yup, as cute as it is, your going to have to drop it too”

They then slid the bikini bottoms down to my ankles leaving me naked from the waste down waiting to be punished. She then pulled back the belt and swung as hard as she could, it made such a loud noise my ear was ringing, but that didn’t bother me. My ass was on fire and I let out a shriek of pain, then came another. She smacked my ass 17 times, until tears came out of my eyes, and began to beg

“Please Claire, I’m so sorry, you’re an angel, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m so privileged to do your biding. I am so sorry for what I have done!” I had lost. That was it, I had 100% submit to her. I was nothing, the dirt she walked on was worth more to her than me. “wow he’s such a baby” said Amy. “Girls I think he’s learned his lesson. Nicky, don’t put your clothes on just yet though, get back into that cute little bikini”

I kicked off the jeans, and pulled up the bikini bottoms, then I took of my shirt. The girls all had that adored smile on their faces, when Claire cleared her throat. “Today you did your responsibility of wearing that under your clothes to school. For that you will not have to do the punishment, and you get a reward.” Claire opened up a drawer at her desk and pulled out a box of razors, and two cans of shaving cream.

“Had you not worn that bikini to school, you would have gone to the wax parlor wearing that dress you picked out the other night as your choice 2. You however did the task, so instead of being humiliated and put through pain, you’re going to have three hot girls shave your body for you!” said Claire. She then opened the package of razors and handed one to both of the girls, and gave one to herself.

I did not want to get my body shaved, especially my legs, how weird would that look if anyone saw. I then thought, how weird would it be if they saw me twerking in women’s undergarments. “Just stand right here cutie” said Claire bringing me to the center of the room.

The razor blades were cold on my skin, as I stood there I couldn’t help but somewhat enjoy this. Yes they were taking every bit of manhood away from me, but this kind of felt good. It was relaxing for some reason. Three cheerleaders were grooming me in a sense, in uniform. I couldn’t help but somewhat enjoy it.

Then I felt fingers around my waste, and without warning, the bikni bottoms fell off completely. Exposing my crotch to all the girls in the room. They then covered my pubes with shaving cream, and off those came too. Once they were done Amy wiped me down with a towel, and I put the bikni bottoms back on. “Once you vacuum up these hairs you can go home. You wont have to come back over till Friday” said Claire.

Lindsey pushed the vacuum into the room and the girls recorded me vacuuming the room, in nothing but a zebra stripped bikini. Once the task was finished the girls handed me my clothes, and I got in my car. I removed the bikini while in my car, and just put it in between the back seats. Hopefully no one would go in my car and find it.

I didn’t hear from the girls until that Friday. I was in my 4th period class. The thought of what I would have to do tonight was curious to me. I had already made an agreement with joey that if my parents called, I was staying at his place for the night, and my parents thought I was going there. That way I could go to Claries’ without worrying about them

Our teacher then informed us that due to testing the lunch blocks were going to be altered today. I hated when this happened because I had a table with some people I knew on normal days. When these things happened, I wouldn’t have anywhere to sit, but boy did I wish that were the case today.

When I entered the lunch line my phone vibrated in my pocket. “Hey do you have the first lunch period today?” was a text I got from Claire. I replied with a yes get back “yay! You can sit with me and the girls today! We’re going to have such a fun lunch!” I looked for them once I had gotten my tray, and saw them sitting up against the wall in the back corner of the cafeteria.

They were waving at me motioning me to sit with them. At least this would make me look popular to anyone who saw me, I thought to myself. I sat down and the girls were all gossiping about boys, and all that girl crap. “so how have you been today” said Amy. “Fine, its been a good day” I said happily. “looking forward to tonight” said Lindsey. “Yea, I’m sure ill have a great time”
I said. “Yea we got something special for you tonight and there no game tonight, so we have plenty of time for fun!”
The girls all started whispering, and looking at me with an evil smile. “Let’s have some fun right now” said Lindsey. I then felt a foot prop up on my chair,

“I’d start rubbing that if I were you” said Lindsey showing me a picture on her phone of me vacuuming in a bikini. So I put down my food, and began massaging her feet in the school cafeteria. Luckily we were in the corner, so no one should see me.

Amy then grabbed my tray, and spat on my pizza, she then passed it down to Claire who did the same thing. Lindsey was the last to spit on my food, and then she handed over to me. I was still massaging her feet when Claire said “eat up now, you got a long night ahead missy” Lindsey then moved her feet away from my chair and they all watched as I ate the spit covered pizza.

They all gave me dirty looks, and eww’s. They went back to whispering, and then they all stared at me. “We forgot to tell you, if you’re a good lil girl, you will get rewards during this year of fun. Were going to give you one now” said Claire. The girls all kicked off there flip flops and started playing with my cock, on the top of my pants using nothing but their feet.

It instantly began to grow hard and I just sat there and enjoyed. “Eww its getting hard” said Amy. All there girls were laughing and began to blush. I then realized I hoped this boner went away before I walked back to class. They continued to do this for a while and I began to squirm. It felt so good, but I didn’t want to cum in my pants. I would have to sit in it for the rest of the school day.

It began to throb, and I really want to just cum, but I couldn’t. It would be so uncomfortable for the rest of the day. The girls all stopped when one of them pointed out there was only a minute left in lunch. I was so hard right now, and I would have to go to class with it being hard like that, but at least I wasn’t sitting in jizz all day.

“Oh nick, I expect you to be at my house today at 4:30, for every minute your late, you will be spanked in the yard wearing nothing but your favorite panties” said Claire in a joking voice. She then took her French fries and poured them into my underwear. “I’m serious, every minute late, you know the price” this time in a serious tone. I then waddled to the bathroom, where I took out the French fries, and dumped them into the toilet. I was so scared thinking of what would happen tonight.

12-01-2013, 06:52 PM
This last chapter was gold!!

12-02-2013, 05:20 PM
Chapter 16:

Once the school day was over I went home, and took a shower. I looked down my body remembering how shaved I was. These girls were actually turning me feminine. I thought to myself “ I could probably pass as a lesbian girl if I wanted to”

Once my shower was over, I started watching some YouTube videos to pass the time. One after another and then before I knew it, I looked at the clock. It was now 4:05. My heart sank as I knew I would be late, and I knew the punishment. It would be so awful, being spanked outside wearing nothing but those panties. Everyone could see me, it would hurt and I would be so embarrassed, what if I cried again!

I ran to my car, and quickly drove off, I was going over the limit, being conscious of cops. At every red light I would floor it immediately after, I must have burnt up so much gas. My mustang only got 15 to the gallon as it was, but now I was using it like the race horse she was. I was about 10 miles from her house and I looked down at the clock, 4:15. I was making decent time, but it was defiantly going to be close.

I got to a point where I was behind some slow grandma on a one lane road. She was going 10 under the speed limit, and my leg was shaking. Just 5 miles away and it was 4:23. Finally she turned left, and I my gas pedal made contact with the floor of my car. I pulled into her neighborhood, and was stuck behind some elementary schoolers walking home. Finally I got around them, and was in claires front yard, at exactly 4:30.

I ran to the front door, and rang the doorbell, and almost as quickly as I rang it, Claire answered it with a hand on her hip. “your three minutes late” she said showing me the clock on her phone. “You know what that means” said Amy holding the “Adorable” panties up, trying to taunt me. I looked at my phone and it was 4:33, “Dam, my cars clock is off” I thought to myself.

“C’mon in, and take your clothes off” said Claire waving her hand, signifying for me to come in. I came in a kicked my shoes off, and began to take off my clothes. “Fold them and set them right there, you wont be needing those for the rest of the day” said Claire giving me that evil smile. I was no blushing, as
I stood there naked folding the clothes. “Here you go cutie pie” said Amy, ash she threw the panties in my face.

I hated those awful thing so much, as I stared at them, holding them there. I then lowered them to my feet, and put one foot in, and then the other. I slid them up, over my knee caps, and up my thighs, I had to squirm a little to put them on this time. “sorry if they’re a little too small, I just washed them” said Claire now laughing. I didn’t think it was possible, but those panties got more embarrassing.

Amy opened the front door, and Claire had her belt ready. “Put your hands on that tree, and bend over” My heart was racing, “But, the elementary schoolers.. what if they see me”.”Then they will laugh and think your pathetic, now c’mon hands on the tree” I realized she wouldn’t let this go. So I stepped outside in broad daylight wearing nothing but Pink panties with the word “Adorable” on the ass.

I stepped out onto the grass in my bear feet and walked over to the tree, I put my hands on it and bent over.” Its only three” I thought, “ill be back inside in no time”. I could feel Claire come up behind me and them SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, The belt hit three times so very hard, and I let out a yell. Realizing I was outside I quickly covered my mouth, hoping I hadn’t drawn too much attention to myself.

“Your such a little baby” said Lindsey. “Not yet he isn’t, but he will be” said Claire. “C’mon inside now, before someone sees you like that, unless you want to be seen that way” said Claire giving me that evil grin. “I bet next time he will be on time” said Amy. “You can just keep those adorable little panties on, you’ll need them for what’s next” said Claire. “Yea, we got one hell of a surprise for you!” said Amy.

We walked up the stairs and the girls sat me down in the chair, and pushed out into the hallway. “Wait right here, while we get ready” said Claire. I sat out there for about ten minutes in nothing but those panties. There was a window at the end of the hallway, and I felt so exposed. I was hopping no one in the house next to us would see me this way.

“C’mon in Nicky girl!” said Lindsey. When I walked in I saw an outfit laid out in the floor, that instantly spawned a swarm of butterflies in my stomach. At the bottom of the layout was a pair of white knee socks, with two light blue stripes. Right above it was a miniskirt that was white, with light blue and dark blue ruffles, covered in glitter. Above that was a a shirt with a big W on it, it had stars, stripes, glitter, and the two shades of blue. Next to each sleeve was a blue pom-pom. It was our schools cheerleading uniform

“What do you think, isn’t it adorable, like your panties” said Lindsey. All the girls were cracking up now. “We stole one of the uniforms from the locker room, its from last year when that fat senior cheered” said Amy. “We figured you would look cute in it, so we brought it for you” said Claire. I just stood there, getting red in the face, my legs were starting to shake a little. “Well c’mon now, put it on girl” said Claire.

I walked over to the knee socks, and examined them as I picked them up. I gave a heavy sigh of humiliation, and submission, as I put them on. I grabbed the skirt, and put one leg in, and then the other. I pulled that up, and had to do a little shake to get it on my hips. The girls were having issues sitting up straight, they were laughing so hard. Then came the shirt. It was so tight moving my arms wasn’t as easy as it usually was.

I picked up the pompoms and turned my head and looked at the girls. “AWW, shes so adorable in her uniform” said amy. Claire was taking pictures on her phone, and I got a chance to look in the mirror, I was very ashamed. “Ok do a little cheer for us!” said Lindsey. I started waving the pom-poms, and dancing, while Claire was recording.

“Girls I think he needs some training” said Claire putting down her cell phone. “C’mon lets all get in my car, bring the stuff” the girls just smiled, as this was obviously rehearsed. I feared of going out in public like this, but I had no choice. We walked down stairs, and went out the front door. As we walked to the car, a jogger ran by, and turned his head at me, as he continued to run, I was very humiliated by this.

The girls laughed when we got in the car and said “her first day of being a cheerleader, and she already got a boyfriend. That’s a new record” said Claire. All the girls were cracking up, and I just hung my head in shame. I sat in the back seat with Lindsey, Amy rode shotgun, and Claire drove. “We are going to give you a private cheering lesson” said Claire. “But first you must learn to act like a cheerleader, and face the challenges we do every day” said Amy. ”ill be helping you with that” said Lindsey pulling up a pink glittery box off the floor of the car.

“As a cheerleader we always have to look our best, and beauty takes time, which we never seem to have a lot of. So we have to make up for lost time. Often times we do our make-up in the car, which is what you’ll be doing now!” said Lindsey who opened the pink box revealing all shades of nail polish, and different lipstick, and mascara. If it was a form of make-up it existed in that box.

“First we do our mascara” said Lindsey handing me a stick of it. She then pulled one out for herself and showed me how to do it. “Now its your turn, remember to take it nice and slow, and curl it at the end”. Amy turned around in her seat and started to record me putting on mascara, while wearing a cheerleading uniform

“next the lipstick” as she slowly applied red lipstick to her lips. “Your turn beautiful” Lindsey said throwing a stick of lipstick to me. I started to put on the lipstick, but smeared a little on my face while Claire was driving. Lindsey picked up a dirty sock off the bottom of Claire’s car and said “here, wipe it off with this”

“she then showed me how to apply blush, but put it on for me” “That’s not easy to do as a beginner when were moving in a car” said Lindsey. “Now for my favorite part” holding up a pink vile of nail polish. My face was red, as she demonstrated on my left hand how to paint nails. Then it was my turn I took of the knee socks and began painting. While two girls recorded me, I painted my finger and toe nails, in the back seat of someone’s car, Wearing nothing but a cheering uniform.

“O.M.G guys she looks So freaking adorable!!” screamed Lindsey. Claire looked up in the rear view mirror and Amy turned her head back. They all laughed, and Lindsey took pictures. We stopped at a Tacobell drive through, “You’ve been a good little girl, so now you get a reward, you can get anything you want” said Claire. This brought a smile to my face, “Can I get two bean burritos, and a coke” I said. Lindsey chuckled under he breath, which confused me. “Of coarse you can! Want anything else, like a taco or two?” I was surprised by her generosity.

Some of the girls ate a taco or two, but I defiantly got the most food. “We cheerleaders never have time so we always have to eat in the car, and quickly. Your next challenge is to eat all of that food in less than 5 minutes. If you fail this challenge, you will not get to wear the clothes you came with, when you go home tomorrow” said Claire. I knew she couldn't just be generous.

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Chapter 17

Luckily I had turned her down on the tacos, but two big burritos, in five minutes. “How could I finish them that fast” I thought to myself. “Ok time starts now!” said Lindsey who was looking at her phone. I was about halfway in the first burrito when she said “4 minutes left” I had this no problem. I finished the burrito with 2 minutes and 45 seconds left. Then I opened the next one. This one had sour cream on it, and I hated that stuff.

“Shit, I thought I said no sour cream” I said. “Aww Nicky, did they screw you over” said Amy. “ill tell you what, if you want to take it inside, well go back, and we will restart the clock at 2:45 for you last burrito. You’ll just have to go in dressed as a high school cheerleader though” said Claire giving me that evil grin through the rear view mirror.

“No I got this”. I wasted 30 seconds with that conversation though. I began eating the burrito, it was so nasty it made me cringe. I hated sour cream so bad. It was so gross, and it smelled gross, but I had to eat it. I finally finished it and I looked and Lindsey and I said, “Did I make it” she showed me the phone. “0.0841” seconds left. “You lucky little bitch” she said.

I felt so relived; I would get to wear my clothes tomorrow. “Claire I just realized, Nicky doesn’t have a bra” said Lindsey. “That won’t be the case after tomorrow, I got a surprise for him tomorrow” said Claire. I was worried by the sound of that. “Claire how long until we get there” said Lindsey.
“About 15 minutes” said Claire. “Good, that gives nick plenty of time to paint my toe nails”.

Then put her boots in my face, “Take them off little girl”. They were tall black boots, and were honestly kind of sexy. Taking them off was kind of a turn on for some reason. I took of the first one and she began wiggling her toes, taunting me. “now the other” she said putting her other boot in my face. I took that off, exposing both of her feet. “lick them first” she said putting her toes into my mouth.

She began to push her foot into my mouth as deeply as she could. It was so humiliating the way they treated me. I was a dress up doll, and a servant. Here I was in a cheering uniform sucking on her sweaty foot, that’s been in boots all day. “sniff them, tell how good they smell” she said. Lindsey was obviously some kind of dominatrix, and completely enjoyed this situation.

“Your feet smell wonderful” I said. She then smacked me in the face with her foot. “yea they do, get back to licking them you little slut” she said. The way she dominated me was kind of hot. If I wasn’t licking her dirty feet, I would have been very turned on. Honestly though, this whole situation 98% of me hated it, but the other 2% completely loved it.

I began licking her feet like a dog, while Amy recorded, and laughed uncontrollably. Lindsey then kicked me in the face, and said “get to painting now, slut” handing me a bottle of hot pink nail polish. “And if you spill any of that, I’m gagging you with that sock, after I wipe my ass with it” pointing to the dirty sock I used to get the lipstick off my face.

She was defiantly the most attractive of the three girls, and they way she spoke to me grew hotter. Her feet complimented the yoga pants she had on, and making me pant them actually got me a little excited. I started painting them very carefully, while she was filing her nails. She completely dominated over me, I was her bitch.

As I finished I blew on them carefully so they would dry, they were all painted perfectly, I didn't spill a drop. “Good job slut” she said, as we pulled into the parking lot of a park. By this time it was about 6:30 at night. “There shouldn't be anyone here sense its dark, so this is a perfect place for you to practice” said Claire.

We got out of the car and it was dark outside. We walked on a path that led to a play ground a few minutes from the parking lot. Once we got to the play ground the girls led me to a set of monkey bars. “Put your hands up here” said Claire. I gripped the monkey bars with my hands on the cold bars. Then I felt something cold wrap around my hands, and in seconds I was handcuffed to the monkey bars.

“Try to escape from that” said Claire holding the key. I struggled, and tried running but I couldn't, I was handcuffed to the monkey bars. “This is how we will punish you for big things. We will chain you up for how many hours we think you deserve, dressed up in as much, or as little clothing as we want. We might leave you here over night, and let someone else break you free. Imagine standing there for hours with no bathroom, no sleep, just humiliation and coldness” Claire said as she unlocked the cuffs

“Speaking of bathrooms I got to take a piss” said Amy, who walked to the woods line. “Now nick, were going to train you. Start doing some jumping jacks, in cheerleading endurance is everything” said Claire. As I did jumping jacks I turned my head to see Amy’s jeans at her ankle and she was peeing.

“Hey amy, perv-o over here is watching you pee” shouted Claire. My face turned red as I hear her say this.
“Well sense he likes watching me piss, he can come clean me up” amy said. I was still doing jumping jacks, but I slowed down now, as those words shot through my body, I took a second to render them. “Well go on Nicky, go clean her pussy. That will teach you to stop being a such a pervert” said Claire. I walked over to Amy with my pointed at the ground in shame, as I was about lick piss off some girls vagina.

“As I got over there she was standing up now, she had kicked her jeans and pants off to the side. She had her legs spread out, and both hands on her hips, and she had an devilish smirk on her face. “on your back bitch” she said.

I slowly got down on knee, and turned onto my back. Once I was fully on my she sat down on my face, shoving her wet pussy right on my lips.
It was so nasty, I finally understand what people meant when they said “this tastes like piss” it was an awful bitter salty taste. It was so nasty; she then began to rub her ass all around my face. “You like that little slut, huh, you like watching girls piss. Do you wish you had your own little vagina too, is that why you like mine in your face” She just keep rubbing everything all over my face, as I continuously licked it.

She then farted in my face making me feel discusted, and kicked me in the head. “How do you like that, you little perv” all of the girls were laughing as I sat there in pain. “Hurry up, Nicky we got more training to do” said Claire. “Ok you need to have strength too. Give us 30 pushups right now, and for everyone you don’t do in under a minute, you’ll add a lap to your upcoming run.

I hated running, but I couldn't do a lot of push ups either. I got down into pushup position, and waited for the command. “GO” shouted Claire. I went down, and back up quickly, i did fifteen as fast as I could, and then I realized I used a lot of my strength. 30 seconds left, right as I did the 18th. “15 seconds left” right as I finished my 22nd. “Times up! You only did 26, that’s 4 extra laps” said Claire.

“So here’s how it works, your going to start at those monkey bars run to that trash can over there, and then to the parking lot”. Said Claire “You were only going to have to do it once, but now you have to do it 5 times” said Claire. I walked over to the monkey bars realizing they had never given me shoes to wear, only knee socks. “oh we don’t want you to take forever, so you can just put that cute little cheerleading uniform right there on the bar. Your going to run in those panties as motivation” said Claire.

I was so embarrassed but at least it was dark outside. I took of the uniform, and got placed it on the bar. I then began running; I made it to the trash can, and then went to the parking lot. Our car was still the only car there. Then I came back around to the monkey bars where the girls cheered me on and laughed at how ridiculous I looked.
This repeated 2 more times. On the forth lap when I was in the parking lot, there were headlights coming from the main road, someone drove by and slowed down as they watched me run. The car then honked as they drove off. I was completely humiliated. Once I made it to the monkey bars the girls stopped me. “We want you to give every you have this last lap, said Claire, as she pulled down the panties.

All the girls laughed at the sight of my shriveled up cock. It was cold, and I had just been running, so I looked like an 11 year old. “give them here tiny” said Claire. “But.. That’s streaking, that’s illegal” I said weakly. “DO IT NOW, OR WE WILL LEAVE YOU HERE WITH NOTHING BUT THOSE DAMN PANTIES” she screamed now mad. I kicked them off, and handed them to her feeling powerless.

She smacked me on the ass and said “now go get em champ” Claire said as all the girls laughed hysterically. I was now sprinting my ass off. Everything was flapping in the air, as I made my round around the trashcan, and into the parking lot, but in the parking lot at that very moment, was a man walking his dog. I stopped and froze there for a second, and he just looked up and stared at me.

My cheeks turned red, as he covered his eyes. “Im calling the cops you dirty little pervert!” My heart sank to my knees and I begged him to not call the cops. Just out of the corner of my eye I could see the girls peeking through the trees watching this. I got down on my knees and begged him not to call the cops. He agreed to not call the cops, if I promised to never streak again. “Yes I promise, this will never happen again.”

The old man said “now get some clothes on, no one wants to see your tiny penis” as he walked away. My cheeks were so red, and I ran to the girls. “Oh my God what did he say” said Lindsey. All of the girls were laughing hysterically as I told them while putting on the cheering uniform once again.
“wow its already 9:30, make up a cheer about us, and then we will leave this park. You gotta include arm motions, and kicks, we want to see those panties!” said Claire. I was embarrassed, but I picked up the pom-poms, and started waving them. “Claire, Lindsey, Amy, they totally control me! They’re so hot, I’m just not. I’m there slave, and hardly brave. They’re so cool, they own the school” I chanted. I then started shaking the pom-poms, and let out a big “Lets go warriors”(Our school mascot). The girls were all laughing and clapping I was completely red in the cheeks.

We all headed out to the parking lot were we ran into the old man again. “Wow, your into some kinky stuff” he said, looking at me in my cheerleading outfit. I got into the car completely embarrassed as all the girls giggled. “All right, we got to make one quick stop, then were headed back home” said Claire. “Nick make yourself useful and massage my feet” Lindsey said propping up her boots on my lap. I slid off the boots and began rubbing her feet

They felt so damp from sweating in her boots all day, and being out at the park. I continued to squeeze them, and rub on them with my hands for the next 30 minutes until we pulled up into the Wal-Mart parking lot.

“Nick, we need to pick up a few things, you have two options. You can go in with us, dressed like that (chuckling under her voice) and you will be rewarded with a hand job on the way home. Or you can choose to stay in the car, and you will have to practice sucking dick, on a dildo when we get back. Your choice” said Claire. I decided to go in, sense it was 10:30, and we were at least 30 minutes away from the high school. Hopefully no one would see me.

12-02-2013, 08:12 PM
It only made sense to choose this option. There were hardly any cars in the parking lot first of all. Second, I did not want to suck on a dildo, I was very confident about my sexuality, and did not want to have any more homosexual content against me. Best of all, I was going to get a hand job!

We all got out of the car, and headed for the store. Head lights shine on me from my right, and I looked over to see some bearded man, staring at me in his car. To my left there was two college girls chuckling at my appearance. This was going to be one long shopping trip. “ok lets split up, Nicky you and Lindsey will go together, get the prune juice, the diapers, and the syrup “said Claire. “What a curious shopping list I thought”

“Well I guess you’re one lucky man” said Lindsey. “What do you mean” I asked. “Well if you think about it, this whole situation isn’t that bad for you. You get to experiment with things you wouldn’t normally have done, you get to hangout with a bunch of girls, and no one close to you knows this side about you. To top it all of, your getting sexual favors!” she said. I never had looked at it that way.

I had none of this happened I would probably be in my room masturbating, or
playing on my computer. I was actually very close to three really attractive girls we were all on a personal base. I mean I’ve gotten pussy, and head! “yea I guess you have a point, its still really humiliating though” I said. “Oh c’mon now, people would pay to be in your position. Female dominance is one of the top watched porn types” she said. “How would you know I asked” with a smirk on my face.

She was now blushing in the face, “Ill admit I’ve played with myself a few times to it” she said, now blushing with a naughty smile. “What about you, what’s your favorite porn” she asked. I thought for a second “honestly, lesbian porn, its way hot”. She laughed. “well you could pass off as a lesbian, have you even looked at yourself in the mirror, minus the hair and the boobs, you look like a girl!” she said. I was now blushing.

“We got to the fridge section and she pulled out the prune juice while I stared at my reflection. “yea its pretty convincing. C’mon lets hurry up” she said after smacking me on the butt. We then picked up a thing maple syrup and there was a big woman in the aisle staring at me. “Evening madam” I said to her. This made Lindsey laugh, which in turn made me feel good inside. We walked off and the woman just shook her head in disbelief

We made it to the section that had all sorts of personal products. There were diapers, and tampons, and make-up products. At the end of the aisle there were two attractive girls looking at some makeup. Lindsey then got close and whispered into my ear “I want you ask those girls to spank you” my heart was pounding.

“I’m serious, if you want that hand job, you will walk over there and ask those girls to spank you, tell them you’ve been a bad boy, and that you need to be punished for wearing your sisters clothes” My stomach was so un easy right now. I slowly walked up, and said “ehem”. The two girls turned around and saw me standing there in a cheerleading uniform with no shoes just knee socks, with my face completely red I assumed.

“Um iv-ve been.. a-a bad boy, and I need to be pu-pu-punished fu-fur-for wearing my si-sisters clothes, will you please sp-spank me” I stuttered. Lindsey was standing in the background laughing, and the girls looked at each other and whispered. “Ok, lean over on that shelf, and drop your pants” one of them said”

I put my arms up on the shelf and bent over, I then dropped the skirt revealing the Adorable panties. The two girls were laughing uncontrollably. They then started smacking me on the ass. “That’ll teach you to be a cross-dressing freak” the girls said laughing as they walked off. I then pulled up my skirt walked over to Lindsey. “how was that” I asked embarrassed, ”Perfect” she replied.

We met up with Claire and amy. Lindsey put out stuff in there basket and Claire handed me a $50 bill. “Go pay for this stuff, and meet us up front” said Claire, all the girls walked away and I was left to buy this weird stuff. As I waited in line I looked at the stuff. Diapers, pacifiers, prune juice, syrup, dog food, and pink socks. I suddenly felt self conscious of the things I was about to pay for.

Finally when I got up to the cashier she stared at me, examining my outfit, then she cracked a smile. “Did you loose a bet honey?” she asked. All I mustered up a lie, “yea last time I bet on the dolphins, I tell you what” The cashier was laughing, and she called over two of her friends, “yall come check out this fool, he lost football bet, and look at how he’s dressed! I was completely blushing at this point, and finally she ringed it all up.

As i was about to pay she said, “will that be cash, credit, or a cheer” laughing her ass off. Blushing I handed her the $50 bill and she gave me my change, and I put the bags in my basket. “You don’t go making any more bets, I don’t want to ee you come in here naked next time!” she said laughing obnoxiously loud. All the people in the surrounding lines were looking and laughing.

I pushed the basked out front, and Claire and the girls were waiting in the car at the front of the store, I emptied the bags, and started walking the cart to the cart rack. As I started walking the girls followed me with the car they turned on their warning lights and started flashing their blights, intentionally to draw attention to me. Once I put the cart in the rack, I opened the door and climbed in.

“Heard you got punished for being a pervert in the store!” said Claire. “Yea.. I was a bad boy” I said blushing. All the girls laughed, and I said. “so um, when do I get that handjob?” Lindsey then picked up the sock and handed it to me. “Put that over your dick, and ill start”. I then slid the skirt of leaving me in those embarrassing panties, and quickly slid them off, revealing my now hard cock.

I slid the dirty sock over it, she then grabbed it and started going up and down. “Tell me when your about to cum” she said. It felt so good, it was like being touched by an angel. She started twisting her hand which felt even better; I started making grunting noises like “uh”, “oh”, and “yea”. She then picked up the pace a little and I started to feel it coming on. “I-I am about cum!” I said loud. The girls in the front were cracking up.

“You are not allowed to cum, and if you cum before we get home, you lose the privilege of wearing your clothes home tomorrow.” said Lindsey. This turned me on even more, and made my cock get harder. “Oh if that’s not enough, ill all also take this sock and put it in your mouth, and it will stay there the rest of the way home. “h-how long until we get to your place Claire” I asked trying not to get too orgasmic. “about 20 minutes” she said.

“Hope you can hold it” said amy. Lindsey then slowed down a little bit.
She stroked it slower, but put more pressure on it. Every time she twister her hand it just tore me into two. It was so good. I had to cross my legs it just felt so good, I couldn’t cum. “We should be home about midnight” said Claire. I looked at the clock, and saw it was 11:48, just twelve more minutes. Then outta no where she sped up. She’s was jerking that thing so hard. “Oh my G
God” I yelled “Yes aww fuck yes” I couldn’t hold it I wanted to cum, I stopped trying to resist. “I’m going to cum” I yelled

She now grabbed it with two hands and gripped it harder then ever and went up and down incredibly fast. It was throbbing and cum just came out shot after shot, and it it was all in the sock. “Hope it was worth your clothes, I’m sure you’ll have an excellent ride in those adorable panties” she said now giving me the evil look. All the girls in the front seat were laughing, and calling me names. I quickly lost my boner, and without warning, the sock came off, and was shoved into my mouth.

“Every time that comes out of you mouth, is a day you have to wear a fucking diaper to school. You sick fuck, you got cum on my hand” said Lindsey, now wiping her hands in my hair. The sock tasted so bad. The smell was even worse, I wondered how long that was in the car, and whose it was, and the taste of cum, didn't’t make it any better.

Finally we got to Claries’ house and we walked into her room. I still had the nasty sock in my mouth. Lindsey walked over and ripped it out of my mouth, “you’ll learn to control your little “Needs” later on, just you wait” said Lindsey in a treating tone. “Nick we have a fun idea for you. Your going to wear this doggy color, crawl around on the floor, and eat your food. She then took out the dog food out of the can we just bought and put it in a red doggy bowl.

“Take off your clothes, and put this on” handing me the black dog collar” I stripped down naked and put on the collar. By now being naked around these girls wasn’t humiliating, but the dog color was. Once I put on the collar I got down on my knees, and Lindsey put attached a leash to it. She then walked me over to the bowl and commanded I eat all of my food.

I stood there hovering over the bowl, it smelled awful, but I knew there was no way out. I began eating, it tasted worse than the piss from earlier. “The longer you take the more suffering your putting yourself through” said amy Claire was obviously recording me eat dog food naked. Halfway through I begged for something to drink “please can I have a drink, anything” I said. “Not until all of its gone, and you've licked it clean” said Claire.

It was so gross, I gagged a few times, and teared up. Finally I licked the last of it out of the bowl, and was at Claire's feet, “Please I need something to drink, anything” I begged. Claire then handed me the bottle of prune juice, and I popped off the cap, and drank the whole thing. It had a strong after taste, but it was way better than dog food. “Thank you so much, that was horrible” I then walked back over to the cheerleading uniform.

Ah-ah-ah, you wont be needing that anymore tonight said Claire. “you’ll be wearing a new outfit, that I came up with” said Amy. She was now holding up a pink shirt that said “dadys little girl”. “This was mine sophomore year, its very small, its going to look funny on you.” Said Amy. She pulled the shirt over top of me and it was incredibly tight, and didn’t cover up my belly button. She then pulled out a pink bonnet from her pocket, and tied it to my head. I knew what was coming next, as Claire smiled from cheek to cheek.

She then opened the box of diapers, and I was told to put it on. Once I had it on the girls duck taped it to my body to give it extra support. “For the rest of the night, that is your bathroom, you will not be allowed to change until tomorrow morning, when we allow you to. So if you shit your pants in 30 minutes you've got to sit in it until at least 10:00am when we wake up. Then I realized it was all planned, Taco bell, dog food, and prune juice, It was one nasty combination, and I could feel my stomach churning now. Before I could do anything else, there was a pacifier in my mouth.

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another excellent series of chapters. loving it.

Alexis Rune
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Thank you for writing an excellent story. This is one of my favorites!

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Chapter 19:

All the girls were giggling, staring at me dressed as a baby girl. I walked over to the mirror, and was horrified. I was standing there with my body shaved, nails painted, and I looked like an over sized two year old. “Hey lets watch dance moms” said Lindsey. I hated that awful show, it was so girly and horrible to watch. “Great idea, I’m sure Nicky will love it” said Amy. “I don’t know, It might be past her bedtime” said Amy. All the girls laughed at this.

“Nicky boo, while we watch this I want you to go pick up the downstairs for me. Vacuum, do the dishes, and take out the trash” said Claire. “Yes ma-am” I said, as I headed down stairs. I started picking up the stuff in the living room first. I put away dishes, and fixed the couch, then vacuumed it. All while wearing the diaper outfit.

“I started working on the kitchen where I felt exposed. There was a big window over the sink, and just a few feet away was the window of the other house. The worst part was neither window had curtains, nor I feared I would be seen dressed up like a baby girl. As I was sweeping the floor one of the girls called for me from upstairs.

I came to the top of the stairs where I heard Claire calling from inside the bathroom. “You called” I said standing outside the bathroom door. “Yes c’mon in” she said. As I opened the door a terrible smell poured out the bathroom, she had just taken a dump. I cringed my face as she said “Yea, it smells really bad, that’s why I need you to wipe my ass for me. I really don’t want to get all stinky” That was just disgusting, wipe her ass for her after she took a

“C’mon Nicky, I don’t want to sit on the toilet all day, hurry it up “she said. I slowly approached the toilet and grabbed some toilet paper, and approached Claire’s ass. “yea get it back there” she said to me, with that devious smile. I began wiping her butt, and she laughed at me while I was humiliated and disgusted. “Just to ensure you do a good job, you will be licking my asshole after this” said Claire.

I felt so embarrassed, and disgusted. I would have to lick some girls ass right after she took a shit, wearing baby girl clothes. This was going to be the most humiliating, and the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done. I keep wiping, and made sure there would be nothing lingering in there, that I would stumble upon with my tongue.

“All done” I said, as I finished up. “You better hope you did a good job” as she stood up, and pulled up her pants. “flush that for me will ya” as she walked out of the bathroom. I flushed the toilet feeling disgusted and humiliated, and then walked into Claries room. She bent over in her chair with her pants and underwear dropped. “Come on make it nice and squeaky clean” said Claire.

Lindsey and Amy sat on the bed watching, and recording as I slowly walked over to Claire. I got down on my knees, and slowly moved towards her ass. She did have a really nice ass, so even though I was humiliated and disgusted, there were benefits to this situation. I then stuck out my tongue and began. It tasted horrible, it tasted like shit. Then I remember, that’s what she just did 5 minutes ago.

Once I licked the entire thing I pulled away, only to be forced back in by Claire. “You will stop when I give you permission to stop, Now keep going, and get that tongue of yours in there damn it!” I felt so powerless, but her controlling me like that, and that beautiful ass. I couldn’t believe it, but I was partially turned on. I continued to lick, and then I got a little hard. I then gripped her ass with both of my hands, And continued to lick as hard as I could. I now had a huge boner, and it was obvious. “Oh my God Lindsey, he’s getting a boner. He must love licking your ass!”said Amy. I was not embarrassed by this, It just made me get harder.

I started to stick my tongue in the asshole its self, and just move it around. Claire still didn’t comment on what Lindsey said. However, seconds later Claire let out a quite “oooh yea”. Lindsey and Amy laughed, which embarrassed Claire a bit. She then got up and pushed me aside. “Get back to your cleaning” she demanded. I had a smirk on my face, as I left the room.

When I got downstairs I lost control and started to laugh. I turned her on, even the way I was dressed! I then resumed cleaning and finished the kitchen, except for the last part, Taking out the trash. I dreaded this part, because it meant anyone outside, or looking out their window could see me dressed as a baby girl.

I went out the front door to avoid setting off the sensor light in the backyard. I quickly ran to the trash cans with the bag in my hand. I put the bag in the can and began running back to the house. I made it inside without being seen. As I closed the door I could see headlights at the end of the road. A few seconds later and someone would have seen my outfit.

I finally finished the cleaning and went back upstairs. Once I made it upstairs I told Claire I was finished with the chores. “Excellent, Give me a back rub until this shows over, then were going to have some fun” I complied and began rubbing Claries back as she laid out on her bed in her pajamas. All the girls had changed into girly cotton pajama pants, and tee-shirts.

After what seemed like an hour the dance moms episode finished and by that point my hands were tired. “Girls go get the stuff, Nicky you go sit in that chair with your hands behind your back”. The girls left the room smiling, and I sat down in the chair. Claire then handcuffed my hands behind my back, and handcuffed my legs behind the chair.

Claire then brought over a big pink bib with a bunny rabbit on it. With that evil smile she put it on me and said “Aww, is the baby girl hungry, aww yesh she is, baby girl is very hungry. Goochy goochy goo-goo” taunting me as if I were an actually baby. The girls came back upstairs, Lindsey held 2 jars of baby food, while Amy had two baby bottles.

“Poor thing, she’s so hungry” said Claire. “Aww is the little baby hungry” said Amy. “Don’t worry princess, were going to feed you” said Lindsey. The girls all had evil smirks, hiding a few laughs. If dog food weren’t enough, now I had to eat baby food! I did not want to do that, baby food looks disgusting. I was very uneasy thinking about that. “mmm, yummy, Spinach casserole, and
broccoli soup, you got some good ones today” said Lindsey

They couldn’t have picked more disgusting flavors I thought. Before they even started giving me the baby food my stomach started to hurt. It was cramping up really bad, which made me not want any food, let along baby food. Lindsey then opened the first jar and pushed her face away, now pinching her nose “mmm, smells great she said” all the girls started laughing histarically, and I was very uneasy.

They picked the smallest spoon they possibly could, and started spoon feeding. “here comes the plane, open up the tunnel” they taunted. The first spoonful of dark green baby food entered my mouth. It was so terrible, I’m sure I made an awful face “Aww is it good? Who’s a big girl eating all her veggies” said Claire.

Then came another, and another. Once I had finished the first jar I felt sick to my stomach even more now, and it was now making noises. “Are you thirsty little girl, here you go” said Lindsey handing me a bottle. “Drink up, you still got your broccoli soup!” said Amy. Claire was recording me as I sucked milk out of a baby bottle as fast as I could, in an effort to coat the taste of that awful baby food.

Finally I finished the bottle of milk “aww you must have been a thirsty girl” said Lindsey. “allrighty now its time for your broccoli soup” said Amy. She then began feeding me the baby food, and some how it was worse than the other one. I think I would have preferred the dog food over this. It was so nasty I gagged multiple times.

I finished the food and needed a drink desperately. Amy held out the second bottle in my face, then pulling it away to taunt me. “You have to beg for it, beg for your bottle little baby”. I was blushing. “May I have my bottle please” I said. The girls all started laughing, and the horrible taste was taking over in my mouth.

“That’s not good enough, you really got to want It, you got to act like you’re a baby, throw a little temper tantrum” The girls laughed at this idea, and I was humiliated but the taste was so terrible. “I WANT MY BOTTLE, PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME MY BOTTLE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE” I making the chair shake. All the girls laughed and Amy held the bottle up to my mouth a fed it to me like a baby. I drank the whole thing and all the girls loved it.

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Chapter 20
My stomach was now cramping up really bad and i began to feel the need pee. I was still tied up to the chair while the girls were all whispering and giving me devious looks. I knew whatever they were thinking wasn’t good. I sat there for a few minutes while they were whispering and I began to struggle a bit. My stomach hurt, I had to pee, and the chair was very uncomfortable.

The girls noticed my discomfort and decided to have some fun with me. They stopped whispering, then Lindsey and Amy went out of the room. When the girls left Claire shut the door, and walked over to me. “I’m going to have fun with you” she said, giving me a dirty smile. She walked over to her closet and came back out with those dirty panties that were in the box of toys.
She walked back over to me and stretched them out in front of my face. She turned them inside out to show me the different colored stains. “these are the panties I used when I play with myself, I never wash them because It makes me feel like a dirty slut. Oh as you can tell, I don’t wipe too well either, that’s why I had you do it for me earlier” she said smiling. “Open your mouth” she said.

I slowly opened my mouth, and she then grabbed my face with hand quiet vigorously, and squeezed my lips apart, opening my mouth wide enough for her to force the disgusting things into my mouth. She pushed them all the way in, and closed my mouth. “keep them in there” she demanded. She then pulled out some duct tape and stretched it out.

Seconds later she placed the piece in front of my mouth keeping the panties in there. I struggled in the chair as she did this to me. She then got a highlighter from her desk and used it to poke a hole in the duct tape. Immediately after she put a pacifier in the hole, to add insult to injury, “See how much power these things have” grabbing her tee-shirt where her boobs where.

“You wouldn't be in this position if your little teenage hormones didn’t propel you to hit on me. The best part you have yet to see these babies. Sure I gave you a little head, but I had you fuck yourself with a dildo, your just a pathetic looser. You thought it was funny when you turned me on today in front of the girls, so I’m going to do it to you.

Without warning she took her shirt off, and then her pants. She was wearing a pink thong, and a small matching bra. She then walked over to the door and locked it. “I sent the girls to go buy something for us to play with, which gives me plenty of time to play with you”. She then sat on my diapered lap and began rubbing my face. My eyes widened, she was so sexy and I wanted to just get on top of her, and fuck her like there was no tomorrow.

She then started rubbing her hands on her breasts, bouncing them up in down in that tiny bra with her hands. “don’t you wish you wish you could touch these babies” she said in a sexy tone. I had so many mixed feelings right now. I was humiliated by my outfit, I had to piss, my stomach was cramping. The diaper and chair made my very uncomfortable, and now I was turned on. Either way I could not sit still in that chair, I was no squirming more than ever.

She then put her legs up on the head of the seat, and pulled her self into me. He almost naked body pressed up against me. She was now sitting on my now hard dick. She then wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself up to my ear. “You turned on yet” she whispered into my. I tried to say yes but the panties muffled the noise and caused me to gag so I just nodded my head yes rapidly.

“Let’s check your diaper, if its clean you’ll get a little reward, if its dirty, I’m putting my clothes back on” she said. She got off my lap and She then pulled the diaper back some with her finger, exposing my hard dick. “Looks all clean, I the baby gets a bedtime story” she said with a sexy tone. She then put her arms behind her back, and loosened the pink bra, and seconds later It fell to the ground, it was at that moment I saw the most beautiful thing in my entire life.

Her breasts were perfect, they where big, round, and her nipples were heard. She then came over and sat in my lap once again. Now kissing up my neck to my ear she said “I bet you love this, don’t you” I once again nodded my head. She then pressed her boobs against my face and rubbed them all around, making my cock grow harder.
She then rubbed my face with her hand giving me a intimate smile. She got up off my lap and did a strip tease of taking off her panties. Once they were at her feet she kicked them into my face putting a finger on her lip. “Making you my little bitch jus gets me so horny, but I don’t think you deserve this” now crossing her legs and covering up her breasts. “You don’t even seem to want it, do you want it?” she said.

I started shaking my head up and down faster than ever. My dick was incredibly hard and she was so appealing right now, I wanted this so bad. “Well… ill make a deal with you. Ill continue our little sexy time on two conditions” she said. I was nodding my head up and down and she then walked over and ripped off the tape, and pulled the panties out of my mouth. “Anything I said, ill do anything”

“Well first of all, your going to give me oral, until I cum in your face” she said. “Ok ill do it”! I said now very turned on. “Second, every day to school this week, you will wear these under you clothes” she had walked over to the desk were the adorable panties sat, and she was now holding them up in my face. “Every day for the rest of the week, and when you come over next weekend, they will be washed or you will have consequences”. I was so
turned on I didn’t even think about it, and I agreed to her deal.

She then had that devious smile, and did a sexy walk back to the table where she bent over purposely to put the panties down, exposing all of her nakedness. She then came over to my chair and un-cuffed me, “Lay down on the bed”. I took the command from the beautiful naked cheerleader, while I myself was wearing nothing but sissy baby clothes.

Once I laid down on the bed she crawled up the bed, and up my body. Every part of her beautiful naked body rubbed against mine. She then got into a crouching position and hovered over my face, dropping down to her knees. He pussy pressed against my face, by this point it was already wet. “Drink up baby girl” she said, and I began licking her perfect pussy

The more I did the more she moaned. She was having issues balancing on my face, as she was getting very turned on. She moaned like they do in the Pornos, and started moving her feet. “ Oh God Nicky, are you sure you’ve never been with a girl before” she said with a few moans in between. She then put her feet on the diaper where my hard cock was. She then began to rub my cock with one of her feet. This really turned me on, and I began to get more intense with the oral.

She was now moaning really hard, and her pussy was getting even wetter. She then started playing with my cock with both feet, which made me incredibly turned on. I then tried even harder to get her off, she was moaning louder then ever. “OH FUCK YES, YES, YES,YES, OH FUCKK YESS!!!!” she screamed. “AHH OHH GOD YES, OOH OHH, I’M, I-, I’M GONNA CUM!!!” she screamed. She then squirt that pussy juice all over my face, panting now.

“Nick, your fucking amazing” she said now getting off my face. She then repositioned herself so she was laying on my stomach, and we were in a 69 position. “Just continuously lick and kiss my ass while I get you off. Warn me before you cum, or there.. there will be punishments” she said sounding like she just ran a marathon

I began to kiss her beautiful ass, and she started jacking me off with her hand through the diaper. It felt so good, the cloth of the diaper wrapped around my dick and made for the best hand job ever. I continued kissing on her ass in multiple spots, this made me feel like the boy toy I had become. I started to realize there were benefits to this situation, Lindsey was right.
Finally we got to a point where I said “Oh man, its coming, I’m about to cum”. She then got off of me and walked over to the front of the bed completely naked. She then started playing with it again. She jerked it three times.

“Where going to get as close as we can without you Cumming” she said. She then jerked it 5 more times. “how close are you” she said,” I can take a few more” I said. She then jerked it 6 times, and It began throbbing and my toes started curling.

“Its throbbing, if you jerk it anymore I’m going to cum” I said in a orgasmic voice. She then stopped completely and laid down on the bed beside me prospering her head up with one arm. “Listen, I know you don’t want to use that diaper so ill make a deal with you. If you don’t want to get off, youll spend the rest of the night in some girly pajamas, but you will get to use the toilet. If you choose to let me get you off, you will not only have to sit in your own cum, but you will have to sit in anything else all night long.” She said

I had to think about it for a minute, i really did have to piss, but I thought I could hold it for a while more, and it was already 1:00am. However, I was really turned on and I really wanted to get off. “if you get me off, will you bounce on the diapered dick, and let me feel your breasts while you do it” I asked. She had a horny giggle and said “only if you promise to piss your diaper after words” she said. “Deal” I instantly replied.

She then sat on my hard dick wrapped in the diaper and began bouncing up and down on my dick. Her naked body bouncing was somehow even more attractive, and I reached for her tits. They felt indescribably perfect, and just seconds later, I let out a moan of my own. She got off my dick, as I just started squirting cum into my diaper. She laughed and said “That’ll be fun to sit in all night; now off my bed I don’t want you to piss all over it”

12-04-2013, 05:33 PM
Suddenly that feeling of satisfaction died, and I lost all that excitement I just had, and then it all came to me. I had just made multiple horrible deals, and Claire once again used me for her personal pleasure. I got off her bed and stood there in the middle of the room, Humiliated once again by the the outfit.

“Before you do it, put this in your mouth” handing me a pacifier, “and when your done I want you to say (mommy I made a wee-wee)”
I was completely red in the face I stood there in the room of a cheerleader who was fully naked, and rather than having sex with her, she was controlling me, and about to make me piss my self like a baby girl. “C’mon I don’t got all day” she said. So there I stood, having a mental war with myself over weather or not I should do it. I knew if I did it I would have to have to deal with it all night.

Then I sighed, and began trying to pee my pants, but nothing came out. As I tried to pee, it was like nothing would come out. Seconds later I found the reason why. I felt like I really had to shit all of a sudden. I tried to hold that in and pee, but it was almost as if the shit canceled out my ability to pee. “What the fuck is taking so long, do you want to be punished” said Claire now in an angry voice.

“Its.. its not coming out” I said weakly. “What do you mean its not working, you use your dick every fucking day, baby’s can do this” Claire said now crossing her arms. Even standing there completely naked she was threatening. “Well.. I think I got to shit” I said. Claries face started turning red, and she laughed harder than ever before.

She bent over the front of the bed laughing, which was both humiliating for me and incredibly sexy because she was still naked. “ Your going to shit your diaper too! That’s going to be so nasty, you ate burritos dog food, and then drank a whole pint of prune juice” She said still cracking up. “and the best part is you’ll have to sleep in it” She then burst out laughing again.

"Oh man I cant take this anymore. You got until the girls get back from the store to shit yourself. If you don’t, you will have to take laxatives, and tomorrow morning you’ll put you head in the diaper as punishment. Oh and they should be back any minute now so I would hurry”

I started panicking, I didn't want to put my head in the diaper, that would just be disgusting. So I stood in the middle of her room trying to shit myself, while she started putting her clothes back on. “Oh by the way, if you tell the girls about what we did while they were gone, ill personally handcuff you to the flag poll in the front of the school wearing nothing but your favorite panties, Do you understand” Claire asked very seriously. “Yes ma-am” I said while letting out a grunt, because I was really trying to shit myself.

I started pushing really hard, which made Claire laugh. I was making some pretty weird faces. She then started recording me making awkward faces in this sissy outfit, with my shaved body and painted nails. My stomach made an awful noise, it was incredibly loud and I h ad never heard anything like it. At that instant tons of hot, wet shit just poured out of my ass.

It made a splashing noise as it hit the bottom of the diaper, and it burned my asshole as it came out. Every time a load of it shot out, a loud fart noise came with it. Claire was recording this while laughing her ass off. Finally it all came out and I felt disgusting, to make matters worse the pressure released from the shit caused me to piss myself on top of that.

“Well there you have it I said, I just shit and pissed my diaper” Claire was cracking up laughing about a minute later headlights shined outside, the two girls had come back. Claire ran downstairs and met them at the door, while I just stood there, trying to not move around. “He just fucking shit his diaper guys” squealed Claire. I could hear all the girls laughing from downstairs and then they came up.

The girls came up to Claire’s room and all made horrible faces. “that smells fucking terrible” said Amy. I was embarrassed, but more disgusted then anything. “Go open a window you little shitty pants” said Claire. I opened the window and heard Claire say “Why don’t you show Nicky what you bought for him” Amy then started pulling things out of the bag, It was three different pairs of shoes.

There was a pair of cowgirl boots that had a pink design on them, and jade looking stones. There was then a pair of pink high heels that were sparkly, and had flowers at the toes. Finally the last pair was a pair of ballet shoes. There was also two different pairs of flip flops, a pair of pink stockings, and finally a pink headband. “well have plenty of time to play with this stuff tomorrow” said Lindsey

“EWW I can’t believe he shit himself, it smells awful up here now” said amy. “Yea, your not going to sleep in here tonight, you can sleep in the garage” said Claire. “Hey before we all go to bed, lets take advantage of this opportunity” said Lindsey. “What do you mean by that” said Claire. “Well lets make sure he won’t be taking off that diaper, and lets make him suffer in it before he goes to bed” said Lindsey

I was now worried by this, what did she mean. Lindsey then grabbed the duct tape off the desk, and wrapped it all round the edges of the diaper, over the tape there. “There now he cant get it, and nothing will spill out. Now I want you to sit down in that chair” Claire and amy immediately caught on and started chuckling under there breath.

I slowly approached the chair and sat down. When I did it the shit all squished and squashed in my diaper. It covered any part of my skin that was in the diaper. “now start jumping up and down” said amy. I then got out of the chair and started jumping. Each jump it would splash all over my genitals, and some even started going in my asshole. Suddenly I felt the belt make immediate contact with my ass. “Faster bitch” screamed Claire.

I now began jumping faster and faster. Each jump I felt a little bit more disgusted. After 10 minutes of jumping, sitting, and spanking Claire gave me a pink fuzzy pillow, and a small purple polka-dot blanket. “Now get out of here, your making the whole upstairs stink, well come get you out of the garage in the morning, and if you need to go to the bathroom, you know were to go” all the girls laughed, and I began my decent to the garage.

The I laid on the cold garage floor trying to fall asleep, but as I did the shit all squished up, making it very uncomfortable. The garage floor was very cold on my back, and I just curled up into a ball trying to stay warm. After what felt like an hour Lindsey came into the garage. “Hey diaper boy. Your going to get a horrible rash sitting in your own poop like that you know” said Lindsey. “Yea but I don’t have much of a choice” I said. “yea I know, but I got you something at the store” holding up a bottle of diaper rash cream.

“Aww thanks” I said. “yea tomorrow after they change you it will be in the bathroom cabinet, I want to humiliate you, not put you threw pain” she said. “Well thanks I appreciate it”She started walking out the door and stopped. “By the way, you make a really cute baby” she said giggling as she walked off. “What was that about” I asked myself.

That night I didn’t get much sleep, not only was sitting in my own poop, I was thinking about Lindsey. The more and more I thought about it, she was the nicest of the three. She did have the kinkiest ideas of the group, but she never was a bitch about the whole thing. I started to think she was growing soft on me.
I would just like to thank everyone for the support! All of your comments and Pms motivate me to write chapters! Also, this thread reached over 5000 views already, that’s awesome!

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What would you all think about me coloring the conversations. For example if claire spoke in the story i made whats in the quotes a pink or magenta. While nick would be a blue or green. Just an idea if you all
think that would make it easier to rad.

Alexis Rune
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Don't make it tedious for yourself, it is easily readable IMO. I have enjoyed it greatly so far :)


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Chapter 22
I was rudely awakened the next morning by Claire smearing her nasty foot in my face. “wakey wakey little baby” said Claire in a muffled voice. All of the girls were pinching their noses and I soon realized why. The stench of my feces sitting in my diaper all night was terrible. “Its time to get your diaper changed” said Amy in a baby voice.

Still waking up, the girls led me out through the back door of the garage. The grass was wet on my bare feet and then I woke up a little more and realized my situation. I was standing outside in a dirty diaper, a pink bonnet and a small tee-shirt that said “Daddy’s little girl”. I was now nervous someone would see me, but that soon became worse. “Put your arms on the side of the house, and spread your legs out” said Claire.

I did as she asked, turning around and putting both hands on the wall of her house. Seconds latter I felt something cold at my hip, and then I felt the disgusting diaper fall off my body, revealing my shit covered private parts. I was praying I wouldn’t bee seen this way, and then seconds later i was put into shock

The girls were hosing me down, and the water was so cold. My legs started shivering and I pulled my hands off the wall. “GET BACK INTO POSITION AND STAND STILL” yelled Claire. I put my hands back on the wall and took the freezing water on my backside. It was so cold, and it made all my private parts shrink. Finally the water stopped, and I was commanded to go inside by the girls.

“Dry off with this” said Claire throwing a pink towel at me. “Your clothes are in the bathroom downstairs, get changed and meet us upstairs in five minutes. I opened the bathroom door, and locked it upon entering. On the toilet sat my clothes neatly folded, with the “Adorable” panties on top of them. I took off the stupid bonnet, and the tee shirt, and then put on the panties.

I was about to put on the jeans but then I remembered about what Lindsey said the night before. I opened the cabinet and there it was, A bottle of diaper rash cream. I slid the panties down to my ankles and applied the cream all over the areas were the diaper was. After washing my hands to get the cream off, I pulled up the panties, and put on my clothes.

When I got upstairs the girls were talking about something and got really quiet as I entered the room. They all had smirks on their faces, and I feared they were planning out the day. “Nicky, were going to the mall today, and you’re going to come with us” Said Claire. “oh okay, I don’t have any money though” I said. “You won’t need it, well be buying everything for you” said Claire, then all the girls laughed, which made my feel a bit worried.

We all climbed into Clarie’s car and once again me and Lindsey sat in the back set. Lindsey was wearing a white frilly dress with cowgirl boots, and had her hair curled up, she was incredibly attractive today. The girls were all singing to the songs on the radio and I just sat there in silence. Moments later I felt Lindsey prop her boots on my lap. “take em off” she said to me.
I slid off her boots revealing her black painted toenails on her small feet. “I didn’t have time to shower yesterday, or this morning. Would you mind licking my feet clean, they’re really gross from walking around outside barefoot, and in the garage, and these boots just make them so sweaty” She was now wiggling her toes in my face to taunt me. The bottom of her foot was covered in that black filth that accumulates on the bottom of peoples feet, and they looked disgusting.

I hesitated for a moment, “Well what are you waiting for, get to it little boy” she said now wiggling her toes in my face. I then stuck out my tongue and began licking the bottom of her foot. The taste was terrible, as well as the smell, and as I continued to lick her feet clean, black drops of saliva would roll down them. This was one of the most disgusting things I had ever done, but some how I didn’t mind it, because of how attractive she was.

“Don’t leave out the piggy’s, start sucking on them” she said ,shoving her foot into my mouth. “C’mon get it in there” said Lindsey. I began sucking on the top part of her foot. All of the girls were amused by this in the car. “Why does Lindsey always get to sit in the back, I want an oral pedicure” said Amy. “A better question is why is he wearing clothes while where in the car” said Claire.

“Yea seriously, lets so those pink panties” said Amy. I just continued sucking on the top of Lindsey’s foot. She then pulled her foot away from me “I know how much you like being my little foot slave, so you can have these back, after you strip down to those panties, and that’s not an option” said Lindsey.
Realizing I had no option, I began stripping my clothes in her car.

Once I had gotten down to just the “Adorable” panties I felt very exposed. I looked out the windows and could see plenty of cars on the road, which of course I would, it was Saturday morning.”Aww she looks so adorable” said Amy, all the girls laughed at this, and then as my face was already turning red Lindsey shoved her other foot into my mouth.

Amy pulled out her phone and was recording me cleaning Lindsey’s feet with mouth, in the back seat of Claire’s car, wearing nothing but women’s underwear. Once again these girls had found a way to both humiliate, and disgust me. Claire then pulled her feet back and looked at the bottoms of them. “you missed a spot right here”, pointing to the heel of her foot. She then put it back up to my face and commanded I suck on that.

I began sucking on the heel of her foot. At this point I had been licking and sucking her feet for at least 20 minutes in the back seat of the car. Finally we pulled into the mall parking lot. There was hundreds of cars and many people walking in the parking lot. I began to sink down a bit in my seat trying to hide my almost naked body, while still cleaning Lindsey's feet with my tongue.

Finally Claire pulled her feet away and commanded me to put on her boots. I slid the boot on her foot, and pulled it up her leg. As I finished putting on her boots for her we pulled into a parking spot. The girls had gotten out of the car and I was looking for my clothes. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I became frantic where were they. Just then I heard tapping on the windshield.

I looked out the front of the car and saw Claire holding my clothes in her hand. She then dropped them on the ground a few feet in front of the car. She then walked over to the car and opened up the door. “meet us in the food court in 10 minutes, or you will be punished. She and the other girls then walked off leaving my clothes in them middle of the parking lot, leaving me there in those tiny pink panties.

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Chapter 23

I then climbed to the front seat of the car and began looking around. There were no cars coming but there were people walking all around. I waited ten minutes and people were still walking all around. My legs trembled as I realized it would have to be seen by some people, Who knew how awful the punishment would be.

I then opened the door, and crawled out of the car. I was now crouching in-between our car and the SUV next to us. I peered my head out into the middle of the parking lot, and saw 4 high school guys walking towards me. I then moved under the car, and waited till they had passed. They however stopped in front of the car. “dude someone left there clothes here in the middle of the parking lot”. Said one of the guys. “Dude… you should totally throw them in that trash can” said another. “yea ok” he replied.

Then my clothes were picked up by the guys, and I watched them approach the trash can. It was a feet diagonal from Claire’s car. I watched as they threw my clothes in the trash can. “great, now I have to pull my clothes out of a mall trash can, wearing nothing but girly panties. When the coast was clear, I got out from under the car, and ran towards the trash can. I then pulled out my clothes, but as I was doing this, a car stopped in the middle of the parking lot.

I could feel them staring at me and I slowly turned my head. In the car a woman in her 30;s was driving, and she had a daughter that looked like a freshman in the passenger seat. They were both looking at me with there lips quivered, and they began laughing as I turned red in the face. “Does your mom know you got into her clothes this morning” said the woman. Both of the girls laughed, and I just began putting on my clothes.

I quickly ran away from the woman and her daughter and made my way into the food court. I found the girls and Claire had her arms crossed. “your 6 minutes late” said Amy. Then my heart fell to my stomach. “I’m sorry, but someone took my clothes, and threw them in the trash can” the girls laughed at this, “Well that doesn’t get you out of your punishment” said Lindsey. “Well what’s my punishment” I asked.

“Well, the plan was we would all sit down and have a nice lunch together. Now you had to come along and delay it, so to get our time back, you will sit in that both, will sit on the outside of the both to eat your meal, all by yourself” said Claire. “oh ok” I said “And once you sit down, you will give us your jeans, you can have them back once you finish you food” said Claire.

I was horrified. There were so many people around. Someone was bound to see my panties. Claire then sat down with me at the both. “Lindsey is going to get your food. Once she puts the tray on the table, the jeans come off. You do know what will happen if you don’t?” said Claire. I then remembered all of the videos and pictures they had on me, “yes ma-am” I said.

Lindsey had brought me a burger, and a large fry. She then sat it down on my table and held her hand out, waiting for the jeans. I then slowly took them off, and handed them to her. “Once your done, just come get your jeans, well be over there. She then pointed to the both where Claire and Amy where sitting. It of coarse was on the opposite side of the food court.

There were at least 60 people in the food court at the time, and I was very nervous. Luckily there wasn’t anyone near where I was sitting. My legs where shaking, they were cold, and I was incredibly nervous. I began eating my burger as fast as I could, taking very huge bites. Halfway through my burger, two attractive girls sat at a table, a couple feet diagonally away from my both.

All they had to do to see my panties was just turn there heads. I finally finished my burger, and began eating the fries. I keep looking back at them to make sure they were looking at me. They were both occupied by there phones and food. Halfway through my fries, one of the girls looked back at me and then looked away. Seconds later she darted her head back at me, and was directly looking at my lower body.

She could see me, a junior in high school with perfectly shaved legs, tennis shoes, and a pair of pink panties. She then started dying of laughter and told her friend to look over at me. She then partially stood up, being complete obvious and stared right at me. I was blushing very hard, and began eating my fries faster, pretending I didn’t notice them

They started whispering, and then picked up there tray and headed my direction. “Hey do you mind if we sit here” said the blonde girl. I was completely humiliated, but just said “sure” The two girls sat at the opposite side of the booth and I continued eating my fries. “No wonder there’s so many obese people in our country, this is a shit load of fries” I thought to myself.

“So um.. what’s up” I said to the girls. They both started laughing to each other “Not much” said the brunette girl, “Just on our lunch break” said the blonde girl. :”oh that’s cool, So uhh what made you want to come over here” I said. The girls were having issues controlling themselves “oh you know, you just look really cute” said the brunette. Both girls busted out laughing, and I started blushing.

“So um.. did you forget your pants” said the blonde girl finally. Both girls were bent over the table laughing, and I was incredibly humiliated. “Well you see, I lost a bet to some girls, and now they get to humiliate me at the mall today” I said. “O-M-G, That is priceless” said the blonde girl. “Yea, I have to sit here like this and finish my food, once I’m done, I can get my pants back” I said
Both girls were loving this, “Oh my God, that is just so great.. like wow…” said the brunette girl. “how did you even make a bet like this “said the blonde girl. They were prolonging my torture of being there without pants. “oh well I was talking crap about a football team, and long story short, my team lost, and now im sitting here in these panties” I said.

The girls were dying at this point, “They’re so adorable” said the blonde girl. That word shot through my like a bullet, she hadn’t even seen the back side of them, and yet she said that awful word. It was as if she knew, and she was taunting me. “Do you think you could give us a look of them?” said the brunette. “I would really prefer not to” I said. “Aww c’mon please” said the blonde girl. “you can see them when I have to get up” I said. Both girls were giggling. “Yay!” they both said.

Finally I finished my fries, “well its time to get my pants I said”. The two girls were getting red in there faces, this excited them, and they were embarrassed for me. There were at least 50 different people who would see me as I walked across the food court. “Do you mind taking my tray” I asked the girls, because I didn’t want to make an extra trip to the trash can, incase the girls made me stay in the panties.

“Yea sure, ill do it, if I can smack your butt on the way out” said the blonde girl. “Fine” I said completely embarrassed. I then stood up at the end of the food court, without any pants, and walked over to the blonde girl. They were both laughing very hard, and I was getting completely humiliated just standing there waiting for the smack. “Well hurry up” I said. “Ok bend over” said the blonde girl.

Both girls were laughing as I bent over slightly, she then smacked my ass, it wasn’t very hard which didn’t bother me. What did bother me was the 10 people completely staring at me while she did it. I then began to speed walk across the food court to the both where they sat. Claire Amy and Lindsey were all laughing. Everyone in the food court had turned there heads and watched me make it across.

This was the most humiliating moment in my life. I then sat down at there both and begged for my pants. “Next time be on time” said Claire, as she tossed my jeans onto the table. I quickly grabbed them and slid them on over my shoes. There was still at least 12 people watching me as I did this. Once they were on I asked Claire if I could go to the bathroom. She gave me permission and I quickly walked in.

I then sat in the stall for about 10 minutes just cooling down, trying to feel safe. Then I got a text message from Claire. “hey c’mon out, its time to go shopping : - )” I then got out of the stall and looked in the mirror. My cheeks were still red. I took a deep breath and went outside.

“ Ok so we will be leaving the mall at 4:30 because we have some other fun stuff planned. While we are in here, if you wish to use the bathroom it will be the girls bathroom. Any store we go in to, you will try on what ever we want in the dressing rooms. Finally, we will give you the money to buy these things, but you have to purchase it at the cash register” said Claire

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You HAVE to continue this. This is great! :D

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Yes please do :)

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Chapter 24

It was bout 2:00 now which meant they only had had 2 and a half hours to publicly humiliate me. We walked around and for about 5 minutes until we found a “Loft”, as we entered I was overwhelmed with a smell of feminization. There was nothing but skirts, dresses, and all sorts of feminine clothes. All the girls got excited and started at looking at stuff, and I just tried to stay unnoticed, hoping they would forget I was there.

To my demise Lindsey came running towards me with an orange skirt, and a white tank tank-top. “Oh my gosh this so cute! Try it on quick” she said in a much exited tone. She shoved the outfit into my hands, and grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to the back of the store where the changing rooms were located.

“Ill be waiting out her when your all done” said Lindsey, who was fluttering her eyelashes and giving me that very familiar evil grin. I walked into the dressing room and shut the door behind me. I took a deep staring at myself in the mirror, looking at what I had become. I then threw my fears to the side, and slid off my pants, revealing those dreaded panties. Then came off the shirt, and as I looked at myself in the mirror I felt disgraceful

I then slid up the orange skirt, and slid on the tank top, still wearing my sneakers. I then slowly opened the door to see all three girls standing there, holding more outfits in there hands. They all had those exited girly expressions on their faces, and that look of power in there eyes. I stood there completely humiliated, as a couple people in the store were staring at me, and the girls of coarse were taking pictures.

Amy then held up her outfit for me to try on. It was a bright red dress, with a red flower made of cloth, stitched to the bottom left of the dress. I then went back into the dressing room and did the exact same thing. As I undressed and redressed, I felt more shame and humiliation. This time when I exited the dressing room, the store clerk was waiting for me outside with the girls

“Oh my gosh, he really did loose a bet” said the brunette store clerk. “Yup now he has to try on anything we want, and then we get to pick out an outfit for him to buy” said Claire. “Wow, well he was so confident about winning, you need to teach him a lesson, wait here” said the store clerk as she went to the back of the store.

“Yea you made a bet with me about who would get a better SAT score, that’s the story were going with today” said Claire. “While you wait for the cashier to get back, try this on” said Lindsey, now handing me a black dress, with very skinny shoulder straps. While putting it on I could here the girls laughing outside historically, and I was starting to worry.

When I opened the door, my heart sank and butterflies in my stomach were throwing a block party. The store clerk was holding the most girly thing in the world. It wasn’t just the cherry on top, it was the whole Sunday. In her hands she was holding a pink ballerina tutu with matching stockings. There I stood absolutely humiliated in this black dress, staring my fate in the eye

“Why do you have that” asked Lindsey who was having troubles talking without laughing. “Well before they turned this into a clothing store it used to be a dance studio, and while cleaning up the back one day I stumbled upon this. We don’t have any need for it, so if you really want to teach this boy a lesson about betting with girls, it’s all yours” said the store clerk

All the girls looked at me with evil smiles, I knew what was about to happen.
“We know you really like that dress, but you got to take it off. You got to try on your new dance clothes” said Claire. All the girls, including the store clerk laughed. I was just very thankful there wasn’t anyone else in the store, except for some older woman.

The clerk handed me the tutu and the stockings by the hanger, “This will teach ya” she said. I then entered the dressing room, redder in the face than ever. I slid off the dress, to reveal those pink panties. “ Put the dress on the door once you take it off” said Claire. As I was putting the dress on the door, Claire pulled it open leaving me there standing in nothing but my panties.

The store clerk bent over laughing, and I was just completely humiliated. I had no words I could say, I just kept quiet. The left the door wide open as I started putting on the stockings. “hurry up” said Amy, “Don’t make me come in there” added Claire. “You should know how to put on women’s clothes by now” said Lindsey.

There comments only made it worse, and they laughed as I struggled to get the tight outfit on. I finally pulled up the light pink stockings, over the panties. Then I put one foot into the tutu followed by the other. After that I began to slide the tutu up my body, and put my arms through the straps. I tried to zip up the back but struggled.

The four girls were just standing there laughing. Finally Lindsey stopped me and zipped up the tutu, and I came out of the dressing room. Now there were a few women who looked like they were in college, inside the store. They were all looking right at me, and tying to cover up some laughs. I was more humiliated now, than at lunch.

“Aww she’s so adorable” said Amy. “So we can really keep this tutu?” asked Claire. “Yea totally, it looks so great on him, how could I not give it to you guys” said the store clerk, all the girls erupted in laughter at this, along with some of the other people in the store. “once you pay for this stuff you can put your clothes back on” said Claire, handing me some yoga pants, the red dress, and orange skirt.

I went to the front of the store were the front desk was. It was right next to the big window, so anyone passing through the mall could see me in my tutu. This made my very anxious, and the store clerk was enjoying my humiliation. “oops, I accidently rang these up wrong, let me go get my manager”. I stood there at the front of the store while at least 50 people walked by waiting for the manager to arrive.

The clerk whispered into the manager’s ear, upon her seeing me, and the two of them shared a laugh. The whole time this went down Claire, Lindsey, and Amy, were laughing at the back of the store. Finally everything was fixed, and I paid with the hundred dollar bill Claire had given me. “You have a good day now, and good luck at your recital” said the manager.

I walked towards the dressing rooms to change into my clothes, but was stopped by Claire. “ah-ah-ah, you already paid for you clothes, you shouldn’t use the dressing rooms again, you can just change in the men’s room. I wont make you change in the girls bathroom, that’s probably sexual harassment or something. You know how sensitive people are, seeing as you’re a petite little ballerina”

My heart sunk into the bottom of my chest. The bathroom, was 5 stores down the main pathway of the mall, and it was going to be very crowded, it was only 2:30 on a Saturday. Claire then handed me my clothes and grabbed my arm pulling me out of the store. I put my clothes in the “Loft” bag, so I wouldn’t accidently drop them.

Claire dragged me out of the store, and towards the bathroom. The other two girls followed, as at least a hundred different people walked passed me either laughing, or giving me a strange look. Finally I made it to the bathroom, and bolted in. There were 3 big redneck dudes in the bathroom, and their eyes instantly locked on me.

“Dayum, dang ole best boyfriend in the world man, not only taykin his lady to the mall, but weyrrn her clothes for her, so they don gey cold” said one of them “Man talk about dangold whipped man” said another. They were all laughing on the top of their lungs. “mayn dis dude, lost one hell of a bet, I don’t want to be in his shoes, or his outfit”. The three of them shared a hard obnoxious laugh at my extent and I quickly entered a stall.

I changed out of that awful thing and into my jeans and tee-shirt, grabbed the bag, and got out of there before they could say another word. The girls were all waiting for me outside and were eager to take me to the next destination. It surprised me how it wasn’t even thanksgiving but the malls Christmas decorations were already up. They had trees, garland, lights, and snowflakes everywhere.

We ended up at some weird store in the mall, it was some wig shop. The store had dozens of manikin heads on shelves, each harnessing a different wig.“Ok Nicky, you need a wig, your hair is to manly, we got to make you more feminine when we have fun with you. Well pick it out for you, you just wait here” said Claire. After about 20 minutes Claire finally came back with a blonde wig infused with curls and put it on my head.

“Yep this will do” she said handing me two hundred dollar bills. “Pay for it, and meet us out by the fountain. When I handed the clerk the money and the wig she asked me “playing some dress up are we” she said trying to make a joke. “haha… yea, sorta” I said awkwardly. As soon as she gave me my change and receipt I was out of there, that clerk was just weird.

“Ok we got one more store, then we’ll get some food, and hit the road. We walked through the Christmas decorated mall, and finally made it to the store I feared I would have to venture into at one point. There that awful sign stood above my head as we entered, “Victoria Secret” all the girls had evil smiles and I was in fear. My fear instantly worsened as I saw the two girls running the shop, they were the girls who sat with me at lunch today.

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How are you so good at this? I'd love to write stories but I'm not very original. I tried once and ended up copying someone else's inadvertently.

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I'm loving this story, this next part should be good.

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Chapter 25
The girls almost instantly looked at me and had huge looks of excitement on there faces. “Well hey there valued customer” said the blonde girl, as the two of them walked over to me. Then it all came clear to me after that, they were friends with Claire. They started whispering about my near future, and I became very nervous.

“So you’re looking for something sexy for your man” said the blonde girl. “yea. I guess” I said weakly. “Well we have all sorts of stuff for you!” said the brunette. “Make him try on anything you want, we still got another hour and half before we got to go” said Claire. The two store clerks then dragged me over to a bunch of different bras.

“This one should match those adorable little panties your wearing” said the brunette girl holding up a pink lace bra.”Just get changed back there in the changing room, if you need a fitting we will help you” said the blonde girl. I took the bra from her and went to the dressing room. All five girls followed me and waited outside the door as a shut it.

On the way there I scanned the store, and there was only 2 girls, they seemed to be high school age, but they weren’t familiar, so I did not bother worrying too much. In the dressing room I took off my tee-shirt and hooked the bra into place. I stepped outside with nothing but my shoes, jeans, and a pink laced bra.

The girls had small chuckled but the blonde girl was not satisfied “Um, how do we know if it matches those panties, take off your jeans so we can tell”. A cold fear shot threw my body, as I would literally be stripping in the middle of a mall store, into women’s underwear. There were only 2 other people in the store, and the five girls kind of blocked there vision, so I complied to my orders.

There I was in the middle of the mall sliding my jeans as they dropped to my ankles, I slowly kicked the first leg off, and then the other, leaving me semi naked with only women’s underwear. I was completely humiliated and the five girls loved every second. Lindsey came up from behind me and pulled the bra string back, and let go, making it snap hard against my back.

The girls were all having a good time, having me turn around, and bend over. “He needs to try on some swim suits now!” said the brunette girl. After she said that the other two customers in the store looked over and saw me, and couldn’t control there laughter, but thankfully continued shopping.

The two store clerks came back with a bikini in both of there hands. The first one was a white string bikini, and hardly covered anything. When I tried it on in the dressing room and came out, the girls were appalled, the crotch area looked like a mess. “Yea that’s a little too small” said the blonde girl

“Here try this one on” said the brunette girl handing me a black bikini with a floral print on it. I went in the changing room and tried that on. This was a really feminine outfit, but it wasn’t as bad as that tutu. Thinking about that and how the girls would use that in the future brought a shiver down my spine. Once the bikini was on I walked out of the changing room almost instantly not thinking about who was in the store.

As soon as I walked out I saw a group of 3 girls, and a boyfriend with her girlfriend in the middle of the store. They didn’t see me at first, but then Lindsey and Amy moved out of the way so the rest of the store could see me.

After about 15 seconds the boyfriend was completely staring at me, and tapped his hand on his girlfriends shoulder, holding back a chuckle.
She looked up and saw me red in the face, dressed like I was, and they both started laughing. Everyone who was in the store was laughing at me, but at least it wasn’t anyone I knew. Finally Claire came back to the dressing room, holding something worse than the tutu.

It was a lingire set. It was a one piece short white, partially transparent, dress with thin straps. At the bottom there was a white fur skirt, and the top bra part was white fur. There were two hooks at the bottom which attached the white laced stockings. The sight of it made me blush and all the girls crack up laughing.

I walked back inside and took of the bikini and began putting on the outfit. I had issues with it, and cracked the door open, and asked Claire to help me. All the girls laughed at the fact that I couldn’t put it on, but Claire came in. She was very demanding inside the dressing room, and vigorously helped me put it on.

Once it was on I looked in the mirror and wanted to cry, I looked like a slutty bunny. I wasn’t the only one who wanted to cry however. Once I put it on Claire laughed to the point of tears, I looked so ridiculous, it was incredibly humiliating. I looked through the door of the dressing room, and my heart sank. Three girls in my first period class had just walked into the store.

“Claire, I cant go out there!” I said. “Well why ever not, you look so sexy” she said in a mocking tone. “Three girls just walked in and there in my first period class” I said panicking. “Well go and say hi” she said starting to open the door. I then closed the door not allowing anyone to see me. “If they see me, then the gig is up, you have nothing over me, they will tell everyone about this and your pictures wont matter at that point, and all this stops” I threatened.

Claire seemed a bit petered, I turned the tables for once, she had to listen to me. “Fine, but you will be punished for breaking one of the mall rules. You can wait here till they leave, ill give you a coasts clear, but then you will pay your debt”. She said leaving the dressing room. I was a bit worried about this. “Take all that off, and put on your panties, and the tutu” said Claire sliding the bag under the door.

I got into that horrible tutu, and peered threw the crack in the door. The girls were paying for there underwear. Claire then slid a Victoria Secret bag under the door, it had all the stuff I had tried on here. “We paid for this stuff for you, so your going to use it. Put that bra on under the tutu, and then put on the wig, its in the first bag” I slid the top of the tutu down, and put the bra on, and then the wig. When I looked in the mirror I did not see a boy.

I Was wearing pink stockings, a pink tutu, a wig, my whole body was perfectly shaved, and my nails where painted. I actually looked like a girl, I no longer looked like myself. “Ok those girls left, c’mon out” said Claire. When I came out the two store clerks laughed, “He doesn’t look like a boy, he could honestly pass as a girl, or at least a transie” said the blonde girl. “Wow, I mean he doesn’t look like nick, he looks like Nicky for real now!” said Amy.

They had finally done it, they turned me into a girl, I couldn’t even be recognized by my male self. “Now, let’s discuss punishment. As punishment for us having to pay for the items, and you hiding in the dressing room, rather than showing us, were going to get into the holiday spirit a little bit. We want you, to take a picture dressed like this, with Santa”

My heart turned to ice, and fell through my body, they not only wanted me to walk into the mall like this, but they wanted me to draw attention to myself by sitting on some fat duded lap! “Don’t worry too much, you actually look like a girl” said Lindsey. “Here this will help a little” said Amy who began putting pink lipstick on me.

Claire and Lindsey followed her, with mascara, and facial products they had in there purse. The Victoria Secret store clerks laughed with the girls, and once my unwanted makeover was complete they took me to a mirror on the far wall of the store. It was official, I looked like a girl, you couldn’t tell the difference.

“Once you sit on his lap, you got to say you want a pony for Christmas, and a new Barbie doll, then we will take your photo and go home” said Claire, this made me really nervous. We walked out of the store and the girls waved to there Victoria Secret friends, and we approached the mall Santa.

A few people gave me looks, but no one laughed. They just though I was a girl with an interesting wardrobe. The wig and makeup were like camo, and I became less embarrassed. We finally made it to the Santa, and there about a ten minute line. I was behind a woman and her kid, and the woman turned around and started a conversation.

“Oh wow what a lovely tutu, what dance school do you go to?” she asked. I was completely nervous by the question, and I could see the girls laughing from the other side of the enclosure where set up his station. “Oh um, I go to la-petite” I said in the most high pitched girly voice I could.

“oh I’ve never heard of that, where is it” the woman said. “oh um, its like 45 minutes away from here, it’s a hole in the wall that my uncle owns” I said in that same girly voice. Somehow she was buying this, she thought I was a girl. “Oh I gotcha, those are the best places, I went to Bella’s studio of dance, for 10 years, we did all sorts of ballets. Oh what fun it used to be”

Finally her kid was up to get her picture with Santa, and she said “well it was good talking to you umm” “Nicky” I chimed in. “Oh Nicky, what a lovely name” she said and her and her kid approached the Santa. Once they left it was my turn, and I was highly nervous. The mall santa waved his hand motioning for me to come up, “don’t be shy little girl” he said.

I slowly walked up, and sat down on his lap. “Ohh you’re a big girl” which made me blush. “So what would you like for Christmas this year” he said putting a microphone up to my head. “uhmmm a pony, and a new Barbie doll” I said. “oh-ho-ho-ho well ole Santa clause will see what he can do, you just be a good little girl now” he said putting his arm on my back.

I quickly got off his lap, and went over to the girls. They asked about what the woman said, and had a good laugh. “You make a convincing girl, and that voice was perfect” said Lindsey. “Hey check it out” said Claire holding up the picture of me on Santa’s lap on her phone. “That’s really adorable, but its time to get out of here” said Amy

12-11-2013, 08:31 PM
I just wanted to thank everyone for the PMs, the feedback, and all your excellent comments! You guys are what motivate me to write this story! All support is greatly appreciated! Once again if you have anything you want to see happen in the story, please pm me! I love suggestions!

12-11-2013, 08:55 PM
You really deserve it. This is the best story I have ever read (seriously).
Par of me wants to see "Nicky" get ultimate revenge but the other part of me wants to see him become their permanent slave.
Don't let this influence you though, you are doing just fine as it is.

Demon Thief
12-11-2013, 09:00 PM
I'd like them to take it as far as they can, but maybe you could do a sequel where he gets his revenge.

Great update by the way. :D

12-11-2013, 09:13 PM
That would be great

Ice Shadow
12-12-2013, 05:36 AM
Hey guys ive been messaging him alot and hes used alot of my ideas, something i broigjt up to him as a sequal. But they are in college

12-12-2013, 01:51 PM
Hey guys ive been messaging him alot and hes used alot of my ideas, something i broigjt up to him as a sequal. But they are in college

Perhaps they unexpectedly end up at the same college? Then they take advantage of all the pics they got before.

12-12-2013, 08:19 PM
Hey everyone. Thanks again for all the feedback. I am unable to write a chapter again tonight. I have been busy lately:/ However tommorow to make up for it, i will release a couple chapters! There is alot of talk about how the story is going to play out, and talk about sequels. I just wanted to confirm, there will be a sequel and it will be based at college. Ive decided to post the answers to two of the main questions below.
The first one: Will nick get revenge?
The second:Where thill be a sequel, and how will it work?

Nick will get his revenge at the end of this story.

The sequel will begin in college when claire and amy end up at the same college with nick. They have been ploting there revenge on nick for a while so this story will be much more intense, and will kick off quicker. With that being said, I dont know how long it will be.They will regain control of him through his sister, and sorority hazing.

Alexis Rune
12-13-2013, 08:48 AM
Man, I LOVE your plans. Great work, your stories are amazing to read.:D
I credited this amongst my favorite stories in my sissyalexis tumblr blog post today!


12-13-2013, 10:30 PM
Chapter 26

Once we made it back to Claire’s house it was about 6:00, “Hey Claire, sorry be me and Amy have to go” said Lindsey. “Yea no problem, I understand” Claire replied. “Well don’t let nick off easy, make sure you put him through a little more tonight before you send him on his way” said Amy. “Oh don’t worry

I got a fun night ahead for him” said Claire now looking at me with an evil grin.
The two girls got into Lindsey’s car, and they drove off. “Get the bags and meet me in my room bitch” said Claire immediately in a harsh tone. I grabbed the bags of mall clothes, and remembered the horrible things in there, and more specifically that awful tutu. That was the most humiliating thing to wear, it made the “Adorable” panties looks better.

When I had gotten upstairs Claire had stripped down into a black thong, and bra, with long black boots. She was laid out on her bed with her legs partially spread. “Get into your Lingrie right now” she said as she started rubbing her fingers on the crotch of thong. I then stripped down into the “Adorable” panties, and searched through the bag for the lingerie outfit.

Once I had found it u pulled up the white stockings first. Then I pulled the
short dress over top my head, and put my arms through the straps. Once it was on I hooked the stockings to the bottom of the dress completing my lingerie outfit. I felt so feminine, but I felt like it was about to be worth it, looking at the almost naked girl pleasuring herself right infrotn of me.

“Alright Claire it’s on” I said. “Good, now get that skinny white ass over here” she said. I came over to the side of the bed where she was and she instructed me to bend over. As I bent over she lifted up the dress portion of the lingerie, and smacked me on the ass. “I just love those fucking panties on you” she said in a sexy tone.

“Nicky-boy, I’m really tired from walking around the mall all day, and don’t want to get up and take a shower. I guess that means you just have to lick me clean like a cat” she said. This was a gross thought at first, but quickly turned incredibly sexy. “Start with my feet” she said raising up one of her boots in the air, still touching her panties.

I then walked to the end of the bed and slid off her boot, revealing her black toenails. Once her foot was freed from the boot, she started moving her toes as if to taunt me. I was incredibly turned on, not only was she sexy, but this kind of dominance was sexy. “This was much better than having to walk around public places in women’s clothing” I thought to myself

I then did the same with her other boot, and got down on both of my knees. I pulled my tongue out and began covering her entire foot. Up and down, side to side, I spent at least 5 minutes liking the first one. “You must really like my feet” she said followed by a giggle. “The other one is getting jealous Nicky, give her love too” now shoving her other foot into my face.

She had an ankle bracelet on this foot, which I slid off and began the process. The whole time I cleaned her feet wearing nothing but lingerie, Claire was slowly rubbing her panties up and down. “That’s enough, now the legs” I then straightened my back, still on my knees, and ran my tongue from the top of her ankle, all the way to her tan line.

Once I had reached her tan line she let out a soft giggle, once again I was able to turn her on, this time however her friends were not around. I Continued doing this all around her leg for about 10 mnutes, when she commanded me to do the other. After liking both of her legs clean she raised up her arm and said “Now lick my stinky arm pits” putting her finger on her lip.

The thought of this was sickening, but I slowly stood up, and bent toward her armpits. I stuck my tounge out and pressed it up against her armpit. I then licked her armpit. It had a rough texture from being shaved, and was partially damp. The taste was terrible, but somehow Claire liked this. Finally after cleaning both of her arm pits Claire turned onto her back and said “Now clean my ass, ass slave”

This was a much better job, and then I started to pull back her thong with my hand and she stopped me. “Ah-Ah-Ah, with your teeth” she said. I then pulled my hand away from the thong and bent in. I pulled it back by the string with my teeth revealing her perfectly shaped ass. She then lifted her and up and smacked herself on the ass “Make it nice and shiny clean, ass boy” she said

I then began licking her entire ass. I started from the outer part of the cheeks, and just dragged my tounge in a circular motion. I licked her ass for at least 20 minutes until she got off her stomach and sat down Indian style on her bed. She then grabbed the strap connecting my dress to my stockings and pulled it back. “Now you get to lick my pussy” in a soft voice.

She then scooted to the edge of the bed, and laid back, spreading her legs out wide. I then got down on my knees in front of her and began eating out her pussy. It was already wet from her playing with herself all that time and I was just adding to it. The more I went on the less still she became. She started to make noises, and couldn’t no longer sit still

Her toes began curling, and she put her hand on the back of my head, and started pushing it into her, as if she wanted more. As I intensified my motions, her orgasm intensified. She began to moan, and she could no longer just lay there. She was now sitting, almost standing at the end of her bed moaning by my oral work. “Aww fuck yea Nicky, you get in there” she moaned.

At one point she was moaning almost constantly, and suddenly without warning she shot pussy juice all in my face, it was so nasty and I felt like complete garbage. From all the porn I watched, it was the girls that would take the load to the face, and guys would give it to them. However she completely turned the tables, it was me on my knees taking the load, that she gave me.

“Oh yea Nicky… your so damn good at that” said Claire, who now fell back on to her bed. “ I bet you were expecting me to return the favor weren’t you” she said in a mischievous voice. “Well I wont give you anything, however I want you to masturbate right there in that chair, and just jizz into the carpet” she said

This was an unusually task I thought to myself, but I sat down in the chair and lifted up my lingerie dress and pulled down my panties. I then started stroking my incredibly hard cock. “Yea that’s right, I want to watch” said Claire. “C’mon faster than that” she said. I then increased the speed at which I stroke upon her request.

“Look at you, you’re in women’s lingerie, pleasuring yourself to cum all over your face, You’re a disgrace.” She said. I just continued to stroke my cock and tried to not get too offended by those words. “Look at you, your getting so aroused, you must really like being my little bitch, don’t you.” She said. I just continued to stroke “Don’t you like being my little bitch I said” said Claire.

“Yes ma-am” I said weekly, “Yes ma-am what?” she quickly replied. “Yes ma-am, I like being your little bitch” I said. “That’s right, because your pathetic, that’s why you’re playing with yourself in women’s lingerie”. Claire laughed at my humiliation and said “You have until I get my pajamas on to cum, otherwise you wont be allowed to tonight” she said walking over to her dresser.

I then began stroking really fast. I was getting really aroused now, and finally it came out in multiple shots, and just shut all over her carpet. I then leant back into the chair and let out an “Aww yea”. “I hope you enjoyed it, now clean it up, and I don’t want to waste any paper towels so just lick it up. You like cum anyways, so it shouldn’t be a problem”

My heart sank, she wanted me to get on my knees and lick up my own cum out her carpet wearing lingerie! That was the ultimate disrespect to myself, and just completely disgusting. “You have five minutes to have it all cleaned up, or ill make you drink out of the toilet, at school” she said sternly. Realizing the punishment would be worse I gulped, and got on my hands and knees.

I started to lick and suck all of the cum up out of the carpet. It was the nastiest taste in the world. And I felt so low after doing that. This was the worst thing she had done to me. I would rather walk through the whole mall wearing that tutu then repeat that. After licking up all of the cum I wanted to puke. “Ok now I want you to tidy up the house until 10:00 wearing that cute outfit you got on. Then you will come back upstairs, and get in your tutu, and then you can go home.

I began cleaning up her downstairs wearing just the lingerie as I was instructed, and after a while 10:00 rolled around. I headed up stairs to find
Claire laying in her bed watching tv. “hey its 10:00” I said. “well get changed” she said, acting like I was stupid for saying so. I then took off the lingerie and put on the tutu. “Put on the matching pink stocking too” she said.

Once I had it all on she laughed a little “aww you look soo adorable”. I was red in the face, and just wanted to go home. “Well you can go home now, take your wallet, phone, and all that stuff and leave your clothes here. I won’t see you again until Monday, but remember you have to wear those panties every day this week”

“Yes ma-am I said, grabbing my wallet, phone, and keys out of my jean pockets. I then walked downstairs and put on my shoes. It felt weird not wearing socks, rather ballerina stockings. I opened the door and made sure no one was outside. When I was sure the coast was clear I closed the door behind me and ran to my car. Once inside my car I quickly closed the door, and locked it.
I'm sorry, i know i promised multiple updates, but alot of unecisary drama transpired today, so i only had time to write the one, I will make it up to you all soon! If anyone pms me i will tell you spoiler about the next chapter if you want it!

Also, my description of the lingerie might not give a good image, so here is what I had in mind. ( It is not my photo it is directly off Victoria Secret)3969

12-14-2013, 12:54 PM
your description was pretty good. the lingerie set i had in my mind nearly matched your picture

12-14-2013, 09:03 PM
Chapter 27:
After putting the key in the ignition noticed something odd about the setting. I looked over at the radio to see a piece of loose leaf paper taped to it. Completely confused I reached for the paper and pulled it off my radio. I then turned on the light in the car and read the following;

“Dear Nicky,
Me and Amy thought your car looked sweet, so we took it out to feel that mustang power. That’s right, girls can drive stick too. Anyways, it’s a good thing you get to wear your clothes back home because we used up most of your gas, but we left some money in the glove box to compensate. Anyways, sweet car and thanks for the joy ride.

My heart started pounding as I slowly turned my head to the gas gauge. The needle was on E, and I knew I couldn’t make it home without filling up. I was now worrying about having to get gas dressed like this. Gas stations are always lit up, and I have to get out of the car to fill up, allowing everyone in the parking lot to see me in the spotlight.

My leg was shaking, and a cold rush of fear shot through my body. This was going to be horrible, if I didn’t fill up I would run out of gas, and someone would have to come tow me, then I would need a ride to my house. I had no choice, I had to get out at the gas station and fill up. I finally gathered my strength and put the car into drive.
I started driving down the road, and saw a sign, “Gas station in 3 miles”.

“Luckily this was a more rural area, so hopefully not a lot of people would be there” I thought to myself. Finally I made it to the turn. There were 6 pumps, and 4 of them were taken, There was also 6-8 cars sitting in the parking lot. It was a small place, but it certainly was getting decent business.

I pulled up into the pump on the farthest end to minimize how much I would be seen. I then got my wallet and pulled out my debit card, and sat there a minute to gather strength. After a minute, the other cars at the pumps were gone, but there were still people in the store. I took a deepbreath and got out of the car on the passenger side.

I went over to the pump and searched for the card slot. I looked, and looked but could not find it. Then I realized there wasn’t one, and I would have to go inside to pay. There I stood in the middle of a lit up gas station on a cold November night, wearing nothing but a ballerina tutu, with pink stockings. I decided to just get it over with, and began walking towards the store.

Once I made it to the door, two people walked out and completely stared me down as they slowly walked away. I was completely blushing from this but it got worse when I saw the line of three people at the only open register. I slowly approached the line, and got behind the last person. He was a big tall man, with large arms. He looked like a combination of Arnold and Hercules, this guy was huge.

When I got behind him he slowly turned his head over his right shoulder and took a quick look at me. Seconds later he completely turned around and stared at me. “That’s an interesting outfit you got on their boy” In the deepest voice I had ever heard. Then the other people in line turned to look at me.

One of them was a woman in her thirties, and she was trying to hide a laugh with her hand, and the other looked like a college student, and he just raised an eyebrow at me and shook his head, then continued to pay for his purchase. “So what’s the deal, are you a ballet dancer, or are you just some weird kid who seeks enjoyment from dressing like a woman.” Said the large man.

I just stood there completely red in the face. “uhm.. well there’s.. these girls” I started until I was quickly interrupted “Girls, girls did this to you”? he loudly questioned. “Well not.. exactly” I started once again to be interrupted “Well speak up son, why are you dressing like my daughter” he said sharply.

“I lost a bet” I said hoping he wouldn’t question it anymore. The college kid finished his payment and walked out the store and just shook his head laughing as he walked out the store. The line the moved up, somehow a line three people long felt like I was there for an hour.

“You lost a bet, with a bunch of girls, and now you have to dress like this” he questioned. I nodded my head, “How old are these girls” he said quickly. “well there all my age” I said. “So how did this bet work” he said. I was still very humiliated and now I was anxious, I just wanted to pay for my gas and leave.

“Well.. we made a bet over a football game, if my team one I got to see them with no clothes on. If I lost they got to see me in whatever clothes they wanted” I said

“Wow, well I reckon that’s irony at her finest. Serves you right you little pervert, as a father I always have to worry like sick creeps like you. However It would appear justice has taken its coarse quiet nicely” He said. “Yep, I’ve learned my lesson” I said. “well that’s good, do your parents know about this” he questioned.

“Yes, the girls told them about the bet after I had lost, so my mom made me stay dressed like this for the rest of the day” I said. The woman in front of him could hardly control herself as she walked out of the store. Once she was outside and the door has shut, she busted out laughing, which added to my humiliation.

“Well, at least you were a good sport about your bet, you should use that it’s the only little bit of dignity you have left” said the man as he walked out with a deep chuckle. I finally got up to the cashier and there was a young man running the register, he had to have been in his 20s. “Evening.. Sir” he said weakly when I got up to the counter.

Two girls in camo jackets entered the store and their eyes instantly locked on me. “um.. $40 on pump 1” I said handing him the two $20 bills Lindsey had left in my glove box. The girls were both laughing and whispering to each other. Finally the man printed my receipt and I walked out, receiving cat calls from the two girls.

There weren’t many people in the parking lot now, so pumping the gas wasn’t an issue. Even still I didn’t want to be seen in public, so I watched that number with anticipation as they went up. $10, $15, $20, $25, once I hit the 25 mark 3 lifted trucks pulled into the parking lot, packed with people. They all pulled up to the pumps surrounding me, and I began getting nervous.

$35, $40, finally I thought and I put the hose back on the pump. I then went for my car and realized I had locked myself out of my car. I was now in deep shit, I was blocking a pump with my car, and I was standing there in horribly feminine attire. I got behind my car and crouched down behind a tire so I wouldn’t be seen by the other people in the parking lot.

They were all talking loud, and were rowdy they were the last people I wanted to see me dressed like this. I thought quickly about what to do, and then it hit me. The lock on my trunk was broken, so I could climb in the trunk. I went to the back of my car and pulled up on the trunk. It had gotten stuck, so I was struggling to get it open.

I finally got it to pop open, and then pushed the back seats down. Right as I was about to climb into my car but someone said “What in the hell are you wearing son”. I turned to my right to see a redneck dude completely staring me down. “Hey guys come check this out” said the guy. I didn’t hesitate, I jumped into the trunk and started crawling to the front of the car. A couple of people were standing outside my car where the pump was and laughing at me.

I turned the key in the ignition, but it wouldn’t start up. One of the guys then dropped his pants and pressed his ass cheeks up against my window. Not only was I humiliated, but they were violating my car now. Finally I got it start, and dropped it into gear. I quickly got out of that parking lot and drove off.

That was an awful experience.
After a long drive home, I made it into the neighborhood. There was a light on in my house this time, so I quickly reversed, and turned around. “Great, now I got to go buy some clothes” I thought to myself. I couldn’t walk into the house dressed like this, but this meant I had to walk into a store and do it.

I then drove into the Wal-Mart parking lot, there weren’t too many cars, but there was more than I would have desired. Once in the parking lot I looked out and there were only a few people walking out of the store, but no one walking in, and no cars. I grabbed my wallet, and my keys, and my wallet and got out of the car.

12-14-2013, 10:57 PM
Chapter 28
I quickly walked into the store, and walked past multiple people. I decided this would be a quick in and out situation. I would make my way to the clothes, by some sweat pants and a sweatshirt, and pay for it back there, then walk out wearing it. Once I made it to the middle where the mens clothes where I found a pair of sweat pants, and then grabbed a sweat shirt.

An attendant from behind the desk said “Um do you need help finding anything sir” in a curious tone. “No im alright, thanks though” I said blushing. I quickly got into the changing booth and got out of that horrible tutu, and put on the sweatpants and sweatshirt. This was a normal outfit so my mom would not find it out of the ordinary.

Once I changed into the new clothes I ripped the tags off them and took them to the attendant. “Long story” I said holding up the tutu, “Can I just pay for these here” giving the attendant the tags for her to scan them. She laughed sand said “That will be fine, do you need a bag” she asked I nodded my head, and she gave me a bag, which I used to store the tutu outfit.

The drive home was uneventful thankfully and when I pulled up to my house it was 11:30, and all the lights were off. My Walmart journey felt kind of pointless now, but better safe than sorry. I took the Walmart bag and put it in my backpack, and walked inside

When I got to my room I went to my closet and pulled out my pocket knife. I then carefully removed the nail polish from my nails so my parents would not ask questions about that. After that I took a shower, washing away the makeup, and the dirty diaper smell that had latched to my body. I went to my room, and went to sleep in the sweat pants.

That Sunday was uneventful, I finished homework and played some computer games. I also spent some time with my parents and had to lie about the weekend I had with my friends. That night I got a text from Claire reminding me to wear those panties to school tomorrow, and that is what I did.

School the next day went smooth, and nothing happened until the end of the day. In my last block class I got a text message from Claire “Meet me in the girls by the vending machines after class”. The vending machines are in the hallway next to the cafeteria and the gymnasium, at the end of the hallway is the band hall and a door leading to the busloop.

I made it to the vending machines and the three girls were standing there in their cheering uniforms. “Are you wearing them” said Claire. “Yes ma-am” I said, “Well lets find out” said Claire now opening the door to the girls bathroom. Lindsey and amy walked in and seconds later came out saying

“Coasts clear” I then took a deep breath and walked in.
The three girls crowded around me, “Take off your shirt” said amy. I then took off my shirt, and handed it to her. “Now the pants” said Claire. I then slid my jeans off over my shoes revealing the adorable panties, and handed Claire my pants. “Good you brought your own panties, if you hadn’t we would have had you borrow Some from the girls locker room, and then complete this next task” said Claire.

“Next task” I asked. “Yes, you have two options, you can wait for us here until after practice then we will give you your clothes back. Or you can leave now dressed like that, which I don’t recommend. The entire marching band is practicing in the bus loop, and the cheerleaders will be practicing in the band hall, but hey if you don’t want to wait go right ahead” said Claire.
My heart sank to my chest again, what would happen if someone came in.

“Oh shoes too, c’mon” said Claire. I then took off my shoes and socks, and it was in the girl’s bathroom dressed like this. “Practice will be over in an hour and a half, I would suggest you sit in a stall” said Claire. “Here’s your shit in case you decide you don’t want to wait anymore” said Amy handing me my wallet, phone, and keys.

“Have fun, see you in an 90 minutes” said Amy, then all the girls walked out and waved to me. I ran into a stall, locked it, and sat on the toilet seat. The toilet seat was cold against my legs, and I started to shiver. I pulled my legs and wrapped my arms around them to keep warm. I put my possessions on the floor next to the toilet to keep them safe.

I waited in there for what felt like forever. Girls would come in, and I could hear them talk. I felt like I was eaves dropping. I heard all sorts of rumors and gossip, while sitting in there. At one point two girls walked in and were talking about their crushes. Suddenly I had the urge to sneeze, and I began to worry.

I tried to fight it, I couldn’t sneeze it would blow my cover. But then without warning I sneezed very loud, and the bathroom made it have an echo effect. My heart was pounding, and then I heard the girls giggling, “Bless you” said one of them sweetly. I prepared my girly voice and said “Thank you” in the most feminine tone I could make.

The girls continued there talking, and didn’t think a thing about me. “That was a close one” I thought to myself. Finally Claire and the other girls came in. “here’s your clothes, remember to wear those panties to school tomorrow” said Claire, sliding the clothes under the stall door. I quickly put on my clothes, and grabbed my stuff.

There was no one in the bathroom, but when I walked out I bumped into one of the other cheerleaders. “um what were you doing in there” she said to me. “Oh man.. I think I was in the wrong room” I said, my cheeks now red. The girl laughed and I just quickly walked out of the school and got in my car. When I got home I started on my homework.

My mom then walked into the room and told me I needed to try on some jeans she bought for me. I quickly remembered I was wearing the panties under my clothes, and I got a little anxious. “Here try these on” she said handing me a pair of jeans. I just sat there for a second in fear “Hurry up nicholas I don’t have all day” she said. “Um could you step outside” I pleaded.

“I’m your mother, it’s not a big deal seeing your underwear”. I was horrified right now, and I had to think quick “Umm, I’m not wearing any underwear” I said completely red in the face. “oh, well ill um, wait outside, put some damn underwear on” she said and she walked out into the hallway, I felt instant relief.

I quickly dropped my pants and took of the panties, and shoved them into my pillow case. Then I grabbed a pair of boxers from my dresser and put them on, then the jeans. I tried on multiple pairs of jeans for my mom and she finally left me alone. Once she did this I went over to my pillow case and grabbed the panties. I put them in my backpack so I wouldn’t forget them tomorrow. Then I remembered I had the ballerina tutu, and that needed to be hidden from my parents.

The next morning I got up and took off my boxers, then walked over to my backpack. When I bent over to open my backpack the door opened. My dad walked inside and saw me naked. “Oh God son I’m so sorry, I just wanted to make sure you were awake”.

I just stood there naked for a moment and thought about lucky I was right then. Had he come in a few seconds later, he would have seen his son wearing women’s undergarments. Once I had gotten fully dressed I went downstairs and my dad was red in the face. “Son im really sorry” he said. “Its allright dad, could you try to knock next time” I said in a sarcastic tone.

“After the awkward exchange we had I made my way to school. Halfway through the day I got a text from Claire “Send me a picture of you in those panties sitting on the bathroom sink by the end of the day or be punished. I looked at the time and I had just under two hours. I was a little nervous about this task, if someone walked in it was social suicide.

In my last block class I got a change to go to the bathroom. There was two guys at the urinal so I just went to the stall and acted like I was taking a shit. Once they started washing there hands I started to strip in the stall. I was standing there wearing nothing but the panties, waiting for them to leave. Once they had left it was time.

I opened the door, with my phone in my hand and ran to the sink. I sat up on top of it and put my phone out in front of me. I took the picture, watching that door in fear. I looked at the photo and it was really blurry so I took another. As I was checking that photo I heard the door open. I jumped off the sink and slid under the wall of the stall, and managed to make it under.

Once in the stall I felt really relieved because who ever that was didn’t see me. I stood up an felt unusually free, I looked down and saw the panties were not on me anymore. I looked on the floor of the stall and they weren’t in there. I started to panic and put on my jeans, and shirt. I then flushed the toilet to make the illusion that I was taking a shit

I then walked out into the center of the bathroom and saw the panties sitting in the middle of the floor. The guy who walked in was looking at them. “Man I wonder whos these are, I bet they smell great” he said picking them up. He put the panties up to his face, which made me feel bad for him. I wanted to tell him that the only thing they touched recently was cock, but I think he quickly gathered.

“Aww shit, that stanks man, Why the fuck are these in here” he said throwing them in the trash can, and walking out. On the ground where the panties where there was a grate in the floor, so im assuming that’s how they came off. I grabbed them out of the trash can, and put them back on in the stall then went back to class after sending Claire the picture.

Thursday night rolled around and I got a text message from Claire. “Tommorow is our last home game, you will make cookies for the whole cheerleading team, if you fail to do so, you will have to show them your adorable panties.”

12-15-2013, 02:41 PM
Great story, one of the best I've read on here, can't wait for the next chapter

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Chapter 29:

After reading the text, I told my mom that I needed to make cookies for a food day tomorrow. “I don’t know why you have to wait so long to tell me these things” she said. “Here’s some money, just go buy some premade cookies from the store and well heat them up in the oven, they will look fresh” said my mom handing me a $20 bill.

I then went to my car and drove to the store. I pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot at around 10:00, and the parking lot was relatively empty. I walked inside and made my way to the bakery. I found some boxes of chocolate chip cookies and bent over to pick them up. As I bent down to pick them up I heard giggling behind me.

I turned my head to see two girls who were about my age, but I didn't recognize them. “Aww wearing your sister’s underwear are you” said the one girl. Suddenly my face turned red, I was still wearing the adorable panties.”Oh um, no its not what it looks like” I said quickly. Both girls were laughing at my humiliation, “aww its ok if you want to be a lady” said the other girl.

I just grabbed my cookies and walked to the register quickly. This is why I hate wearing sweat pants they easily come off. There was a short line at the register and all I had were 3 boxes of 25 chocolate chip cookies. Finally I made it to the register and I put down my cookies on the belt.

After paying for them when I went to grab my bags, without warning one of the girls came up from behind me. She then dropped my sweatpants to ground leaving me with my pants at my ankles and nothing but those pink panties. The two girls ran off laughing with there bags and I quickly pulled up my pants, completely humiliated. “Those girls were straight up bitches” I thought to myself.

After pulling up my pants I could see the cashier laughing behind her hand as I took my bags. “have a n-nice evening s-sir” she tried to make out without laughing. I quickly made my way out of the store completely blushing. That incident was defiantly seen by atleast a dozen people. When I got home my mom had left me a note on the counter.

don’t burn the house down,
Love mom”

This meant my mom was asleep now and I had to bake these, just as the girls wanted. I grabbed some pans and put all the cookies out. After letting them cook for a little bit I took them out and put them in plastic containers to take to the girls. The next day I made sure I had the panties on and the cookies ready to go, then I got in my car.

I got a text from Claire when I got to school saying to bring the cookies to her class. She had written her room number in the text and I went down the senior hall holding three boxes of cookies looking for it. Finally I found it, she and Lindsey were sitting in the back corner of the classroom in there cheering uniforms.

“Oh good you brought them” said Lindsey. “Tonight, I want you to come to the game” said Claire. “yes ma-am I said”. “Now go get to class, I don’t want you to get detention for being late, then we cant have as much fun together” said Claire. I then made my way to class and feared what would happen that night at the game.

Finally it was time for the game. I made it there and sat in one of the bleachers waiting for Claire. After a few minutes of not knowing what I was supposed to do I sent Claire a text. Moments later I got a reply; “Meet me and the girls under the visitor bleachers”. I knew this could not be good.

I made my way to the bleachers and went behind them, where I found the three girls all wearing their uniforms. “So um, what’s the plan” I asked nervously. “Here, eat these cookies” said Claire giving me one of the three containers of cookies. “we want you to eat all of those” I looked down and there were at least 20 cookies in there.

Besides the health issues this task didn’t seem too bad. “Here if you get thirsty you can drink this” said Lindsey placing a gallon of milk beside me. “Oh, you’re not allowed to wear your clothes while you do it, you must be completely naked. That will give you incentive to hurry” said Claire. “But what if someone sees” I asked frantic.

“Well for starters we are under the bleachers; no one can see you unless they come under. However if you don’t want to do this, we could just show some of these pictures to your friends” said Claire now giving me that evil smile. I gave in and then started to strip my clothes. “Give your clothes to Lindsey, she’s going to watch you while we do this, we got to go warm up” said Claire.

I then handed my clothes to Lindsey and was now standing there completely naked in the cold on school property. The cold made everything small, and it made me uncomfortable. Not only was it cold but the risks were so high. If a teacher or coach came back here I would be expelled. “Well hurry up, I got to get down there” said Lindsey.

I then opened the top to the cookies and began shoving them in my mouth multiple at a time. I popped off the top of the milk gallon and began taking large gulps of that while eating my cookies. I started to get full and eating them became a chore. It was not an easy battle between me and my stomach, but finally I ate that last one. “I’m done… May I please.. have my clothes back” I said out of breath and feeling sick to my stomach.

“I’m sorry Nicky; I can’t give you your clothes back. In-fact Claire wanted me to set you up for your next task. She then walked over to a sports bag she had and pulled out a diaper, the adorable panties, and a pair of handcuffs. “Put this on” she said throwing the diaper at my face. My heart was now pounding, what was about to happen.

Once I slid the diaper on she walked me over to one of the bleacher support beams. “Sit down and put you hands behind it. I then sat down on the cold cement and put my arms behind the beam. Seconds later I was handcuffed. “Now here’s how this works, if we win the game we will come and get you after the game. If we lose we will come and get you tomorrow morning. You better pray we win diaper boy” said Lindsey.

She then kissed me on my forehead and said “behave princess” and then slid the adorable panties over my face. Now I was sitting there with three quarters of the people at my school within a short distance away, while I was handcuffed wearing nothing but a diaper, and now I couldn’t see. It was so cold out there; every time the wind blew I would shiver.

I could hear everyone having fun, and the band playing, no one having a care in their minds. I wished I could be so lucky. I was just praying no one could come. After what felt like an hour I could hear the announcer call half time, and no one had scored by this time. This made me nervous; we had to win this game. I was freezing the cold started making my body parts numb, but then everything got worse.

All the milk got to me; I had to go to the bathroom. It came on instantly without warning. Seconds ago I didn’t need to use the bathroom, now I felt like I had to go at that second. I tried to cross my legs to hold it in but then I realized it was no use. I gave in to my bodily functions and peed my diaper like the little baby they had turned me into.

As the pee came out a warm feeling shot through my body. I was disgusted bet yet it was so warm. I then decided to try to capture some of that warmth. I pulled my legs in towards me and lent my stomach forward. The warmness of my diaper rose over my body, along with the smell of urine. It was a terrible smell but it felt so good.

Moments later I heard a roar from the other side of the stadium; we had just scored a touch down. I was feeling great now, we had a good chance. My wet diaper soon became cold and wet which was worse then what it was before. However we were in the last quarter of the game. So I wouldn’t be there much longer.

I battled the cold and tried to listen to the score. It was the closest game of football ever. In the last minute the other team was up by 3 points, I feared we would have to go in over time. However to my surprise that roar came back, we had just made another play, it must have been great because everyone was getting excited.

I wish I could have seen it but It didn’t matter when I heard the announcer say we won. After what felt like an hour of sitting there in the freezing cold in nothing but a pee filled diaper I heard people come under the bleachers. Suddenly the panties where ripped off my face, and there stood amy and Lindsey. Claire then removed the handcuffs from behind me.

“Check his diaper” said Claire. “Eww its wet” said Amy, immediately after grabbing the bottom of my diaper. “Here” said Claire handing me my keys. “um where are my clothes” I asked. “Oh your not getting them back tonight because your being punished” said Claire. “What did I do” I asked frantic. “I believe I told you I wanted these panties washed, these are not washed” said Claire.“Put this on, Now” said Amy holding up an extra cheerleading uniform. I quickly slid the skirt up over my diaper, and put on the cheering shirt.

Now you have two options, if you leave now in the next 3 minutes you will find your clothes in the women’s bathroom. However the game just ended so you will be seen by a lot of people. Or you can wait here for the crowd to die down, then we will take the clothes out of the bathroom, and you won’t get them back until tomorrow. You will then have to go home and face your parents dressed as a cheerleader. Maybe next time you won’t forget to do your laundry?

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Chapter 30

Thirty Chapters! Thanks for the support guys! To celebrate i made this chapter very intense!

I thought about my options long and hard. If I went home like this my parents would kill me, but going into the women’s restroom wearing nothing but a wet diaper and a cheering uniform, this was insanity. I could easily ruin my social life if did this, but I wouldn’t need a social life because I would be grounded for life if my parents saw me dressed like this. “Where exactly are my clothes” I said.

“well we locked them in the far right stall so no one would take them. We even put a wet floor sign in front of it, but you better go in the next two minutes or we will take them home” said Claire. I made my way to the side of the bleacher and looked out. There were so many people, but they were all leaving. “Can I borrow some pom-poms” I asked weakly.

The girls snickered “are you really going out there like that” said Amy. “Don’t have much of a choice” I said as I took the pom-poms out of her hand. I put them up to my face and peered out a small crack I made. The pom-poms were acting like a shield, and I was just moving through the crowd of people. I must have pushed my way through hundreds of people, and no one said anything.

The entire walk to the bathroom was about 100meters, and the entire time my heart was down in my stomach. I finally made it to the bathrooms outside the door where two girls carrying on a conversation. In my girly voice I said “excuse me” and they parted. As I walked into the bathroom I could hear
them say “ewww lesbian”, and I’m pretty sure they were referring to me.

I made it to the stalls, still covering my face in pom-poms, and found the one they were talking about. The door was locked so I just slid under it. I didn’t think that through at all because I caught the attention of the 12+ girls in the bathroom. Once inside I found my clothes and the panties folded neatly on the toilet, with my wallet and keys.

I took off the diaper and set it on the toilet, and then a thought occurred to me. If I changed back into my clothes, I would obviously look like a boy, and I couldn’t hide behind the pom-poms. So decided to put the panties on shoved my shirt into them, so I wouldn’t have to carry it. I then put my jeans around
my neck, and slipped into my shoes.

I put my pom-pom shield back on and opened the stall door. There were a couple girls and they all looked my way, but couldn’t make out who I was. “Look she’s having the walk of shame, she just did it in that stall” said one of the girls pointing to the stall I came out of. “Oh yea that’s why she’s covering her face” said another.

“Well who’s in there” said another girl now approaching that stall door. I made my way to the exit as quick as I could but one of the girls blocked the door. “Oh my God, there’s a diaper in here” said the girl now coming out of the stall. All the girls in the bathroom looked my way. “who’s behind those pom-poms” said the girl blocking the door.

I pushed her out of my way and ran out of the bathroom, but as I did this, she grabbed the pom-poms from me. The doors shut from behind me and I was standing at my high schools football game dressed as a cheerleader. At this point I just began running. I tried to cover up my face with my jeans, but I was sprinting mad fast to my car.

I finally made it, and I’m pretty sure no one saw who I was. It was dark outside and I did cover my face. I quickly changed into my jeans and shirt, then I made my drive home. By the time I got home my parents were asleep so I left the panties and the cheering uniform in my car, and I decided I had a long day myself, and went to bed. The next morning I woke up to my mom in my room.

“What are you doing in here” I said still waking up. “What did you do last night” she said. “I went to the football game” I said nervously. “Did you go with any friends” she asked “No”. I quickly replied. “Did you give anyone a ride home” she asked. “No I didn’t, why so many questions” I asked.

Well this morning I wanted to be nice and clean out your car for you, and I found this” she said dropping a bag on my floor. “What’s that I asked” at this point now shaking a little bit. “It’s some girls clothes I found in your car, why was some girl changing her clothes in your car” My heart sank to my chest, I couldn’t tell her the truth.

“Did you have sex with her” she asked. I just stood there blankly this was unfair, I had just woken up for Pete sakes. “Look I found your condoms too, I know this is an awkward topic, but you need to be honest, own up to it, I won’t be Mad.” she said. “yes mom, I had sex with her” I said. “I want details” she said sternly.

This question threw my completely off guard, and made me uncomfortable, why would my mom ask me this. “What do you mean” I asked. “I want you to tell me exactly how it happened, or you wont use your car for a month. Think of this as your punishment” “well we both stripped down.. and um.. she started to use her mouth.. and it all just happened” I said awkwardly.
“Did you return the favor” she asked. “What do you mean” I said confused.

“Well you said she gave you oral, did you give her oral” she asked. “No I didn’t” I said. “Well that’s very disrespectful; you used this girl, and pay her back. Sense you think women are just objects, you’re going to learn what it feels like” she said now picking up the bag.
She walked over to my bed and dumped the clothes on top of my blanket.

“You have 15 minutes to come downstairs wearing all of that, or your car stays in the driveway until Christmas” she said. My heart was pounding, what had just happened. I put on the cheering uniform and the panties and looked in the mirror. “Now my mom is blackmailing me into being a cross dresser” I thought to myself.

I walked down the stairs and my mom had a broom in her hand. “You will clean the entire house, and mow the lawn wearing what you are right now. You are going to see how it feels to be used, if you do this it will be the end of it, and I wont mention this to your father. He’s on a business trip and wont be back until Tuesday. Once you’ve completed your chores you can go back out tonight, but you will learn a lesson about using women.

“So do we have a deal” she said. “Yes ma-am I said” “Good, I want you to open all the blinds and clean the windows first. Hopefully some of the neighbors will see you” she said, now crossing her arms. She leaned the broom against the wall and went into the kitchen. She brought bag some paper towels and glass cleaner. “Get to work missy” she said.

This was completely humiliating. After cleaning a few windows I heard my cell phone go off in my room. I went and got a message from Claire; “I need you to come over tonight”. I then replied; “well that might be difficult. My mom found that cheering uniform in my car, and thinks I had sex with some girl. She is now punishing me by making me clean the house wearing it, to “live a day in the shoes of a woman””

Seconds later I got three more texts; “Omg no way”, “That is perfect”, “Take a picture and send it to me” I closed my door and took the picture of me holding the glass cleaner in the uniform and sent it to her. This was the most
humiliating day of my life, but Then I got another reply;

“That is awesome; your mom is on our side! Well here’s the deal if you cant come over tonight you will have to drink your own piss completely naked on webcam for me to compensate. You don’t have to come over until 8:00, but the choice is yours” I replied; “ill try to get over there today”

After I finished the windows my mom had me vacuum the house. She stood there and watched me do it. Every time I bent over it exposed the panties. “Those are really adorable” she said to me with her arms crossed. “Next time a woman decides to make your night, you’ll return the favor wont you” she said. “yes ma-am” I said. “Good, but you’re not getting out cleaning, toilets up next”

A few hours later it was time for me to cut the grass. This was the scariest task; I would have to be in my front yard like this for a good twenty minutes. I went into the garage and put my hands on the lawnmower and started at the garage door. I stood there for about two minutes when my mom came in and pressed the garage opener.

The door slowly opened releasing the cold into my garage and then I knew what was about to happen. I took a deep breath and made it outside. A few houses down were someone I went to school with, and there were about three other houses that had kids in my grade in my neighborhood. I was really worried one of them would drive by.

After about 20 minutes of mowing a car drove by and stopped in front of the house. They rolled down there window and it was one of the kids in my grade, but I didn’t know them well “Nice outfit looser” yelled one of the kids in the car, and they drove off laughing. I finally got the yard done and the only other people who saw me were the ups man, and the mailman.

When I got in my mom said “Good job, you have finished your chores”. “May I go out now” I said. “yes you may, but you should shower first.” In the shower I thought about how chill my parents where, they pretty much let me do a lot, and they never interfered. Probably because they were hardly around, there work kept both of them busy all the time.

When I got out I went to my room and changed into my jeans and my boxers for once. It felt good to be wearing men’s underwear again. When I walked down stairs my mom stopped me. “What are you doing” she said. “Imp going out, you said I could remember” I said. “Oh I remember, but I also said you were to wear those clothes all day long” she said sternly

“If you want to go out, you have to wear that uniform” she said. “Fine” I said and I went back upstairs. I got changed back into the cheerleading uniform and made my way back downstairs. “You’re actually going to leave the house like that. Your going to see her aren’t you” she said. “yes”.”Awesome, give her clothes back before you come home, that will teach you a lesson for sure” she said. “But what will I wear home” I said. “hmm, wait here” she said now walking up stairs.

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Great chapter, I was laughing at the turn of events the whole time. Well done, keep it up.

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Please keep it up. You are doing a great job so far. Nice twist in chapter 30

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Chapter 31:

“Now that I think about it, you should have worn this to clean the house” called my mom from the top of the stairs. She then came down holding something worse than the tutu. The sight of it made me cringe and turned my heart to stone. In her hand was a sexy French maid costume, it had the stockings and everything on the hanger.

“Sense your sister is in college and won’t be back for a few weeks, she should have no problem with you wearing her Halloween costume from last year” said my mom. “Mom, please don’t do this” I pleaded. “You don’t have to go out, but I think I’m being incredibly generous, I could take your car for a month for what you did” she said.

“Now change into it, you can go over there like it to surprise her” said my mom now with an evil smirk. I then took the hangar and went into the bathroom. I put on the stockings and then the dress. Finally I attached the stockings to the dress with the clips and put on the bonnet. I looked in the mirror and was horrified. My mom made me leave the house like this.

When I walked out of the bathroom my mom chuckled. “This is defiantly a great punishment, this will teach you something” she said. I just shook my head and walked out of the house dressed like a French maid. Once I made it to Claire’s house I rang the doorbell, and all three girls burst into laughter when they opened it.

“What the hell are you wearing” said Claire. “Well my mom wanted to punish me for having sex, so she decided to humiliate me” I said. The girls were practically bent over laughing, “I love your mom” said Claire pulling back the elastic band of my stockings. “So what’s the plan tonight” I asked.
“Well you’re going to be a butler tonight, or apparently a maid. We will be having a party for seniors only, and you’re going to make sure it runs smooth.

If someone wants a drink, you get it for them. If someone pees in the floor, you clean it up. You’ll clean the whole house wants its over of course, and you will do anything the guests ask. So if some dude asks you to suck his dick you’ll do it, unless Amy beats you to it” said Claire. “Hey that’s not cool” said Amy

This made me scared, would I really have to suck off another man. I was really worried, but at least it was a senior exclusive party, and I didn’t know any seniors. “Its 8:00 now, everyone will be here at 9:00, Nick I need you to go get some ice, chips, and a few two liters, Lindsey will go with you to make sure you don’t forget anything. Me and Amy will set up here and get into something a little more, sexy” said Claire.

“C’mon house keeping” said Lindsey grabbing me by the arm. We made our way to Lindsey’s car and got inside. “I like you Audi” I said, sitting in the passenger seat. “Thanks, its rear wheel drive so I have fun here and there”. “Did a cheerleader just say something smart about cars” I thought to myself. “So explain to me this whole maid getup, who did you have sex with?” asked Lindsey

“No one, it was a lie I told to my mom. She found the cheerleading uniform in my car, and assumed I had sex with someone. She then asked about it and wanted details. I ended up telling her I received oral but did not give it. This made her mad because it showed that I think women are objects. She then made me put on the cheerleading uniform while I mowed the lawn and cleaned the entire house. Then when I wanted to leave the house she said I had to return the clothes, and gave me this to wear home”

Lindsey was now laughing from behind the steering wheel. “That is perfect, I think Claire should have you take her on a date, and you bring her home. That would be funny” said Lindsey. “I think that would be awful” I replied. We both laughed at this. The ride was quiet for a while then a journey song came on. We both sang the words to the entire song.

“I didn’t know you like this kind of music” I said to Lindsey. “Yea I’m not the normal cheerleader, Would you believe me if I told you I fix up cars for fun” said Lindsey. My eyes widened I was officially attracted to Lindsey. We both love cars, she was a beautiful woman, and she wasn’t stupid. I then remember how she tried to help me all those times, especially with the diaper rash cream.

We had some small talk about cars for a while, and then it got quiet. After a few minutes she said “hey nick, can I ask you something, and I need you to be completely honest”. “Yea what’s up” I said. “Well um, a lot of the cheerleaders I don’t know how to put this, they aren’t very genuine. Well um, basically they talk behind peoples back, and I kind of caught wind of some of it. Do you think I’m pretty” said Lindsey.

The words at first were confusing, but after rendering them in my mind for a few seconds I built up some courage. “Well to be completely honest, I think you’re the prettiest cheerleader I’ve ever seen. You put the Cowboys cheerleaders to shame” Lindsey then blushed with a soft giggle, “Aww thanks Nicky” she said.

Moments later we pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot and passed the McDonalds. “Man I could kill for a big Mac right now” said Lindsey. “They are good, I always get mine plain with cheese” I said. “Oh my gosh, me too” said Lindsey. Once we parked the car I began to unbuckle my seatbelt. Lindsey then put her arm on my shoulder.

“I’ll get the stuff, you’ve been through enough humiliation for today, and you’ll get plenty back at Claire’s I’m certain of it. Don’t worry I won’t tell the girls” said Lindsey. “Aww thanks Lindsey” I said. She then gave me a smile and said “I’ll be back in a minute” as she exited the car. My mind was now a battlefield,
I was confused, intrigued, and happy.

I sat there for a moment and then had a courageous idea. What if someday there could be a thing with me and Lindsey. What if we got together, maybe all of this blackmailing would end. She was such a nice girl and so beautiful, but I didn’t have looks on my side. I then decided the only way I could get her was by being courageous.

I then patted the front pocket on the apron of my maid outfit, and felt my wallet. I then pulled it out and held it in front of me for a second. I then nodded my head and opened the door. I got out of the car and walked across the Wal-Mart parking lot. Multiple cars drove pass and honked at me. People rolled down there windows and laughed, I was only slight bothered by this

I then got to the sidewalk, and I made my way to McDonalds.
On the sidewalk there were 3 teenagers walking my walking my way. “Hey want to come clean my room for me bro” said one of them. They were all laughing and making jokes at my outfit. I blushed by this but remembered my courage, and just kept walking. I finally made it to the door, and opened it. There was at least 50 people inside, and all of their heads turned to me as I walked in.

I walked up the counter and the lady behind the counter couldn’t help but laugh. “Welcome to McDonalds, is this for here or to go” she said with a few laughs in between. “Can I get to big Macs plain with cheese with 2 medium cokes. Oh, and I lost a bet if your wondering” The cashier burst into laughter, and was propping herself up with the register.

“Well you certainly did loose the bet” Once I got my food she said “Hey is your cleaning service for hire” as I walked out the door. Most everyone in the restaurant was laughing or giggling at this, but I knew what I just did was completely worth it. I made it back to the car and waited outside of it until Lindsey came back.

Finally Lindsey came with a shopping car. Her face lit up with joy when she saw the bag, “Aww Nicky you’re the best, you didn’t have to do this”. “Do what, this is mine” I joked. We both laughed a little and she finally said “Why did you go through all that trouble”, “Why did you go through the trouble of getting me diaper rash cream” I asked.

She smiled at me, and I helped her put the stuff in her car. The ride home was pretty quiet, minus the noise of us eating big Macs. Finally we got home and I helped unload the car. “Thanks again nick” said Lindsey who then smacked my butt and walked away. As she did this she looked back and smiled, for once something about this situation was worth it.
WARNING: The next 2 chapters will get very sexual. This content is without question 18+

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Chapter 32:

“C’mon bitch, get some food and drinks set out for the guests” said Claire. I started carrying the two liters to the kitchen table, and set them in an orderly fashion. When I bent down to place one a sharp pain shot through my backside. I turned around to find Amy holding a paddle, “this is what we will use to discipline you at the party” she said.

“Nicky Come upstairs” called Claire from her room. When I entered the room she instantly smiled at the sight of my outfit. “What do you have under that cute little made outfit” said Claire. “There were some white panties that came with it” I said. “Well that won’t do, we need you to be efficient during the party. We cant have you stopping to take bathroom breaks” said Claire now pulling a diaper out of a white polka-dot bag.

She held it out in front of her with two hands and sort of shook it, trying to taunt me. “C’mon diaper boy, time to get ready for the party. I walked over and took the diaper from her. “That’s a good boy” she said in that dominant tone. I went in the bathroom and removed the stockings and the white panties. I then put on the diaper, and put the stockings back into place.

The diaper felt uncomfortable with the maid outfit and every step was more difficult than usual. The worst part was when I moved it made a crinkle noise. I went back downstairs to help set up for the party. After setting up the girls called me in for a meeting in the living room.

“You will walk around with this duster, and when your not helping guests you will dust objects. Be sure to bend over plenty to expose your diaper, if you don’t we will bend you over and use our new paddle. You are at the mercy of the guests. Don’t worry about them taking pictures of you, they will all be drunk off their asses, high, or having sex. You will still be humiliated, and they will use you, and I mean you will do anything they ask you to do.” Said Claire.

“Yea, if some guy wants to piss in your face, you get down on you knees and let him. Then you clean up the piss off the ground” said Amy. “Do you understand” asked Claire. “Yes Ma-am? I said now nervous. “Good, now if you go through with this, you will get a reward” said Amy. “What is the reward” I asked, partially intrigued.

“You will get a choice, You either burn those pink panties, and they will never be used against you again. Or you will receive head by one of us, that will be decided at a later date” said Claire. “So its in your best interest to behave Mademoiselle” said Amy. Moments later the doorbell rang. “Oh yea nick, you will be in charge of letting everyone in” said Claire.

“When you answer the door you will say the following: Welcome to Claire’s party, I’m her bitch and while your partying here, your wish is my command. Do you understand?” said Claire. “Yes Ma-am” I replied, “Good, now go do it” said Claire pointing at the door. I took a deep breath and walked over to the door, walking across the living room like that felt like the longest walk of my life.

After my walk of shame I made it to the door, and I put my hand on the knob. I then opened the door to see 4 very attractive girls. Their eyes instantly widened and they began to laugh obnoxiously. “Welcome to Claire’s Party, I’m her bitch and while you’re partying her, your wish is my command” I .

The girls on the porch loved this, “Here bitch, take my coat” said one of the girls giving me her coat. I took her coat and put it in the downstairs closet and began dusting random stuff in the living room. Claire and these new girls were whispering with Amy, while Lindsey keep looking over at me, and separated herself from the other girls.

The doorbell rang and I put down the duster and went to the front door. After I opened it there was a couple and the two of them gave me an odd look. “Welcome to Claire’s Party, I’m her bitch and while you’re partying her, your wish is my command” I said. Both of them looked at each other with a “is this guy for real” look and laughed, then just walked inside.

I opened the door to let in another 40 people, shortly after things went downhill. “Hey bitch, get me a beer” yelled one of the guys. I then walked across the living and into the kitchen wearing my maid outfit and diaper. I brought the man his beer, “Open it for me” he said. I popped the tab of the beer and handed it to him.

“Pour it in your underwear” he said. “I’m not wearing any, I’m wearing a
diaper” I said stupidly. The man burst out laughing, “Show me, lift up your dress”. I then grabbed the apron and the front part of my dress and lifted them up, showing everyone the diaper I was wearing. Everyone standing in the living room was laughing now.

“Here, ill get that for you then” he said now pouring the cold beer into my diaper. He and all his friends laughed, “Now what do you say Mademoiselle” he said in a taunting tone. “Thank you sir” I said humiliated and peeved at the same time. “Hey bitch get over here” said Claire. She was sitting in an armchair with her feet propped up on the coffee table.

She then pointed to the ground next to her arm chair “Get over here”. I then walked over there and got on my knees next to the arm chair. “Now I want you to show everyone the kind of services you can offer them. Start massaging my feet” she said. I was completely humiliated, with a few words she was able to command me.

There I was at a party for high school seniors, in a wet diaper and a maid costume massaging some cheerleaders feet. Everyone in the room was laughing at me now, “Claire where did you find this looser”, “Claire what else can she do”, “Claire can you make your bitch come clean my house”. All sorts of humiliating comments filled the room as I did this, which only made it worse.

I had to keep adjusting my legs because the beer in the diaper had made everything down there sticky. “Nick go set up some cups for beer pong, I’m bored of just sitting here” I then got up and cleared of the dining room table for beer pong. Two girls were playing and at one point one of them went up to Claire and whispered something in her ear.

Seconds later Claire said “The looser of this game has to change my bitch’s
Diaper!” said Claire. This made me nervous, right now the cold wet diaper made everything small. Both girls were incredibly attractive and would make fun of the current state my cock was in. At the same time I would get a brand new diaper, so I wouldn’t be in this wet sticky one.

During the game someone tapped me on the shoulder, “hey bud I made a mess in the bathroom, could you take care of it”. When I went into the bathroom I wanted to shoot myself. There was shit stains down the side of the wall. He had literally pressed his butt cheeks up against the wall and shit, so I would have to clean it up. I Soon began to hate Claire’s friends more than I hated her.

After I cleaned up the mess I went back out the game was close to and end, and finally one girl one. “Woohoo! Have fun changing his diaper Cindy” said the girl who won. Cindy grabbed me by the hand and dragged me upstairs to Clarie's room. “Lay on your back” she said pointing to the ground. She viciously unhooked my stockings and slid them off.

She then ripped off the straps off the diaper, and slowly slid it off. My face got red when she started laughing. “Wow I didn't realize diapers could turn a man into a baby” she said still laughing. She then slid the new diaper into place and pulled my stockings back on. “Thank you” I said.

“Remember how you said my wish is your command, well it’s a party and I’m horny. I want you to get on your knees and eat me out. Your dicks to tiny to arouse me, so you better do a good job with your tongue” she said now sitting on Claire’s bed. Knowing I didn't have a choice I walked over to the bed and got down on my knees. I then pulled her skirt up, slid down her panties, and began the process.

While this was going on Claire and Amy had an idea of their own. “Hey Lindsey come here for a second” said Claire. “What’s up” said Lindsey. “You don’t look like your having much fun, why don’t you try this” said Claire, who held out ecstasy in her hand. “I don’t know, Isn't that stuff dangerous” said Lindsey.

“No it just makes your eyes big, and brings out the party side in your” said Claire. “Well I guess one wouldn't hurt” said Lindsey taking the drug.
Back upstairs, “Well damn, if you ever get tired of being Claire’s Bitch, give me a call” said Cindy now slightly panting. I then made my way backstairs where I refilled drinks, and brought people food.

Claire then turned up some music. “Nicky Come here and start dancing for us” said Claire. Suddenly I froze in my tracks, I could never dance, It was always too embarrassing. But to do it all by myself dressed like this!

12-24-2013, 12:46 AM
Chapter 33:

I finally made my way to the center of the living room completely humiliated. I slowly put up my arms and started moving them side to side. My whole body was red at this point and I was completely humiliated. Looking around the room I could see everyone was laughing at me. I was dancing like an idiot, and I was dressed as a French maid.

“C’mon put some ass into it” said Claire. The crowd agreed so I started dancing like a stripper. Everyone was laughing and chanting, and I was completely humiliated. I wanted to puke, everyone was watching me dance like that. My hands were on my knees and I was shaking my ass, as if I were a girl. If the humiliation wasn’t enough, the diaper made the whole thing very uncomfortable.

That was the longest song of my life, and I couldn’t even hear it over the crinkling of my diaper and everyone’s laughter. I finally was stopped by Claire who instructed me to get her a drink. I brought her the drink back and she had an evil smile on her face. “Nick, I’m going to let you change into something less girly, your birthday suit. Get to it, right her right now” said Claire.

A couple of people laughed and everyone got quiet but all eyes were on me. Claire crossed her legs and cupped her hands, showing her dominant stance over me. “Well, I’m waiting” she said, now shacking I reached for the straps of my maid outfit. I pulled the straps off my shoulders, and detached the stockings. I slid the stockings off my feet, and then removed the bonnet.

Next I pulled the zipper on the back down, the dress and apron then fell to the floor leaving me in nothing but a diaper. Everyone in the room was laughing and my entire body was red, I then undid the straps of my diaper. Time practically slowed down as it fell to the floor. This was the most people to ever see me naked at once.

There was all sorts of noise coming from the room now, there were laughs and comment’s but I wasn’t getting made fun of. “Hey check it out the made has a bigger dick then Jeremy” said someone in the crowd. Everyone laughed including me, but after that the rest of the night became weird. I continued to serve drinks completely nude, but the entire time I felt like I was being watched.

At one point I looked behind me and saw Lindsey from the banister on the top of the stairs. She was motioning for me to come up there with her finger. I then pointed myself as if to notion “me ?”, she then nodded her head up and down very slowly. She looked so beautiful there, her eyes popped out at me, and I felt as if she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

I then made my way across the living room and walked past Claire. “Where are you going” she demanded, “Oh Lindsey wants me to come upstairs for something” I said. Amy and Claire looked at each other and smiled, “Oh ok, well go get em tiger” said Claire. Both Claire a Amy looked at each other with that familiar evil look.

I made my way up the stairs, the whole time going up wondering what was up with Claire and Amy. Lindsey was standing outside Clarie’s door wearing a tight red dress. She had a promiscuous smile on her face and she slowly strutted my way. She finally approached my naked body and put her arms around my neck.

Her eyes were so beautiful, I guess tonight was the first time I accepted my feelings because they just seemed to pop out. She looked like a doll, everything about her was perfect. The tight dress complimented her C cup size, and her brunette hair looked perfect in the light. She then ran her fingers down the back of my neck, sending a chill of pleasure down my spine.

She then whispered in my ear “C’mon adorable”, as she slid her hands down my arms grabbing me by the hand. She then pulled me towards Claire room, looking back and smiling at me. As we entered the room she shut the door behind us and gently pushed me away. She then slid the straps off her dress and stripped down to her underwear.

Her perfectly tanned body was so sexy with nothing but a red thong and bra. She smiled and put her finger on her lip, followed by a slight turn of her body. I was just standing there getting hard, and then she put her hands out in front of her on the ground showing me her ass in that red thong. The thong hardly held anything, but that worked in my favor.

I almost fell back when she slowly got up and put her hands on her thong. She then pulled it down to her feet and turned facing me. Her finger was back on the bottom her lip with her sexy smile, then she kicked the thong into my face. It slowly slid down and my image of Lindsey standing there almost naked quickly came back.

She let out a giggle and then unhooked her bra, and threw that to the side. She then walked my way and brought me to the bed. She had me sit down and didn’t even say a word, then spread her legs over mine. She pushed me back a little and put a finger on my lip as if to shush me. She then grabbed my now incredibly hard cock and started to play with it.

Up and down she pulled on it with her hand; she then spat on it and went up and down even faster. After a few moments she sat down on it. For the first time ever I got pussy. She then started bouncing up and down on my cock. It was the greatest thing I ever felt, her wet pussy grazing up and down along my cock. She would get up to a high speed bounce, and then revert to a slow speed immediately.

This was the greatest feeling I had ever felt. She then got up off me and down on her knees. She grabbed my cock once again, and began to stroke it up and down. Her lips now made contact with my head, and she began to put the whole thing in her mouth. She started moving her head back and forth with cock in her mouth. The hottest girl I had ever come in contact with was now giving me a blowjob, my night was begging to make a 180

After a while she got up and slowly pulled me off the bed, she then laid down on her back, remembering what my mom said, I returned the favor. I began to eat her out to a point where she was moaning. She started to lose control of herself and was having a loud orgasm. She then kicked my face away and said

“Fuck me nick, Fuck me hard” as she spread her legs out.
I stood up and walked over to her and put my cock inside her. I then began to thrust repeatedly. In and out, I felt like a machine. The feeling rushed through my body, and every moan she let out made me want it more. I began to thrust harder and I really gave it to her. After a while I felt that feeling “I’m about to cum” I said as I pulled out.

Lindsey then got off the bed and down on her knees, “I want to take it” she said. Her big eyes started into mine, they were so beautiful and large, it was like a fairytale. She then put her lips on my cock and started moving her head back and forth. “Its coming” I said in an orgasmic tone, and Lindsey only increased her speed.

Seconds later I felt that rush; it came out in multiple shots all down the back of her throat. That release felt so good, Lindsey then stood up and pushed me to the bed. She began kissing me as her tits rubbed against me. Her body was warm against mine and everything felt so right. A few minutes later she got off me and said “I’ve wanted to do that for a while”

She then got up off the bed and put on only her red dress and went back down stairs, leaving her undergarments in Claire’s floor. I sat there for a moment to take it all in. When I went back downstairs Claire was waiting for me Most of the guests had left now, “Get your diaper and maid outfit back on, take care of everyone whose still here, and get this pig sty cleaned up” she said.

I just smiled at her and said “With pleasure”, and I walked over to my diaper and put it on. Once I was all suited up in my maid outfit I began cleaning the house, replaying what had just happened in my mind. I didn’t even care about being dressed like this. Once I had finished cleaning I looked for Lindsey, “Oh she was really tired and went off to bed” said Amy.

I was a bit disappointed but then decided to ask Claire if I could go home. Once I had permission to leave I put my sneakers back on and drove home. I walked into the house not even caring about the maid outfit considering my mom was the one who put me in it. The lights were all off in my house and I made my way to my room. I stopped outside my door when I saw a piece of paper attached to my door.

I have decided that this new form of punishment is how I will discipline you when your father is not around. Your welcome to tell him about how I discipline you, but I’m sure he wouldn’t like that. So for now on when you break the rules, you will get humiliated. This is what they used to do to kids in the school houses, the misbehaved kids would have to wear dresses the rest of the day.

You’re allowed to take off that maid outfit now, however you will not be putting your clothes back on. I got an email from your teacher that you have a D in Trig class right now. In your room you will find a pair of your Sister PJs, you will put them on and tomorrow you will serve your punishment. Love mom.

My heart sank, my mom was now turning me into a cross dresser too! I took the note off the door and walked inside. On my bed were pink pajama pants with lipstick kisses, and a white t-shirt with a puppy and pink ribbons. I sighed and remembered about me and Lindsey and took off the maid outfit, then slid on the pajamas and went to bed, that night I dreamt about me and Lindsey.

Demon Thief
12-24-2013, 09:31 PM
I can't believe his mom is making him do all of this.

But still, this is great, keep it up.

Alexis Rune
12-25-2013, 02:40 AM
I can't believe his mom is making him do all of this.

But still, this is great, keep it up.

Petticoat discipline isn't very popular anymore, but not completely unheard of. It was much more popular in centuries past.

12-25-2013, 11:18 PM
Chapter 34:

I woke up the next morning and sat in my bed for a moment remembering the previous night. I remembered Lindsey’s beautiful naked body, and how it touched mine. Then I looked down and remembered my mom was becoming a second Claire. I went downstairs in the pink pajamas and made myself breakfast.

Moments after sitting down at the table my mom came downstairs. “Oh good your up” she said as she walked into the kitchen “Those are cute pajamas”. “Thanks” I replied, “So today you need to run a couple of errands, and then we will work on that trig grade” she said. “When will I be allowed to wear my clothes again” I asked, as my mom smiled back at me.

“Well nick, here’s the deal, you don’t want me to take away your car, and I don’t want to take it from you. You’re a teenager and you need your car. Not to mention it’s the only way you will become an experienced driver. However you can’t continue to screw up, and not get punished. So I will be using what is known as Petticoat discipline.

Basically when you screw up, you get humiliated. I won’t make you go to school like this, and you wont dress up around family. So tonight you will be allowed your clothes back. Oh and if you go to your father about this, then he learns about the bad things you’ve done, like the D in Trig, and then you will really be punished. What I’m doing is letting you off easy, do you understand” she said.

I then thought about it for a moment, With all the stuff Claire has put me through this isn’t that much different. If I couldn’t drive anymore, Claire would release those photos, and I would be ruined. So it’s best I just let my mom play her game. “Yes ma-am, I understand” I said now defeated. “Excellent once your done with breakfast meet me in your sisters room”

I finished my breakfast and slowly made my way to my sister’s room. My mom was standing at her closet looking at outfits. My heart turned to stone when I saw what was in my sister’s closet. It was worse than claires, there were so many costumes because she used to do a lot of plays. Not to mention her ordinary clothes were just so girly.

“What underwear are you wearing right now” she asked. Red in the cheeks I said “The um, white panties that where with the maid outfit” I said. “well we can’t have you using your sisters underwear, there’s no telling who she slept with”. I stood there shocked at that, my mother basically called my sister a slut “Oh c’mon, she was hardly ever home, and she’s a very attractive girl. She’s settled down with tony now, but before then no telling” she said.

“Well it looks like we’re going to go shopping. Here put these on, and these, and this” she said, handing my yoga pants, a pink sweatshirt, and a white tank top. The yoga pants had the word “Hot” written in pink rime stones and where an abomination of their own. The tank top would be under the sweatshirt so that didn’t matter, but the Sweatshirt said “Love Pink” on it.

“Just wear those panties you are wearing now, be downstairs in 10 minutes” my mom said now leaving the room. I looked at the yoga pants for a minute. They were terrible, they where the pants equivalent of the adorable panties. I began sliding the pajama pants off leaving me in the white panties. Once they were off I began to pull the yoga pants up to my waist. They where incredibly tight and cupped everything together.

It was like I had put a plastic glove on my entire lower body, it was so perfectly tight. I looked in the mirror, and it made me look feminine. My legs looked like girl legs in there, because of how the pants tightly wrapped everything. I wanted to cry when I looked at the butt, it was horrible it popped out for some reason.

I then pulled the pants back to see they where padded! It was really funny to know my sister stuffed, but at the same time it was going to be a disservice to me. I put the other clothes on just fine, and looked in the mirror once again. “Hurry up nick, unless you don’t want to beat the crowd at the mall” my mom called as I was in deep thought about my current life.

I walked down the stairs and my mom had her purse in her hand. “Sense your dressed like a girl, you can carry this for me no problem” she said handing it to me. I grabbed the purse and got into my moms Ford Explorer. The drive there was awkward and quiet. At one point I looked into the console and saw a book. I picked it up and looked at the title, and then a cold feeling shot through me.

My mom was reading one of those Female dominance kink stories. It was titled “Owning a Sissy Maid”, now it all made sense; this is why my mom was punishing me this way all of a sudden. My mom wasn’t doing this for me; she was living some sort of twisted fantasy from her story. “Hey don’t touch that” she said red in the face, as she pulled the book out of my hand.

We finally got to the mall, and it was about 10:00 in the morning. This was the same mall the girls had taken me to not too long ago. “So first, we will need to get you some shoes” she said as we both got out of the car. I put the hood on and put my hands in my pocket and started walking towards the mall. We finally made it to some shoe store.

"It’s a good thing you have small feet” she said to me, right as we entered. The store was clearly made for women. It had boots, heels, flats, flip-flops, and all sorts of shoes. “You need some black heels” she said. We made our way to the heels and she looked around for what felt like hours. I scanned the store, there were a few girls in but none that I knew.

My mom was purposely taking for ever so I would be humiliated more. Finally she picked up a pair for black heels, “here try these on” she said. I went over to the bench and tried on the heels. I could just barely not fit my foot in. “They’re to small” I said. “Well take them up to the clerk and ask if they have them in your size” she said.

My heart began beating faster, my mom was literally doing what Claire did to me. She was turning into a monster! I made my way up to the counter with my head down. Every step felt so feminine as the yoga pants were practically attached to my skin. I finally made it to the front counter and asked the clerk if they had these in my size.

“Oh um, what size will you need” she asked. “Oh um, the next size up I said”, not knowing the size scale for women. “Ok ill be back in one minute” she said in a confused tone. She finally came back with a box of the black heels, “here you go sir” she said with an awkward smile on her face. “Thanks” I said completely red in the cheeks. I tried on the black heels and they fit fine. “Now walk around the store in them, to make sure they feel fine” my mom said.

I took a deep breath and walked around the store in the black heels. This was not as easy as it looked, and the yoga pants humiliation made it worse. Once I finished my walk my mom handed me cowgirl boots with a pink design on them. She had me try them on as well, and walk around the store. Once they both fit my mom instructed me to pay.

I then made my way to the front register and put the shoe boxes on the counter. I then pulled the wallet out of my mom’s purse and paid for the items. The store clerk gave me a series of strange looks the whole time. After this my mom took me to the food court. “You have the choice, cowgirl boots or black heels. Pick, you’re wearing one of them for the rest of this mall trip” she said to me.

I sighed, and pulled out the cowgirl boots. “Aww look at that cowgirl” she said
to me. “Now c’mon we have more stuff to do” We then walked to kiosk where there was a professional nail technician. It was a flamboyant Chinese man “Hello, can I interest you in a manicure today” he said in a high pitched voice. “Why actually my son would like one” said my mom.

The Chinese mans eyes got a little big for a second and shortly after he said “All right what can I get for you” he asked me. “he wants pink polka dots” said my mom. My face was completely red, “Well all righty then, sit down right her please” said the Chinese man. I then sat in the tall chair at the kiosk.

The paint felt weird on my nails this time, and having a man apply it made it worse. I felt completely humiliated sitting there in that pink sweatshirt in the middle of the mall getting my nails painted. Plenty of people walked by and laughed or gave me strange looks. Finally the man finished and my mom told me we had one last stop.

“This will be our last stop, then you got chores to do at home. Remember what I said about you cant be wearing your sisters underwear anymore” said my mom. As she said that we passed a corner of the mall and I saw it, those two words. My body instantly filled with fear, ”Victoria Secret”. My mom grabbed my arm and practically started dragging me into the store.

“Were going to get you some underwear, and your going to try on anything I tell you to” she said to me. I then remembered what happened the last time I was in here, and I feared that those two girls would be working. We finally made it to the opening and got inside. “Hi welcome to Victoria secret” called a girl from behind the counter, I instantly looked and my stomach turned to mush. It was one of the girls from last time.

12-26-2013, 05:07 PM
Loving this story!!! pretty addicted!!!!

Ice Shadow
12-26-2013, 08:40 PM
lol i know how to help make an addiciting story lol

12-27-2013, 12:22 AM
Yes Ice Shadow has given me many excellent ideas, and good resources to help me write this story.

Also, please let me know if any of you find typeos, or gramatical errors, or anything that dosent sound right in the story. I want to fix them, just send me a PM and i will fix it. Thanks!

12-27-2013, 12:25 AM
Chapter 34:

Her eyes instantly locked onto mine and she had a devilish smile. She then started doing something on her phone and said “if you need any help finding anything just ask” As we walked past her I looked back to see her on the phone with someone, which made me worried. “all righty, I have $100 to spend for this trip, with some coupons, so you will be getting multiple pairs. Can’t have you wearing your sisters underwear” said my mom.

My face was red anyone in the store easily could have heard that. We then passed some panties that had words on them. My mom then picked up a pink pair that said “Party Girl” on them. They party girl was on the butt written in sparkles. “Here try these on first” she said as she handed them to me. I felt that cold feeling inside me again, as I grabbed the panties and headed for the changing booth.

Once inside the changing booth I slid of the yoga pants slowly, feeling like the weight of the world was on top of me right now. I then slid off the white panties I was wearing and stood there in nothing but the pink sweatshirt. I then picked up the “Party Girl” Panties and looked at them for a moment. “hurry up in there” said my mom knocking on the door.

I took a deep breath and slid on the panties. They cupped themselves around my butt cheeks, and were very tight. I felt so feminine once again, and defeated. The worst part of all was that my mom was doing this. I opened the door and my mom’s face lit up with excitement. “Those are adorable” she said. “Here hand me the yoga pants”

I went back into the changing booth and picked up the pants and gave them to her. “I have to go to the bathroom, ill be right back. You stay here and pick out some to try on. I want you to get one from every corner of the store” she said as she walked out the door with my pants. I was now standing in the middle of a Victoria secret wearing no pants, a pink sweatshirt, and pink panties.

This was worse than what Claire would do to me; my mom was in a whole different ballpark. Luckily it was early in the morning so there weren’t many people around, but still this was really bad. I put the hood on over my head and began walking around the store. I made it to the first corner; to my demise this wall only had the cheeky collection.

I looked at all them and tried to find the best of the evils, unfortunately the one that covered the most was a light pink one, that had black and hot pink polka dots. It was increadibly girly, but it would keep my man parts in better than the others. I then bent over to pick them up and felt completely exposed. The next corner was also in the back of the store, however could be seen by the front counter.

I made my way over and caught the attention of Claire’s friend, thankfully me and her where the only two in the store. She then walked towards me with an evil smile. “Nice panties, how’s the tutu” she said in a taunting voice. I rolled my eyes and said “lovely”. “yea it was very lovely on you” she said with a slight giggle.

“So what’s the deal, why is your mom making you come her and do what Claire made you do” she said. “ I then explained that my mom gets some sort of rush using petticoat discipline on me all of a sudden. “Oh my God that is great, she’s like working for Claire almost” said the Store clerk. “Speaking of Claire, I couldn’t let her miss this opportunity, she’s on her way right now so ill be sure to stall you and your mom for you” now smiling like a brat.

“Where are your pants though” she asked with slight laughter in between those words. “My mom took them, she will be back soon but I’m supposed to pick out panties all around the store” I said completely red in the face. She bent over laughing, “Your mom is awesome, here let me help you with your task” she said now picking up underwear from all around.

She handed me the worst things she could possibly find. First off was a white mini cheekster with rainbow polka dots and a pink fur outline. She then followed it up with a pink pair of lace panties, with flowered embroiled onto it. The next one looked like a bikini bottom, it covered the front and back, but the sides were completely bare and held only by a string.

She also added a small pair of panties that had black and white spots all over them. “Oh there are really cute she said” as she picked up a pair of some that had zebras print, with that pink fur outline. It was the finaly one that scared me the most however, it was a blue pair of panties that had all sorts of multi colored stripes. It looked like something a 5 year old girl would wear to kindergarten.

Just then my mom walked in, I was still standing there pant less which made her smile. “Oh good you got someone to help you, show me what you got” she said. The store clerk smiled and whispered in my ear, “Claire will be here in five minutes” as she started showing my moms the panties she had picked out. “oh wow this is really cute” my mom said holding up the pink ones with black polka dots.

“Here try these on” she said to me, throwing them at me. The store clerks had that familiar smile on her face and did a small wave as if to taunt me, while I made my way to the dressing room. Once I had gotten inside I took a deep breath and slid off the “Party Girl” panties, and slid on the pink panties with the polka dots.

I then exited the changing booth and both my mom and clerk were waiting for me. They had ecstatic looks on there faces. “Those are an excellent choice sir” said the clerk. “Put your arms up” said my mom, completely humiliated I pulled my arms ups, which pulled the sweatshirt up with it. “Now turn around” she said, I then turned around with my arms up showing a complete 360 of the panties I was wearing.

After my second rotation she stopped me, and smacked my butt lightly, “aww you got such a cute butt” she said, in an effort to increase my humiliation.
“Ma-am I hate to be rude, but may I ask why your son is doing this, is this some form of a punishment” asked the store clerk. “Well you see my son thinks its ok to do bad in school like my daughter, so if he wants to act like my daughter ill let him.

“oh my, that is a fitting punishment. Have you thought about making him get a tutor? “I don’t know that’s really expensive” said my mom. “well you could always get one of the seniors from the high school to tutor him, it counts as volunteer hours. Best of all you could have him all dressed up to add to his
punishment” said the store clerk.

My mom then had an evil look in her eyes, “ so your saying dress him up like a girl, and have him get tutored as a punishment” said my mom. “Yes, I think that would help him, you could make him go every week” said the store clerk.
“Well I think that’s an excellent idea, do you know anyone who could tutor him” said my mom. “You know it’s funny you say that, my friend Claire is a tutor, and she actually texted me saying she’s going to visit me in a few minutes, you’re welcome to wait for her” said the clerk

“Well thank you that’s a wonderful idea, He can put on a little Victoria secret fashion show for her too. Then I and Claire can discuss his tutoring. After that I’ll take him home, and pick out his first outfit for tutoring” said my mom, now both girls looking at me with evil smiles, and almost laughing. I had the opposite reaction; I was sitting there with a frown almost crying.

“Here try this on while this nice young lady and I talk” said my mom throwing the zebra pink fur panties at me. I then just walked to the changing room and began the process. When I came out however Claire was with my mom and clerk, and I could feel my heart drop to the floor. “So this is the bad student” said Claire giving me a dirty smile

“Yes this is him” said my mom. “Well I’ll be able to get him back into good study habits” said Claire. “Excellent, if he misbehaves you tell me, I’ll see to it he gets hell at home for it” said my mom. Claire just smiled at me and said “with pleasure Miss Smith” Do you want me to perform a fitting on him, we can do it right in the middle of the store if you’d like” said the clerk.

“A fitting, you mean for a bra” my mom said. “Yes, we are supposed to offer it to all of our customers” said the clerk. My mom then laughed, “Well ok, let’s get my son some bras too” she said. “Sir I’m going to have to ask you to remove your top” said the clerk. Completely humiliated I slowly took off the sweatshirt and the white tank top at the same time.

I was now standing in a Victoria secret wearing nothing but zebra panties. “Here this one should match” said the clerk walking over to me with a pink lace bra. She then put the bra and me and everyone had a good laugh. “Does he have to take it off to pay for it” asked my mom. “No ma-am not at all, he will just have to sit on the counter so I can scan the tags” said the clerk now laughing.

My mom handed me all the panties and instructed me to pay for them. All the girls watched as I walked to the counter. A few people in the mall gave me weird looks as they passed the store. I put all the panties on the counter and she scanned them. “Could you hop up here so I could scan those” she said with a few soft giggles.

I then sat on the counter wearing nothing but that pink bra, and zebra panties. She grabbed the tag from the bra and scanned that then pulled the panties down a bit to scan them. “Allright I got them you can get up now” she said. My mom then handed her the money and she put everything in a bag, except for what I was wearing. “Now go put your sweatshirt on” said my mom

I picked the pink sweatshirt off the ground and put it on. “Where are the pants I asked my mom, still red in the face. “Oh when I went to the bathroom
I put them in the car so I wouldn’t loose them. Don’t worry, we parked in the back of the parking lot of a busy mall. Best of all it’s a Sunday morning, so youll only be seen by a couple hundred people”
Claire and the clerk put their hands over their mouths and started laughing.

“Have a nice walk, ill see you tonight” said Claire. My mom then grabbed my hand and started walking out the door, “You are to hold my hand too” she said. “What did I do to deserve this part” I asked. “You just cost me $100” said my mom. We then walked out the door and past the big fountain.

So many people stared at me. I put the hood on completely embarrassed to be walked out of the mall by my mom, wearing no pants, a girly sweatshirt, and girly underwear. We walked out the door, and there were people in my class standing right outside. I immediately put my head down hoping they didn’t see me.

Thankfully we walked across the parking lot rather quickly, but as my mom said I probably was seen by hundreds of people, but the hood did help. Once in the car I quickly put on my yoga pants. “Lets go get something to eat before we go home. I’m hungry from all that shopping” said my mom.

12-27-2013, 05:56 AM
Excellent story loving the involvement of mom. No safe place now.

12-27-2013, 11:36 PM
Chapter 35:

Going out for lunch didn’t seem too embarrassing. I would be sitting in a booth the whole time anyways so the yoga pants wouldn’t be seen. The car ride was pretty quiet for a while, and then we finally pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. It was a local Italian joint, and not many people where there.

I was about to get out of the car but was stopped by my mom. “Why don’t you wear your new boots inside” she said. Red in the face I took off my sneakers and put the cowgirl boots on. I looked like the typical white girl now, yoga pants, sweatshirt, and boots. I was a Starbucks away from being the exact image of a white girl.

Once the boots where on me and my mom walked into the restaurant. The hostess was a cute blonde girl who had to be in her early twenties. She instantly started to laugh at the sight of me, but covered her mouth with her hand to not be rude. I of coarse blushed at this, “Table for two” said my mom. “Right this way” said the girl with a few snickers in-between.

We finally got to our table and she asked if we knew what we wanted to drink. “I’ll have coke” said my mom, “Can I get water” I said, “Yes ma-am” replied the hostess. When she said that I knew it was going to be a long lunch. When she came back to the booth she gave us our drinks and said “Oh i love your boots there so cute” said the hostess.

My mom just smiled and I was blushing, “Thanks I said” trying to hide my face with my hand. “Oh my God, where did you get your nails done, that is so pretty” she said in a taunting tone. She obviously knew I wasn’t a cross dresser on purpose, so she was determined to add to my humiliation.

She then took our orders my mom asked for the lasagna, and I asked for the ravioli. “All righty, that will be right out. Also if you need to use the bathroom, the womens room is just over there” she said pointing to the bathrooms. She then laughed a little and walked off. “I don’t think she deserves a good tip” I said to my mom, “I think she deserves an excellent tip” she replied.

I kind of sank in my seat and kept my head down not to attract any attention to myself. After a few waters and still waiting on the food, I had to go to the bathroom. I began to get up from the table when my mom said “where are you going”. “To the bathroom?” I said in a confused voice.

“Not alone your not, as part of your punishment I have to take you to the bathroom when we go out, as if you were a little kid” said my mom. My eyes widened at this there was no way she was serious. “Mom please don’t do this” I said. “I’m sorry, you shouldn’t be doing bad in your trig class.

I then decided I would just hold it, we would be home in less than an hour, I could make it . “Never mind, I’ll hold it” I said. My mom smiled at this, she had a new way to torture me. She would use my bladder against me. “That’s fine, but we might be here a while, so if you change your mind just tell mommy” she said

Thoughts of hate came to my mind by this, but then I remembered, this beats not having my car for a month. Finally our food came out, and I ate it quickly to try to forget about my bladder. Unfortunately it was very hot so I had to drink more water which made my bladder worse.

I had finally finished my food but my mom wasn’t even half way done. I waited for her to finish and watched as she slowly took each bite. She had a mischievous look in her eyes, knowing I was in discomfort. My left leg started to shake uncontrollably; at this point I really had to go.

My mom still had a little bit of her lasagna left, and I really needed to pee. She finally finished and now we were waiting on the waitress to come back. Finally she came back and said “let me take these out of your way” taking our plates away and leaving. My mom took a sip of her drink and smiled at me.
Finally she came back “can I interest you in any deserts” said the waitress.

My mom looked at me and said “Yes, we’ll take the soufflé” said my mom. Those words were like a knife in the chest. My family and I had been out at restaurant hundreds of times, but the only time we ever got desert after the meal, was on birthdays. It wasn’t anyone’s birthday however, my mom just wanted to torture me.

“Well we don’t have any made, so it will take about 30 minutes to bake, is that all right” said the waitress. “Oh that’s fine, we don’t have anywhere to be” said my mom giving me that mischievous smile. “All righty, I’ll get one in the oven right now, and I’ll be back to refill your drinks” said the waitress.

“So, can you still hold it” said my mom. I didn’t say a word I just nodded my head. The pressure began to build up, and I crossed my legs like a girl would, to prevent myself from peeing. This helped and pushed some of the pressure back. However it was short lived because 5 minutes later it came back really strong.

I was now bent over and in my mind I was tallying up everything I drank. I counted; 2 glasses of milk at breakfast, a water bottle in the car ride to the mall, and the 5 cups of water I drank in the restaurant. I then realized I hadn’t been to the bathroom sense I first woke up, and that was 6 hours ago!

I finally swallowed my pride and said “Mommy I need to go to the bathroom”. My mom had a quiet snicker. “But I thought you were a big boy, and you could hold it” she said. “Mom please” I said now putting my hands on my crotch. “I don’t know, I thought you were a big boy” she said. “Mom please I really need to use the bathroom” I said desperately.

“I want you to say your not a big boy, tell me you’re a little boy who needs his mom” said my mom, now playing with her straw. It took me a second but I mustered up the words “I’m a little boy and I need my mommy” I said completely humiliated. “Now show me how badly you have to use the bathroom little boy, do the pee-pee dance” she said.

I was completely humiliated, there were multiple families sitting down in the restaurant and I was still wearing the yoga pants. “Mom please, not in front of all these people” I said. “You either do the pee-pee dance or you pee-pee in your pants, which you wont like the punishment for that” said my mom.

I gulped and I got out of the booth, I put my hands on my crotch and started hoping up and down on both legs. “Mommy I really need to go potty” I said completely humiliated. Our waitress burst in to laughter and almost dropped our drinks, coming from behind me. “Aww man, you must have done something really bad to deserve this” said the waitress, walking away laughing.

My mom finally got out of the booth and held out her hand. I quickly grabbed it and said “C’mon lets go”, however she didn’t budge. “When you were a little kid you would always do the pee-pee dance, then you would drop your pants no matter where we were. Then I would always take you to the bathroom but you would still have your pants at your ankles” said my mom

She then looked at me with that mischievous smile and I knew I had no choice. Not caring about the humiliation, but my bladder, I pulled down the yoga pants reveling the zebra panties to the whole restaurant. She then started walking me to the bathroom slowly.

We finally made it in the women’s bathroom, and there was a really young girl washing her hands at the sink. She instantly turned her head at me and cupped her hands on her face. She started giggling and laughing “boys aren’t supposed to wear those clothes, or come in the girls bathroom” she said followed by a giggle.

I just ignored her and opened up a door to the stall, my mom however came in too. This was just weird, “I don’t need you in here” I said. “You did when you were a little kid, and you just told me you were a little kid, so I’m going to treat you like one” she said. “well don’t watch” I said, “why does it matter you’ll be sitting down anyways” she said.

I was completely humiliated, my mom was watching me sit down and pee, while I was wearing girl clothes in the women’s bathroom. Finally my bladder said “Fuck you” to me and took over, I quickly ran to the toilet lifted up the seat and sat down, pulling down the panties. I started peeing almost instantly, and sat there like this for a good 50 seconds. My mom just stood there feeling triumphant.

Once I was done she instructed me to wash my hands, we then left the restroom, and I still had to hold her hand. We sat at our table for another 10 minutes until the soufflé came. Once my mom finished her soufflé it was time to pay for the meal. The waitress came back and decided to mess with me again.

“Look at the mess he made ma-am, I think he deserves a spanking for that” said the waitress. I looked at my side of the table and there was maybe a few crumbs on there. I looked up at my mom hopping for mercy but my wish was not granted. “Your right, how dare he. Stand up son and bend over on the table” she said

I got up and did so; She then pulled my pants down to my knees which caught the restaurant’s attention. “Oh my god I have those same panties” said the waitress laughing. My mom then delivered 5 spanks right to my butt, which made multiple people in the restaurant laugh.

She was finally done and then I pulled up my pants and sat down. Sitting down hurt some what but I was quickly relieved, “Here’s your check ma-am, you can pay for it up front” said the waitress. My mom left a tip on the table and held my hand as we walked to the front of the store. We paid for the meal and went back to the car.

Demon Thief
12-28-2013, 12:59 PM
Poor guy, Claire's humiliations are nothing compared to his mom's.

12-28-2013, 06:54 PM
Im sorry to say but there will not be a new chapter tonight :(

12-28-2013, 09:49 PM
:( okay
Eagerly awaiting the next one though.

12-29-2013, 04:05 PM
This is a great story!
I am at page 3atm (More a note to myself than you)

12-30-2013, 12:21 AM
Chapter 36

The whole car ride home me and my mom didn’t say a word. I was scared by the way she treated me, making me dance around with my pants on the ground. I then started thinking about this in a more serious chain of thought.
What if this wasn’t some sexual fantasy of hers, but an act of desperation.

Her and my dad always wanted a third kid but it never worked out with them. It made my mom very upset, and the two of them had many fights and doctor appointments for a while. After that, my parents kind of spoiled me, the more I thought if it. I then released, part of this was my mom trying to hold on to her last baby, before he was off to college.

Then the last piece of the puzzle fit into place. I remembered how she wanted another daughter, and then I truly realized what was going on. At first I was enraged with my mother by putting me through all of this, for being on Claire’s side unknowingly. Now however I realized how crushed she was, and this was some kind of remedy for her. I decided to drop my hate, and decided to play along with my moms new form of punishment.

When we got out of the car we were walking to the door and I swallowed my pride. I came up from behind her and hugged her. “I love you mom” I said. She turned around and hugged me back, “I love you too, but you’re not getting out of your punishment” she said. “I know mom, I deserve to be punished” I said smiling. She just smiled back at me, and unlocked the door.

“Take off your sisters clothes, but stay in your underwear. Put the clothes in the laundry, while I go get some stuff for you. Without fighting it I took off the yoga pants, the sweatshirt, and the white tank top. I then walked across the house in nothing but women’s underwear with all the blinds open. I put the clothes in the laundry and went back to the front door.

I waited for a few minutes and my mom finally came back. She came back with a pink furry suit and a pair of bunny ears. “Oh I love the fact that your sister was into plays, now we have so many costumes to punish you with. This was from when she did that Easter play at church” she said, holding the pink bunny costume.

It took me a minute to decide what was worse, the ballerina outfit, or this. I stood there for a minute frozen, and remembered what I thought about in the car. I then took the ears and the suit from her, and put them on right there. It was better than the underwear I thought. I zipped up the bunny suit and put on the ears then looked in the mirror.

“ I need to go somewhere real quick, you’ve been very behaved the past few hours, so you can watch some TV. Don’t not change out of the bunny suit, or you’ll wear it to school tomorrow!” she said. She didn’t have to tell me twice, because the suit had hands and feet so I couldn’t really use my fingers to get out the suit if I wanted to. It was almost like a cage.
She turned the TV on for me and kissed me on the forehead before she left.

One of those CSI shows was on and I watched it for a few minutes. Then a thought popped into my head, I wanted to know what I was up against. What would my future entail behind the doors of my sister closet. I tried not to think of that, but the longer I sat there dressed as a bunny the higher the urge.

Finally my curiosity got the best of me, and decided to raid my sisters closet. The walk upstairs felt unsafe for some reason. It was the middle of the day, and the sun was out in our suburban neighborhood. I’ve never been scared in my house, but I felt like I was being watched. It was probably the guilt of raiding my own sister’s closet.

I finally made it to the top of the stairs and her door seemed threatening. I had never been so scared in my life, and it was very confusing to me. I slowly made my way to her door and put my hand on the knob. I turned it and slowly pushed the door open. This felt so wrong, it was like I was invading her privacy, I felt like a pedophile.

I looked at her petite room, the furniture was all white wood, with pink trimming I often forgot how much of a girly girl she was. My head then turned to the two white doors, one door had a C, and the other an S, in pink cursive letters for; Candice Smith. I took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. My eyes widened, this was the first time I had ever seen her closet.

It was a huge walk in closet which made me jealous, you could hardly fit anything in my closet. Her closet was perfectly organized, and as my eyes scanned my stomach turned to an unhappy mess. She had an entire section of pink stuff, Skirts, dresses, shirts, and jackets, all of which were pink. She had a boxes upon boxes of shoes.

She had another section of formal dresses, and those looked completely feminen. The next section was all athletic stuff, which weren’t too bad just short tight clothes. It was the last section that killed me, It was all of her costumes. All the church plays, the school plays, the drama club plays, Halloween, and even her uniforms for the sports she played.

I started looking thought the costumes and I began to wish I had never come. The costumes where by far the worst case scenarios for me. She had a female sailor suit, a bumble be, witches, princesses, a cheerleader uniform, a tinker bell costume, and an alice in wonderland costume. I thought all of that was bad, but then I found another row of costumes!

The next row had a cat costume, a pirate girl, a nurse, a female bartender, a fairy costume, a gypsy costume, tons of frilly dresses, and finally a school girl outfit. I felt relief when I had pushed all the clothes on the rack and found I had checked them all, but instantly lost it when I saw a box on the ground. It was a big green tub and written on the side of it in marker was; “Girly Costumes”.

My heart fell to my stomach when I saw that green tub and my curiosity got the best of me. I opened the closet door and looked in the driveway. My mom still wasn’t home so I went to open the box. What I found inside was horrible. There was a Santa’s helper outfit, it was a tight red shiny dress with the white fur on all the sides.
I pulled the Santa out fit out to see what was under it, and it only got worse.

Next was the most girly thing I had ever seen. It was a dress recreated from one of those Japanese anime shows. It was big pink and frilly. It literally had multiple colors of pink, no other color. It was covered in little cupcakes, hearts, and pink ribbons. I didn’t want to look anymore after that so I put it all back in the box, and closed the lid.

I left the closet and went back downstairs and just had horrible thoughts of what I would have to do in them. I feared my mom now worse then Claire, but at the same time I pitied her. Everything in my life was confusing right now, except for one thing, Lindsey. I then remembered about that night with the maid outfit, and everything made sense.

I was sitting on my couch dressed as a pink bunny but I didn’t even care, because I remembered, there was a girl that likes me, and I like her. Moments later my mom came back and entered the door. “Oh good your still here, and you kept your clothes on. Maybe you aren’t so little after all” she said in a taunting voice. “So mom, what’s the plan, when do I have to go to tutoring, and am I going to be dressed as a bunny?” I said.

“No I have a study outfit for you, and you’ll be going there after you complete your chores” she said. “Well what chores need to be done” I asked. “Well you just cleaned the entire house yesterday, so you only have to do one thing for me.” She said. “Well what is it?” I asked in a nervous tone. “Well sense your dressed up like an Easter bunny I created a game” she said.

“I just went to the store and found some discount Easter eggs. I put them in a little basket and I left it at the playground. I want you to go get it, and I want you to go on foot. The humiliation is the punishment, and you have an hour to do so. If that basket is not here in an hour, you will not be wearing your clothes after you get back from school tomorrow”

The play ground was only a 5 minute walk, it was just on the other side of the
neighborhood, the only problem was I had to go through the neighborhood. “Well bugs id get going if I were you, the clock is ticking” she said I took a deep breath and walked outside dressed like a pink bunny.

12-30-2013, 03:43 AM
Looks like mom has many choices can't wait for Claire to get involved.

12-30-2013, 06:54 PM
I want to read the next chapter(s) :/
Please, pretty please ^^

12-30-2013, 08:43 PM
Chapter 37:

The park was only a 5 minute walk away but it soon became the longest walk of my life. For starters the ground was wet and I was not wearing shoes, only the feet in the bunny costume. This made my feet wet and uncomfortable. I couldn’t tell if the cold feeling in my body was from humiliation, or because it was cold outside.

I walked down the streets of the neighborhood, walking past all sorts of people. At one point I passed a girl walking her dog who lost control of herself when she saw my outfit. I passed another two men who were talking business attire and one of them said “usually people bring out their Christmas stuff before thanks giving, but this guy brought out his Easter stuff before thanks giving” and the two of them laughed.

I hung my head in embarrassment and kept walking. I realized I had been walking for a long time, I then looked at my surroundings and my heart sank. I had walked past the path, which would set me back a good 15 minutes! I quickly turned around and started running back to the path, but running in this was not easy and I tripped moments later.

It only got worse when a passing car rolled down there window and said, “Are you allright ma-am, oh” instantly correcting themselves. I told them I was fine but then recognized the girl in the passanger seat, I quickly ran away carefully, hoping she wouldn’t recognize me. It was a girl in my last period class, I never talked to her but she was in my class, and she had a lot of friends.

I didn’t look back, and was fearing she recognized me, and finally made it to the path. The path was paved bike path that was usually very busy for a bike path. People from surrounding neighborhoods would use for bike rides, and long walks. Not to mention there was a huge play ground a few minutes down the path so there were many kids walking on it.

The walk to the playground was tortures. I recognized the faces of many people on the paths, they went to my school but none of them were in my classes. Most of them where freshman and sophomores thankfully. Bikers passed me, power walkers passed me, and all sorts of kids passed me. Everyone of them either gave me weird looks or laughed at me.

Thankfully there was no one on the play ground! I then started looking for the basket. I checked the jungle gym, the swing sets, under the benches, and then I became frantic. Where was the basket? I then started checking the trashcans, but out of the corner of my eye and saw the basket hanging from a tree limb. It was really high up, and I wondered how my mom got it up there.

I walked over to the tree and began climbing it but was having issues. The costume made it impossible to climb the tree, because I had no grip anywhere! Suddenly I realized my mom did this on purpose, this is why she gave me an hour. I would have to ask someone to get it down for me. So I hid behind a tree and waited for people to walk by, and I would pick someone who wouldn’t torment me over this.

I waited for a while, a bike passed but he didn’t stop when I tried to get his attention. A jogger ran by but had his headphones in and didn’t hear me. Then a couple of highschoolers walked by and I stayed hidden. If they saw me like this, who knew what would happen. Finally 3 girl scouts walked by, “This is perfect, it’s their job to help people” I thought to myself.

I came out from behind the tree and said I needed there help. The girls instantly laughed at my appearance which made me blush. “Please girls I need your help, can one of you get down my basket” I said. The girls looked like they were middle school girls, probably 7thor 8th grade. They were a bit older to be girl scouts I thought to myself.

“Why should we” said one of them. “Because if I don’t get it ill get in big trouble” I said, “Big trouble, like no carrots for a week” said one of the girls. They all giggled at the stupid joke, “No my mom will punish me, that’s why I’m dressed like this” I said bushing. “wait, your mom makes you dress up as the easter bunny when you do something wrong?” asked one of the girls.

“She will dress me up like anything to humiliate me, she’s not very nice” I said. The girls laughed, “Does she ever dress you up like a girl” one of them asked. “yes all the time, could you just get the basket please, I’ve had a horrible day” I said. “Wait, what are you wearing under that costume”. I started blushing “umm uh, nothing” I lied.

“Eww your naked under that, I don’t want to help a naked guy” said one of the girls. All three of them made “eww” noises at me. “no I’m not naked… I’m wearing.. underwear” I said. The girls giggled and started whispering. “What kind of underwear”. My face was now red as a tomato, “My mom made me wear women’s underwear” I said.

The girls faces all turned red and they started laughing histarically, then went back to whispering. “Ok here’s the deal, if you take off that bunny costume, we will get the basket down” said one of the girls. All of them giggled once more, and I froze in my footsteps. I looked around on the path and no one was coming. “Please don’t do this” I asked.

“Oh you don’t want the basket down, ok” said one of the girls, all of them turned around and started walking. “No wait” I exclaimed, and that rush of butterflies came into my stomach, “Will one of you unzip me” I asked. The girls giggled and one of them ran over and unzipped the bunny costume. I then pulled my arms out, and kicked my legs out.

I was now standing on the playground in the bunny ears, zebra panties that had a pink fur outline, and the pink lace bra. The girls started laughing hysterically. “Now go swing on the swing for 3 minutes” said one of the girls who picked up my bunny costume. I realized I had no room to argue and I went over to the swing.

I started swinging back and forth on the swing, a few joggers ran by and gave me strange looks, but for the most part no one saw me on the path. “Ok your done, now go slide on the slide” said one of the girls. I then ran over to the playground and slid down the slide. When I slid down the slide it pulled the panties up my ass, making me very uncomfortable, and I immediately adjusted them when I got to the bottom.

One of the girls then got the basket out of the tree and walked over to me.
She waved it inform of me and when I put my hand out to get it, she pulled it away. “Do the I’m a little tea cup song and dance” the girls were all giggling, and I was used to this by now. So I started doing the tee cup song. After I finished it the girls were almost rolling in laughter, then they started whispering again.

“Go over to that baby swing, and stand on the seat” said one of them. I walked over to the baby swing and put my hand on the chain and put my first foot up on the seat, feeling naked the whole time. This girly underwear made me feel naked, and girly at the same time, it was horrible. I finally pulled myself on top of the baby swing, and my chest was over the top bar.

I then saw two of the girls walk behind me and the other one stood in front of me holding the basket and giggling. I then felt two hands on my legs and then felt my panties being tugged on. I looked behind me to see one of the girls on her hands and knees, and the other girl standing on her back. She was now pulling my panties up.

She pulled them so far up, squishing everything; I was getting a wedgie from a girl scout. I could feel my balls starting to fall out the front, and get squished by my legs and the panties. I was in so much pain, and yet I was so humiliated at the same time. I then felt her hook the panties to my bra pulling them up even more.

I was starting to get a burn from the way they rubbed my ass as I squirmed, but then it got worse. She unhooked the hook from the swing and put my bra string on the hook, then reconnected it to the swing set. The hook pulled on the bra which not only hurt my chest, but pulled on the connected panties. She then got off her friend and the two of them pushed the baby swing.

My legs then fell off the swing which brought my whole body down, and pulled on the entire wedgie! It shot from the bottom of my body to the top, sending a pain through me like I had just landed on a sword. I cried out in pain from this, and then covered my mouth not wanting to draw attention to myself.

I tried to get down but the way the wedgie was my feet were just off the ground. The three girls then came over and stood in front of me. One of them had the bunny costume in her hands another then sat the basket down in front of me.

“Have fun hanging there, hope you didn’t need to be home early for anything because that’s an elastic bra, that shouldn’t snap for a while” she said and all the girls laughed. They then started walking off and one of them had the bunny suit still in her hands. “Wait please don’t go, please let me down” I pleaded. “Don’t worry we have our science patches, we know gravity will do it for us” said one of the girls.

They all giggled at my expense, “Well please don’t take the bunny costume, its expensive” I said, trying to get them to leave it. The girls then whispered, “You said your mom is making you do this” asked one of the girls. “Yes, I really need that costume” I pleaded. “Where do you live, we will drop it off for you” they said smiling.

I could feel the butterflies in my chest now, still in complete pain from the wedgie. I then gave the girls my address and they agreed to take the costume to my mom. “You have a nice walk home now” said one of the girls. The three of them started walking in the direction of my house and I was struggling in my wedgie still.

12-30-2013, 10:32 PM
This is great. Nice deviation from claire. Although I do hope she and the others get involved soon, especially the romance with Lindsey.
Good job

12-30-2013, 10:54 PM
Chapter 38:

I sat there in pain for a few minutes hopping it would break already. The pain was horrible, everything was being tugged on and squished. I then decided I had to make it snap so I took a deep breath, and began shaking my whole body trying to get it to snap. This only put me in more pain, and then I hit my head on the pole of the swing set.

I stopped for a moment writhing in pain, then I thought of another idea. I decided I f I could get a good grip I could pull myself up, and unhook the wedgie. I then reached my hands out and grabbed the bar of the support bar of the swing seat. I then pulled myself towards it, strengthening the pull of the wedgie. I started gritting my teeth to help the pain.

I then started the climb the bar, my underwear were now stretched out, and pulling up on me. I finally got my hand on the hook and took it off the swing set. Instantly after doing so I fell to the ground along with the swing. I laid there in pain, still in the wedgie created by tieing my bra and panties. I then stood up and tried to untie it.

As I did this I could hear people coming so I quickly ran behind a large tree. I decided to take cover there and untie that wedgie. I stood there for 5 minutes trying to untie it, but I couldn’t get it. “Damn their girl scout skills” I thought to myself. I then remembered, I only had an hour to complete this task. I struggled a little more and finally was able to untie the wedgie.

I then looked past the tree and decided my best way was to just sprint home. People would obviously see me, but if I was fast enough they might not be able to recognize me. I took a deep breath and ran out from the tree and on the path. The path hurt my bare feet as they slapped against it. This was the fastest I had ever ran I kept it up for a good minute and I was off the path and now on the road.

I was pumping my arms to keep my running as quick as possible, but then it hit me like a bullet. How could I be pumping my arms, with a basket in my hand? I looked and it wasn’t in my hands, I had forgotten about it. I quickly turned around and sprint back even faster than I was and made it to the playground. Thankfully I didn’t pass anyone during my sprint session.

I picked up the basket but was completely tired; I couldn’t run like that anymore. So I picked up the basket and decided rather than gunning it, I would take stealthy shortcuts. I took my basket and speed walked on the path. This time I passed a man walking his dog who said nothing, only stared at me. I was completely humiliated, and i speed up a little looking away from him.

I got back on the road and but I could see many people out in the road. Riding bikes, playing football, and just being outside. I decided I would cut through some peoples yards. I cut through the first one, through the front yard, and hopped the fence into there back yard, I then ran across the back yard and hopped the fence again, which put me in a wooded area.

I Then walked through the wooded area I knew this area from when I was a kid, me and my friends came here. It would almost take me to my house, the only catch was it it emptied out into the back yard of this girls house. She was a very attractive girl, and she was in our grade. I decided I would figure that out when I got there.

The walk through the woods felt exotic, barefoot in the woods in furry bottoms. I felt like some kind of tribe member, and the pink fur of the panties gave it more of a tribal feeling. For wht ever reason I took that feeling too far. I picked up a stick and used it as my walking stick, and carried it while I was in the woods.

At one point I had to use the bathroom, so I just dropped the panties down to my ankles, and started peeing right there. I felt free in those woods, like nothing could go wrong and I couldn’t be seen. I pulled up the panties and continued the walk and then I got to the part where the woods were about to end and I could see her house.

I instantly froze in my tracks when I saw her back yard. There was ballons and atleast 30 people in the backyard. Someone was having a party there which meant my only other option was to go to the house next to it. The problem with this was there was a huge dog in the backyard, and was always scary as kids.

I decided I had no other choice, and I would have to go through that yard. I made my way back in the woods and looked into their yard. No one appeared to be home, but I could see the dog sleeping in the dog house. It was the largest dog I had ever seen, but right now it was sleeping. I quietly made my way to the fence and stared at the sleeping dog for a moment.

I decided I would take the stealthy approach. I put my first leg over the fence, and then started to push down; as I did this I lost my balance and fell forward on the ground. This instantly woke up the big dog. The dog then looked my way, as I was picking up the eggs from the basket. I quickly realized he was coming my way.

I grabbed the last eggs and shoved them in the basket. I quickly ran to the other side of the fence and began hopping it the dog was right on me and I quickly jumped the fence, but as I did I felt a tug in my crotch area, and heard a horrible sound. It was a ripping noise; I fell to the ground on the other side of the fence and felt the cold grass touch my bare bottom.

My heart sank into my chest, this couldn’t be happening. I quickly stood up and looked behind the fence, to see the big dog chewing on my panties. I looked down and realized besides a bra and bunny ears, I was completely naked. I got down and into the bushes of this house and looked out. My house was just over 100 meters away.

I decided my best approach would be to just sprint, and go through the back yard. There was a key under the mat at the back door so I would just use that and get in the house, rather than stand at the front door naked waiting for my mom to answer. So I took a deep breath and looked out, the coast was clear.

I put my hands over the basket so no eggs would spill out, and then I got out of the bush. I then hauled ass down the street naked in broad daylight. The asphalt hurt as my bare feet smacked it, at one point I think I cut my foot, but it didn’t stop me. The adrenaline kept my running faster than ever and before I knew it I was in front yard.

I made my way to the back and opened the gate making my way to the back door. I set the basket down and lifted the mat. I grabbed the key and unlocked the back door. I bent over to put the key back under the matt and felt so exposed. I picked the basket up and walked inside.

I walked up the steps from the garage to the kitchen and put the basket over my crotch to cover myself from my mom. I opened the door and she was sitting on the couch in the living room. She saw me and smiled and made her way to the kitchen. “A few girl scouts came by and gave me your bunny costume, I’m assuming you had a nice walk home” she said

She then stopped in her tracks and said “where are your panties”, I was completely blushing now. “Well I cut through someone’s yard, and long story short, they’re in a dogs belly now” I said completely blushing. My mom burst out laughing, “oh man that’s great, that’s almost enough punishment to account for you being 15 minutes late” she said.

I was horrified by that statement, I was late too! “Well you don’t have to worry about that for now, we’ll take care of your punishment when you get home from school tomorrow. Now we need to get you ready for tutoring. Here wait here” she said taking the basket away from me going up stairs, me in the kitchen naked.

I stood there and put my hands over my crotch to try to cover up. I stood there for about 5 minutes then finally my mom came back downstairs with a few bags. The first bag she gave me had the party girl panties, and white knee socks with a black stripe at the top of each. “Put those on first” she said. I still had one hand covering my crotch and took the panties and socks with the other.

I started to shimmy out of the room to not let her see my crotch but was instantly stopped “Just put them on here, remember I used to give you baths when you were little” Completely humiliated that my mom would see me naked moved my hands and put the party girl panties on. I then slid on the knee socks. She then handed me the rest of the outfit.

It was a small white button up blouse, and a short red checkered skirt. My mom was dressing me up like a school girl. Slid the skirt up and had to shake a little to get it up. It was so short you could see the tip of the panties. I then the blouse on but it was incredibly tight and showed allot of my stomach. “And last but not least” my mom handed me the black heels I bought at the mall today.

I put on the black heels, and wobbled my way to the mirror. I looked so terrible once again. I looked like such a girl. My mom then got her coat and purse, “Go get in the car, ill be dropping you off there” she said. Completely humiliated I walked out the front door dressed like a school girl. The sun was setting now, so I wasn’t seen by anyone but I felt so defeated, but I pitied my mom so I got in the car.

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Chapter 39:

I could hardly sit still for the whole duration of that car ride. Every time I tried not to think about what would happen at Claire’s house, I only made it worse. The train of thought got more in depth, and I feared the near future. What if my mom and Claire teamed up, or maybe somehow they were blackmailing my mom too?

So many questions and so much anxiety, but just as quickly as it came it ended. We pulled into Claire’s neighborhood and I stopped asking myself questions and wondering. I could feel that cold feeling take over m body once again when we pulled into her driveway. Surprisingly her car was the only one in the driveway. I was curious as to where her parents where all the time.

My mom put the car into park and looked at me with a triumphant smile. “Its time for tutoring” she said as she got out of the car. I opened my door and took and began the walk of shame. I had to pull down the skirt when I got out after sitting in the car. Even still, those party girl panties where showing at the bottom of the skirt, and I knew that would be bad in my favor.

The walk to the door was humiliating because I was outside dressed as a school girl and my mom was holding my hand. The worst part about all of it was I could barely walk in heels, and I almost tripped a few times. Finally we made it up the stairs and my mom rang the doorbell. Moments later Claire opened the door, wearing a tight black skirt, a red blouse, glasses, and she had her hair in a ponytail. She was trying to look like a teacher.

“Well hello, I'm so glad you could make it tonight” she said, giving me an evil smile. “Well he certainly needs the help” my mom chimed in. “Well hopefully I can help him, what time does he need to be home?” Claire asked. “I want him to pickup dinner on the way, so he should leave here in about 2 hours” said my mom. “2 hours is plenty of time to tutor” said Claire once again giving me that evil smile.

“All right, I’ll let you get to it then. Claire you let me know if he acts up” said my mom. I was standing there completely humiliated about this exchange. “Oh
I’m sure he wont misbehave at all” said Claire. Then my mom walked away and

Claire opened the door wide. “Right this way ma-am” she said to me in a taunting voice. I started to take off the high heels but was stopped instantly, “Just keep those on, they make the outfit, besides you’ll be vacuuming my house tomorrow after school” she said

We made our way upstairs where I found her room had been rearranged a little. She had cleared off her desk and put it in the center of her room. She also had put a small chalk board on an aisle that was placed a few feet in front of the desk. “As you will see I've turned my room into a classroom for your tutoring session” said Claire.

“Were going to play the classic game of school, like you did when you were a little kid, only this time its going to be a lot less fun for you. You will do exactly as I say, if you don’t you will be punished. Maybe if your good, you might be rewarded. Best of all, your going to tell your mom that we did actual tutoring, because I’m sure you know what will happen if you don’t listen to me” she said. “Yes ma-am, I’ll listen to you” I said.

Seconds later I was then smacked in the back of the head with a ruler. My ears started ringing and I could tell I would have a headache in the morning. “You will raise your hand and be given permission to speak In my classroom” said Claire. I just sat there and nodded my head. “You will also refer to me as Ms. Claire. Any questions?” asked Claire. I then raised my hand, “What’s my first assignment” I asked nervously.

Claire smiled at me, “Your first assignment will be to write a one page paper front and back, about everything your mom has made you do lately to punish you. I want details, if I feel you have not given me enough detail, I will punish you.” She said. She then handed me a piece of paper and a pink pen with a furry top. “Get to work” she insisted.

I then began writing about everything I had to do today. I wrote about the pajamas, and the yoga pants. I wrote about the manicure, and the whole mall experience. I then wrote about the horrible restaurant experience where I had to pull my pants down like a little kid. Finally I told her about my Easter run, including the girl scouts torturing me, and the naked dash home.

I finally finished my paper and got out of my seat and handed it to her. She glanced at it for a moment and pointed to my desk “Bend over” she said. I knew what was coming next, she walked into her closet and came out with that wooden paddle from the party. She walked over to me and stopped, “Pull you skirt up” she said.

Completely humiliated I pulled my skirt up over the party girl panties. “Oh my God, did your mom pick those out for you” she said laughing. I continued to blush in the face, “Yes ma-am” I said. “Oh my God, that is too great. Wait here” she said in an excited tone. Moments later she came pack holding a pink pair of panties that said “party girl” on them.

“We have the same underwear, this gives me an excellent idea, but I cant tell you now” she said in a very excited tone. “Anyways back to your punishment, She then put the paper in front of me. “ Do you see this, this is not neat! I wanted you to write neatly” she said throwing the paper to the floor. She then picked up the paddle and pulled it back “Now you have homework to do, but first your going to take these spankings like a good girl” said Claire.

Smack, smack, smack three super hard spanks came almost instantly. The stinging feeling was so bad I let out a yell. “I am not going to listen to your pussy ass scream and cry like a baby” she said as she walked back into her closet She came back out with a roll of duck tape and something else. “You see this sock, its my ex boyfriends. Its been in my closet for over a year” she said.

She then forced my mouth open and put the sock in, then quickly duck taped over it. “Now bend over and take these like a man” she yelled. She then continued spanking me with the paddle as hard as she could. I counted at least 16 spanks but then it got worse. She stopped for a moment and pulled the skirt down to my ankles, along with the panties. She then drew the paddle back and started spanking my bare ass.

The pain was horrible, I let out muffled screams and soon tears came out of my eyes. Finally she stopped, “I’m all done now, and you will type that paper up for me tonight and bring it back tomorrow. Now its time for your next class lesson, culture. She went into her closet, and came out moments later holding the tutu outfit. “Get changed, this is part of your next lesson” she said.

I sighed, still in pain from the spanking, and took off the high heels. I then kicked the skirt and panties off my ankles and took off the white blouse. I then stepped into the tutu and pulled it up, putting my arms through the straps. After zipping myself up I put on the matching pink tights. “Aww you
look so cute” said Claire. “Now follow me, where going downstairs” she said.

I followed her still completely humiliated by the tutu and she led me into the living room. She then turned on the TV and picked up the remote. She switched the input to the DVD player and pressed play. “This is my little cousins dance recital, you are going to learn the first dance where they are all dressed in tutus, you will give the girls a recital on Friday. Every time you mess up in practice, you get spanked. Messing up on the recital will be worse” said Claire.

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Chapter 40:

I was uneasy now, and to make it worse Claire had pulled out her cellphone and started to record. The video started all of the girls were on the floor touching their toes. I quickly got down and did exactly what they were doing. “The first time you watch it, you’re allowed to make mistakes, but the next time you’re getting spanked if you mess up” said Claire. The music started to change momentum and the girls slowly moved their arms, and I copied them

The girls on the screen then got up and all simultaneously did the exact same thing. They began spinning and twirling, making the tutus fly up a little. Completely embarrassed I did the same thing, as Claire stood there laughing at me. Things only got worse from there, the girls put there arms up and started doing the famous ballerina twirl.

I then put my arms up in that triangle formation and did the dance. My face was so red, and that video seemed to never end. I felt this video was worse than the first video she made of me. The video from that night that started out so magical and ended so badly. I was positive this video was worse then the video of where she tricked me into sticking a dildo up my ass.

Then all the girls stopped and leaped to the right, and then to the left. I stumbled after the second leap but managed to stay on my feet. After laughing, “Oh man that would be like 5 solid spanks rights there if this counted” said Claire, who was still laughing. The girls started twirling once again with there arms high up in the air, and I followed.

The girls stopped twirling and did two more leaps, this time throwing both of the arms into the air, to make more of a show out of it. This was worse for me because I looked dumber than ever and so girly at the same time. His time after the leap the girls all slowly put their arms in the air and got closer together, and they put their arms on each other’s back. My eyes widened at what was next, they all started to do the can-can.

This was easily the most humiliating part of the whole dance. Every time I kicked high I had to keep myself from falling over. The tutu was incredibly tight too which made the kick hard to do all by itself, however with each kick you could see where the tights ended and my pink “Party Girl” Panties started. Claire was almost in tears with laughter which only made my humiliation worse.

The dance finally ended with all the girls curtseying, so I lifted up my tutu like a girl and curtseyed right there in front of Claire. Finally the audience in the film started clapping and it was over. The dance was very simple, just spinning, twirling, leaping, and kicking. It was meant for the little kids who did it I suppose, but it was going to be very humiliating.

“Oh man that was too funny. We will practice this more later, now its time for you next class PE. I want you to take off that tutu and the tights then meet me upstairs in just your panties. I then stripped there in the living room while Claire went back upstairs. I unzipped the tutu and stepped out of that, then took off the tights. I picked up the tutu and tights and made my way upstairs.

It was really cold outside tonight, which made the whole house a little cold. I made my way into Claire’s room and she was sitting in her chair with her legs crossed. “Ok you need to get changed into some workout clothes, I laid some out for you on the bed” said Claire. On the bed where some pink booty shorts with the word “baby” on them in black, and next to that was a pink ports bra with black trim. I feared what would happen while I wore this.

I managed to put the sports bra on with no problem, but I could barely fit into the shorts. I pulled them up finally but they were so tight they hurt my waist. “Good you got changed, you look so adorable. Speaking of which you remember those adorable panties don’t you?” asked Claire. “Yes I remember them” I said nervously.

“Well you have the choice to either receive head at the party, or burn them forever. If I remember, you and Lindsey had quiet the time in my bedroom that night, so those panties will not be burned. Instead they will be part of the lesson. I miss those things, and more importantly I miss them on you. So for your PE lesson you’re going to go on a run, and get them for me.

The adorable panties can be found just behind the sign at the front of the neighborhood. You are going to get them, but once you get them you are to take off everything you are wearing now and put them on. You will run home wearing only the panties. Oh and one more thing, you must ding dong ditch 3 houses on the way back.

“Three houses, but what if I get caught” I said desperately. “That’s not my
problem” Said Claire. “Aww Claire c’mon, please don’t make me do that, the run is humiliating enough. What if they call the cops” I begged. “Fine ill give you the choice. You can either wear what you’re wearing to the sign and do the ding dong ditches, or you can run there naked put on the panties, and run back” she said.

“You have two minutes to decide or your doing both” said Claire. I then realized the ding dong ditching wouldn’t be that bad. I would just hit three random houses, and I would only be seen from the back, so they couldn’t recognize my face. “Ill do the ding dong ditch” I said nervously. “Good, that will be fun to watch. Ill be inside where its nice and warm, watching from this window” said Claire in a taunting voice.

“Well c’mon, your mom will be here in half an hour to pick you up, we don’t have all day” said Claire impatiently. I took a deep breath and made my way downstairs. Before opening the front door I went in the bathroom to see how I looked, and I wish I hadn’t done it. After seeing myself like that I wasn’t so confident about the run I was about to do.

I was practically naked, you could see 90% of my body and the shorts were so tight, I didn’t know how I would be able to run in them. I took a deep breath and left the bathroom. My legs were shaking as I approached the door, then I remembered my afternoon. This was easy compared to that, earlier today I was doing this in zebra panties and at one point naked.

With my confidence boost I opened the door and looked out at the sign. It was only 100 meters away and there were houses on both sides of the road. I decided my best plan of action would be to get the first three houses and just run to Claire’s. I then got off her porch and started my run. The ground was so cold on my bare feet and my whole body was emerged in the coldness.
This was the coldest day we’ve had in a while, I could see my breath as I ran.

I passed many houses and noticed most of their lights were on, so they were home. Luckily no cars passed during my run and I finally made it to the sign. Behind the sign there was some bushes I hid behind, I then found the panties and quickly took of the sports bra. I then struggled for a good minute or two to take off the pink booty shorts, and finally the party girl panties came off.

I then put on those dreaded “Adorable” panties and picked up my clothes. I peered my head over the bushes and looked at the street. I set my target on those three houses and took a deep breath. The first ones lights were off so I was getting off easy this time. I ran up to the front porch and rang the doorbell then ran to the next.

I cut through the yard to save time and ran up the porch of the next house. I almost dropped the clothes I was carrying as I went to rang the doorbell but manage to hold on. I rang that doorbell then ran to the next one. I made it to the last houses but when I went to ring the doorbell the front door opened. To my demise the person who came out was someone in my trig class.

She was a short blonde girl with blue eyes and curly hair. She was wearing a camo jacket, yoga pants, and some boots. “Nick is that you, What are you doing here, What are you wearing?” she asked.” I can explain” I said. “Well start soon, I was on my way to my boyfriend’s house” she said now crossing her arms. “Well I was at a friend’s house, and we were playing truth or dare” I said hoping she would buy it.

She then started laughing, “Oh man that is to great, I can’t wait to tell everyone about this” she said now raising up her phone to take a picture of me. I quickly put my hands on her phone and took it from her. “Please no, let’s just keep this a secret, it’s just a dare I’m not some weird cross dresser” I said holding the phone out of her reach. “Fine I won’t, but sense you like doing dares so much you have to do a dare for me” she said

“What is it?” I asked desperately still keeping the phone away from her. “I dare you to take those panties off and run with them on your head the rest of the dare” she said. I was completely humiliated “If I do that, you swear you won’t tell anyone about this” I said. “I swear to God I wont say anything, oh and you got to give me my phone back too” she said.

I then handed her phone and she quickly took it back. “Thank you, now c’mon live up to yourside of the deal, unless you want me to tell everyone what I saw in class tomorrow” she said. I was completely blushing now and put two fingers on both sides of the panties. “Atta-boy” she said, and then I slowly slid them down to my ankles. I took one foot out, and then the other and put the panties on my head.

She started laughing, “I’m guessing your going to blame that on the cold” she said pointing to my penis, which was very small due to the cold. I put the other clothes on the ground for a moment and put the panties on my head. I then picked up the other clothes and made my way back to Claires, naked. I was hoping she wouldn’t say anything in class tomorrow.

After the run Claire let me inside and she taunted me about the run “I can’t believe how easy it is for people to blackmail you. Your mom does it, girls in your class, we do it, I hope your sister starts when she finds out you like wearing her clothes” said Claire. Then it hit me, my sister would be back soon, what would her reaction be if she saw the things I’ve been doing lately.

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I also wanted to give credit to where it is due:
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shilohs_candy, has found many grammatical errors in multiple chapters.

Please give them credit too, they have earned it.

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“Well looser, your mom will be here to pick you up in 20 minutes, which is just enough time for your last lesson, Biology” She then walked to the couch and sat down spreading her legs slightly. “Your mom will be here soon, and if you want to put your clothes back on, you’re going to get me off, and you’re not allowed to use your hands” she said. Still naked, I then put my hand on my now hardened cock, “Hell no, you can’t use that either. I don’t want that tiny thing inside me. You’re going to get on your knees and eat me out like the bitch you are, and if you don’t you can go home naked for all I care.” she said in a demanding tone.

I then walked over to her and got down on my knees by her. She lifted her skirt up slightly and I put my head inside. I grabbed her panties with my teeth and pulled them down. They were already a little moist so hopefully this wouldn't take long. I pulled the panties down to her ankle and she started fidgeting her foot making it harder to get them off. I finally got them off her foot and she smeared her foot in my face laughing a little.

“Making you my little bitch just turns me on so much” she said. This humiliated me a little, but I just began to give her oral. She must not have been kidding about being horny because she could hardly sit still. She was fidgeting and moving all around on the coach letting out all sorts of moans. That was somewhat motivating but this time was not easy for me. The past few times i've given Claire oral wasn’t bad but this time felt like a punishment.

I don’t know what was wrong with her but there was a terrible smell. I felt like I was sticking my face into a can of tuna, it was horrible and I felt like I could partially taste the smell. I knew if I said anything Claire would use it against me, and make this a common task, maybe try to make the smell worse. So I sought it best to keep quiet, and just finish up. Finally after a series of moans she squirted all over my face. “Aww yea you like it when I squirt in your face don’t you, you little bitch” she said

“Yes ma-am, I like it” I said now embarrassed once more. “You like what” she asked, “I like it when you squirt in my face” I said. She laughed then said “You’re so pathetic it’s almost not funny, no go clean yourself up and get your school girl outfit on. Your mommy will be here soon to pick you up like the little baby you are”. Her words were getting harsher and more humiliating; along with the stuff she made me do. Not to mention my mom was now adding on to it all, I was beginning to think I couldn’t survive the rest of the year like this.

I whipped all the pussy juice off my face in the bathroom where I began putting the school girl outfit back on. This time when I put on the girly outfit I did it very slowly as I watched myself in the mirror and contemplated my life. How could it come down to this, how did I get so low? I got a little mad, I hated Claire for doing this to me. If I could ever go back in time I wouldn’t have hit on Claire, I wouldn’t have left my house that night.

I could have stayed at home, my friends would have left and I would play on my computer or watch some porn. It would have been a quiet evening, but I wouldn’t be dressed like a school girl showered in the stench of pussy. At the same time I was in it now, and I had to stick it out. At least when the humiliated me it wasn’t near people I knew. If I didn’t do her tasks it would be social suicide. The pictures and videos she had on me now, way too much.
I was fully dressed now still having these deep thoughts then I heard the doorbell ring. I pulled myself together fixed my skirt, straitened the knee socks, and went out the bathroom door. Claire had opened the door and was talking to my mom. I put on the high heels and went to the front door. “He is an excellent student when applies himself” said my mom. “Well he did an excellent job today, and I loved his outfit” said Claire.

“Yes its part of his punishment, when he does wrong I’ve decided to start humiliating him rather than ground him. I find it yields better results” said my mom. Claire laughed and said “Well may I make a suggestion to the way you punish him?” “Well sure, what humiliating tasks could he do?”asked my mom Claire looked at me with a grin from ear to ear.

“You could always try diaper humiliation. Have him wear and use them as punishment for doing bad things. My mom actually used it on me once when I came home 30 minutes past curfew, and I never made that mistake again” she said laughing. “Your mom made you use and wear diapers?” asked my mom who was partially intrigued.

“Yes I came home late two nights in a row on spring break, and it was the first two nights too. The first night they gave me warning, the second night I was out even later. So as a punishment I had to wear diapers the rest of spring break. They went so far that the put locks on all the bathroom doors so I had to use them. The worst part was my friend wanted me to spend the night, so they called there parents and they made sure I wore a diaper, but I was allowed to use the toilet there. It was the most humiliating week of my life and I never broke curfew again” said Claire.

My mom was completely interested in this which scared me “Hmm, nick better start behaving or ill have him in diapers. They seriously put locks on the doors?” asked my mom. “Yes it was really bad because one day they both went out and minutes later I really had to use the bathroom. I had to sit in it until they came back which was hours, it was so horrible” said Claire. “Well thank you Claire, I think there will be diapers in nicks near future if he screws up anymore” said my mom

Finally we got off the porch and got in my moms car. “I like Claire, she’s a nice girl” said my mom, this statement was bittersweet humor to me. Claire was the exact opposite of a nice girl, but my mom would like a girl who blackmails me into extensive humiliation. We had small talk all the way to a subway parking lot. “Let’s go get some subs to go” said my mom

I got out of the car and almost fell over, the skirt was tight which made it hard to move my legs and I could hardly walk in heels yet. “Hold my hand buddy” said my mom, which added to my humiliation. Luckily there was only 2 cars in the parking lot so hopefully my humiliation in here would be minimal But when I saw the two people behind the bar I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

To my demise Amy and Lindsey where behind the bar, I knew Amy would love every bit of this but I hated the fact that Lindsey had to see my like this. Both girls instantly looked up at me and looked surprised. Amy could hardly contain her laughter and Lindsey was just blushing, I couldn’t tell if that was from what we did the night before or from my outfit. Everything about this situation made me uncomfortable, especially the fact that my mom was right there.

“Welcome to subway” said Amy finally holding back a few laughs. “That is a really cute outfit, I wore something like that on Halloween” said Amy. My mom instantly chimed in “This is what boys who do bad in school have to wear. Instantly Amy erupted into laughter “I’m sorry” she said trying to pull herself together. “Don’t be he’s the one who should be sorry” said my mom.

Amy made a few jokes and comments about my outfit but I was more concentrated on Lindsey. She was so cute in her subway uniform, she was looking at me the whole time too and we just smiled. She stayed quiet and didn’t say a word about my outfit. I came to realize she wasn’t really bad, I guess she originally helped the girls because of peer pressure or something, because this blackmailing doesn’t seem like her.

We finally got our sandwiches and my mom suggested we eat in the store. So we sat down in one of the booths. “I’m going to get some ketchup do you need anything” asked my mom. “No I’m good” I said as she got up from the table. I then reached into the bag and pulled out my sandwich. Once I opened it I noticed something. There was a napkin in the wrapper which was strange. I pulled it out and turned it over to find something written in black marker.

“Text me” was written on it followed by a number, and at the bottom there was a little heart. I looked over at Lindsey who smiled back at me and I got a warm feeling of comfort. I quickly put the napkin in my skirt pocket and began eating my sandwich. After I while I had to getup to get a drink refill. Luckily we were the only people in the store.

When I got up to the soda fountain Amy came up from behind me to restock the cup tops. She then smacked me on the butt with hardly any force, but my butt was still sore from Claire’s paddling. “So this is your moms handy work, very nice” she said to me in a quiet voice. “We will have to step up our game your mom is going hard on you boy” she said.

I just stayed quiet and walked back to my table, I almost made it to the table when Amy dropped her phone on the ground and kicked it towards me. “oops I dropped my phone, could you get that for me” she said to me. I put my drink on my table and bent over to pick up the phone. “Oh my God those panties are so cute, can I see them again” she asked me

I tried to ignore the question and sit down but my mom did not like that. “Don’t be rude, you didn't have to do it but you could have acknowledge her. Now stand up and pull up you skirt to give her a good look” said my mom. Amy gave me and evil glare as I stood up and lifted up my skirt. This was incredibly humiliating. “Oh wow I really like those did you get them at Victoria Secret?” asked Amy. “Yes” I said. She laughed and walked off finally.

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Give it a week. If he dosent come back by then we can find someone to finish it.

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Chapter 42

After Amy left I went to refill my drink again. This time on my way to the fountain I tripped in the high heels. I was able to catch my balance but I stumbled across the floor, making my mom laugh at my humiliation. Things only got worse after that. For some reason we sat in the subway for a while just talking. My mom didn’t want to leave for some reason.

A few different people came into the store and they gave me looks of confusion. I sank into my seat a little to try and comfort my humiliation. I actually stopped getting drink refills because I didn’t want to get up and draw attention to myself. To my demise however my mom asked, “Nick will you be a dear and get me some sprite while I go to the bathroom?”

My face glowed red, but I knew I had no choice. I picked up both her and my cup and walked over to the soda fountain. After I filled our drinks and sat down I began sipping on my soda again to pass time. I then remembered my mom had gone to the bathroom and in seconds my mind started doing the math. I had just drank 4 large cups of soda and my moms trip to the bathroom reminded me of that.

I decided to take this time to my advantage and go now this way my mom cant humiliate me like at the restaurant. I looked around and mom was not coming out of the bathroom yet so I made my way to the bathroom. Right as I entered the hallway to the bathroom the women’s door opened and my mom came out. She grabbed my arm and said “C’mon Nick, we must get on our way now”

She then forcefully dragged me out of the store. Lindsey and Amy watched from behind the counter as I was dressed up like a school girl being dragged out by my mom. Amy was cracking up and out of the corner of my eye I could see Lindsey’s expression. She seemed disappointed, and she didn’t find it funny. I thought of that for a moment, but the thought ended as the cold air from outside went up my skirt.

“Mom I have to go to the bathroom” I said finally. “Oh I’m sorry sweetie, you’ll just have to hold it for a minute” she said in a taunting voice. Feeling defeated I got into the car without arguing the point. The longer we drove the worse it got. I then noticed my mom was doing this on purpose. At one point I counted us getting on and off the same high way 3 times in a row. She would literally get on the exit ramp, then back on the opposite one.

She was stalling; she wanted me to hold my bladder. That’s why we were at the subway for so long. We were in the car for about an hour and by the time that hour was up my legs were crossed and starting to shake. We finally pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot and I had never seen it so busy in my life. There had to be at least 200 cars in that parking lot. “This place is always terrible around thanksgiving” said my mom.

We circled around the parking lot looking for a spot and finally found one towards the back. Everything got intense seconds later when I saw 2 girls get out of a car a few feet in front of us. My eyes widened as I instantly recognized them. They were both in my grade, and one of them was in everyone of my classes. I then forgot about my bladder for a moment and realized if they saw me like this my social life was over.

My mom then opened her door slightly and said “Well c’mon, lets get in and out as quick as we can”. I was now having a panic attack. The girls were still by their car it was impossible for me to sneak past them. “uh mom can I stay in the car” I asked. “But I thought you needed to go to the bathroom” she said tauntingly. “Yea I can hold it” I replied. “Well okay that’s fine, I don’t know how long I will be though, don’t have an accident or you will regret it” said my mom.

She then got out of the car and left me. Now all I had to do was hold my bladder. I then started calculating numbers in my head. My mom would be about half an hour, and our house is just 15 minutes away. Back when I was little I held my bladder for 3 hours in traffic once, this would be a piece of cake. However that was not the case. Those sodas were big and I hadn’t used the bathroom sense before I went to Claire’s.

My legs were now completely crossed like a girl would, in an effort to not have an accident. After 45 minutes my mom finally came back to the car. She put the bags in the trunk and came around to the driver side. “Finally, we are going home” I thought to myself. I was partially bent over now and my mom noticed. “You must really need to go to the bathroom” she said in a triumphant tone.

We got out of the Wal-Mart parking lot but rather than turn right to go home my mom turned left. “Where are we going?” I asked frantically. “Oh It’s a nice night I wanted to go the scenic route” she said. “Wait the one through mills road?” I asked. “yes that’s the one” she said, “But that’s an hour long trip” I said frantically. “Can we stop somewhere to go to the bathroom?” I asked. “Well you know theres nowhere to stop, its all farms and land. You should have gone at walmart” she said.

I was now getting really uncomfortable “Well can we pull off to the side of the road, ill use a tree” I said, hoping for mercy. “No your not getting your sisters clothes all dirty, your just going to have to hold it” she said. “Mom please” I begged desperately. She then pulled off to the side of the road. “Take off your panties” she said. Without question I started taking them off and was about to go piss in the woods. “Wait there” she said as she got out of the car and opened the trunk. She then went into one of the bags and pulled out a box.

“It’s a good thing I took Claire’s Advice” said my mom from outside the car. She then opened up the passenger door and I could see the horrid box. It was a box of adult diapers. She opened the box and gave me a diaper. “Put this on under your skirt” she commanded. “Mom please don’t do this” I pleaded, but I could tell it was useless. I then slid the diaper over the heels, the knee socks, and up to my waist. “Good, now quit whining” she said as she closed my door and put the box back in the trunk.

She got back in the car and started it up. My legs were still shaking I didn’t want to go to the bathroom in the diaper and make a mess of myself. My mom started driving and after a few minutes she said “You might as well use it, there’s no way you can hold it all the way home” she said. “Sure I can” I said stupidly. “Well why don’t we make a little wager then” she said.

I will be reading all of my PMs tomorrow, so i'm not intentionally dissing anyone by not replying, I just ran out of time tonight

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Chapter 43

“If you can control your bladder until we get home then you will be relieved from all punishments. You can use the bathroom then take off that outfit, and you won’t have to wear women’s clothes until you screw up again. However if you cannot control your bladder and you have an accident, the next time you go for tutoring all you will wear is a diaper and a tee shirt” she said. I thought over this for a minute. We would be home in 40 minutes, that’s nothing compared to the hours of torture she will give me if I don’t make the bet.

“You’re on” I said confidently. My mom looked at me and gave me an evil smile. She turned the radio up a little and neither of us spoke a word. I was now bent over holding my bladder in. Everything was making me very uncomfortable. For some reason my mom had the AC on in fall, I really had to pee, and the diaper was bulky and uncomfortable. 20 minutes had gone by and my mom finally asked “How you feeling?”, “Hanging in there” I said bent over holding my stomach.

Another 10 minutes had past; we were just 15 minutes away from home. My stomach was starting to hurt; this couldn’t be good for me at all. I really had to pee now more than ever, but that’s when things got worse. We turned onto the next road and I had forgotten all about this road. This road was very badly paved and had gotten worse over the years. It was bumpy and there were holes all over it. My mom turned her head at me and gave me a look of triumph for a second then turned back to the road.

We started on the road and the whole car started vibrating. Each vibration was going across me putting more and more pressure on my bladder. We then hit a pothole and the whole car dipped up and down. That hurt more than anything and It was a struggle to not drip any pee. Finally after that long antagonizing pain we turned off that road. We would be home in less than 10 minutes I was actually going to do it.

My mom then turned to me “we’ll look at that, you must have some bladder. Looks like you get to go home and put on your clothes for a change” she said. I felt really confident now, and I felt as if I didn’t need to go to the bathroom as badly anymore. I was thinking I would actually win this until my mom decided to be evil.

We were on road 5 minutes from our house surrounded by trees with no cars around us. All of a sudden my slammed on the breaks, my heart started racing and I didn’t know what was going on I was so scared I began to see flashes of my life my head jolted back and then forward from the deceleration of the car. I looked out the windshield and saw nothing. “WHAT WAS THAT FOR” I yelled. My mom smiled and pointed to my seat where there was now a wet stain. “That” she said.

In all the commotion I had lost the instinct to hold my bladder. My body switched to physical survival mode, not social. My mom had literally just scared the piss out of me. As soon as I realized my seat was wet I could feel that I was still peeing. My mom was now laughing “Oh c’mon that’s not fair” I pleaded, “That’s totally fair” she said. I was now crossing my arms feeling defeated and disgusting. The diaper was now warm and wet and every time I moved in my seat it moved up my leg.

“These diapers weren’t very absorbent, but they were on clearance. “We will have to get the bigger kind before Tuesday, that’s when you go to tutoring next” said my mom. I then remembered not only did I have to sit in my wet diaper but I would also face some humiliation. “Eww Nick it smells like piss in here” said my mom. “Well you shouldn’t be such a wreck less driver” I said, “you shouldn’t make a bet you can’t win” she replied

We finally pulled into the drive way at 8:00, and I was glad this day was coming to an end. I opened my door and got out; as I looked down my body I could see drips of pee rolling down my legs. “These diapers don’t hold anything” I said to my mom. “Yea I think I bought the wrong kind, is the skirt wet?” she asked. “Yea a little bit” I replied, “Well go around back and strip ill let you in through the back door, don’t want you getting urine on my clean floors” she said.

Without trying to argue it I made my way to the backyard. At least now it was dark outside so no one should see me. I finally got to the back yard and within seconds I took off those horrible heels and the knee socks. I finally understood why girls complained when they had to wear them all day. Then I took off the shirt and the bra, and I looked around for anyone else. No one seemed to be outside so I slid the skirt down to my ankles and kicked it off. Finally I put my fingers in the diaper and took it off. It landed on the sidewalk and made plop noise as it splashed urine up at me.

I was now standing in my yard naked, this reminded me of when my mom made me do this as a kid. Except when I was it kid it was from playing in the sprinkler and I was wearing male clothing. I grabbed all the clothed and opened the back door, quickly getting inside. “no no no, go throw that thing away” she said pointing to the diaper. I then picked up the diaper and went back outside. I quickly ran to the trash cans outside and put the diaper in one of the bins, then made my way back.

Once inside my mom commanded me to take a shower. I put my hands over my crotch and made my way up stairs, trying to protect the small amount of dignity I had left. I stayed in the shower for queit some time thinking about the awful day I had. I looked at my hand remembering the pedicure I had to get today, and the rest of that mall experience. I remembered the restaurant, and the horrible bunny suit. It was such a terrible day, honestly today was the worst day of my life.

When I got out of the shower I dried off and wrapped myself in a towel. I feared what my mom was going to make me wear after this. I walked down the hallway in my towel and found my mom in my room with the box of diapers. “Put two of these on” she said kicking the box towards me, “Ill be out in the hall” as she left my room. I sighed as I closed the door and dropped the towel, making my way to the box of diapers.

I opened it up and put on two of the diapers. Getting the first one on was easy, but putting the second over top of it was almost impossible. After struggling I finally managed to get it on. I looked in my mirror and was surprised at how big and bulgy it looked. I walked out in the hallway and my mom started laughing. “Now squeeze into these” she said holding a pair of my sisters jeans.

They were a very light blue and had a few holes in them, not to mention they looked incredibly tight. “ I don’t think I can” I said, “Nonsense, models do it all the time” she said holding the jeans out, “Just step into them” she said. I put my first leg into them and the jeans wrapped around my leg. I then put my second leg in and started pulling up. I couldn’t get the jeans above my quads, they were just too small. “Ok when I say go I want you to jump” she said.

As she said go I jumped and she pulled up. The jeans were forced over my waste and the sound of fabric being ripped was made. The jeans were incredibly tight and diapers made an obvious bulge. I looked around for any rips but there was none. “Now while you were in the shower I check out Wal-Mart’s site, they have super duty absorbing diapers there. I want you to go buy a box, and nothing else, I will give you my card but I want a receipt. If you do not follow these instructions you will repeat the task is a dress” She said

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Chapter: 44

“I’m serious you are to only buy diapers, I want it to be as humiliating for you as possible. Oh and where this it’s going to be cold out there” she said handing me my sisters “I Love Pink” sweatshirt. After I put the sweat shirt on slowly waddled down stairs, I could hardly walk in these jeans and the diapers made it worse. Every step made an obvious crinkle and each step looked ridiculous as it was. I put my shoes on once I got downstairs and went to my car.

Right as I was about to get in my car my mom opened the front door. “Hey I put a box on layaway, just go to the customer service and say you’re the bed wetter then they will give you the box” she said. “The bed wetter?” I asked, “Yes that’s the name I put the order under” she said. This was just horrible, how could my mom do this to me I thought. I just decided to not think about it for now and start driving.

As I drove the music coming out of m y radio passed through my body. I couldn’t hear it, and I could barely see the road. It was like my life was on auto play. The only thing I was doing that I remember doing was thinking about Lindsey. She was the one thing that was getting me through this time in my life. Between all the blackmailing life seemed pretty bad, but Lindsey was my hope. Then it hit me, I hadn’t texted her yet.

The next part of my drive was thinking about what to say to her. I thought over it for what seemed like hours. I remembered all the things she had done for me, and that night we shared together. I then decided that this trip would not be so bad, because afterwards I would text Lindsey. Moments later I pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot and lost a lot of that confidence. There wasn’t many cars anymore, however I had once again come to mind with what I was about to do.

I parked my car as close as I could to the store and turned off the car. I sat there for a moment staring at my outfit and running the scenarios through my head. After at least 10 minutes I built up the courage I needed and waddled out of my car. I took the hood of the sweatshirt and put it up over my head, covering as much of my face as I could. I told myself it would be an in and out, I would get the diapers and get out, drawing as little attention to myself as possible.

However that quickly changed when I entered the store. As soon as I entered the first set of doors I felt the whole world falling down on top of me. It was right then when I tripped on the rug in the front of the store. It was like slow motion I fell face forward right there on the ground. As soon as I hit the floor I could feel everyone looking at me. The humiliation only worsened when I couldn’t get up.

The diapers and the tight jeans worked together to create the perfect trap for me. I couldn’t bend my legs, and my arm strength was terrible. I was now blocking the front entrance and I could see multiple people crowded around me. Finally one of the workers came over and helped me get up, while I was relieved I was incredibly humiliated.

Everyone around me was trying to hide their smirks and giggles which made my cheeks incredibly red. I stood there shaking for a moment, and then quickly waddled into the store. I made my way to the bathroom were I sat in one of the stalls trying to recover from the humiliation I just endured. I put my thoughts back on Lindsey and motivated myself once again. “This is for Lindsey” I thought. I then opened up the stall door and made my way to customer service.

There wasn’t a big line thankfully so I only stood there for about 15 minutes. Finally I got up to the help desk. The lady running it seemed to be in her 40s and wasn’t very energetic. Her reaction was a bit surprising when I said I was there to pick up for bed wetter. She instantly burst out into laughter at the sound of this, which drawled the attention to a few people. To my demise she left and got her manager.

“How can we help you” asked the manager, “I’m here to pick up for bed wetter” I said quietly. “I’m sorry what did you say” asked the manager, “I need to pickup for bed wetter” I said both humiliated and aggravated. The manager then laughed then gave me a large box of diapers from behind the cabinet. I paid for it there and started heading out when the manager said, “You have a good night sir, and stay dry” he said both of them were now chuckling.

I just made my way to my car trying not to fall over again. Once I made it I felt instant relief. It was about 9:30 now, my mom couldn’t do much more to me tonight. I put the box in my trunk and drove off, the whole car ride all I did was think about Lindsey. I started thinking about how pretty she was, and it all felt so wonderful.

Then I had a horrible day dream. I was sitting in the cafeteria and Lindsey sat down with me. She then led me into the bathroom where we started kissing. We then went into a stall where she started unbuttoning her shirt so I took off mine. Sex at school, what a rush. At this point in the daydream I was turned on by the thought of this. I quickly followed however and got down into my underwear. Seconds later my clothes were taken from under the stall door.

Lindsey then opened the door to reveal Claire and Amy, “It’s funny how you fell for the same thing twice. Why would we cheerleaders want anything to do with you” she said. “Have a nice day in school, and you should check out Facebook when you get home. All your photos and videos have been uploaded” said Amy. The three girls then walked off with my clothes laughing. I shook back to reality and though about that for a minute. What if Lindsey was just using me like Claire did.

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The storie's still as good as always, though :D

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It shook it off and continued driving. What a horrible thought that was, but my mind quickly got off that topic when I pulled into my neighborhood. What would my mom have me do for the rest of the night. That question was soon answered when my mom was waiting for me at the front door. “Bring it into the living room” she said with her arms crossed and that evil smile.

“Ahh yes you got the right ones, how was the trip, I want details” she asked. “Did you really have to put the name as bed wetter?” I asked, “Well of coarse, they are for you the bedwetter. That’s why you will be wearing one to bed tonight” she said. “What! Why do I have to wear one to bed!” I demanded, “Because I said, and I don’t like your tone mr, I think you need to burn off some steam before bed, lets get you changed first.

“Strip down and put on one of those diapers, I will be right back” said my mom now walking up stairs. I was worrying of what would come next as I stripped out of my sisters tight clothes. I had gotten down into just the two diapers I was wearing before hand when I made my way to the new box. I opened it up and pulled out one of the diapers. It was huge, puffy, and noticeable. I set it on the ground as I undid the first two diapers.

As I slid up the really big diaper it made a horrible crinkle sound and was very uncomfortable. I felt like was wearing six of the diapers my mom made me wear earlier. After standing there in a big bulky diaper my mom finally came back downstairs. In her hand was as pink dress with a hot pink ribbon around the dress. “Put this on” she said throwing the dress at me. “This thing is really small” I said holding the tiny dress up to me.

“Yes it’s what your sister wore to her freshman homecoming, She couldn’t have picked a more girly dress for it. Just put it on, whatever it doesn’t cover the diaper will” she said. I Slid the dress over my body and was shocked how much wasn’t covered. The dress only covered about half of the diaper, which made me feel very exposed. “Aww that’s so cute” said my mom who was tightening the ribbon of the dress.

“Now put these on too” she said handing me a pink pair of socks. “What kind of socks are these?” I asked holding the large pair of socks in my hand. “Those were your sisters softball socks, they will be serving as your knee socks for the night” she said. Unsure of where this was going I put on the socks, but as I did this my mom went back upstairs. She came back moments later holding one of my sisters stuffed bears.

“Here hold this” she said handing me the bear. As I took the bear in my hand I felt something enter my mouth without warning. “Now since you want to talk back to me like a baby, I’m going to treat you like one. We are going to go for a little walk around the neighborhood. You will keep that pacifier in your mouth at all times, you will hold that bear at all times, and you will hold my hand at all times. Every time you break one of these simple rules, you will be punished.”

This installment is not complete. I will add more to this chapter, but i wanted to give you all a sneak peak of whats coming up

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Man this story is addicting!!! It's awesome!!! If you ever need ideas just pm me I got more than a few that can make this story even more interesting!

whats what ive done LOTS of my ideas are in here lol

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Chapter 45:
*** I was unable to update the beta post, so here is the full chapter, it is no longer beta :P ***

It shook it off and continued driving. What a horrible thought that was, but my mind quickly got off that topic when I pulled into my neighborhood. What would my mom have me do for the rest of the night. That question was soon answered when my mom was waiting for me at the front door. “Bring it into the living room” she said with her arms crossed and that evil smile.

“Ahh yes you got the right ones, how was the trip, I want details” she asked. “Did you really have to put the name as bed wetter?” I asked, “Well of coarse, they are for you the bed wetter. That’s why you will be wearing one to bed tonight” she said. “What! Why do I have to wear one to bed!” I demanded, “Because I said, and I don’t like your tone mr, I think you need to burn off some steam before bed, lets get you changed first.

“Strip down and put on one of those diapers, I will be right back” said my mom now walking up stairs. I was worrying of what would come next as I stripped out of my sisters tight clothes. I had gotten down into just the two diapers I was wearing before hand when I made my way to the new box. I opened it up and pulled out one of the diapers. It was huge, puffy, and noticeable. I set it on the ground as I undid the first two diapers.

As I slid up the really big diaper it made a horrible crinkle sound and was very uncomfortable. I felt like was wearing six of the diapers my mom made me wear earlier. After standing there in a big bulky diaper my mom finally came back downstairs. In her hand was as pink dress with a hot pink ribbon around the dress. “Put this on” she said throwing the dress at me. “This thing is really small” I said holding the tiny dress up to me.

“Yes it’s what your sister wore to her freshman homecoming, She couldn’t have picked a more girly dress for it. Just put it on, whatever it doesn’t cover the diaper will” she said. I Slid the dress over my body and was shocked how much wasn’t covered. The dress only covered about half of the diaper, which made me feel very exposed. “Aww that’s so cute” said my mom who was tightening the ribbon of the dress.

“Now put these on too” she said handing me a pink pair of socks. “What kind of socks are these?” I asked holding the large pair of socks in my hand. “Those were your sisters softball socks, they will be serving as your knee socks for the night” she said. Unsure of where this was going I put on the socks, but as I did this my mom went back upstairs. She came back moments later holding one of my sisters stuffed bears.

“Here hold this” she said handing me the bear. As I took the bear in my hand I felt something enter my mouth without warning. “Now since you want to talk back to me like a baby, I’m going to treat you like one. We are going to go for a little walk around the neighborhood. You will keep that pacifier in your mouth at all times, you will hold that bear at all times, and you will hold my hand at all times. Every time you break one of these simple rules, you will be punished.”

There was no way she was serious, but to my demise she had dragged me by the arm to the front door. Seconds later I felt the rush of cold air and my body started shaking, both from the cold air and pure fear. My mom looked back and gave me that familiar evil grin then started walking out the door.

I felt so venerable and exposed. This was worse than when I was naked in the neighborhood, because then I could run and hide somewhere. I didn’t have that option now, my mom was in complete control of me, there would be no hiding if someone was coming down the path. We got off the front porch and started walking down the road.

Luckily it was dark outside and most people were in there houses at this time of the night. We walked through the neighborhood on the main street for about 5 minutes until we went to the path. Thankfully the whole time I had yet to see anyone. After a few more minutes down the path we were at the playground “I think the baby girl needs to burn off some steam” said my mom grinning at me.

“For this part of the walk you do not have to hold my hand. However, you will still hold the bear and pacifier. You are going to do everything on this playground as if you were a little baby. You will go down the slide, and play on the jungle gym, and I will push you on the swing. Not only will you do that but your going to have a positive attitude. If you don’t act like you love it, we will stay here all night until you do.”

She then let go of my hand and put her hand on my back “C’mon go have fun kid-o” she said. I slowly walked across the mulch of the playground, trying not to splinter my socked feet. I started climbing the playground stairs to get to the slide. I felt so stupid, there I was a junior in high school playing on the playground in a diaper. I was pathetic, I just prayed no one would see me like this.

I slid down the slide hoping to move on to the next task, “Nope do it again, it didn’t seem like you had fun” said my mom. I felt so discouraged but I knew I couldn’t let it show. I then walked up back up this time smiling and repeated the process. “Better, but you need to get your whole body into it. When you were little you would always go down the slide with your hands up, and you would run up the stairs and jump up and down when you made it to the top.” She said.

I sighed but when back to the top of the playground running. The diaper made it very difficult, it was more of a fast waddle than a run. When I finally made it to the top of the playground this time I gripped the bear in one arm put my other hand on the bar and started jumping up and down. I could literally feel my cheeks getting red by this.

02-07-2014, 11:19 PM
My mom was laughing which only made it worse. I then slid down the slide with my hands up, but not thinking for a split second I lost my grip of the teddy bear. I could feel my heart start pounding as I felt it fall out of my grasp and hit the ground. I got to the bottom of the slide to see my mom stomping my way. “Pick it up!” she yelled.

I quickly grabbed the teddy bear and stood up hiding my face with the bear. “What did I tell you? Well now its time for you to get punished” she said grabbing me by the ear. She then dragged me over to one of the park benches and she sat down. “Take the diaper off” she said crossing her arms and legs. I stood there for a moment shaking, my mom wanted me to strip outside in the open!

“Do it now or it will be worse!” she demanded. Knowing it was going to have to happen I unfastened the diaper letting it fall to the ground. “Now bend over on my leg” she said. Then I knew what was next, she was going to spank me like a baby. I gulped at this and assumed the position. I started squeezing that stupid teddy bear to try to brace myself for the pain.

Seconds later *pop* *pop* *pop* Three spanks just like that I started to scream out in pain but quickly controlled myself remembering about the pacifier. “I will teach you to not listen” she said, *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* she continued on and on. I counted up to 30 spanks when she said, “Keep taking the pain like a man, but I’m not stopping until I break you like the baby you are and make you cry” said my mom.

She then continued the spanking each one getting worse after the other. The more she spanked me the weaker I was to her hand. Finally after atleast 70 spanks a tear rolled down my face. It was warm as it rolled down my face, it was as if my last bit of dignity was removed from my body. *pop* *pop* *pop* she continued. After 6 more, tears began rolling out of my eyes.

“Ahh excellent, you are really good at being a baby. Now go play on that jungle gym, but put you diaper back on” she said lightly smacking my now sore butt. I went over to the jungle gym and wiped the tears off my face with the teddy bear. I was now starting to act like a baby without trying.

After about 5 minutes of my climbing on the jungle gym my mom stopped me “Very good, now let’s go swing” she said grabbing my other hand. She took me to a swing set that had 6 different swings. There was 2 basic swings, then there was two baby swings, but at the end of the row was two large baby swings. I had never seen these before, and I could only assume they were designed for heavier kids.

“Cmon nicky-boo, lets get you in a swing” she said picking me up. I was surprised she was able to do that still! “Oh boy you’re a big girl” she said as she hoisted me into the swing. Getting In the swing wasn’t easy even though it was a larger baby swing, it didn’t have a lot of room. After squirming I was in the swing.

“You look so cute in that swing” she said. Not only was I humiliated but I was very uncomfortable. The swing was tight and it started to make the diaper really uncomfortable. Not to mention my mom just spanked the hell out of me so sitting down did not feel good. My mom then started pushing the swing “Wee” she said adding to my humiliating.

I couldn’t do anything, I was at her disposal. I was trapped in a humiliating painful cage, and my mom held the key. After 15 minutes of swinging my mom finally stopped “well that was fun, you stay here ill be back in a minute. Although you couldn’t get out if you wanted to” said my mom laughing.

I then realized how confined I really was. I tried to squirm out of the swing but was stuck. The only way I could get out was if my mom got me out! She was now walking off leaving me here trapped. I started making a muffled cry for help, fearing what would happen if I dropped the pacifier. She looked back and waved to me and was on her way back home.

What was she doing, and how long would she be gone? I became very worried now, what if someone walked down the path! I sat there in the swing uncomfortable thinking about the situation I was in. Moments later I heard something from the opposite side of the path. Someone was coming my way!

My cheeks reddened quickly and I was fearing of what they would think. There was no way to hide I was confined out in the open in a bright pink dress and a diaper! When I saw who was waking down the path I had a major sigh of relief. It was my neighbor Todd, he was walking his dog, but this was no ordinary dog. Todd was blind, so there was no way he could see me!

He walked down the path with his dog and didn’t even look at me! I couldn’t not believe what had just happened, until I heard voices coming from the path a few moments later. This time I new I wouldn’t get lucky again so I braced myself for the worst. I hid my face in the teddybear and peaked out to see who it was. When I looked I saw a couple in there 20s walking and holding hands.

They looked over at me and stopped walking. They both started to chuckle, “And you think your whipped, Look what his girlfriend did to him” she said. “Man people have some weird kinks” said the man. They both laughed at there jokes and walked off, leaving me there completely humiliated.

Moments later I was still sitting there uncomfortable and humiliated. Then out of the blue I had to sneeze, it came on like a surprise and without warning I sneezed the pacifier right out of my mouth! I quickly tried to get out the swing but it was no use. I then tried to grab it with my feet to be interrupted by the sound of footsteps. I looked up and my mom was coming back.

Thank you all for the excellent feedback! I'm sorry for my delay in chapters I have been dealing with this stupid crash. The damage wasn't that bad, but the way my insurance has gone up i'm going to pay to fix it 5 times before my rates go back down. It just such a great policy, pay all this money monthly for when you get in an accident, then when you get in a accident what you originally paid isn't good enough of coarse. That would be too simple, they have to make you pay more! I mean shit, i'd be better off to go get a loan from a bank and pay of the small interest compared to how much my insurance went up. Oh well, that's life.

I hope to make more updates, and i have quiet a few plans for this story. I even have alot of the sequel planned too ;) Please feel free to send me any ideas, or things you want to see happen in the story!

Seriously though Thanks for the feedback, and the loyalty! You guys are great!! It's nice to come back and see everyone's understanding, and still interested in the story! So thank you all, and I hope you enjoyed tonight's addition.:D

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well he hasnt posted in 20days and i havnet got a message back from him in about a month. i get the feeling that this might of died

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I was struggling to try to pick it up but my time had run out. My mom came over to and put her hands by her side. “Well, well, well. I see we still cannot follow simple instructions, I figured you couldn’t while I was gone. It’s time to finish our walk but first” said my mom shoving the pacifier in my mouth. She then pulled out her cell phone and seconds later a flash of light came over my body. “Claire is going to love this” she said.

After she saved the picture on her phone she started lifting me out of the swing “Oh your getting to be such a big girl” she said, adding to my humiliation. Once out of the swing I was instructed to hold her hand and continue on the walk. “it’s a shame, your father comes home from his business trip Tuesday, so I guess I’ll have to start punishing you normally again. You do understand that your father cannot ever know about the way I’ve disciplined you for both of our sakes. Not to mention, if he found out he would also find out about all the bad stuff you’ve done too”

Those words were music to my ears. Now I would only had to worry about Claire again. “So tomorrow will be a final punishment for you. It will cover all the disrespect, immaturity, and irresponsibility you’ve shown me over the years, but you will do it. Is that understood?” she asked, I just nodded my head in agreement, I didn’t have much of a choice anyway. We continued down the path until we hit the next neighborhood. We were now a good 15 minute walk away from home at a normal speed. However I wasn’t wearing shoes, and the diaper forced me to waddle, slowing us down quite a bit

This neighborhood was like ours, most lights inside the houses were off, with half the porch lights off. Thankfully there was no one outside right now, which kept my humiliation as low as possible. I continued walking, still holding her hand, until we reached a cul-de-sac. “Ok for this next part you will crawl and follow me. We will circle through this whole neighborhood with you crawling, then you can walk home with me. You will still keep one and on that bear, and have that pacifier in at all times. Oh, and don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the swing and the pacifier” she said.

I then got down on my hands and knees. I was now thankful for the knee socks, because the asphalt wouldn’t have felt good on them. “Oh and just for a little more fun..” said my mom reaching in to her purse, “This should help draw attention to how cute you are” she said pulling a cowbell out of her purse. With a hand on her hip and the other high in the air she started shaking the cowbell. I started shaking my head back and forth to plead against this, but it was no use.

I began slowly crawling on the pavement dragging my teddy bear with me. The pink dress kept pulling up exposing the diaper for the whole world. We continued through the cul-de-sac, with my mom waving the cowbell, and then things got worse. I noticed a light cascade across my back, and I instantly turned my head to see one of the houses turned on their front porch light! My mom’s cowbell was starting to draw a lot of attention to me so I started to crawl faster to get away from there, keeping my head down. Tonight has quickly become the most humiliating night of my life, and I longed for it to be over.

After what felt like an eternity the crawl around the cul-de-sac was over, unfortunately my mom was still playing with her cowbell. We continued through the neighbor hood when a light came from around the corner. A mustang soon followed behind those lights, coming in our direction. My mom stopped and started waving at the mustang with both of her hands, one of which still holding the cowbell. I was trembling as I crawled and began to increase my speed, but to my demise the mustang came to a stop, and my mom grabbed my by the ear bringing me to a stop as well.

The windows began to roll down and I could see a bunch of college kids laughing at me. “She’s so adorable” said a blonde haired girl. “Bro I’m pretty sure that’s a dude” said an obvious stoner, Which caused a roar of laughter in the car. “This is why you don’t talk back to your mommy” chimed in my mother, which made their laughing worse. “That dress is just so cute on him” said another girl in the car. The humiliation was so bad I actually began to break down, I could feel a tear coming out of my eye.

“Well we better get going, it’s almost past his beddybye time, and he probably needs a diaper change!” said my mother. The car of kids burst out laughing and they drove off, as they drove off I could hear them same stuff like “What a looser”, and “He will never get laid”. For the first time in my life I was crushed mentally, and at this point multiple tears came out of my eyes. I whipped the tears out of my eyes with the teddy bear and continued to crawl.

All of a sudden my bladder became full, but I didn’t want to use the diaper. So I continued to crawl and hold in the need to use the bathroom. I started to shiver now, it was getting colder and the need to pee made it worse. My mom had stopped with the cowbell thankfully, but after a few minutes she stopped me in the middle of a street. “It’s time for your punishment for dropping that pacifier” she said looking at me with a devious smile. I had a chill go down my spine at the thought of what she was about to make me do.

“Sense you like dropping your pacifier so much, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to drop it on someone’s porch, ring their doorbell then you are to go get it, and you will do this right, or we will keep doing it” she said as she pulled the pacifier out of my mouth. “Are you serious! It’s almost 11 at night” I proclaimed. “Exactly, they will come to the door and see a big baby girl picking up her pacifier, and laugh their asses off a good one” she said. “Or we could do something else, we could end this walk right now, but rather than sleep in your bed at a home, you will sleep in the kiddy swing, dressed like that. No one should see you then either, all the kids will be at their bus stops in the morning, and ill come and get yo before then. You will just have to sit in your diaper all night” she said

I contemplated this for a moment, and then a terrible though came to mind. What if the house she dropped the pacifier at, was the house of someone who went to my school! That could be social suicide. So I decided my best option was to rough it out in a swing for the night. I will take discomfort over social suicide any day. “I’ll go to the swing” I said. “Really, well all righty then , here I’ll take the bear too” she said taking away the teddy bear.

“You can walk now, but you have to hold my hand” she said, so I got of my hands and knees and began walking with her. Neither of us said a word to each other the remainder of the walk, all I was focused on was my bladder. “if your going to do this, you need to drink something, I cant let you be out here for hours without a drink im not a terrible mother” she said reaching into her purse. She pulled out a baby bottle with a liquid in it. “I packed you some apple juice, it was your favorite when you were little” she said.

I just shrugged my shoulders and took the bottle, and started sucking down the apple juice. Apple juice is such a simple drink, but yet it’s still delicious I thought. Once I had finished I gave he the bottle and she had a soft giggle. “You must have been a thirsty girl” she said. I just bowed my head in humiliation and we continued to walk. Finally we made our way to the playground. “Ok get into the swing I have to get some stuff ready for you” said my mom reaching into her purse.

I managed to get myself into the swing when my mom pulled out a pair of pink mittens. “here put these on” she said as she helped my hands into the mittens. As I put my hand into the mittens a cold shock shot through my body, there was something in them. “What’s in these mittens” I asked “Oh its just an industrial glue, I don’t want you take them off!” she said as she attached my bound hands to the chains of the swing. “Mom! How am I going to get it off!” I said frantically. “Tomorrow morning I will apply the removal solution, but tonight I want you to be holding the swing chain like a baby.

Then my mom reached back into her purse and pulled out the pacifier. Without warning she put it in my mouth, and with my hands detained I couldn't do anything to stop it. Then I realized she had glued it to my face as well! “There, I imagine that if you try to get out tonight it will be very unpleasant. Well you have a good night my little angel mommies’ got to go home and do laundry” she said kissing me of the forehead walking away. As she started to walk away she stopped in her tracks and turned around, “By the way, that was apple juice designed to help constipated kids, and I also added some laxatives to it, have fun tonight” said my mom now leaving for real.

04-25-2014, 10:53 PM
Hi everyone. As you’ve noticed, there has been a long time between my last posts. I’ve gotten many Pm's, there are plenty of comments, and I am very sorry for my absence on here. Let me just give you all the quick version of what’s been going on!

After my wreck, I needed money, so I took on extra shifts. This worked out for me, but I had very little time on my hands to do anything (like write a chapter). Things only worsened when we opened up a new branch, and for a good 3 weeks I was training some of the biggest idiots I had ever trained. This caused me to be at work for almost 3 hours over time some nights.

After the new branch opened I was promoted to go there which came along with a slight pay raise however, it wouldn’t open for another week so I was jobless for that week in a sense. In that week I had full intentions on coming here, until I met a girl We hit it off very well, very fast and we are currently dating now :)

So during that period of unemployment, I was spending as much time as I could get to know her. Then the new branch opened up, and I’ve been working overtime with that, and working on making my lady happy. Now that we are dating, things are easier and it’s easy to manage, and the new branch has been running smoothly, in a sense so that’s easier to manage.

I cannot promise an update every night, or even every week for that matter. Sometimes I might make multiple updates a night, or one or two a month. Hopefully I will not repeat what I did between that last chapter and now.. But my life is finally in a good place again, and for right now I feel like brining back some chapters.

Some of you commented that you saw me online, yes I was. I did come on to try and find a good story to read. I read a lot of stories with great potential, but they ended.. and that kind of played a guilt trick on me too :p But really though, I couldn't find any stories that really satisfied me, so I reread mine and I noticed that I liked my story a lot, and I didn't want to see it end, so.... Here I am!

I also started playing with some numbers. There are 47 chapters out now. Most chapters are 3 MS Word pages long. Some of them are longer than that. The first 5 or 6 chapters were very short but when I do an average were talking at least 140 pages. So writing this story does take a little time, but I am going to try and make the time, because even though I’m the author, I love this story!(I Really hope I’m not coming off arrogant with this writers thought, I'm just excited to be back :) )

Finally I’d like to find a couple of people who are interested in writing stories, perhaps we could make a trade of some sort. During my month+ of not being on Here, I looked for stories that would, appeal to me so to speak, and I didn't find many. What I’m getting at here is maybe some of yall would be interested in writing some short stories, or long stories, and you could release a chapter after I release one here. Therefore if I want more of your story, I would defiantly be more motivated to write more here. If you’re interested I have a couple fantasies/ideas for stories that I would like to see written, so just give me a PM, I would really appreciate it :)

So I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, and just a heads up the next one will have Nick's mom’s Final day to mess with him. It will be good, so good that she is making him skip school, just so she can mess with him

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Great update and glad things are working out better for you post accident.

04-27-2014, 08:43 AM
I'm so glad this is back before someone started writing it on your behalf! Stories are never as good as they are with their original authors. Glad everything is working out for you, and the update was great as usual!

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06-08-2014, 10:31 PM
This chapter is mainly about diaper usage/humiliation so if your not in to that this chapter may not be worth your time. This will be the last chapter withit most likely however, So if you are into I am sorry. Chapter 49 will finish off the usage of his current diaper in the first few paragraphs, then it will go back to public humiliation, cross dressing, dominant sex, and all that fun stuff. And chapter 50 will be a great chapter, to celebrate 50 chapters. It will be a 5 page word document, while the others average at 3 page, and things will get interesting between Nick and Lindsay :)


Chapter 48

I suddenly felt as if I had made a terrible decision. Not only did she plan for this, but I walked right into it. At first I began worrying about the inevitable need to use the diaper, now that my mom gave me spiked apple juice. I then came back to the present and realized that I was dressed up like a preschool girl trapped in a baby swing, only a few minutes away from my house! I quickly became anxious, I was trapped, I couldn't use my hands, I couldn't move my legs, and I was basically gagged with a pacifier!

Time was moving slower than the speed of smell it seemed as a I sat there in the cold, praying no one would see me like this. Boredom became my next concern as time continually dragged on. I tried falling asleep, however it was no use, the cold breeze smacking my face was keeping me well awake. In addition the breeze the discomfort of the diaper being pressed to my body by the swing was not very pleasant either. I kept finding myself squirming in the seat, making that horrible crinkle sound repeatedly.

After what felt like days, but in reality was around 2 hours, I felt a horrible feeling in my stomach. I could feel my mother laughing at me in the back of my mind as I could feel something terrible within my stomach. I then realized this was inevitable, but I was going to prolong it for as long as I could. I tried as hard as I could to distract myself, and then I began thinking about Lindsay. Then it hit me, I haven't texted her yet, it was at that moment I really felt trapped in that swing

I decided I would try to escape from the swing so I could go home and text her, then return before my mother woke up. I tried to slip my hands out of the gloves then I heard a sound that made me flinch. A deer ran out of the woods and onto the path, only to exit back into the opposing woods. I was so scared that I actually started to pee a little. This was both embarrassing, and disgusting. After I had let out a little it was as if my bladder filled up and I knew I would have to use the diaper, so I didn't even fight it.

It was a warm disgusting feeling as it started to fill up my diaper, wrapping around my legs and crotch. It was sticky and uncomfortable, and then I realized what a terrible situation I was in. I wish I could go back in time and done the stupid pacifier thing on someone's porch, because by now I would be in my nice warm bed, not my warm diaper on a playground swing.

I began to start trying to evade the situation by sliding my hands out of the gloves but I just couldn't, the glue had gotten on my hands and made it quiet uncomfortable to take them off. It was no use, without my hands I couldn't pull myself out of the swing. I tried to just close my eyes and focus on nothing but sleeping. hopefully get some sleep, but it was so uncomfortable. I just kept my eyes closed and began fantasizing about Lindsay.

"You spent enough time on your knees for Claire and Amy, so just sit back and enjoy this she said" as she gently pushed my seat back. She then climbed over the console of the car and sat on her knees, with her shoulders pressed against the steering wheel of my car. She unfastened my belt, unzipped my jeans and whipped out my cock. "Those girls were bitches, but I'm your bitch" she said as she ran her tongue from the bottom of cock to the head, and began sucking on it. My fantasy was actually starting to get me hard, which only added to my discomfort.

Suddenly I could hear voices from far away. I became quiet nervous at this, and it only worsened as the voices got louder. I could feel them getting closer, I could make out it was a man and a woman and they were moving fast. There I was in a pink dress, pink socks, a diaper, and that horrible pacifier sitting on a swing. What would they think when they saw me, or smelled the urine in my diaper! Suddenly the two joggers came into eye site and seconds later the woman stopped, which made the man stop.

"What the fuck am I looking at?" she asked the man. He was chuckling as he said "Either some weird fetish, or this poor boy lost one hell of a bet" he said letting out more laughter. "So which is it, did you lose a bet" asked the girl who was now cracking up at my pitiful appearance. I just started nodding my head up and down, this made the two of them burst into full on laughter. "Oh man that is too great" said the woman

"Aww look at his little socks" she said as she tickled my foot lightly. " I know and check out the pacifier" he said as he flicked the hook on the front of it. "Jess, I think he's trapped in here, I think that was part of his bet" she said as she looked at the glue on my gloves. I just nodded my head, they then looked at each other with evil grins. The man then pulled out his phone and took a picture. "Were going to help the winner of this bet punish you a little more" said the woman

"You look a little thirsty" said the man, he then grabbed the front of my diaper and poured the bottle of ice water he had in his hand. The water was a cold shock to my body, which made the couple laugh. They started whispering to each other for a moment then the woman looked around. To my surprise she then dropped her shorts to the ground revealing a black thong. She put two fingers around the strings of the thong and slid it down to her feet!

She picked it up off the ground and walked over towards me naked from the waist down out in public! "I've been running and I'm all sweaty and gross, this should smell great" she said as she wrapped the thong around my head with the front covering my nose. The thong was very damp and smelled like spoiled fish, and to my demise I could not get it off of my face. "Oh, I should also let you know that I just peed in the woods, and there's no toilet paper out here so, enjoy" she said laughing as she walked over to her shorts.

She picked up her shorts and put them on, "Good lord babe, that was so sexy" said the man slapping her on the butt. "I love watching you demean other men like that" he said. "well there really wasn't much I could do, I mean that kid was a basket case" she said as they began to start running again. Those people were the biggest assholes ever, and I began to worry about the fact that they live near me.

After their torture things only got worse. My diaper was incredibly saturated from that ice water, and it was now way cold. TO make things worse, I really had to use the bathroom, only this time it was not pee, and I couldn't hold it any more. I began to feel a large amount of pressure move to my lower stomach and seconds later I lost control. The most disgusting liquid shit I have ever taken came out brutally. IT filled up my diaper so quick, and it was disgusting in every way.

IT stopped coming out for a second, only for a second wave to come, but by this time my diaper was full, I didn't want any more to come out because I knew it would be bad. I tried to hold it back but I couldn't, the spiked apple juice had won, and then the second wave came. The diaper began filling to the top with that horrible brown mush, and I could feel it dripping out of the leg holes now running down my leg, I felt so disgusting that tears actually rolled down my eyes. My mother had successfully reduced me to a baby.

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Chapter 49

After hours sitting in my terrible diaper mess with the moist thong strapped to my face, and the horrible smells around me my mom finally showed back up. The night was mostly sleepless and I was terribly tired, but I was so happy to see her. The pacifier was still in my mouth, and my arms were tired from being in the same position all night.

"Did my little baby girl have fun in the park" said my mom. She then pulled out a small white bottle from her purse and sprayed it on my hands and on the pacifier. The glue loosened up and she pulled the pacifier out of my mouth. "Oh man you need a diaper change" she said mockingly as she pinched her nose. She then started pulling me out of the swing and with no time I was out and on my feet.

"You smell awful" she said pinching her nose. She then reached for her purse and pulled out her pocket knife. Without warning she used the blade to cut the tabs of my diaper and moved backed as it fell to the ground. "Now let's go get you cleaned up, and hurry the bus will get here soon" she said. Then I remembered I had school today, and I was not up for it after the night I had. At first I was to tired to realize what removing the diaper had done, until a cold breeze past.

At that moment I realized that the diaper used to be visible with this short dress, but now that there's no diaper, I was walking around naked waist down! I began to tug on the dress trying to stretch it down as much as possible which attracted my mom's attention. "Come on, hold mommy's hand" she said as she grabbed my hand. Once again I was bound by my mother to be humiliated. I did the best to cover up by covering my crotch with one hand, and holding her hand in the other, but I felt so naked in the back.

The walk home was long and tiring, but The humiliation wasn't too bad considering I was half awake and hardly remember it. We finally made it to the house with my eyes hardly opened when my mom instructed me to take off the socks. I stumbled as I took of the long pink socks. Then without warning she whipped off the dress right there on the front yard! Even though I wasn't awake and it was still dark outside I was naked in my front yard!

I quickly covered up in the front and said "MOM! What are you doing?!?" only to be greeted with freezing cold water being sprayed on me from the hose! The instant cold shock of the water without warning instantly woke me up and I was more aware of my surroundings. "Got to clean you up, your diaper over filled" she said with an evil smile. She continued to spray and I was standing there bent over to try and keep warm, hardly caring that I was naked in my front yard.

Finally the water stopped "That should be good, now go inside and take a real shower, then come downstairs, I'll leave some clothes for you on the doorknob" she said. I followed her inside with my hands covering my dignity, as she unlocked the door to house, and darted up to the shower. I used my time in the shower to unwind and replay the horrible events that happened yesterday, how my mom humiliated me so much, and how she let the girls humiliate me.

After replaying those horrible memories I finally turned off the shower and dried off, I was relieved that today was the last day she could mess with me before Dad got home. I looked on the doorknob and became quiet uncomfortable at what I saw. Resting on the doorknob was a pink bikini, the top was covered in fabric that looked like flowers with a natural knot in between the two cups, and the bottom was jus pink with a single line of ruffle around. There is no way I was going to school in a Bikini!

Not wanting to disappoint her I put on the bikini, struggling to tie it in the back. I then went downstairs trying to keep my cool when I said "I can not go to school like this!". "I know, your not going to school today, your going to spend the day with me, and were going to have a blast" she said giving me that evil grin. "Where are we going?" I asked quiet scared. "Well I don't want to ruin the surprise, So why don't you go eat breakfast, while I get ready" she said.

I didn't like the sound of that at all. I looked down at my appearance. My shaved body, the painted nails, and a bikini. There was nothing normal about my life anymore. After eating breakfast my mom came back downstairs with dressed in a cover-up, and had a bag with her. She then threw a pink tie-dye shirt at me and said "here cover up". She really wanted me to look as feminine as possible. THe shirt was small on me and barely covered the top of the bikini bottom, making it evident I was not wearing pants of any kind.

At around 7:00 my mom called for me "All right nick its time to go, and wear your flip flops" she said. I was curious as to where she was taking me, but I knew I would soon find out. I then got in the car. "It's a 3 hour drive, so get some sleep I know you need it" she said. Not arguing I fell right asleep. After about 2 hours I had to go to bathroom and for a split second started to pee. I quickly remembered I was no longer in a diaper and couldn't do that anymore!
"Mom I really need to use the bathroom" I said now crossing my legs to not pee myself. "Well you better hold it, and if you pee in my car your going to take it up to that really busy self service car wash place the next saturday your father is gone, In the French maid outfit!" she said angrily. "Well can we stop soon" I begged, "Yes there is a gas station 5 miles away, you'd better hold it" she said.

After five miles of pure agony, I ran inside, not caring about my appearance. Then when I got to the bathroom I realized my situation once more. There was a line to use the urinal about three people long and all of their heads turned to me. "I think you're in the wrong room missy" said one of them. "Son you got no paints" said another. "No shoes, no shirt, no pissin" said another. All of them were laughing at their jokes.

I just ignored the comments and held my bladder for dear life. Finally a spot opened and I struggled to get myself ready. There was no zipper in a bikini, so I had to pull the front down a little, which made me feel very exposed again. The pressure of the bikini pulling up on me slowed the process of emptying my bladder however, making me stand there for what felt like an eternity. Finally I finished, and quickly made my way back to the car.

"Thanks" I said as I entered the car. "How many miles until we get where we are going?" I asked. "We will be getting to the beach in 30 miles, so about 40 minutes until the fun starts" said my mom. I then realized she was taking me to Myrtle Beach to humiliate me. It was a very popular beach, and they still have warm water right now, and the high was supposed to be 87 today! I quickly realized I would be on a beach with hundreds of people wearing only Bikini.

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Hi everyone. As you’ve noticed, there has been a long time between my last posts. I’ve gotten many Pm's, there are plenty of comments, and I am very sorry for my absence on here. Let me just give you all the quick version of what’s been going on!

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After the new branch opened I was promoted to go there which came along with a slight pay raise however, it wouldn’t open for another week so I was jobless for that week in a sense. In that week I had full intentions on coming here, until I met a girl We hit it off very well, very fast and we are currently dating now :)

So during that period of unemployment, I was spending as much time as I could get to know her. Then the new branch opened up, and I’ve been working overtime with that, and working on making my lady happy. Now that we are dating, things are easier and it’s easy to manage, and the new branch has been running smoothly, in a sense so that’s easier to manage.

I cannot promise an update every night, or even every week for that matter. Sometimes I might make multiple updates a night, or one or two a month. Hopefully I will not repeat what I did between that last chapter and now.. But my life is finally in a good place again, and for right now I feel like brining back some chapters.

Some of you commented that you saw me online, yes I was. I did come on to try and find a good story to read. I read a lot of stories with great potential, but they ended.. and that kind of played a guilt trick on me too :p But really though, I couldn't find any stories that really satisfied me, so I reread mine and I noticed that I liked my story a lot, and I didn't want to see it end, so.... Here I am!

I also started playing with some numbers. There are 47 chapters out now. Most chapters are 3 MS Word pages long. Some of them are longer than that. The first 5 or 6 chapters were very short but when I do an average were talking at least 140 pages. So writing this story does take a little time, but I am going to try and make the time, because even though I’m the author, I love this story!(I Really hope I’m not coming off arrogant with this writers thought, I'm just excited to be back :) )

Finally I’d like to find a couple of people who are interested in writing stories, perhaps we could make a trade of some sort. During my month+ of not being on Here, I looked for stories that would, appeal to me so to speak, and I didn't find many. What I’m getting at here is maybe some of yall would be interested in writing some short stories, or long stories, and you could release a chapter after I release one here. Therefore if I want more of your story, I would defiantly be more motivated to write more here. If you’re interested I have a couple fantasies/ideas for stories that I would like to see written, so just give me a PM, I would really appreciate it

So I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, and just a heads up the next one will have Nick's mom’s Final day to mess with him. It will be good, so good that she is making him skip school, just so she can mess with him

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Should i try and pick up ehere he left off since i was helping him out?

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Great story! Your writing is truly flawless! If you continue like this you could publish a great story!

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I guess I passed out since I didn't get much sleep the night before, cause the next thing I knew we were coming to a stop in a parking spot. I started to get out when I felt the sun on my legs and then I suddenly remember what i was forced to wear to the beach. Luckily there wasn't that many people at the beach yet.
"Come along Nick" Mom said smiling at me. I followed a long with my head down hoping I wouldn't be seen by that many people. I started to walk towards the Beach as fast as I could, however as soon as we to the curb she stopped to told me to give her my shirt. So there i was in my sister's pink bikini at a beach that could start getting busy at any time. So I gave her the shirt and started to walk away, I didnt realize until I was about 50foot away was that mom was still there. She ever moved, she was just standing there smiling. I turned around to and started to head back to her, as soon as i did I head someone cat call me. I turned beat red and mom started laughing her ass off.
As I got back to mom she held out her hand and I instantly knew what she wanted. I had to hold her hand as we crossed the beach. We started off kind of slow and I wasn't sure why, all I knew was that it was starting to get warm out and I was ready for some shade. We walked to about 200 yards form where we parked. Mom made we stand while she laid out the blanket and umbrella, once that was done she told me to sit down and she would put some sun block on me. Knowing that I couldnt refuse so I sat down and let her apply the sun block on me.
"Ok nick I want you to lay down for on your stomach for 30min" mom said. So I laid down, closed my eyes and she started to talk about something. But I guess i was still tired from the night before, because the next thing I know she was shaking me awake. "Nick I know your tired but i need you to roll over so i can apply the sun block to you front then you can go back to sleep" So I rolled over and went back to sleep to be woke up by her shaking awake again.
"Nick sweety, I need to wake up" mom said. "Do I have to? Im still tired from last night" I replied "Well you had the option to sleep in your bed last night but you didnt take it, so get your butt up" mom said sightly annoyed. I finally owned my eye and the beach was now crowded. It wasnt packed by any means but it was well over half full. I became wide eyed and tried to as mom how long had i been asleep. It seemed as though she was reading my mind "You've been asleep for about an hour since we for here sweety, But you're all sweaty now so why you don't you go jump on in the ocean to cool off for a bit" She told me. I started to protest but as soon as i was about to open my mouth she told me "Get your sissy but in the ocean or I'll leave you here in your cute little bikini".
Reluctionly I hung my head knowing id be beat and headed to the ocean, as soon as i stepped off the blanket I was met with all sorts of cat call. Once i got in the ocean I just kinda sat in the water for a little but after a while mom yelled at me to get in to the water. so I want out about chest deep when all the sudden a wave came in and took me under. When i got back up i tried to stand up but couldnt, the bottoms were caught on something under the water....i tried to be care but it just wouldnt budge, I ended up ripping the bottoms off.
I tried to stay in the water as long as I could but eventually mom came to get me. "Nick it time to get out of the water we have things to do." She told me. "Mom can you come in I have a problem" i told her. "What the matter sweety? wait, where are your bikini bottoms missy" she said angerly "They got caught on something under the water, Please help me" I pleaded.
"Ok, wait right here" She told me. she came back 15 min later with a new purple bikini. "Here you go this the best i could do, however to get that bikini I had to sign you up for a bikini competition that starts in 10 min" she told me laughing.

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This month im also working a haunted forest, as well as trying to do with in my free time with my halo team and other real life stuff, sorry for the inconvenience